Some Real News to Counter Fake News

A few real news stories to take your mind off the fake news. These stories are not fiction; no names have been changed to protect anyone, and no editing of unseemly words was done to protect your sensibilities. Sorry.

First up, analysis of an eye-opening (and orifice opening) event at a vegan restaurant in Memphis, TN.

Recently a diner at the restaurant wrote an online review that was, shall we say, less than appetizing. According to the diner

During my visit, a bare butt naked baby was running around, stood up on a table with its black, they’re-so-dirty feet, and bent over to show me its butthole. I wish I was exaggerating. This is like, while I’m eating, and it’s the owner’s kids.

The owner decided it was a better idea to attack the reviewer–calling her out by name and threatening to post pictures of anybody else who dared give the restaurant a bad review–rather than to apologize, make some kind of amends, and come up with a cover story asap, if only to keep the Dept. of Health from shutting the place down.

Photo of the owners at this link. (Are those wigs?) Needless to say, the story went viral and now it has its own hashtag. What else? #ButtholeGate

This story is not quite as amusing. What could they possibly be thinking in Boston, that bastion of Catholicism? [emphasis added to quotes]

The Boston Public Library proudly announced on its Facebook page June 29 that it was “closing out #PrideMonth today with a Drag Queen Story Time at the Children’s Library, featuring The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.”

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is a tax-exempt group of homosexuals who dress as nuns. They have been mocking Catholic beliefs, teachings and practices since they started in San Francisco on Easter Sunday, 1979. Now the publicly funded library of the City of Boston found it appropriate to celebrate the group’s anti-Catholic bigotry, and welcome them to parade it before little children.

What is perhaps most distressing is how unsurprising this is. Would the library have similarly welcomed a group that used its name, its attire and its antics to mock gays? Not a chance. But Catholics, as always, are fair game, even for the most vile of assaults on that which [they] hold sacred.

There’s a photo of the transvestites at this link. Even the little child with them wears a wig, makeup, and high heels, perhaps to get into the spirit of the event.

Not only is this anti-Catholic bigotry, but it’s also at least arguably child abuse. Imagine sending your child to story time at the public library and this is what he or she gets deliberately exposed to.

Another report on the same story advises us that these satirists not only engage in anti-Catholic bigotry, but also adamantly promote promiscuity.

The men call themselves “queer nuns,” even though the anti-Catholic group is openly devoted to promiscuity.  Their slogan is a ridicule of Jesus’ words to the woman caught in sexual sin.  Instead of “Go, and sin no more,” the men “queers” have created their trademark slogan as, “Go forth and sin some more!” …

Princeton Professor of Jurisprudence Robert P. George criticized both the queer men and the Boston Public Library for promoting Catholic hatred to 2-10 year olds.  

“Is there an honorable liberal anywhere in this country who will speak out against the #antiCatholic bigotry on display here?” the frequent Harvard Law Visiting Professor asked.  “Imagine the chorus of outrage from liberals … were it #Islam and its teachings, symbols, and practices being mocked.”

Fortunately for the “sisters,” Catholics don’t behave as far too many Muslims do when mocked or merely criticized. 

There was quite a turnout. The children look rapt. Photo at this link.

All the better to corrupt your little dears. Did their parents even know?

Remember the administrators at the appropriately named Silliman College (part of Yale), who had the temerity to suggest that those who objected to other students’ choice of Halloween costumes should just suck up their outrage and grow thicker skins? Instead, the potentially offended became even more outraged, and their outrage resulted in the administrators being forced to resign.

Some outrage is more equal than other outrage.

Don’t wait with bated breath to see if any administrators at the Boston City Library will even apologize, much less resign. Try to find a mainstream media outlet that covered the story. It won’t be easy.

Finally, here’s another story that you won’t see publicized much in the mainstream media. Scientists have shown that all the global warming recently reported comes not from actual warming but from “adjustments” that “scientists” made to the data, apparently to see their results turn out “right”:

A new study found adjustments made to global surface temperature readings by scientists in recent years “are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.”

“Thus, it is impossible to conclude from the three published [global average surface temperature (GAST)] data sets that recent years have been the warmest ever – despite current claims of record setting warming,” according to a study published June 27 by two scientists and a veteran statistician.

