Dual Citizenship and Public Office

Recently, the topic of dual citizenship became a thing in Australia: [emphasis added to quotes]

First two Australian senators resigned on learning they held citizenship of New Zealand and Canada.

Then a third stood down from his cabinet post on discovering that although he had never even been there, he was a citizen of Italy.

The past two weeks have been a minefield of frenzied activity from elected Australian politicians as they check if they hold dual nationality. It’s all been done under the suddenly menacing shadow of the 116-year-old Section 44 of the nation’s constitution, which forbids anyone holding citizenship of another country from running for parliament.

It’s an issue which says much about Australia as an immigrant nation, as federal MPs who were born overseas – 25 of them in total – have raced to check which country, or countries, count them as citizens.

Imagine having to check whether or not you hold multiple citizenships.

The Australian constitution requires that anyone who holds dual citizenship must formally, proactively renounce their foreign citizenship in order to run for elected office. Dual allegiance is not tolerated. Understandably so.

These three former Australian office holders were apparently unaware that they held foreign citizenship: Two were born in other countries and brought to Australia as children, where they were naturalized as citizens; but they failed to renounce their previous citizenship before running for office. The other was born in Australia, but his mother had, unbeknownst to him, registered him as an Italian citizen, too, because of Italian ancestry.

All three dual citizens did the honorable thing and resigned, upon learning that they were not eligible under their constitution to hold elective office.

Recently, it was reported that a man who naturalized as a U.S. citizen was mistakenly sent a congratulatory letter signed by the former president instead of by President Donald J. Trump. The welcome letter–whether a mistake or deliberate “petty retaliation” by an office worker who disliked the new administration–is not of interest to this post. Rather, it’s the man’s citizenship. His wife explained:

For the past 17 years, I’ve asked my husband to give up his British citizenship and become an American.

After all, he has lived here nearly his entire life, arriving when he was just 6 weeks old. Both his parents, now deceased, were Americans. He and two siblings were born while his father, a physician, completed medical training in London.is mother was an American by birth whose family roots in the Midwest went back many generations. His father was a naturalized citizen.

All his siblings eventually filed the paperwork to become American citizens, but he was a holdout.

Despite marrying a native-born American and having our children here, he held on to the notion that it might come in handy one day to have a U.K. passport. He had been a permanent legal resident in the U.S. his entire life, and the only thing he couldn’t do was vote or serve on a jury.

What’s interesting about this narrative is that the man was still considered a British citizen, not an American citizen, not even a dual citizen, but solely a British citizen. How is this possible?

He is married to a native-born U.S. citizen. His mother, seemingly, was a natural born U.S. citizen at the time of his birth in England. Did he not receive derivative U.S. citizenship through her?

At some point, his father naturalized as a U.S. citizen. When this was, the article does not say, but one can easily infer that it happened after his father completed medical training in London and moved with his wife  and family to the USA. Did his son not receive derivative U.S. citizenship when the father naturalized?

The new citizen’s wife is a newspaper columnist, who appears to be in her late 30s, early 40s. If her husband is of an age with her, perhaps a little older, then he was probably born sometime in the late 1970s or early to mid-1980s. The Child Citizenship Act of 2000 may or may not apply in his case, depending upon whether his date of birth is 2/27/1983 or later and he met other criteria for automatic derivative citizenship.

Immigration laws change over time, of course. There was a time in our history when simply marrying a U.S. citizen conferred citizenship upon the spouse (usually the wife), but that’s not the case anymore. Conversely, several times in our country’s history, female U.S. citizens who married foreign citizens could lose their U.S. citizenship.

Similarly, the laws for automatic derivative citizenship changed over time. It’s quite a complicated feat to determine whether or not a person born abroad automatically derived citizenship from one U.S. citizen parent.

My first thought upon reading about this case was to wonder why this man wasn’t already a U.S. citizen, either by derivation from his mother’s natural born citizenship status or from his father’s own naturalization (depending, of course, upon the father’s date of naturalization and the age of the man when his father naturalized). It seems likely that this man was a dual citizen all along.

This case goes to shows how seemingly minor details (birth date, marital status of parents, citizenship of parents, place of birth, whether or not the parents registered the birth if it occurred abroad, etc.) can have a great impact upon someone’s citizenship and his or her future in politics.

Interestingly enough, the case of Senator Ted Cruz very closely parallels the case of the columnist’s husband, the “new” citizen who believed he had to naturalize in order to vote.

