Putin Weighs in on Comey

Recently Russian President Vladimir Putin opined about the ongoing saga of former FBI Director James Comey’s mendacity: [emphasis added]

It looks weird when the chief of a security agency records his conversation with the commander-in-chief and then hands it over to media via his friend,” Putin was quoted by Russia’s Tass. “This is strange. What is the difference then between the FBI director and Mr. Snowden? He is not a head of the special services, but a human rights activist.” …

“I am not familiar in detail with the testimony given by former FBI director Comey,” Putin said during a question and answer session with citizens. “Again, he gave no evidence of this (Russian meddling).”

Putin is 100% correct with regard to the fact that Comey gave “no evidence” of the so-called Russian meddling. That’s because Comey, when he was FBI director, had no hard evidence to pin this “meddling” on Russia, if we’re talking about the alleged hacking that took place before the 2016 election, which led to leaks of communications and documents belonging to Clinton advisor John Podesta, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

That would be because the FBI never examined the computer hardware but simply took the word of a contractor hired by the Democrats!

In two instances, the “hacking” would have never happened had the victims (Podesta and the DCCC) not stupidly clicked on a spearphishing email that led to the breach of their systems. The Republicans, who received similar phishing emails, were apparently more tech savvy, in most cases, and had better cyber-security.

Comey testified under oath that the FBI simply took the word of the Democrats’ paid security “experts” that it was the Russians who had hacked them (even though another “Wikileak” proved that our CIA is perfectly capable of leaving false footprints to blame another entity for a cyber-intrusion. If we can do it, how many other countries, besides Russia, can do it, too?)

Consider, for example, the early claims that the Russians had hacked the recent French election. Yet when their intelligence agencies actually examined the hardware in question, that claim disappeared. French media, favoring the more liberal candidate, promoted the false claim, which was based upon claims made by private contractors, as in the U.S.  Sound familiar?

Note that Comey also testified under oath (falsely, it appears) that the Russians may have hacked but never did release any of the Republicans’ communications or documents. That false claim formed the basis of the “intelligence community” conclusion that the Russian hacking took place specifically to help Trump and hurt Clinton.

Forgive anyone for wondering whether Comey’s false testimony (implying that Clinton was the sole target of Russia, to help Trump) and Comey’s reliance on the word of a Democrat-paid contractor to pin the blame on Russia (thus furthering the Clinton/Democrat narrative that Trump is somehow a puppet of Russia) were based more on politics than on the sound, unbiased, patriotic performance of his duty as FBI director.

Did the Russians do it? Well, we certainly have to wonder whether those leaked communications and documents might have been obtained and leaked by the highly paid Pakistani employees of the Democrats, who are suspected of committing a huge security breach of the congressional IT network. Curiouser and curiouser. Can anyone blame Putin for “trolling” Comey?

Let’s consider the first part of Putin’s commentary, where he points out that Comey is and was acting more like an activist than the head of an intelligence agency. Great point, Mr. Putin. Think about how odd Comey’s behavior is and was.

We’re to believe that he’s a loyal, honest public servant. Unbiased. Nonpartisan. A patriot. Someone who served both Republican and Democrat administrations faithfully throughout his long career. And yet, even before President Trump was inaugurated, Comey considered Trump to be a liar and at some point told his good friend (and media source) that  it would be a “a very long few years” as he served under President Trump as FBI Director. Oh, how slowly was that countdown clock ticking. Poor Jim.

No wonder President Trump felt it important to advise Comey that he expected “loyalty” from him. Lordy! Imagine the president expecting Comey to not spend his days undermining Trump and his administration!

Since Comey had such strong negative feelings about his future boss, why didn’t this man, who’s supposed to be so ethical and full of integrity, resign and let President Trump choose an FBI Director who didn’t despise him?

What would we Americans think of a man who headed up the UK’s MI5,  but who hated the Queen (their Commander-in-Chief) so much, believing her to be a potential liar, that he felt the need to secretly memorialize his every conversation with her in order to later on leak to the media to undermine his sovereign and, by extension, his country?

What do you think would be his fate? (Imagine what it would get him in Russia!)

What would the UK public think of such a person? That he’s a patriot? Or that, at best, he’s a coward? (Comey’s own self-description!)

In the meantime, President Trump, whose approval rating has now hit 50%, continues working to make America great again, despite all the dark forces of the deep state arrayed against him.

MAGA. Stand firm. Stand behind our president.

Allow me to quote from  a great article by Keith Koffler:

Trump, according to reports, has frequently expressed regret that he fired Flynn. It was obviously a decision that pained him greatly and still conflicts him.

“He is a good guy,” Trump told Comey.

But Comey didn’t pick up on the human element. Comey went right into the role of careful attorney and government official, the role he has played almost his entire adult life.