The peer-reviewed study tried to validate current surface temperature datasets managed by NASA, NOAA and the UK’s Met Office, all of which make adjustments to raw thermometer readings. Skeptics of man-made global warming have criticized the adjustments. …

“Nearly all of the warming they are now showing are in the adjustments,” Meteorologist Joe D’Aleo, a study co-author, told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview. “Each dataset pushed down the 1940s warming and pushed up the current warming.”

These “adjustments” are allegedly made to correct “biases” in the data. (Imagine your mom taking your temperature but then making an “adjustment” before telling the doctor her findings, because the air conditioner, the refrigerator or the ice maker may have biased the raw reading.)

Which came first, biases in the data or biases in the minds of the researchers who made the adjustments that always seemed to

cool past temperatures and warm more current records, increasing the warming trend?

Why would anyone deliberately adjust data to without fail increase the warming trend?

Which came first, their conclusion (global warming) or the adjusted “evidence?”

One can’t help but to compare the fake news reports of an alleged global warming trend to the report published by 17 U.S. intelligence agencies 3 (or 4) U.S. intelligence agencies that concluded that the Russians “hacked” the 2016 U.S. election, despite no solid evidence to prove it.

In fact, the report was merely an opinion (or, if you will, a guess) made, not by the agencies themselves but, quite unusually, by several “hand-picked analysts.” (Chosen to come to the “right” conclusion?)

Once again, try to find a mainstream media report of this bombshell news that all of the recently reported warming comes from adjusted data, adjusted to seemingly create the appearance of a warming trend.

Real news and fake news. Which do you find most often in the mainstream media?

Thank goodness for the Internet, for blogs, and for “alternative news,” without which we would be at the mercy of fake-news propaganda from CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and their ilk.

Update: 7/10/17: There seems to be some confusion concerning to which report on Russian interference the media refers. The report linked above–from the DNI (James Clapper)–differs from this report–from the NCCI/DHS (Jeh Johnson) and the FBI (James Comey)–which was published about a week before the DNI report. Both talk about the alleged Russian hacking. What’s amusing about the NCCIC/DHS/FBI report is this sentence:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.

In other words, they don’t stand behind their own opinions. Also amusing are these sentences:

Previous JARs have not attributed malicious cyber activity to specific countries or threat actors. However, public attribution of these activities to RIS is supported by technical indicators from the U.S. Intelligence Community, DHS, FBI, the private sector, and other entities.

The “private sector” would be CrowdStrike–the company in the employ of the DNC, which would not give the intelligence community access to any of the hardware or data, so this opinion is based upon second-hand information from an arguably biased and political source.

Unusually, breaking with past practice, this particular joint report does bother to attribute the hacking to Russia, arguably for completely political reasons, after the unexpected election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America.

It’s of note that all of the gobbledegook in the DHS report about ISPs and metadata is exactly that because it’s been reported far and wide that this particular hacking software was created by our own NSA; that our CIA is perfectly capable of laying false tracks in ISPs and metadata to blame other countries for our spying activities (so why couldn’t anyone else); that CrowdStrike has already falsely attributed hacking to a country and had to apologize for their “error;” and that multiple countries and private entities now own and use copies of this same software.

In other words, as Trump says, nobody knows for sure who did the hacking. One thing we do know, however, is that John Podesta foolishly clicked on a link to initiate the hack of his own email and that the DNC didn’t have good enough cyber-security or best practices. Someone there also clicked on a phishing email and that led to the hackers’ ability to steal passwords and intrude further into their database.

That is, if you believe the Obama administration’s version of what happened.




136 responses to “Some Real News to Counter Fake News

  1. Claybrn •……
    Linda Sarsour told her Muslim audience at the July 1-3 ISNA convention that they should remain constantly in a state of “RAGE” …against Trump. She encouraged them NOT to assimilate into American society & said she hoped Allah would find their resistance against Trump as an acceptable form of jihad.

    I would be swift and her worst nightmare if she or her ilk EVER raise
    a hand against me or my family.