Rafael Edward Cruz –was born in Canada in 1970 because his father was working for the oil industry there. The senator’s recently released birth certificate shows his mother was born in Delaware and his father was born in Cuba. [His father did not naturalize until 2005.] The Cruz family left Canada a few years later. Cruz grew up in Texas and graduated from high school there, later attending Princeton University and Harvard Law School.

Senator Cruz never did naturalize as a citizen of the USA, believing that it was not necessary. When Cruz “learned” about his Canadian citizenship in 2013, he said he would formally renounce it.

The Dallas Morning News says that I may technically have dual citizenship,” Cruz, a freshman Republican from Texas, said in a statement. “Assuming that is true, then sure, I will renounce any Canadian citizenship. Nothing against Canada, but I’m an American by birth and as a U.S. senator, I believe I should be only an American.”

The News reported Monday that the circumstances of Cruz’s birth — in Canada but to an American mother — made him a dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada. …

Because my mother was a U.S. citizen, born in Delaware, I was a U.S. citizen by birth,” Cruz said. “When I was a kid, my mom told me that I could choose to claim Canadian citizenship if I wanted. I got my U.S. passport in high school.” …

Most U.S. legal experts agree that Cruz qualifies as a “natural born” American because he had citizenship from the moment of birth. Under the Constitution, only a “natural born” American can become president.

If that is true, why then did the newspaper columnist’s husband have to naturalize? Why was he also not a natural born citizen from birth, with dual U.S./British citizenship?

There is a question whether or not a female U.S. citizen can confer citizenship upon children born abroad, when the father is a foreign citizen.

As late as 1961, the Supreme Court ruled that the 1802 Naturalization Act only made a child born abroad a citizen if the father was a citizen. So the idea that a mother had the same right as a father did to grant citizenship to her child is simply not true. The citizenship of Ted Cruz’s Delaware-born mother means less than the candidate wants to believe.

Anyone who has followed this blog over the past 8 years knows our interest in natural born citizenship. The Constitution of the United States requires a person to be a natural born citizen of this country in order to hold the office of the presidency.

To this day, we still do not know, without doubt, that Barack Obama was ever qualified to run for the presidency. We do not know, without doubt, his place of birth, the citizenship status of his parents, the marital status of his parents, his date of birth, and many other seemingly minor details (including the possibility that he was adopted, as his half-sister once implied).

If we take Obama’s word, we do know that he was at one point a British subject and also later a Kenyan citizen. We also know, based upon elementary school records, that he was also an Indonesian citizen. Indonesian laws of citizenship are also quite confusing, and depend upon many seemingly minor details. If he ever did have U.S. citizenship, he may have lost it when he became an Indonesian citizen.

Did Obama formally renounce any of his three foreign citizenships? Can a person be a dual citizen and at the same time be a natural born citizen of the U.S.?

Apparently, Australia’s constitution is much more straightforward on the topic of dual citizenship than is ours. There should be little doubt, however, that the composers of the Constitution, the Founders of our nation, were concerned about divided loyalties. Who more likely to have divided allegiance than those who hold dual (or even treble or quadruple) citizenship?

As in Australia, some in the U.S. are concerned about politicians with divided allegiance:

Yet dual citizenship in the United States poses a hitherto unappreciated issue for policy-level members of the legislative, executive and judicial branches.  The divided national loyalties of dual citizens can create real or apparent conflicts of interest when such legislators, judges or senior officials make or speak out on policies that relate to their second country.   

The potential damage to our democracy is the greater when such potential conflicts of interest are concealed in undisclosed dual citizenship. …

Without reliable data, however, Americans can only speculate on which senators and representatives [or presidential candidates] may have divided national loyalties. 

The lack of transparency regarding citizenship erodes trust in government, raising credibility doubts where there should be none, and allowing some apparent conflicts of interest to continue undetected. …

Since they don’t involve national loyalty, religion and ethnicity seldom raise conflict issues.  Moreover, they are generally matters of public record. 

By contrast, dual citizenship creates conflict of interest through divided loyalties. Thus it would seem reasonable to require that dual citizen members of Congress, the judiciary and the executive  be required to renounce citizenship in another country as a condition of public service. …

Shouldn’t members of Congress (and federal judges and executive branch officials) at least be required to disclose their citizenship in another country? …

“Reliable data.” Something that’s certainly necessary for citizens to make informed decisions about who sits in the Oval Office.

Someday, perhaps, we’ll learn the truth about Obama’s eligibility, or lack thereof. Most likely, the latter.

