Obstruction of an Investigation?

Ok, folks. Maybe I’m just dumb, which is why I don’t understand. Riddle me this: Why are the Democrats screaming that President Trump potentially obstructed justice and interfered in a counter-intelligence investigation because he had dinner soon after his inauguration with now-fired FBI director James Comey to discuss Comey staying on as FBI director? Potentially “a federal offense,” they gasp.

Their argument seems to be that President Trump had no business asking if he himself were under investigation during that dinner interview. The President says that Comey assured him thrice (once at the dinner and twice over the phone) that no, he’s not under investigation, probably because, as some convincingly argue, that would be grounds to dismiss Comey, given that the FBI isn’t authorized to investigate a sitting president. That’s the job of the House of Representatives.

In addition, the Democrats seem to believe that it’s improper for the president to be informed about the progress of a counterintelligence investigation or to ask about it. Remember that.

Now that President Trump has fired Comey for cause, the Democrats continue to scream obstruction of the investigation because, they “reason,” Comey being gone will somehow stymie the investigation. This, despite the fact that Comey’s temporary acting successor Andrew McCabe testified under oath that the investigation is fully resourced, going forward, and, most important, that the President in no way has tried to interfere with the investigation.

What I’d like to know–what really astounds me–how is it that Sally Yates is not being accused of obstructing the investigation? According to an excellent article at The Conservative Treehouse, Yates, acting attorney general, went to the White House to inform White House counsel Don McGahn about conversations that she had apparently been given access to–conversations intercepted by the NSA that involved Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador. Flynn’s name, as we all know by now, was somehow “unmasked.” As a result, Yates knew who it was who was talking to the ambassador. From the story:

Sally Yates traveled to the White House along with a senior member of the DOJ’s National Security Division, Bill Priestap, who was overseeing the matter.  This was Yates’ first meeting with McGahn in his office, which also acts as a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF).

Yates said she began their meeting by laying out the media accounts and media statements made by Vice President Mike Pence and other high-ranking White House officials about General Flynn’s activity “that we knew not to be the truth.

According to Sally Yates testimony, she and Bill Priestap reportedly presented all the information to McGahn so the White House could take action that they deemed appropriate.  When asked by McGahn if Flynn should be fired, Yates answered, “that really wasn’t our call.”

Yates also said her decision to notify the White House counsel had been discussed “at great length.”  According to her testimony: “Certainly leading up to our notification on the 26th, it was a topic of a whole lot of discussion in DOJ and with other members of the intel community.”

Sally Yates returned to the White House late that afternoon.  One of McGahn’s topics discussed was whether Flynn could be prosecuted for his conduct.

Specifically, according to Yates, one of the questions McGahn asked Yates was, “Why does it matter to DOJ if one White House official lies to another?” She explained that it “was a whole lot more than that,” and reviewed the same issues outlined the prior day.

McGahn expressed his concern that taking action might interfere with the FBI investigation of Flynn, and Yates said it wouldn’t. “It wouldn’t really be fair of us to tell you this and then expect you to sit on your hands,” Yates had told McGahn.

McGahn asked if he could look at the underlying evidence of Flynn’s conduct, and she said they would work with the FBI over the weekend and “get back with him on Monday morning.” …

The way I see this, Yates was discussing this “sensitive” topic of a counterintelligence investigation not only with Priestap but also with others in the DOJ as well as in the intelligence community. All of these people were apprised of the investigation. Aware of it.  Discussing it.

However, somehow it’s supposed to be forbidden to tell the President or for him to ask about the status of the investigation, even though he himself is not under investigation.

Yates went to the White House specifically to tell McGahn, in essence, of the existence of the investigation (something that the ever-ethical Comey wouldn’t testify about before Congress, because he claimed it’s policy to never admit or deny the existence of an investigation).

Yates told McGahn basically what Flynn said in his ‘taped’ conversations and how they differed from what Vice President Pence understood Flynn to have discussed. Yates telegraphed to McGahn that they KNOW what Flynn really said. How? Obviously, she read transcripts or heard recordings of Flynn’s calls.

Had McGahn told President Trump about Flynn and at that point in time President Trump had fired Flynn, would the Democrats now be claiming that by firing him the President obstructed the investigation? Well, you can bet your boots that they would have.

But how is it that Yates was not interfering in the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation by telling the White House counsel about the investigation itself and detailing what had been found with regard to Flynn?

Keep in mind that all of these people work for President Trump. They are part of the executive branch. They all report, ultimately, to the President of the United States. They all know about this counterintelligence investigation, but the President can’t be trusted and must be kept in the dark, apparently.

The New York Times reported that Yates told McGahn about Flynn because the alleged misrepresentations he made to Vice President Pence might subject Flynn  to blackmail by the Russians. Yates et al. expected President Trump to fire Flynn, but he didn’t. Why should he have? The threat of blackmail would disappear once the President was apprised of the “truth.” About what would the Russians blackmail Flynn, once his boss already knew the truth–that Flynn misremembered vaguely referencing the sanctions in his discussions with the Russian ambassador?