  2. WND reported last month a list of 20 incidents in which violence was threatened or carried out in the wake of the collapse of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

    Even during the campaign, Trump supporters were beaten. They continue to face violence at “resist” protests around the country.

    The violence reached new heights when Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and several congressional aides were shot during baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, as they prepared to participate in a charity game.

    Among the incidents:

    Rioters at UC-Berkeley turned violent to shut down a pro-Trump speech by Milo Yiannopoulos.
    Radical leftists maced an innocent young girl as she was interviewed.
    Democratic vice-presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine called for a “fight in the streets” against Trump.
    Radical leftists have posted fliers around college campuses promoting violence against Trump supporters.
    Obama favorite Loretta Lynch called for “marching, blood, death in the streets.”
    “Antifa” protesters attacked Trump supporters in another riot at Berkeley.
    A far-left professor, Eric Clanton, was arrested for assaulting Trump supporters with a bike lock after a riot.

    To really understand the war zone America is becoming, read the June issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, “RAGE AND VIOLENCE: Why the Left has gone insane in the Age of Trump.”

  3. the-obama-divorce-or-till-death-do-us …

    IN??? YEP …Cheese is MORE BINDING… than a WEDDING RING!

    • Interesting commentary about the differences between O now and the Senator O then. We’ve been over that ground ad infinitum, haven’t we? Still pertains, though.

  4. TRUST ? not MUCH ~ ZERO like the USURPER

    • It comes and goes, doesn’t it? Remember the time he said it was in the shop for repairs? This time, iirc, the story is that he didn’t want to lose it while white water rafting. I didn’t have a chance to see if it was there in those photos.

  5. No info .. on CLINTON .. so said …. natalia v. .. again a nothing BUGER

    • HOW did the NY Times get the emails? Another leak? When did THAT happen, btw? There’s a reporter complaining that by Trump Jr. releasing the email chain, he destroyed the scoop about them that this reporter was working on FOR A YEAR. Go back a year and where are you? EXACTLY when this meeting took place. So this reporter ALMOST IMMEDIATELY knew about this meeting Trump Jr. had with some unknown Russian lawyer? HOW SO and WHY and WHO TIPPED HIM OFF TO IT? Perhaps the woman/organization that SET IT UP AS A TRAP FOR TRUMP? I have been saying for months that something stinks, imho, about Flynn being a DemoncRAT and how he’s at the very center of this and also had lied to Trump and Pence. IS HE also a plant? I’m sorry to have to ask it, because people think he’s a “good guy,” but there’s something very, very rotten about all of this and it smells like the Arkansas mafia to me.

      • Last week I was wondering what Comey and his wife were delivering to the NY Times. Was it so sensitive that he had to take it personally in his wife’s huge handbag? Was she being a decoy? They said there was an affair being held in the building….yet there didn’t seem to be traffic of VIPs coming and going in the building that night. The event wasn’t identified.

        I just have a feeling…remembering his good friend and cohort tweeted a stealth message: tick tick tick…. and alluded to a bombshell coming soon but nothing was reported at that time…

        The perps had to get their hands on the hard copy emails and when they got them, Comey delivered. Once they adequately covered their tracks, the NYT was confident in publishing the article.

        That’s my take.

        • Okay. So I am not off the wall. Just visited CTH and my “exclusive” is all over the place over there.

        • Good catch, Papoose! I had totally forgotten about that visit but I was lying awake last night trying to figure out WHERE they could possibly have gotten his actual emails from. Who would have them? Well, the NSA, for one. Any committee that subpoenaed them, too, but did they do that? I don’t think so.

          Trey Gowdy seemed surprised, and I suspect he would know. It had to be somebody in Obama’s “intelligence agencies” or some DemoncRAT who has access to them. But again, where do you get actual emails?

          A hacker, sure. A committee that subpoenaed them. A government agency that subpoenaed them or Mueller. Is he corrupt? I doubt that seriously. From one of those intelligence reports that right before the inauguration Obama made sure to spread all over the government? Anybody who saw them, then.

          The NY Times claimed they got the information from three “White House” people who were “briefed” on the emails and confirmed by “two others.” They’re suspiciously noncommittal about the sequence. Did they get the emails from the “two others” and then confirm them somehow by asking people in the current WH that they knew would be briefed, once the subject was broached?

