Define: Covfefe

Covfefe (noun) from Old French, Latin, and Old English:
Unrelenting, disrespectful, bullying, or outright false but always negative news coverage resulting from clandestine collusion between the media and the progressive left to cover up positive news about political opponents and to promote wild conspiracy theories based upon no evidence, as promoted by anonymous partisan sources whose claims cannot be verified. Characterized by feverish and fanatical mental derangement, which is divorced from reality.

Cov from Old French covrir (12c., Modern French couvrir) “to cover, protect, conceal, dissemble,” from Late Latin coperire, from Latin cooperireto cover over, overwhelm, bury” …

fefe from Medieval Latin febrilis “pertaining to fever,” from Latin febris “a fever” … Also as a verb in Old English, feferian (shortened to form a suffix).

The word covfefe was recently used by President Donald J. Trump on Twitter, referring to the current campaign to undermine his administration by any means necessary:


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  1. Going on the record:
    I don’t believe the “Reality Winner” crap. She’s a slug. Fake Loser.
    ~ ~ ~
    Out of the blue, thinking about this one… it got a nanosecond of our attention. for some reason.

    • It’s another one of those snarky, fake-sounding names. Very suspicious.

      I’m of the opinion that document is bogus in several possible ways: It’s true, but not true. There WAS a “hack” but it wasn’t the Russians. It was the good ole U.S. intel community (CIA) using their super-duper software to make it look as if the Russians did it (perhaps to fool military intelligence or the NSA), so they’d write this report. Or maybe it was even somebody else, perhaps hired to hack the voter registration files in order to rig the election via fake voters–or to put back in voters that had been purged because disqualified (like illegals)–but in any case this wasn’t done by Trump or anybody supporting him but very possibly WAS done by somebody supporting the OTHER candidate (Soros?).

      This document was only recently created and ONLY AFTER it became publicized more widely that Comey DIDN’T EVEN SEE THE DNC SERVER, SO THERE WAS (before this new “leak”) NO INTEL PROOF THAT THE RUSSIANS HACKED ANYBODY. Now this will make it more “official” that the Russians hacked SOMEBODY. Too freaking coincidental.

      And then “Reality” was there to conveniently leak it just in time for Comey’s grilling, when you KNOW they’re going to AGAIN point out that he can’t say the Russians did it if his people NEVER EXAMINED THE SERVER or Podesta’s computer and just took HILLARY’S COMPUTER COMPANY’S WORD FOR WHO HACKED THEM.

      So either the NSA made it up out of whole cloth (possible) OR else the CIA snarked them into writing it up and then Reality leaked it.

      Another possibility: It was faked by the current administration specifically SO THAT Ms. Reality WOULD leak it. They had to make it juicy enough so they could catch and prosecute her. It doesn’t have to be true; all it has to be is classified top secret for her to commit the crime of leaking it. This is a good possibility, since Trump is pushing on finding the leakers and SOMEBODY had to be made an example of to stop both the leakers and the recipients of the leaks.

      They looked at records to see WHO was in touch with that reporter. I’m giving them an A on this one. They caught her. If the document is FAKED, then we’ll never know it, will we? It can be called, by Trump, TOP SECRET no matter why it was created. It’s national security either way–if Russians did it OR if the document was created specifically to CATCH A TREASONOUS LEAKER. So that’s top secret and national security, too–methods. Right?

      In any case, nothing was really hacked. It was only spear-phishing (if true). A software vendor ought to know better than to fall for these kind of tricks. There could be NO HACKING of the election. It’s impossible because the machines are NOT HOOKED TO THE INTERNET.

      There CAN BE, of course, hacking of voter registration files. And WHO would be the #1 suspect in that instance? WHO wants to make sure the voter registration files are full of dead people, illegal aliens, felons, dogs, children, comic book characters, and anybody else who can be VOTED FOR and not caught?

      • Yes, something stinks. phishy, maybe. I can’t even get myself to read further on it. I am glad you took the time to reel it in. She looks Russian to me… if only they had a photo of her wearing scuffed up, dirty ice skates. 🙂

        There’s nothing about he in th town of 28,000 and her High school rates as a fail. One would think a 25 year old with her resume and attributes would have some prior “news” story. Apparently, she’s brilliant. But then again, pretty stupid. Her accomplishments do align with her mores. I think she’s “trumped up.”

