Awan-na Know What’s Going On!

We’re not about to let Debbie Wasserman Schultz off the hook as easily as the New York Times wants to, so here’s more news about the Awan Scandal. (When the mainstream media blame Trump and “fringe” alternative media, calling an exploding Democrat scandal a conspiracy theory or Islamophobia, you know you’re onto something.)

Now comes news that Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who was killed in a very strange “attempted robbery,” had allegedly been at a party earlier the evening of his death with a bunch of Washington DC IT workers.

That would fit the profile of the entire Awan extended family, who all worked for the DNC in DC.

Adding to the growing dossier of information on the Awan Scandal is former homicide detective, now private investigator, Rod Wheeler:

During the course of his investigation of Rich’s mysterious murder, Wheeler claims, he learned something peculiar that he hadn’t heard before: Rich attended a party with numerous IT workers the night he was killed. After the party, Rich went to Lou’s City Bar, the last known location where he was seen before his murder. …

“Seth attended that party, and I wanted to know who else was at that party. But I could never find out,” Wheeler said. “When I went back to ask other people who should have known who was at that party – these were people who were close to Seth – they told me, ‘You don’t need to know who was at that party because it had nothing to do with his death.’”

Uncovering more details about the attendees of the party is essential in the Rich homicide investigation, Wheeler contends.

“He was at the party before he went to the bar. What you do in a murder investigation is you work backward. You want to trace the victim’s steps as far back as you can – who was that person around the day before? – as far back as you can,” he said. “What was interesting is when I am told as an investigator that I don’t need to talk to people who were at the party. It makes you wonder why.”

Indeed it does. Surely there is (or at least was) some kind of video evidence of that party, if only security cameras from the vicinity of the party location or social media still photos or video taken by and posted by attendees. Where, however, was this party held? Do investigators know? Do they even care, or did they stand down?

Investigators would also need to know who was at the party, before they could look for or subpoena photographic evidence.

Wheeler told WND in May that the MPD withheld information from him pertaining to Rich’s murder after former DNC interim chairwoman Donna Brazile called police to ask why investigators were “snooping” into Rich’s slaying.

A manager at Lou’s City Bar told WND that police never interviewed the bar’s staff or requested evidence, such as footage from security cameras. And police also never questioned Rich’s DNC co-workers.

As WND has reported, Jack Burkman, head of a team of private investigators in D.C. working to find Rich’s killers, claimed the MPD was instructed by Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser for political reasons to stop investigating Rich’s murder. The MPD and the mayor’s office disputed Burkman’s allegations.

The total reward for solving Rich’s murder currently stands at approximately a half-million dollars. Yet, the DNC has offered no reward for information leading to the arrest of the murderer of its own young staffer. Instead, the DNC honored its murdered employee by dedicating a bike rack outside its headquarters to Rich’s memory.

Half a million dollars and no takers!

Was Imran Awan (or any of his brothers or extended family) present at that party with Seth Rich on the night of his death?  Did the Awans know Rich?

What could possibly be “political reasons to stop investigating” the cold-blooded murder of a young man on the streets of Washington DC?

Enquiring minds Awan-na know.


127 responses to “Awan-na Know What’s Going On!

  1. Trey Gowdy’s committee votes 16 to 13 to appoint special counsel to investgate Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, James Comey etc.

    This links to a youtube video of the committee proceesings, vote, and reading of the charges.
    I believe this is the youtube link:

    This is the Judiciary Committee of the 115th Congress
    I don’t know if this has to next be voted on by the entire House of Representatives, I don’t know legislative procedure
    The video is real, see what you think

  2. I also think world events, by which I mean warlike moves from both
    Kim Wong Wrong and Iran are going to eclipse any domestic
    worries about health insurance or income taxes.
    You might find all kinds of stories on so called alternative media
    about how kim dong wrong is the victim of some USA nastiness.
    These hold no truth let alone water.
    I couldn’t ask for another Commander-In-Chief at this time.
    Supposedly, the President said there would be action against
    North Korea, unless they back down, within one year maximum.