          WHICH WHITE HOUSE, I wonder? They don’t say. It could have come from OBAMA White House officials who were “briefed” at the time the intel report about this email was sent around. Nobody’s asking them, are they? Instead, they’re trying to point fingers at people in the inner circle in the Oval Office. That would be par for the course to COVER FOR Comey, if it was him.

          I hope the clock is ticking for him. Interesting this comes up right after (1) Brennan is on the Sunday shows again talking about people being duped into “treason,” and (2) COMEY himself is coming under fire with the FBI reporting that his memos that he illegally took with him are government documents and contained classified information.

          • Yes, I did state somewhere re my theory, which comes naturally as being a tinfoil hat wearing-birther-conspiracy theorist. LOL. I accused Comey at the time and asked: What was the event? What was the purpose? Who attended? What was in Mrs. Comey’s purse.

            Gotta run, but I’ll get back. I just wanted to respond to you for the time being.

        • For background:

          That was June 22, 2017. When did Kushner update his security clearance forms?

          No date given, but another story I read recently said within “the past several weeks.” Consider: It’s now mid-July. Within the last several weeks certainly puts it right around the time Comey was seen going to the NY Times building. And then, as Papoose noted, his friend spoke of a big bombshell coming, tick, tick, tick. What did Comey REALLY do in that building?

          • The whole entire thing stinks. And, yes, Comey’s friend tweeted a threat.

          • This narrows down the timeframe:

            June 9, it was reported that Kushner will meet with Congress (and Mueller will, too), and soon.

            UPDATE: June 21, Jared Kushner tells the FBI about the meeting.

            June 22, Comey goes into the NY Times building.

            June 23, Wittes goes “tick, tick, tick,” forewarning of the upcoming “bombshell.”

            July 8, the NY Times reports the meeting. I think this is the first story:

            So within the past several weeks, from the time of the first report of the meeting, Kushner revised his security clearance info with the FBI. It had to have happened roughly between June 9 and July 8, but surely reviewing his total records (as his lawyer Gorelick said they did, to prepare) took some time. At least a week or so and then they filed the updated records. Maybe right about the week of June 22, when suddenly Comey and his big-pursed wife went to see the NY Times?

            • BOOM, BOOM, BOOM: This almost clinches it, Papoose. Look when CNN says that Kushner updated his security clearance information.

              “[CNN reporter Tom] FOREMAN (voice-over): Nonetheless, on June 21st, Kushner amended his security papers again to reflect his attendance at that meeting. And according to a source close to Kushner, he said he was going to tell President Trump. We don’t know if he did.”

              June 21st Kushner revises his paperwork. THE NEXT DAY, Comey goes to the NY Times with his wife and her big purse. The day after that, Comey’s good friend posts his “tick, tick, tick” tweet about the bombshell soon to be exploded. Somewhere, I read, that the same guy indicated in a tweet after the NY Times reported on the meeting, that THAT WAS the bombshell he predicted. Yep. See here.

              It did not take long to activate Comey, did it? Did he perhaps have the texts of those emails at his home or did he perhaps get them from someone on the inside? Somebody needs to be investigating HOW the NY Times got Trump Jr.’s email.

              • Yeah, and the thing about this guy Witte is that he’s not the one who leaked Comey’s working memo. Daniel C. Richman is that guy. There’s 2 of them! Comey is a conspirator.

                • Yep. Obviously still in touch with each other. I just KNEW that you were right about that NY Times visit. He didn’t waste any time.

                  • I know. I was so surprised that it turned out not to be Witte who colloborated with the FBI memos. Yet, he was the one that sent out the bomb meme. I wish I could find my comment posted at that time. It was off the wall at the time. Just intuition. That “charity event” at the NYT building was hosted by a huge law firm. My take on that: conveniently held to provide a curtain. He personally delivered the Don Jr. emails. Where’d he get them since he was no longer employed to have access?