No person, no political party, no complicit mainstream media go to the lengths they all did to conceal Obama’s true background, unless there’s something there to hide.

Would that, like the honorable and patriotic politicians in Australia, Obama had owned up to the truth and done the right thing from the beginning.



139 responses to “Dual Citizenship and Public Office

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  2. They are Dim.

  3. black flag covert op in virginia?
    Just sayin’

    • The Associated Press ….. Friday, January 5, 2007; ^^^^^^^ ha’

      WASHINGTON — Keith Ellison made history Thursday, becoming the First Muslim Member of Congress and punctuating the occasion by taking a ceremonial Oath with a Quran once owned by ….. Thomas Jefferson.

      Ellison had Already Planned to be Sworn in using a Quran, rather than a Bible. He learned last month about Jefferson’s Quran, with its multicolored cover & brown leather binding, & arranged to borrow it. <<<<< ????

      Of course, the A/P Fails to Mention that Jefferson had obtained the Koran so he could learn the ways of the Somali Muslim pirates who were attacking US trade ships & prepare for battle against them!

      ( Someone's going to have to pay for these carbon emissions, so it might as well be you.)

  4. Charlottesville officials: 1 dead, 19 injured after crash near

    ‘Unite the Right’ rally……… ^^^^^^ ??????

    • Has anybody really confirmed that the organizers as well as their supporters are REALLY “white supremacists” and not paid leftist trolls, as happens so often? My local paper posted a photo of a COUNTER-DEMONSTRATOR throwing a metal newspaper box at the “white supremacists,” and yet the original marchers, the so-called supremacists, were the people blamed for the violence. This is typical, as seen on college campuses when the conservative speaker or protester is blamed for violence aimed AT their presence and their speech. The end result is suppression by the government (McAuliffe, e.g.) of the constitutional rights of the victims instead of the violent counterprotesters whose very goal IS to censor, disrupt, and stop people they don’t agree with from exercising their own right to free speech and assembly. Had McAuliffe’s people done their jobs, there would have BEEN no violence. Why, btw, were the counterprotesters marching IN THE STREET? Isn’t it endangering people’s lives by allowing them to ILLEGALLY AND WITHOUT PERMITS MARCH ON CITY STREETS? I’m just asking.

      The way this story reads, it almost sounds AS IF the governor wanted to incite something by waiting until the last possible moment to declare the protest illegal. What made it illegal? Why did he wait until the sides were lined up, in formation, ready for “battle?”

      • You know the media are in on this meme when they also blame Trump and the protestors for the deaths of the officers in the helicopter crash. My newspaper recounted the “riots” and said there were 3 dead. I thought 3 dead at the protest, but no–they included the helicopter crash as part of the riot!

        In any case, prayers for the officers’ families and may they rest in peace.

    • Call me cynical but this stinks like only a leftist false flag could. Not that the deaths weren’t real–that the “protest” was faked and studded full of fake “white supremacists.” Is it a coincidence that this is the anniversary of Michael Brown and the real birth of BLM? Is it a coincidence that protests in support of the counterprotesters, all across the nation, just happened to be raring to go? Is it a coincidence that the media happen to find “white supremacists” who are so happy to openly spout the most ridiculous and incendiary racist stuff anybody could imagine (if they were the type of people who wrote the equally ridiculous Trump dossier)? Is it a coincidence that Barry’s back this weekend?

    • If this is true, then it’s apparent that DJT didn’t drain the DOJ swamp fast enough. I can totally see an Obama holdover coming up with this scheme and maybe even selling it to Sessions as a way to make peace and prevent further “division” in the country. The RINOs and GOPe always and ever HELP cover for the crimes of the leftists. Look at how Barry skated. Lynch is skating. Lerner skated. Hillary and Bill skated. Will we ever see real justice? Will Comey get a plea deal, too? For the good of this nation, there should be NO plea deal and there should be a trial by jury. With a change of venue to somewhere like the Midwest.

  5. And although KJU could annihilate us on a whim, what really terrifies the Deep State Complex is Donald Trump:
    ……because only …. H E ….. C A N ….. drain the Swamp.

    monticello dam largest drain hole in the worldOMG! OMG!
    He’s pulled the plug!

    And if he pulls the plug and drains the swamp they Know how Vulnerable they will B, .. which is why they are fighting with everything they’ve got to preserve their safe, comfortable, benefit rich habitat. <<<< "DICKS" !!!