  3. DOJ Jeff Sessions says the criminal investigations words.
    Press Conference to be held soon.

    • Is this about the leaks of details about the program at Yahoo! that spies on our emails in coordination with the gummint?

    • Is there evidence at all that they actual SOLD the information? I know it was claimed in various reports, but anything solid looking? Wouldn’t you love to see the Awan tax returns?

  4. Look who has been funding the McCain Institute.

    He actually said this:
    McCain recently claimed no involvement with the institute, saying “I’m proud that the institute is named after me, but I have nothing to do with it.”

  5. It is about time, That they start investigating the real criminals. 😀

    • People should petition the WH to pardon him. This was a totally trumped-up charge (no pun intended, but it might take a Trump to overcome a trumped-up charge).

  6. facebkwallflower

    I hope President Trump Pardons him and says why. Or maybe he won’t and it will make it to SC? Did he break the law? NO!!! At most he disobeyed a unconstitutional and unenforcable order from President Obama to disobey the laws on the books. The president is to execute the laws made by Congress, not override them. Brave man, The Sheriff.

    • Wouldn’t it seem only fair that the judge who rules on contempt of court for not following a judge’s orders (deliberately or unknowingly) should be a DIFFERENT JUDGE? iow, what about the judge’s obvious conflict of interest, not to mention his political motivations?

      Yes, for sure. Trump should immediately pardon the sheriff.

      • Okay. Now, wait a minute. It WAS a different judge, but I couldn’t tell that from the link. Papoose’s link says some woman named Bolton decided the case.

      • facebkwallflower

        Yes, different judge. Sounds as shady as it actually is.

        • Sounds as if he wanted a jury trial but they wouldn’t allow it. That seems back asswards, as my dad would say. I know you’re allowed to request a bench trial, but to be refused a jury? I think he’s appealing it on that basis. Trump should save him the trouble and just pardon him, if only to see the progressives foam at the mouth.

  7. facebkwallflower

    My head is spinning just reading the headlines over at the gateway pundit! Yikes! Now a leak from AIR FORCE ONE!!!!!!!! (well, supposedly a leak). And then all the stuff about General Kelly in the comments of the articles are dizzying, to say the least. It is like on a dime TGP is reporting is of a different flavor, writing style or something. Just off. Some serious psy-ops going on, I would say if I had my tinnie on, as reading the stories today started out as a slap, then a light punch, and now when bopped in over there — Pow! Into the gut. KICK me so hard fell down.

    Leaving the regular reader sick.


    • I agree. Some crazy stuff going on. The AWAN “hurricane” is really throwing them all into a tizzy. It’s crunch time for all of them now. The lies will be fast and furious.

  8. Katrina Pierson: “@Scaramucci was fired at 8am but the press found out when the WH shop released it in the afternoon.

    Apparently, he stopped the leaks.”DRAIN THE SWAMP (

  9. YEP .. GONE WITH the WIND …U piece of SH*T …& WORSE

  10. Calexit and stuff
    Lots of alternative news today about some people in the state of california wanting to secede from the USA.
    Do they have the numbers? I doubt it.
    suppose they do.
    We have the same military right to defend ourselves against any country acting to cause us great harm.
    In some ideal scenario, California sets up their own country,
    dedicated to peace, love, rock and roll, and psychedelics.
    But what is more likely is that there are a lot of hostile foreign powers,
    (China, Iran, The UN) that will move in in a split second and take the place
    Why wouldn’t they?
    California would be instantly the ideal launch pad for a very serious
    WMD attack against the rest of the USA.
    Why should the rest of us permit that?
    No reason that I can think of.
    So as soon as California is independant, it becomes liable to extreme
    military attack by the rest of the USA, and following our victory, it doesn’t
    revert to statehood. It becomes conquered territory.
    So if y’all out there fancy your chances, go for it,
    but like a San Diego outdoor party in May, it’s going to rain all over you.