In any case, turnabout would seem to be fair play. If Sally Yates did not obstruct the investigation by revealing it to the White House counsel who, in turn, of course, revealed it to the President, then how could the President have obstructed the investigation simply by asking if he himself were a target, with the answer being no?





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  1. Well, this could be a factor:

    Wikileaks releases hacked DNC emails:
    It was not Russia who gave the emails to Wikileaks, it was Seth Rich. And he paid for it with his life.


    The headline sensationally appears on Drudge, but there is a bit more info on what is said to be a PD coverup.

    Seth Rich was shot and killed last July in Northwest D.C and police have suggested the killing in the District’s Bloomingdale neighborhood was a botched robbery. However, online conspiracy theories have tied the murder to Rich’s work at the DNC. Just two months shy of the one-year anniversary of Rich’s death, FOX 5 has learned there is new information that could prove these theorists right.
    Report: Slain DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks

    Why are the Democrats so bent of trying to connect Russia to the Wikileaks email dumps? To divert attention away from the fact that it wasn’t Russia but Seth Rich who did the leaking. And who killed Seth Rich? Ho, ho, ho, don’t YOU know?

    • I think part of the reason that the DemoncRATS invented the Russia/Trump collusion meme was to “justify” what they already knew to be true–that the NSA was weaponized by the Obama administration and used to spy ON the future president as well as anybody else who had the potential to become the president (or to prevent any of them from becoming the president, if possible). We know that Rand Paul believes he was spied on. Others have said so, too, but their names escape me at the moment. The DemoncRATS panicked when Trump won. That meant that he’d have access to everything that was done under Obama. They had to make it as hard as possible to keep information from him. They invented the Russia counterintelligence investigation in order to inoculate Obama and company from the fallout should it be discovered what they’d done. Also, it’s been reported that the “intelligence community,” to an extent, is keeping Trump in the dark about such things as this so-called investigation. Thus, also, that last minute change of policy that Obama made to “legally” allow them to spread around raw signals intelligence about Trump and his people (that they probably had already spread around). I saw this story about Seth Rich on Hannity the other night. Supposedly Rich’s family denies this. Of course, they could very well be in denial. There’s no explanation that makes sense for his death, OTHER than this “conspiracy theory” about him being the source of the “leak.” It really doesn’t matter because we know it wasn’t Russians. I believe Julian Assange before I’d believe the Obama-holdover politicos embedded in the Trump administration. btw, I heard that Brennan, of all people, is going to testify before one of the committees soon. What a farce this is all becoming.

  2. http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2017/05/major-bombshell-susan-rice-seeking-immunity-deal-video-2909298.html

    Trump said that he would drain the swamp and much to the surprise of his detractors, he appears committed to his campaign pledges. Comey’s unceremonious but well deserved firing was a warning shot across the bow, and it appears that former National Security Advisor to Obama, Susan Rice, has heard the shot loud and clear.

    For the record, let’s be very clear here. Regardless what nonsense the Democrats or the mainstream media will be spouting in the coming days ahead (and there will be plenty of it), make no mistake, it will all be pure B.S., and it will all be in an attempt to distract Americans from what is easily going to be the largest scandal in our nation’s history…

    In the following video, Right Wing News looks at reports which claim that Rice is now seeking immunity in exchange for spilling the beans on higher ups. The stakes are high for Rice; she stands accused of ordering illegal wiretaps on Trump and disseminating the information to journalists, a very serious offence. If someone as high up as Rice testifies, who will she implicate?

    • facebkwallflower

      Unfortunately, my enthusiasm meter is on zero. My psyche has been conditioned from years of watching and seeing “discoveries” and just a bunch of media hype as the outcome. Never anyone goes down unless it was some obscure person, like the dog pooper scooper at the residence of the brother of the mother-in-law’s cousin’s cousin’s girlfriend to the actual treasonous traitor.

      Nothing is going to happen. A big fat nothing burger which will just Alynski the facts as fake news because, well, “look, it was not true because other wise Hillary would be in jail.”

      God, I hate being such a Debbie Downer. Especially since all the insights here are dead on accurate at correct.

    • It would be interesting to see Mueller go off on a “tangent” in his independent investigation and pursue the issue of the LEAKS surrounding this Russia election narrative as well as how it all came to be. Surely he’s going to learn the truth about that, while looking into whether there’s collusion between Russians and any Trump officials. One of the committees has subpoenaed all communications between Comey and Trump AND COMEY AND OBAMA. COMEY AND OBAMA! One would think this would include any communications between anybody under Obama and Comey, but who knows. In any case, it will be interesting to see what kind of goodies may be found in communications about Lynch and her infamous tarmac meeting, etc.

