Suspicious Minds

So many of us have suspicious minds. What activates suspicion? Unlikely coincidences. Seemingly unrelated events that coincide or quickly follow, one after another. Put it together and what have you got?

(This post is long. Apologies. Suspicious minds have a lot to say.)

Let’s look at a few oddities that we’ve noticed, with regard to the Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy theory. First some excerpts from a UK news article: [emphasis added to quotes]

British spies were first to spot Trump team’s links with Russia …

Britain’s spy agencies played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington to contacts between members of Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives …

[U]ntil summer 2016, a number of western agencies shared further information on contacts between Trump’s inner circle and Russians, sources said.

The European countries that passed on electronic intelligence – known as sigint – included Germany, Estonia and Poland. Australia, a member of the “Five Eyes” spying alliance that also includes the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand, also relayed material, one source said.

Another source suggested the Dutch and the French spy agency, the General Directorate for External Security or DGSE, were contributors.…

The alleged conversations were picked up by chance as part of routine surveillance of Russian intelligence assets.

GCHQ’s then head, Robert Hannigan, passed material in summer 2016 to the CIA chief, John Brennan.

In late August and September Brennan gave a series of classified briefings to the Gang of Eight … He told them the agency had evidence the Kremlin might be trying to help Trump to win the presidency …

Summer 2016, just as Donald J. Trump sewed up the Republican nomination. Keep that in mind. Spying on “Trump’s inner circle,” which would include his son and son-in-law. Keep that in mind. “The Kremlin might be trying to help Trump to win.” Keep that in mind, too.

John Brennan. Don’t ever forget him. He even made sure to brief the Gang of Eight in late summer 2016, alleging that maybe the Russians wanted to help Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton and maybe Trump’s advisers were colluding with the Russians to “interfere in the election,” all of which promptly leaked to the NY Times, something which arguably helped Clinton’s campaign.

Doesn’t it sound as if multiple foreign countries were trying to help Clinton win and Trump lose? Actively surveilling Trump and people close to him and then passing on tips to Obama’s administration, which ultimately ensured that the information would leak before, and especially after, the election? Harry Reid played a key role in making sure that classified information leaked (to help Clinton).

Let’s not forget the former UK spy who worked with Russian intelligence to create a false dossier of scandalous allegations about Trump, using second- and third-hand gossip, in order to help Clinton and defeat Trump.

Was the dossier the work of UK spies or Russian spies? Does it matter? Were they not foreigners interfering in the election, in collusion with political opponents of Trump?

Consider these excerpts from another news story:

Multiple sources tell Fox News that Susan Rice, former national security adviser under then-President Barack Obama, requested to unmask the names of Trump transition officials caught up in surveillance.

The unmasked names, of people associated with Donald Trump, were then sent to all those at the National Security Council, some at the Defense Department, then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and then-CIA Director John Brennan – essentially, the officials at the top, including former Rice deputy Ben Rhodes.

The names were part of incidental electronic surveillance of candidate and President-elect Trump and people close to him, including family members, for up to a year before he took office. ...

This comes in the wake of Evelyn Farkas’ television interview last month in which the former Obama deputy secretary of defense said in part: “I was urging my former colleagues and … the Hill people, get as much information as you can, get as much intelligence as you can, before President Obama leaves the administration.”

The Obama administration gathered “raw intel” (aka sigint) from various foreign intelligence agencies or from our own NSA; they loaded it into intelligence analyses that they made sure weren’t highly classified; and then they spread it throughout our government to as many people as possible, probably to ensure that the information eventually leaked to the media to help Clinton (before the election) and hurt Trump (after the election).

For up to a year before Trump took office in January 2017, they gathered electronic surveillance on Trump as well as “people close to him,” including his family members.

In January 2016, Trump was polling higher than any of his Republican opponents and 2/3 of Republicans were predicting that he would win the nomination. Did that have an influence on the decision that somebody, somewhere, made to begin “electronic surveillance” of Trump, his family, and his campaign advisors?

British spies played a key role, we’re told. Who recruited them for this project, and when? Who were the “counterparts” in the U.S. that were tipped off by British spies to receive the fruits of the surveillance of Trump, his family, and his campaign?

That year of surveillance included June 2016, when Donald J. Trump Jr. (DJT Jr.) met with a lawyer from Russia who claimed to have “incriminating” information about Hillary Clinton, but who turned out to have no such thing and who also seemed to have asked for the meeting under false pretenses. The entire meeting, how it came about, and how nothing came of it (from the Trump campaign’s point of view) is extremely suspicious–almost like a set up.

It was later reported that also in June 2016 “the Obama Justice Department and the FBI sought FISA warrants against Trump insiders.” Another report said that “the FBI applied for a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance (FISA) court over the summer [2016] in order to monitor four members of the Trump team suspected of irregular contacts with Russian officials. The FISA court turned down the application.”

The year during which Trump was reportedly under “electronic surveillance” also included the announcement on July 26, 2016, that the U.S. intelligence community quite suddenly had “high confidence” that Russian hackers, directed by the Russian government, stole email from the DNC, despite the fact (testified to by former FBI Director Comey) that the FBI never examined the DNC server but simply took the word of a Democrat-hired contractor with ties to Ukraine, which had previously made false allegations. Only the day before, the Democrats had publicly blamed Russia. They must have been mind readers!

The DNC emails–which may have actually been leaked by a whistle-blower–were published by Wikileaks a month after DJT Jr. met the Russian lawyer. So the rather precipitous conclusion blaming Russians was reported in July 2016, mere weeks after DJT Jr.’s meeting. It was also later reported that:

[Then FBI Director James] Comey confirmed that the bureau has been investigating Russia’s election meddling since July [2016], which includes probing possible coordination between members of Trump’s presidential campaign and Moscow.

Apparently the fact that the FBI had initiated that counter-intelligence investigation was mysteriously and allegedly kept from the “White House, the DNI, and congressional leadership,” according to Comey’s sworn testimony, and despite that it was earlier reported that CIA Director Brennan had briefed the Senate’s Gang of Eight about their suspicions in August/Sept. 2016, suspicions that were promptly leaked to the media to the detriment of Trump’s campaign.

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  1. as clear as the NOSE on your FACE? ….FACE it the DICK “K” ain’t
    wanted … 4 many many REASONS …. may-B he should???
    GET DOWN on his KNEES ..& PRAY ..over the f-in’ .. boo hoo NEWS!

  2. Hi Miri, Here’s an in-depth conversation that scratches the surface on many planes… Hudson is among a group of inside intelligence agents that have been providing leads for the Awan Spy Ring and the government corruption to George Webb and Jason Goodman…. Its 40 minutes or so but he confirms a lot of things that we already know. At your leisure:

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