    • Sure, they can secede. And then they instantly become responsible for totally paying for all the social welfare benefits of the millions of illegal aliens they’ve given aid and shelter to. And for sure they give up all the Naval bases that BELONG to the U.S., not to CA. They can’t survive without the rest of the country. Let them try. We get to keep our national parks, too, and all the BLM land.

  11. True story!! 👿

    • Yes, that one AND the other one which claims, based on a bunch of anonymous WH “advisers,” that Trump himself made up the “misleading” story that DJT Jr.’s meeting was about Russian adoptions.

      AS IF that’s a crime, anyway. There’s NO CRIME no matter what the meeting was about. Colluding with the “Russians” isn’t a crime. Talking to a lawyer who’s Russian but doesn’t work for their government surely isn’t a crime, no matter what they talked about. There’s no EVIDENCE that this is true, anyway. Where’s their EVIDENCE? They like to always preface anything Trump says with “without evidence” he said so and so. Maybe Trump should himself just cite anonymous sources! Wouldn’t that get their goat?

    • As for these interns who were warned not to record, why don’t they confiscate all their cell phones and other devices before allowing them into the venue? It seems simple to me. They give it up or they give up their cushy jobs. People don’t become interns unless they’re Jonesing on becoming big wheels in politics themselves. Threaten to nip their aspirations in the bud and you’ll suddenly see closed traps. Who the HELL is vetting these people, anyway? If you can’t trust them, and obviously they can’t, then they should treat them like kindergarteners.

      • facebkwallflower

        Interns = a job. On many, many jobs and in many many corporations phones are not allowed on premise, let alone on persons.

        • It just seems so simple to me. There was some story on TV last night, I don’t remember the particulars, but there was a meeting and before the meeting, cell phones were collected and then returned after the meeting. Easy. I was on a jury once; they collected cell phones so nobody would record deliberations. Obvious. But another time I was on a jury, they didn’t collect cell phones, which was stupid, imho. How can you ensure justice, that the people on the jury aren’t surfing the Web for information outside the evidence from the courtroom, if you allow them to have cell phones inside the jury room? Things are getting so scary in our culture these days because there’s no pressure anymore for people to act ethically. There’s pressure, actually, in the opposite direction. You’re not supposed to audiotape or videotape something. Yet the pressure is too great for some to withstand. They want to be stars either on social media, or with the press, when they record and then pass on their illicit prize. Since you can’t TRUST people to be honorable anymore, the only solution to protect the privacy of even (or especially) the president is to confiscate all devices.

      • facebkwallflower

        Screw intern programs in government, particularly in the WH.

    • I don’t hold out much hope for that server being examined. Surely by now it’s been scrubbed, too. Why wouldn’t it be? Was there any ORDER for them to preserve it, intact, like they’re ordering everybody in the Trump administration and his campaign to “preserve records?” It’s the usual double standard. With progressives, there’s “no evidence” of anything because they make darned sure to either destroy it all first and also not even look for it in the first place. Don’t be surprised if we learn, if they EVER get around to even trying to examine the server, that it’s been replaced, with the original destroyed and no copies kept of what it contained. You know, by now the backups have been overwritten. Conveniently.

  12. The attorney-general recuses himself. Senator Schumer calls for a special counsel. The assistant attorney-general appoints a special counsel who is a close friend of James Comey. The investigation of a top Republican yields bupkus, so the investigators resort to a “process crime” based on dubious evidence. 2017 or 2003? Interesting, too, that Schumer’s former congressional counsel is now the attorney for Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS.

    • …We know that [GPS Fusion co-founder Glenn] Simpson is tight with Democrats. His current attorney, Joshua Levy, used to work in Congress as counsel to no less than Chuck Schumer. We know from a [Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck] Grassley letter that Fusion has in the past sheltered its clients’ true identities by filtering money through law firms or shell companies (Bean LLC and Kernel LLC)….