    • Suppose not. So they think they’ve got him now. What do they have? NOTHING. Some music business publicist gives them a third-hand, WRONG description of what this woman wants. He meets with her not even knowing her name or who she is–YUGE mistake, imho. She has nothing and gives nothing and she doesn’t work for the Kremlin much less as THE big lawyer for them (Crown prosecutor or whatever they called it. I think it’s the UK version (the instigator of the meeting is a Brit–another red flag–of our Attorney General.)

      In any case, this SMELLS LIKE A YUGE SET UP TO ME. She is connected to Fusion GPS, which is connected (surprise!) to the despicable and totally fake UK-intel-agent anti-Trump dossier, which is based upon RUSSIAN information! This all happened just as it became apparent that Trump would be the Republican candidate and just as Hillary was beginning to ramp up her “he’s a puppet of Russia” meme. So did this woman mislead the music guy to get the meeting with Trump Jr. just for this reason? To provide “evidence” of collusion? Who put her up to it? Who put the “friend” up to it and what did, perhaps, they have on him to make him cooperate or was he just duped, too? Allegedly he apologized to Trump Jr. because the woman had nothing to give. But what’s interesting is how in nearly EVERY EMAIL he wrote there’s signaling about Russia, Moscow, government lawyer (false, btw), and, most damning if you’re planting “evidence,” an explicit statement about “Russia and its government’s support for” Trump Jr.’s father! It is TOO DAMNED PAT, if you ask me.

      • PLUS, how do we know the emails were the only correspondence? Were there phone calls? Texts? How is that Manafort and Kushner knew to be available to attend? Who says Don Jr. didn’t speak or communicate directly with the person requesting the meeting outside of those emails? Who says the emails are the sole communique? Kushner and Manfort just casually came to the meeting without chatting with Don Jr. regarding the request.


  6. IT’s a dirty job….^^^^^^ D I R T Y ~ SET UPS LEFT & RIGHT ….yep

  7. yep ..when 1 lives in the “dark” ages of the PAST..U go LOWER

  8. VP Pence has his own PAC2020?


    Pence’s actions clearly spell out that there is trouble ahead for the President. The Deep State’s false allegations of Russian collusion are falling apart and impeachment is still only a remote possibility. Still, Trump’s subordinate and allies are putting a major dent in the global business enterprise of child-sex-trafficking. The Deep State and their minions are being exposed for who and what they are.

    There is another troubling development which parallels Pence’s schemes and that concerns the recent actions of EX-President Obama. Has anyone else noticed that Obama is preceding or following in Trump’s footsteps when it comes to Trump’s contact with world leaders? First, Obama should be indicted for violating the Logan Act which prevents a private citizen from negotiating with a foreign power or their representatives. Second, one has to wonder what Obama is telling these leaders. My bet is he is telling them that Trump will not be around long and this is how it is going to be, so they should not be listening to Trump.

    Can anyone else feel it? We are coming to a crossroads and the final and ultimate fate of our country is in the balance and Pence and Obama do not have YOUR best interests at heart. In fact, you do not matter at all. By default, and whether you realize it or not, we are all married to Donald Trump. Regardless of what he brings us, it is much more preferable than what the Deep State has in mind for all us.
    In my humble opinion, President Trump should right now fire Mueller and the deputy AG that appointed him.
    If necessary declare a state of emergency and arrest the plotters,
    that would certainly include Lynch, Hillary, and Obama but probably many other Obama apointees as well. I think Obama already put in place the necessary legislation that allows the executive branch the powers to declare a national state of emergency.
    Normal elections could be returned to in 2020.

    • I suspect that Pence would NOT garner many, if any, of Trump’s supporters. He just wouldn’t, especially if somehow, anyhow, in any way, he benefited from the destruction of Trump’s presidency, no matter if he had nothing to do with it. He just doesn’t have “it”. Trump should have chosen Palin. That would have really gotten McCain’s goat. I guess Trump didn’t need any more voters like us, though, so he went for the “middle.”

      “Has anyone else noticed that Obama is preceding or following in Trump’s footsteps when it comes to Trump’s contact with world leaders?”

      I did; I wrote a whole post about it.