  3. http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2017/05/dynamite-shake-up-white-house-sabotage-leaker-exposed-draining-the-swamp-things-video-3511305.html

    BREAKING! Treasonous Priebus Exposed As White House Leaker

    From AlexJones

    Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Mike Cernovich discuss how Reince Priebus has been outed as the White House leaker.

    Drudge might say “developing…”

  4. …. SO WHAT!!! YES, END IT! …

    • He’s a liar. This cannot be true OR ELSE what he testified to on May 3 isn’t true. Either way, he lied one time or the other. OR ELSE this is a totally MADE UP STORY, as most of these stories published based upon the useless third-hand word of ANONYMOUS “current and former officials” are.

      How the HELL would a FORMER official LEGALLY know about this? Is it the practice of Comey to hand over the notes he makes when meeting with the President of the United States to anybody and everybody, especially to FORMER GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES who should no longer be in the loop? Isn’t that work product that BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE of the USA and certainly top secret, seeing as how it concerns a conversation with the PRESIDENT of the U.S. IF Comey let two other people read this memo, how is it that Comey still HAS this memo to let them read it? The story isn’t clear about who he let read it or when, but if he’s fired, then shouldn’t he have turned over EVERY piece of government paperwork and every version of it to the government? Is he allowed to KEEP possession of these records? Surely if they concern an investigation, they would be classified. If others were classified, why would this one memo NOT be?

      Under oath, on May 3, according to Rush Limbaugh who I heard today, Comey testified in response to a question by some Congressperson from Hawaii that there had been NO ATTEMPT to slow down or stymie the Flynn/Russia investigation. Besides that, on the day that Trump allegedly said this, Comey had already by then said there’s nothing there–that there was nothing to charge Flynn with!

      (btw, why can’t reporters check these issues out? I mean, when somebody says “I have a memo Comey wrote contemporaneously on Feb. 14 about Trump trying to halt his investigation–here, let me read some of it to you,” does it occur to the reporter to ASK WHERE THE HELL THE (FORMER?) OFFICIAL GOT THE MEMO AND HOW HE CAN PROVE ITS AUTHENTICITY AND PROVENANCE? Does it occur to the reporter to review Comey’s under-oath testimony and ask how the hell that can possibly comport with this so-called memo? Does it occur to the reporter to ask why, if this was obstruction of justice, Comey didn’t IMMEDIATELY report it, as it was HIS DUTY UNDER HIS OATH TO DO? Does it occur to the reporter to ask whether maybe Comey made this up now, to get revenge on Trump? Does it occur to the reporter to ask if Comey instead wanted to save this tidbit to use AGAINST TRUMP should Trump decide to try to fire him? Blackmail? Is that why he didn’t report it immediately but instead “banked” it? Does it occur to the reporter to ask Comey to verify this information before publishing it AS IF IT’S TRUE? What other sources did the reporters ask to try to VERIFY this “bombshell?”)

      Here’s another point: Hillary gets out of jail free after numerous felonies because, Comey says, she didn’t have “intent” and was too dumb to know that she was mishandling classified information (a lie, but he claims he couldn’t prove her “intent” to commit a crime), so does Trump get the same courtesy (especially since Trump, unlike Hillary, isn’t a career politician and is new to political office)? If Trump says “I hope you can let this go,” on the day after Trump FIRED, is there any possible way to prove that Trump’s INTENT was to obstruct the investigation that Comey already told Trump had come up with NOTHING, other than that Flynn misled Pence (not a crime)?

      This is all a sham. Numerous respectable people (like Krauthammer, e.g.) said that there’s no CRIME under which anybody should be subject to an independent counsel investigation. THEREFORE, the media HAD TO INVENT A CRIME TO USE AS THE EXCUSE TO MAKE THE REPUBLICANS DO WHAT THEY DO BEST–CAVE. Now there’s this so-called “independent, non-partisan” investigation. Are the RINOs and GOPe hoping that Mueller “rids them of that troublesome” POTUS and lets them, like Pontius Pilate, wash their hands of the responsibility if they let the DemoncRATS and the media run Trump out of office, one way or the other? Do they REALLY THINK they’re going to escape the WRATH AND COLD ANGER of the 62+ MILLION PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR TRUMP?

      Everything they are doing to TRUMP, they are DOING TO EVERY PERSON (EVERY DEPLORABLE) WHO VOTED FOR TRUMP. We will NOT forget or forgive–neither the RINOs, the GOPe, the DemoncRATS, or the media. If they think 2016 was earth-shattering, they haven’t seen anything yet.