      • I’m glad to see those guys getting involved in this topic. Did you see that Mueller is empaneling a Grand Jury in DC (as if President Trump, if anything touches on him or his family, will get any kind of a fair shake in THAT town. Just imagine the composition of the Grand Jury.) Supposedly, according to a story at Drudge, as many as 10 FBI bigwigs (current and former, including, of course, Comey) will testify AGAINST the President in the so-called “obstruction of justice” case, which is impossible to have–the President is Constitutionally in charge of the FBI. He can tell them TO investigate or NOT TO investigate anyone. He’s their BOSS. It’s impossible for him to obstruct justice by simply saying he “hopes” Comey, in the course of his job, can see his way clear to cutting Flynn some slack. Who would consider that obstruction of justice, especially considering all the SLACK Comey cut HILLARY, given that he just MADE UP LAW HIMSELF, when he claimed she couldn’t be credibly prosecuted because she had no “intent” to break the laws, when obviously she did. What about Trump’s INTENT? Does he get similar benefit of the doubt? Who obstructs justice? I wonder if Comey taking home government records and illegally sharing them with people outside government will be considered by the Grand Jury? Oh, they’re just hoping for an indictment and then they’ll ALL use it to try to impeach OUR PRESIDENT. And then what kind of holy hell will break loose? Do they REALLY REALIZE what they’re doing?

  13. I pretty much don’t care about any of the so called news of the day.
    This is the deep state coup against Trump. Does it matter?
    The coup is to warn anyone, everyone, don’t try to dream of freedom again. So does it matter if Trump is gone?
    No and Yes. In a normal world, no, because that’s politics. This is not a normal world and so it matters a very great deal.
    Let’s just go back to that day JFK died. Do we really think an untrained shooter, even if equipped with a telescopic site, could fatally shoot JFK in a moving car? I doubt it. Maybe after twenty or thirty shots.
    Do we think that the collapse of Building 7 at the WTC on 9/11 just happened to perfectly look like a controlled demolition? Watch the video.
    And do we think that all this stuff is just kind of happening to President Trump? Just one rogue ex-president? I don’t think so.
    Rasmussen says he is even more unpopular today than he was yesterday.
    Like so what?
    The President may as well bring it on.
    I say first do a fireside chat to the American people and hold back no
    punches. You won’t need to do any more press conferences after that.
    Then fire Sessions and Mueller.
    Then fire the other guy, the deputy AG.
    Make recess appointments and then declare a state of national emergency,
    because that is what this is.
    If Trump loses, then freedom dies, maybe for a century or more.
    If he can survive then we still have a chance.
    Keeping his head down won’t help him no more.
    Obamacare, tax cuts, these are only the tools by which Trump’s opponents
    hope to finish him off. These things matter, but not so much.
    This epic fight for the destruction or salvation of the USA is what matters.
    I say go for it.

    • The thing about approve/disapprove polls: Many Trump supporters may say they disapprove of his performance because he’s NOT doing what we would expect, such as what you list–firing Mueller, e.g. So it doesn’t mean much because the biggest poll is an election. Weighing all things–the good with the bad–and coming up with a reasoned choice. The lesser of two evils, if that’s what it is. So on any day, somebody who supported Trump may be disgusted because of this stupid chaos (and yes, it is chaos) going on in the WH, or the lack of progress on repealing Obamacare (which is really on CONGRESS), or the lack of progress on the Wall, or letting the media get the better of him (and he does, in many instances). It’s meaningless, really. In the end, he’s the POTUS. It will only matter in 2020, and a lot can change by then.

  14. Mr. Bannon,
    You need to write the speech of your life.
    Sometimes events coalesesce around ordinary individuals.
    This has happened for a bunch of ordinary people in the WH.
    I hope God puts the wind at your backs.

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