  6. ….DICK – BAIT! … YEP … count them ALL … IN!!!.. WE SEE U!!
    http://www.michellesmirror.com/2017/08/please-dont-feed-alligators-it-just.html ……^^^^^^^^

    • How do you get out of prison after raping, torturing, and murdering a young woman and being sentenced to 70 years (and not life or the death penalty) and after serving only 35 years? (Oh, a technical error in his trial. That’s justice?) Is 35 years all her life was worth?

    • I’m beginning to believe that since they knew all along it was a leak and since they probably knew it was their own stupidity, that once the embarrassing emails were published, to save face and their own butts, they had to come up with a false story to deflect and distract. Namely that the “Russians” did it and that Trump colluded. Look! A squirrel! That’s why they wouldn’t let the FBI see the server. They KNEW what would be found. Not pretty.

  7. much more 2 this story .. last night …you need to listen ..powerful… BS
    as IT’s lefts snow-flake trys a PIT-PULL charge on DENNIS sucker punch!

  8. the SWAMP …TRASH ….dick … ^^ u may have 2 pay to here him
    last night with DENNIS ..? slick as HE THINKS HE IS!!! ha

  9. McMaster

  10. Now we know why moochie got fired. 😆

  11. http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-liberal/2017/08/charlottesville-attack-brennan-gilmore-and-the-stop-kony-2012-pysop-what-2558822.html
    by Scott Creighton

    Go back and look at the video Brennan Gilmore posted of the Charlottesville attack. Go back and look at it. Something very odd and OBVIOUS is staring us in the face and all we have to do is step back and take a breath and see what’s right there for us to see.

    The numbers from the Charlottesville attack are in and one individual is dead with another 30 or so injured. Two more deaths are attributed to the event in an effort to make it bleed more so to speak, but they were killed when their helicopter crashed. I’m not sure how they link that to the protests, but, there you go.
    Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More…

    I will do some research on the suspect and publish it a little later but right now I wanted to share with you some things I found out about Brennan Gilmore, the former State Department employee who just HAPPENED to be at the exact right place at the exact right time already filming with his camera to capture the entire event from beginning to end.

    And he just HAPPENED to have the pre-approved establishment message canned and ready to go for a CNN interview on the scene. Funny, his video hadn’t gone viral yet and CNN was already interviewing him? What a coincidence there, huh? Notice he says the counter-protesters were “peaceful”. I guess that means Soros’ ANTIFA provocateurs had been told to avoid that particular march. Also notice he equates “alt-right” with “terrorists” and “racists” with ease.

    Excellent answer, Brennan Gilmore. pic.twitter.com/n8iuLYRK74

    — Minor Leaguer (@Minor_Leaguer) August 12, 2017

    Brennan Gilmore’s video is viral now. It’s been hijacked by more YouTubers than you can imagine. It really was perfect. Not only did he HAPPEN to be at the right place at the right time, but he was ALREADY recording with his camera and it was focused on that car, for SOME REASON as it drove by the corner at a reasonable rate. Why he would focus on that vehicle right then and there BEFORE IT DID ANYTHING is a mystery to me. It was traveling down the street at about 25 miles and hour which is not out of place for that road. Certainly it may be for the situation, but remember, the march was not planned and or sanctioned, so the street was not blocked off, and in fact, there were two more cars in front of the Dodge Charger that were stuck in the middle of the protest on that same street. Those are the ones hit from behind by the Charger. But Brennan wasn’t filming them was he? No. But he did film the Charger heading all the way down the street into the crowd of protesters… almost as if he knew it would run into them rather than simply brake and sit and wait like the other cars in front of it.
    lots more curious info about the photographer…..
    why does this matter?
    if there was a setup
    then this matters a great deal

    and they will go this far to sabotag trump?
    and probably more.

    • I’ve got a new post about Charlottesville. So much to say about it. There’s a link there to another video I found that shows the mob attacking the car that ran into the people in the street. This raises the question as to whether he was running from the mob, which was already attacking him. We haven’t heard from the kid yet, but he’s already figuratively lynched. Maybe he backed up and ran from the scene to keep himself from being literally lynched. It’s very, very suspicious that most of the videos are cropped and severely edited. Yeah, maybe they don’t want to show the graphic scenes of people being mowed down, but they can easily blur it out and show us at least the entire CONTEXT. The video I linked, if it’s still there online, shows the people with WEAPONS (clubs, sticks, bats) breaking his car window. You can see the windshield shattered as he backs up. Who knows what happened to him before he drove down that street? Was he fleeing a mob? Where were the cops? Standing down, as usual.