What would have prevented Comey from simply saying, as one human being to another, Hey, you’re new to this job. I know you feel bad about Flynn. But listen, you’re the president, and I’m the FBI director. It’s not proper for me to alter investigations just because you feel a certain way. I’ll work hard to do this expeditiously. I know you understand.

But no. Comey immediately recognized material for a possible prosecution — not of Flynn, but of Trump. He didn’t act on this, because he probably understood it’s not enough for obstruction, but he knew it might be a nice piece of some future puzzle he could put together and have someone present to a grand jury. Because he is James Comey, and James Comey always fights for truth, justice, and the American Way — and also for things that make James Comey look like an ethical superman.

So he jumped into his limousine, pulled out his legal pad, and started jotting little notes that could tie up the Republic for months or years and ruin a presidency. All instead of just saying, Hey, pal, you’re crossing a line, I can’t do that.

Trump, who in the liberal imagination is a monster with the outlook on life of Benito Mussolini, was caught up in a legal problem because of his compassion, not his corruption. And unfortunately, his compassion went directly onto the notepad of a Deep State robot.

God bless President Trump and God bless the USA.


68 responses to “Putin Weighs in on Comey

  1. It occurs to me that Comey is so full of mendacity that it’s entirely possible that he clandestinely taped all his conversations with Trump, perhaps even more than those conversations, and that he’s waiting for Trump to be under oath to spring his trap.

    Of course, Comey has already himself “misspoken” multiple times under oath, but it seems that rules (records laws, classified document laws, privileged conversations being leaked, destruction of evidence, perjury, e.g.) don’t apply to DemoncRATS like Comey and Clinton.

    I hope that President Trump is judicious and extremely careful in couching and qualifying everything he says to the “investigators.” He shouldn’t be placed under oath–HILLARY WASN’T and she’s not even the president but was only a former secretary of state!

    I should hope that he actually refuses to speak to them at all, citing executive privilege.

    If he ever should be called before a grand jury in DC, what do you think will happen, where the jury pool is about 4% Republican, if that?

    We the People elected this president. To continue this witch hunt, in this atmosphere, after what happened this week, is nothing less than a coup.

    What do these deep state robots expect We the People (who elected Trump) to do, if they overthrow our president by these illegal (and make no mistake–they are illegal) means?

  2. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/06/16/president-trump-rescinds-dapa-obamas-unlawful-executive-action-deferring-deportation/

    “An important point before the details: ♦The hero in this entire constitutional story is Federal Judge Andrew Hanen (Full Backstory)♦

    Yesterday, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly announced the DAPA program was officially rescinded:

    (VIA DHS) On June 15, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly, after consulting with the Attorney General, signed a memorandum rescinding the November 20, 2014 memorandum that created the program known as Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (“DAPA”) because there is no credible path forward to litigate the currently enjoined policy.”

    And this is just one piece of the puzzle (part of the WHY) explaining the above link’s contention that the left are trying to start a civil war.

    Praise be for judges like Hanen.

  3. https://whatiamscreaming.wordpress.com/2017/06/16/why-should-we-trust-mueller/

    The establishment is praising Mueller up and down. They tell me he’s honest. They tell me he’s incorruptible. But they also told me Jim Comey was a towering paragon of virtue instead of a towering pile of Harry Reid.

    Everything else the establishment tells us is a lie, so why not this? How has the establishment earned our trust on Mueller when it has lied to our faces for decades?

    The establishment demands our trust, so it bears the burden of proving this isn’t just another scam. What, exactly, is the evidence that the fix is not already in, that no matter what, Robert Mueller isn’t going to come out with some bunch of nonsense and innuendo that will give the impeachment-addict Democrats and the puff-boy Republicans, who don’t really want to drain the swamp they prosper in, the green light to go along with the soft coup the establishment’s been dreaming of?

    Why should we believe this isn’t rigged? …”

    We thought we won in 2016. We thought the age of Obama (the INEXPLICABLE AGE OF INELIGIBLE OBAMA) was over and it was a return to regular order. Were we fooling ourselves? Was winning the election, against all seeming odds, NOT ENOUGH? Was it all a sham? Do we even have a country anymore? If they can pull this off, if, against the will of THE PEOPLE, they can overthrow our elected president–OUR CHOICE–then of what use is the law and the Constitution? What is left for the People?

    • Along the same lines of what I am trying to scream:

      Mueller needs to resign – that’s what a guy with unimpeachable integrity does when he realizes his personal relationships give the appearance of impropriety. It’s also what someone who conforms to the applicable regulation does. That regulation is 28 CFR 45.2, and it says that Justice Department employees cannot participate in a “criminal investigation or prosecution if he has a personal or political relationship with …Any person or organization substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution.”

