Trumps in Saudi Arabia

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia today.
Melania struck a blow for female equality by not wearing a veil, by wearing pants, and by shaking hands with the Saudi king! Isn’t she lovely?

This president, unlike the last one, doesn’t bow and scrape to foreign potentates. The Trumps got the red carpet treatment.

Neither did the President’s daughter Ivanka cover her hair. She and her husband, along with the First Lady, demonstrated their patriotism by placing hands over hearts as our national anthem was played.

No hand holding with the Saudi king, either.

After Saudi Arabia, the Trumps will be in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Vatican City, Brussels, and Taormina, Sicily. God bless and God-speed, Mr. President.

One has to wonder why the Obamas are going to be in Italy at the same time as President Trump and First Lady Melania.

Will six Eurofighter military jets accompany the current U.S. president, as they accompanied the former one?

Is Obama going to crash President Trump’s meeting with the Pope, or just get there ahead of time so he can fill the Pope’s ears with his parseltongue in advance of President Trump’s visit?

May God bless and protect our President and his family, and may God continue to bless the United States of America.


215 responses to “Trumps in Saudi Arabia

  1. WALLS …WALLS ….BARRY why U GOT a WALL ??? sucker PUNCH US

    In Germany, Obama promoted “new world”-globalism telling the crowd that, according to loftier thinking, “We can’t isolate ourselves — we can’t hide behind a WALL .”

    The ex-president elaborated by adding “a child on the other side of the border is no Less worthy of Love & compassion than my OWN child. We can’t distinguish between them in terms of… worth & inherent dignity, &
    that they’re deserving of shelter & love & education & Opportunity.”

    That kind of liberal rationale comes from a well-practiced hypocrite.

    If Obama doesn’t believe in WALLS, why then does HE “isolate” himself behind the brick WALL that surrounds his Washington, DC rental property?

    ? B- cus’ his BALLS R SPECIAL?..or some-1 might SEE what he’s UP 2

    • He’s more than welcome to “love” the children on the other side of the border. Maybe he can use his millions to buy them a better life IN THEIR HOME COUNTRIES. I mean, just $10,000 per child would make a world of difference. He can shelter and educate them, too, WITH HIS OWN MONEY IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. Why not, if that’s his goal–to love, shelter and educate them. Why must it be HERE and on OUR DIME?

  2. ~ Mike Ludwig • … ^^^^^
    “No one can be at the same time a sincere Catholic & a true socialist.” (Pius XI, Quad Anno, 1931)

    PFI doesn’t appear to be much of an intellect if he has to rely on the likes of Paul Ehrlich and Naomi Klein for advice on global warming & an overpopulated world.

    Nor much of a theologian if he can’t understand Marx’s false, purely materialist, read on human nature. That because man is a fallen creature, there will be no Marxist utopia—no heaven—on earth.

    Nor much of a defender of Christendom if he, like George Soros, wants to open Western borders to an Islamic invasion.
    Welcoming Muslims for whom conversion to Christianity could invite the death penalty by fellow Muslims.

    PFI is a real cross to bear for Catholics trying to live their faith according to the teachings of the Church, not the godless doctrine of Marxist ideologues relying on pseudo-science & propaganda to propagate the Culture of Death across the globe.

    Exactly as I expected coming from an “intellectual” Jesuit.

    Our filthy Governor is former jesuit. …. No Caps for jesuit

    “No one can be at the same time a sincere Catholic & a true socialist.”
    he doesn’t make it too obvious & many people think he is great 😦

    So True! ^^^^^ I try to inform my elderly & devout Catholic mom about him, but she still thinks he’s great. ????

    me-self…never ever have like him… never ..don’t trust men in dresses!

    • As predicted, they’ll be monitoring Melania to see if she goes to Mass. Hey, they could have private Masses said in the WH and who would be the wiser? A WH chaplain? Anyway, I wonder if she learned those 5 languages in Catholic school? They don’t bother to ask. They have no curiosity about anything to do with Melania that might make people think positively about Trump. They must be really upset that Melania is upstaging not only Mooch but also their former beloved FLOTUS–Jackie O.

    • Oh, oh, oh. THANK YOU for that link. The third photo down (it may move) shows the glamorous dress that I wanted to see again–the one that NBC news just flashed on. Beautiful, isn’t it? She has such perfect fashion sense (but then, again, she was a model so …).

  3. yes ….line them all???? UP …. blood 1st? remember that?


    • Yo Sean. Request your archbishop to intervene for an audience and book a flight to Rome. Its all good.

  4. Just a quick FYI, our next door neighbor Citizen WElls is running articles on the assassination of Seth Richards. And OANN (FIOS) has a 3 part package on the factual details. They are offering a $100,000 reward leading to the murder suspects – no conviction in the offer.

    CW has a comment showing that 2 POC guys were murdered in Myrtle Beach for botching the kill shortly thereafter. Made a bit of sense to me in that SR’s parents said back then that there was a convenient store video showing SR at the feet of two men. Since lost, pf course. The blurb about the 2 guys appears to be from a social media site with photographs of the dead guys.

    • I read an article today that talked about how very unusual it is that nobody in that area has taken anyone up on the offer of the reward. They say that ordinarily $5000 or $10,000 will bring informants out of the woodwork. So far, crickets, even with hundreds of thousands at stake, which leads one to believe these weren’t your usual, garden-variety neighborhood thug thieves. Interesting about the death of the two suspected perps. I hadn’t heard that.

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