      Someone on one of the sites I read said that it seemed like a plan. Ramp up the anger of the people who don’t want to see southern heritage disappeared. Give the permit for the protest but at the same time make sure to astroturf the counterprotest. (It’s said people were bused in from all over, a la Soros. btw, Barry’s back on the scene, community organizing.) Get the media ready. Stand down the cops to ensure the clashes and make sure that it’s reported in a one-sided way. BLAME TRUMP. McAuliffe runs for the presidency. (And I still think all the so-called “white supremacists” and KKK nazis who spoke to the media are PLANTS. In fact, I almost suspect these “white supremacist organizations” are black ops plants, too. Not real. The equivalent of crisis actors pretending to be white supremacists.)

      Already they’re saying the Republican Party is the party of WHITE PEOPLE. This is their plan to, of course, keep blacks on their plantation. Keep Hispanics on their plantation. Get young kids on their plantation. All in the hopes that they will outnumber “whites”. They’ve learned nothing from last year’s election; they’re just going to double down on identity politics and playing the various race cards.

    • About the leaders of this “movement:”

      https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/6tme1k/jason_kessler_organizer_of_unite_the_right/ He supported Obama through two terms; suddenly became a white nationalist Trump supporter when Trump won. Curious? You bet.


      This story at TGP seems to be based upon the one Dave M. linked above. Now this is annoying and often happens at TGP. I don’t know if they deliberately don’t link or if something’s wrong with my software, but I see NO links nor do I see the video. Do they not want to give “clicks” to the sources? In any case, Brennan Gilmore is a SHILL of the left, according to TGP. The story says he wasn’t a “random” interviewee. He worked for the Obama State Dept. apparently (but I haven’t had time to verify this, so take with a grain of salt). “He was involved in the Kony 2012 operation.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kony_2012 (I had to look that up. Was it a CIA/State Dept. produced thing? ” Near the end of the film, a 2011 announcement from U.S. President Barack Obama is shown authorizing the deployment of 100 Special Forces military advisers to provide “information, advice, and assistance to partner nation forces” of Central African countries to “remove Joseph Kony from the battlefield”. The video concludes by urging viewers to join its publicity campaign by putting up posters and helping out in their communities.”) After the Charlottesville incident, the Dept. of State removed references to Gilmore, but there’s no link. TGP asks WHY.

      “Brennan Gilmore was also Chief of Staff for liberal Rep. Tom Perrielo.

      Tom Perrielo was given $385,000 from far left donor George Soros.

      This weekend Brennan Gilmore happened to be in Charlottesville with the rioters. The media knows exactly who he is yet played it off like a casual observer.
      This is how the Deep State is working with the liberal media to shape narrative and fool the American people. …”

      Your instincts were spot on, Dave. Seems to be a plan. Gilmore was cited in a NY Times story but that quote was disappeared from the story, after people learned who Gilmore is, according to TGP. The question I have is: HOW did he just HAPPEN to be there at the “right” time? More: http://hollaforums.com/thread/10399558/politics/cville-witness-brennan-gilmore-is-a-cia-operative.html


      What struck me about the photo of the alleged perp standing with “neo-Nazis” was ALSO that they look as if they were straight out of central casting with BRAND NEW CLOTHES.

      Here’s the guy’s interview. It does sound SO scripted and hits all the talking points. So savvy right off the cuff, huh? Not as if it was a plan. https://twitter.com/Minor_Leaguer/status/896472788571226112/video/1

      The willieloman link has the most interesting stuff.

  12. ~ Geoffrey Britain •

    So, it’s evidence of Racism when Kaepernick isn’t signed? …Fine, when
    will the NFL & NBA be Forced to practice …. Racial parity in their Hiring?

    How is 68% & …… 80% black percentages… not ‘evidence’ of racism? …???ha!

  13. STAND DOWN??? …or DO YOUR DANG JOB WTP pay U 4 ????

    • He’s an ass and he’s running for potus so what can we expect? How about his good pal Hillary? Investigation of her emails continuing and maybe even ramping up, according to Judicial Watch.

  14. WHITE TRASH…..

    • Who is this guy? Is he for real or is he FAKE NEWS, as in a FAKE white supremacist? How long has his organization existed? Does he have any real followers? Who funds them?

    • Suspicious how they have their talking points all ready, isn’t it? You almost could be forgiven for thinking he somehow knew in advance what was going to happen.

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