      I hope this is merely the appearance of impropriety, though that is enough to trigger the regulation, and that this isn’t just another Deep State scam designed to subjugate forever the half of the country that, in desperation, sent Donald Trump to Washington to try and break the establishment’s death grip on power. Because if this is a scam, we’re going to know it, and if they try to cancel out our votes what follows is going to make my recent novel’s dystopian vision of America torn apart look like Happy Bunny Meets Fluffy Puppy at the Hugging Factory.

      Mueller’s simply got to go, because there’s simply no way they can satisfactorily answer the question, “Why should we trust Robert Mueller?” …”

  4. Well, now–this may be a good sign or …


    “According to former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr, now special counsel Mueller said nearly the same thing to him during the 1995 Congressional investigation into the 1993 stand-off in Waco, Texas that resulted in the deaths of 76 members of the Branch Davidian cult.

    Barr, writing in his 2011 book, “The Meaning of Is: The Squandered Impeachment and Wasted Legacy of William Jefferson Clinton,” recounted a phone call with Mueller, who was then working at the Justice Department, in which he asked Barr not to “go too hard on these guys.” …”

    These guys being, as the guy in the link above (whatiamscreaming) says, the ones who “barbecued …children” at WACO (Reno and subordinates). You know, THOSE “good people.”

    Nearly the exact same words! You cannot make this stuff up.

  5. They are so busted.

    Hopefully, President Trump is 3 steps ahead. When Mueller was appointed, I thought at the time, Great, he’s caught another one in the sticky web and gave him some proverbial rope.

    • I hope he IS onto them and another member of the Deep State will bite the dust. I don’t know what to think at this point. Rosenstein came out with that warning to not pay any attention to anonymous sources in the paper, so I take that as a hopeful sign. I think, perhaps (I hope), this was a message to President Trump and on his behalf (although the president didn’t ASK for it). I took Trump’s tweet as a way to point out the stupidity of the contention made by the WaPo story: That supposedly the person who gave him a litany of multiple reasons why Comey is mendacious and ought to be fired, hired a person who’s now supposedly investigating Trump for firing Comey! It’s like the reporters haven’t a brain. On the other hand, I’m so accustomed to being screwed by these unethical crooks (case in point: Obama’s ineligibility and all his corrupt flouting of the law and the Constitution) that I’d put nothing past them. Any of them. We’re also told how honorable and ethical Rosenstein is. We shall see. I wonder if it’s even POSSIBLE for someone in that line of work to BE honorable.

    • They really are nutz. He’s, I suppose, the FIRST LGBTQ++++++ saint and martyr, so why not? Plenty of reasons why not but the world is upside down and, as my dearly beloved departed Dad would say–it’s back-asswards (no pun intended but it’s pretty darned appropriate, if scatological, now that I think about it).

    • Who next? Woody Allen and Roman Polanski?

      Speaking of despicable people, did you see that President Trump demanded that Chesimard, the cop killer, be returned to the USA forthwith? I suppose, after Obama, we should be glad her face isn’t on a stamp.

      Another scatological reference: Will the LGBTQ+++++ “community” get a thrill licking Harvey’s stamp?

  6. “Harvey Milk was known as a pederast,” Barber told One News Now. “That’s a man who in his mid-30s had a sexual appetite for teenage boys as young as 15 years old.” …… ^^^^^^

    He continued: “Harvey Milk was demonstrably, categorically an evil man based on his rape of teenage boys, And the fact that our U.S. government would be commemorating & recognizing him as some kind of hero really just boggles the mind.” …..YEP …. YEP YEP!!!

    • That’s frightening. Just consider the cases he’s been involved in. Thank goodness he’s gone. You have to wonder what took Trump so long? It would have been far, far better for him to have asked for his resignation on Day One (if not before). Martha Stewart? OMG. I dislike the woman’s politics but have ALWAYS felt she got a very raw deal.

      • “During this same period of time (2004) Comey attempted to intimidate President Bush in an Oval Office meeting by threatening to resign over the reauthorization of the Bush era surveillance activity. It turns out that Comey created a memo of that day in language strikingly similar to that of his declared memo regarding his meeting with Trump relative to Mike Flynn in February of 2017. Yet he testified on June 8, 2017 that the one meeting with Trump was the only occasion when he authored a memo of any presidential meeting.”

        WOW. There are multiple instances of him lying under oath. Here’s another one and yet HE was a stickler for sending people HE didn’t like to prison for dubious reasons, like misleading the public ONCE.