        Plus, we would know by now exant from her delivery if the Rusiand had access to voting equipment. We were told about Soro and his Diebold and Scytl connections. It stinks. Reality Winner? I’ll pass.

  2. Covfefe… I have been looking into stuff and last night came across ‘fe” it’s the 1st Rune, wealth, money cattle.

    I also read but can’t find it that the term “cov” is a word the Norse used like the Canadians use “eh?” and Americans use “right?” or “like”. Cov is a term that ‘s interspersed in conveying a thought. In the examples I read it could be the first word, a mid-sentence utterance or at the end of a sentence. I’ll look for it again. Made me think, DJT’s mother being Scottish could have used this term like we use for “Pete’s sake.” Its a stretch. But being a word person I am not ready to let it go. OCovfefe?

    • cov

      Cov is a scottish word, derived from Moray, Scotland. It is widely & most commonly used in the town of Elgin. Cov has no definition, they say it after every sentence you could think of.

      Junkie bastard 1- “Coming tae get the ecto’s cov”
      Junkie Bastard 2- “aye cov let’s go”
      Junkie Bastard 3- “ideal cov get yer sports direct nikes awn”
      by bigmanlak2000 September 18, 2016

      • I’ve not really been following the covfefe discussion, but if it derives from Scottish, maybe it’s a word Trump got from his mother….a Scottish immigrant from a very isolated area (still very Scottish). ???

        • I got a word that for many years I only heard my mother use…….”milksop”. That’s what she called a few weak minded people she was disgusted with. I finally heard someone use it on TV in some interview. I can think of a lot of “milksops” these days; covfefe ?

          • I’ve heard that word before; I think I read it in old English novels. It did used to be used more commonly in the past than nowadays. Now we just say wimp.

        • Could very well be. He’s not saying, though! 😉

    • I like it! Fe=a handful (is that what he says?), so maybe cov fefe is a double handful of nothing–like a great big nothing burger, cov!

  3. Politics .. GAMES 4 the PUSSIES !!! … I’LL RAISE him a MILLION

    Comey Told Sessions: Don’t …Leave Me Alone …With Trump

  4. comey a SACK of SHIT! ..4 SURE! …what a cheating BABY ..

  5. DARE …HIM 2 TELL the “TRUTH – TRUTH” !!! …. lie lie …YES!
    HA ..I wrote IT…ALL DOWN?… BUT I wanted MORE/MORE? !!
    Don’t trust .the daddy of 5 … NOPE … he’s not BEEN a NICE person!

  6. Why should I believe that Reality WInner is a totally innocent deep state patsy?

    Do I believe the deep state exists? Yes

    Do I think the Deep State would cover their tracks? Yes

    Do I think the Deep State would produce a totally defendable innocent victim? No – because she would be defendable.

    Do I think this woman will be a minor part in the whole Deep State vs Trump war? Yes

    So you get tired of being duped, either by the deep state, or by the conspiracy theorists.

    I haven’t watched TV much at all lately.
    I am fed up with the entire lot of them.

    • I think that person’s argument is that they’re going to make a hero of her, a victim, so that people feel sorry for her and then, if any of the other leakers get caught, people will think their crimes weren’t so bad, either, maybe because (their thinking) Trump deserves it? Who knows? It all makes my head spin. It’s like trying to decipher the plot of The Big Sleep (or The Big Lebowski).

  7. Kathy Griffin Cries, “You don’t have to like ME, but you shouldn’t silence a Comic.” Is that why the left has silenced Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, & Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Oh, I forgot: those voices are lethal threats
    to the radical left. But Bill Maher, who is one of you, is given a pass when his comment is interpreted as racist, because he is one of you & is therefore “safe.”

    A psychosis is defined as “a severe mental disorder in which thought & emotions are so Impaired that contact is lost with external Reality.” The radical left has clearly lost touch with reality when it thinks we will act the way it does. …………..>>> Leftists are Psychotic. .<<<

    Michael Savage was right. "Liberalism is a mental disorder."

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  8. USURPER… getting PAID ? really …4 WHAT he bluffs & BS’es U ALL
    $400,00 ? & ….. $7,700 PER ? minute… REALLY …Money 2 BURN?

  9.^tfw& ….. ? OFF MUCH?