      • Trump is off to celebrate Bastille Day. Will Obama follow him? Barry’s reentering the “political fray” with a appearance tonight to talk about “redistricting.” That’s the DemoncRATS’ newest project. What they can’t get via vote fraud they’re now going to try to get by racially and ethnically “gerrymandering” political districts.

    • An explanation of Pence’s PAC that seems at least plausible:

  9. Conservative Tree House have done a good study linking that Velnitskya woman to Obama and other nefarious anti-Trump plotters.

    • I’m just sayin’ that a lot of what’s written about there comes from elsewhere and/or tips within their comments that I seldom see the tipster being given credit for. That said, they have good summaries and good theories in their posts.

      • I wish I had the time and energy to run a timeline on this like we did with Obama. It would take so much research to put it together and I can’t remember off the top of my head, but so many things were happening all around that same time. That ONE EMAIL to DJT Jr. is a critical thing that I suspect started the whole ball of the Russia meme rolling. Like the finger out of the dike and it WAS a big nothing, at least to him at the time. Not so much now. What we really, really need to hope and pray for is that Mueller also investigates how that all came about. Who really arranged this meeting? Who is BEHIND it? Those emails were not so curiously specifically phrased, and parsed, just like Comey’s testimony said all the right things, pushed all the right buttons. It was a SET UP and Mueller had better look into that. McCain, I guarantee you, is in the middle of this, too. He hates Trump, there’s no doubt about that. He is probably steaming even more now that Trump won what he could NOT win, even with Sarah Palin’s help. There’s a REASON why he’s so pushing this Russia meme–because HE’S in the middle of this. The dossier came from Fusion GPS but FIRST it was commissioned by the RINO/NeverTrumpers, before Trump got the nomination. Then they dropped it and the DNC and Clinton “hired” the place and got possession of the “dossier,” only this was a souped-up version of it, iirc. Then, SOMEHOW, the FBI paid Steele $50,000 of OUR MONEY, for some reason, to continue on with “his” investigation of Trump and the “findings” in this bogus dossier. That means COMEY, so he’s in the middle of it, too.

  10. Applause!!!

  11. Did anyone watch the hearing?
    Di Fi lied alot. 👿

    • I didn’t watch it, but read excerpts. How convenient that the story about DJT Jr. comes out RIGHT BEFORE this hearing so they can all act holier-than-thou and grill Wray about it. The fact this hearing is right now also explains the sudden focus on Christie, because the nominee was Christie’s lawyer. Surely they grilled him about that, too.

  12. That saves me a heck of a lot of trouble. Just read it. It’s almost all there.

    This was a set up; I’m sure of it. Emin knew Hillary. So did his father. Goldstone is a tool. Did you notice in the emails that he was supposed to give DJT Jr. TWO NAMES of the people that would be at the meeting, one of them the lawyer? I don’t see anywhere in the emails that he ever gave DJT Jr. the names and DJT Jr. says he never learned the name of the lawyer. So the thing is: Why wouldn’t you give them the names of whom they’re meeting with? So they can’t vet them in advance? In any case, I haven’t seen anywhere reported that there were TWO people in the meeting. Goldstone himself said he wouldn’t go into the meeting. So who was the unnamed other person? Trump Jr. said it was very weird. I think it was never going to NOT be weird because the only thing necessary was the optics of the meeting. That it happened. And that Trump Jr. wouldn’t be savvy enough to NOTICE the wording in the emails that hint at possible collusion. Why would he? They hadn’t sprung the trap yet. So the meeting was weird because it was meant only to get her into that meeting on the record. She’s an anti-Trumper and an anti-Putin person. No wonder Mueller is hiring all those lawyers with the kinds of backgrounds they have. This IS a witch hunt. No doubt about it. The Swamp Strikes Back. But We the People are NOT going to stand for it. Whatever happens, the next election will NOT be pretty.

  13. Ha Ha Ha …they HIDE … “U-MEAN your PHONY” ..O’ … L E G S !!!

    PERFECT as the TRICKSTER ….is FOUND O U T …once AGAIN!!!

  14. HEY ^^^^^^ U F-in ‘ DICK US AROUND … SAD piece of FLESH! G S’

    Don’ TRIP …or FALL when U TRY 2 REACH the FLOOR!!! ha ha ha

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