    • They must destroy the rest of FOX News before the election. I mean, who’s LEFT on TV to point out the insanity other than Hannity and Carlson? They control social media already and the lamestream news. The only place conservatives (to a point) still have a place to go is FOX News and radio–like Limbaugh. Otherwise, it’s unrelenting Trump bashing. The media BELIEVES sincerely that they created Trump because they gave him so much coverage early on, when they thought him a comical buffoon who was good for ratings. That’s partially what this is all about–this unrelenting persecution of him. They used their power unwisely, they believe, to build him up (while laughing at him) and “stupid flyover country rubes” didn’t get the joke and supported him, so NOW, they feel, they must set things right and use their power to UNDO him. To UNDO the election. They feel this guilt and they’re trying to assuage it by trashing Trump, hoping he’ll be gone soon. It’s not going to work, though, because they’re mistaken in their judgment that We the People are stupid. We hate THEM because of their elitism and their belief in our deplorableness. The more they attack him, the more we will support him. (Note his climbing approval ratings.)

    • Of course, in THIS instance, the cops, the prosecutors, the theater security did NOT “stand down.” NO, SHE MUST BE MADE AN EXAMPLE OF. How dare SHE appropriate leftist tactics? Doesn’t she know that only progressives have the “right” to force feed their views on others and to hold them captive while they do it, hopefully by making them as uncomfortable as possible?

    • They enjoy corrupting Shakespeare plays, distorting and making them profane because of who he was: White, Anglo-Saxon, male, honored in Western Civilization and literature. It’s what they MUST DO in order to complete their jihad: Destroy the West. Completely. Destroy the world, too, while they’re at it.

  7. ~ Beach girl • ……^^^^^
    Yet another reason to cut the National Endowment of Arts! This play isn’t ART – It’s a POLITICAL assassination …..!

    “Political assassination” is very mild characterization of what they are doing.
    The lib_tards are behaving like vulgar barbarians and have given up any semblance of civilization. To top it all they call this “art”.

    Perhaps they should be investigated & harassed by the ATF, the IRS etc.
    the way conservatives were & I believe still are harassed by govt. agencies financed by taxes.

    • Best case, suppose it could be a catharsis for them, so they don’t engage in the real thing. I think otherwise, though. That it’s encouragement. They are SO like ISIS.

  8. Happy Fathers Day, Mr President!! ❤

  9. ~ 1G25 Lydia Long •
    Making nice in response to Democrat thuggishness, both verbal &
    physical, is what has encouraged ….. the escalation of violence. !!!

  10. Holly Holm .. ” Decapitates ” ???? Bethe Correia with Head Kick

    (UFC Singapore Results) @ YAHOO!!!!
    MMA Weekly 6 hours ago

  11. Just consider what we’re coming to. Consider what these children consider incitement to violence. Unbelievable! And they’re in COLLEGE. What have they learned thus far? Not what I had learned by 3rd grade!

  12. http://dailycaller.com/2017/06/16/canada-passes-law-criminalizing-use-of-wrong-gender-pronouns/

    Is this where WE’RE headed? Count me out. Can I say “me?”

    “Canada passed a law Thursday making it illegal to use the wrong gender pronouns. Critics say that Canadians who do not subscribe to progressive gender theory could be accused of hate crimes, jailed, fined, and made to take anti-bias training. …”

    I will NOT be going to Canda again.

    • Really? They would need a majority to do that, I believe. Of course, never underestimate the mendacity of RINOs and the GOPe. He’s perfectly lawfully able to fire whomever he pleases. He is, after all, the PRESIDENT. They need to accept that fact ASAP. He’s the head of the executive branch and all in it answer to him.

  13. WTP ….pray 4 you …. 2 stand up once more!

  14. FDA growing list of banned foods from Japan !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uYuWJjr4U0

  15. such …”GIFTS” ?… No IDEA where they CAME FROM? ? O’ REALLY!
    Leonardo DiCaprio Turns OVER……. Picasso Painting, Brando Oscar to Justice Department ……@ The Wrap

    Leonardo DiCaprio has voluntarily surrendered several works of art
    worth millions of dollars & an Oscar statuette that once belonged to MarloN BrandO to the U.S. Government, as part of its ongoing investigation into a money laundering operation connected to Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak.

    The surrendered items include: a Picasso painting, “Nature Morte au Crane de Taureau,” valued at more than $3 million; a Basquiat collage, “Redman One,” valued at at least $9 million; a Diane Arbus photograph valued at $750,000; & the Oscar Brando won for his performance in “On the Waterfront.” ….& MUCH MORE!!!!

    • Yep, yep, yep. There have been some great examples of such fake news today and yesterday. Syrian victims and, in one case, crocodile tears from a muslim man “crying” over the death of his brother in that fire in London. Such great theater. It’s not as if I don’t have compassion for the victims of war or that fire. Both are horrors, but I do not have any sympathy for people who FAKE NEWS for political ends and to manipulate people’s emotions.

  16. it’s IMPORTANT .. BUTT’ not lovely …so OPEN after Father’s Day!


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