  10. ~ Leviticus Falwell ✓ᶜᵒᵐʳᵃᵈᵉ • …..^^^^^^

    Imagine how stupid you would have to be to pay Obama to speak at
    your event….. I’d rather hit my hand with a hammer!!!
    Or three root canals ….or a Colonoscopy ?
    Obama loves doing colonoscopies on the American people.
    Obama Pajama Boy is an arrogant Azzz. The self-serving jerk can’t even see the irony..cognitive dissonance x 100. #MAGA
    Who would pay the Clown Boy Obama that kind of $$ after what he did
    to America?

    Obama’s real Legacy
    The Obama years have brought the lowest labor participation rates since the 1970s, with 95 million Americans out of the labor force. The so-called recovery has been the weakest one since the 1940s. We have the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years – despite mortgage rates artificially kept at record lows. Over 11 million more Americans are on food stamps since he became president & more than 43 million Americans now live in poverty. One of every six men between 18 and 34 are either in prison or out of work.

    Obama added more to our national debt that all the other presidents before him combined. The national debt will be almost $20 trillion. Prior to taking office, the man who has tacked on $9.3 trillion to what our children and grandchildren owe once said the then $9 trillion national debt was “unpatriotic.”

    Then, of course, there’s Obama’s assault on the business community through his burdensome regulations. Consider this: The estimated cost of regulations under Obama is a staggering $873 billion. That includes a shocking $344 billion cost in Environmental Protection Agency regulations alone. All told, the number of new regulations that been finalized under Obama checks in at almost 3,000.

    When it comes to jobs, Obama is always bragging about how many he’s created, but facts are stubborn things. In the past eight years, America has lost more than 300,000 manufacturing jobs and, although the president doesn’t mention it, America had a global trade deficit of over $732 billion last year.

    Yet another drag on the American economy is ObamaCare, his signature legislation and crowning achievement. Remember when Obama repeatedly told you that under his plan you could keep your doctor, you keep your plan and that that it would drive down overall health costs to the point the average family would save $2,500 a year? And how Obama-Care would actually reduce the deficit?

    “No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people,” Obama said on June 15, 2009. “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to Keep your health care plan, Period.”

    Well, millions of people lost their doctors & their insurance plans, but that was just the start of the Obama-Care disaster. This year, Affordable Care Act premiums are exploding by 25 percent on average. In Arizona, they’re jumping by a stunning 116 percent. Deductibles are so high that even if Obama-Care recipients pay their premiums, they can’t afford to use their coverage in many cases.

    As for the average American family saving $2,500 a year on health care, the exact opposite has happened. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the increase in health care costs for employer-sponsored benefits since 2008 is now $5,462. That is a 43 percent increase.

    It just keeps getting worse. Choice in health care providers available through Obama-Care is evaporating. In states like Alabama, Alaska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wyoming, people buying on the exchanges have a single insurer to choose from. It’s because insurers are now pulling out after losing massive amounts of money. So much for choice.

    So what about foreign policy? Obama gave Iran, the No. 1 state sponsor of terror, $150 billion & allows them to continue to spin their centrifuges? And of course, he paid a ransom for four U.S. citizens Iran held prisoner, reversing longstanding policy and signaling to the world that there’s money to be made from taking Americans captive.

    Obama drew a “red line” when he warned Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad not to use chemical weapons. When Assad crossed it, Obama did nothing. Partly as a result, that country civil war continues & has created a massive worldwide humanitarian crisis.

    In Egypt, Obama he gave Mohammed Morsi, the former Muslim Brotherhood head who became president but is now in prison for murder, F-16s, tanks and $1.5 billion in taxpayer funds.

    In Libya, the president helped overthrew Qaddafi, and that country has since fallen into chaos, creating a hotbed for ISIS.

    And speaking of ISIS, back 2014, President Obama called the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization the”JayVee” team. The next year, just hours before the horrific ISIS attack in Paris that killed 130 people, Obama assured us that ISIS was “contained.” ISIS was never a junior varsity team, & certainly was not contained. In fact, it seized vast parts of Iraq because Obama created a vacuum when he pulled U.S. troops out too early for purely political reasons.

    There’s no doubt President Obama’s legacy is one of severe damage to the country. But the good news is that Trump will undo the damage the total Failure Obama has done to America.

    Thank you for that. Good Ammunition to use against ignorant liberals.

    He spent 8 years in power & made inequality worse. Now that he has no power he wants those in power to fix the problem he didn’t. And to top it all off he’s earning 2 months wages every minute while he’s talking.

    Yes I can see the irony. O’bummer is laughing ALL.. the way to the Bank.

  11. O’ LORDY …. …. POW!

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