      • I’m going to have to read the NY Times story multiple times, I see. I’ve been having Internet problems and couldn’t get online all week, so I have to play catch up. (Truck took down our lines!) I wrote this post days before that happened and scheduled it to run Tuesday. Anyway, one thing I notice is that it’s not CLEAR from the story what “this” is that Trump “hopes” Comey will see his way clear to let it go. Could it be the entire topic of Flynn “lying to” Vice-President Pence? That seems to be the CONTEXT. In Trump’s mind, he fired Flynn. Flynn’s no longer part of the government. Comey, Obama, Yates–all of them were campaigning for Trump to not hire Flynn and to fire him once hired. So how can anybody prove not only “intent” but that “this” meant any and all other investigations into Flynn? It’s not clear from the story–so how can it possibly be clear to any prosecutor or jury?

        I also now see that the reporters cleverly try to answer in advance any questions we might have about WHY COMEY didn’t report this immediately. Oh, how honorable. He covered up “obstruction of justice” in order that the fact of the attempt not influence the investigation! WHAT TOTALLY CORRUPT BULLSHIT.

        “After writing up a memo that outlined the meeting, Mr. Comey shared it with senior F.B.I. officials. Mr. Comey and his aides perceived Mr. Trump’s comments as an effort to influence the investigation, but they decided that they would try to keep the conversation secret — even from the F.B.I. agents working on the Russia investigation — so the details of the conversation would not affect the investigation. …”

        Note the cleverly worded allegation: They PERCEIVED it to be an effort to influence. NOT obstruction of justice. NOT they KNEW it to be obstruction. Just their “perceived” impression. NO INTENT THERE, is there? “Perceived” is a WEASEL WORD. This is another nothing-burger.

      • That photo doesn’t show up on my screen and I don’t know why. If you right click the box and pick “view image,” it will show it.

  5. With Gowdy dropping out of the race & no interview with Ray Kelly,
    Senator John Cornyn might be the top pick for Director of FBI
    Here’s a list of possible candidates for FBI director – CNNPolitics.com
    7 Responses to “With Gowdy dropping out of the race & no interview with Ray Kelly, Senator John Cornyn might be the top pick for Director of FBI”
    ~ JONATHAN DAVID MOOERS …. …. @ Orly…





  6. Miri did a great job at following the twists and turns of the last Trump controversy.
    I don’t think facts matter anymore.
    There will be no fair hearing given to the President about the obama inspired charges and these vary daily.
    This is all out war and the only thing that matters is whether or not the democrats can get enough trump hating republicans to firstly allow the House to pass articles of impeachment and then the Senate to vote guilty.
    Well, yes of coyrse, John McCain will vote against Trump.
    If they can’t then none of this matters.
    If they can then we end up with Persident Pence,
    unless they also have something on him.
    The coordinated hysteria originating from the LeftMediaConglomerate suggests that Trump is doing some real damage and getting close to something that wants to stay buried.
    The obvious thing if you fire somebody is that they say bad stuff about the boss who just fired them, even if they have to make it up.
    Notes on a piece of paper prove nothing.
    Classic he said she said situation unless there are some tapes.
    Oh no! Did I just say tapes? Well Washington DC is a single party consent state, so if one party consents to recording a conversation then that is legal.
    I mean what’s the problem, like?
    You know all those police shows where they got the guy in a room and are taping the interview?
    Can’t see anything wrong with taping in the WH.
    I get the no enthusiasm report from facebkwallflower.
    I don’t watch much. Sometimes I will look at the press briefing if Spicer is doing it, he’s good fun, sort of.
    I was watching this British news show where they are having a sudden election which they can do under their laws. The Labor guy is named Jeremy Corbyn and is an old style Stalinist dinosaur but he thinks he can unseat the Conservative government with enough class warfare stirring. The big news story was that a left wing labor union, a big one, the union leader said that Labor will lose this election but it would be all right if they didn’t lose too badly, The Newsreader said: “Why is he saying that WE’RE going to lose?”. I am doubtful she intended to reveal her political proclivities but there you go, she’s a news person and she supports Communist style party leaders. We all know that. Over there or here, it’s no big surprise.

    • Dave M.–would you believe I don’t even remember what “the last Trump controversy” was? Every day there’s a new astroturfed, lying meme of a “bombshell.” Today, iirc, it was that (OMG!!) Trump “knew” that Flynn was “under investigation” for lobbying for Turkey. So what? Is lobbying for Turkey a crime now, too, or is Turkey now to become the new Russia, seeing as how Trump hosted Erdogan the other day? Ooooh. Suddenly are the media going to question White House/MUSLIM ties? Are Muslim nations suddenly going to become “enemies” of the USA? WTF? They’re acting as if Trump doesn’t get to BE president just because they don’t like him. Suddenly, THIS president isn’t allowed to “leak” (how can a president leak?) classified information to Russia. Obama can give away tons of uranium. He can share missile defense information with Russians and Muslim nations. He can HOST THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in the White House and NOBODY says a damned thing. He can openly discuss how there’s no “there” there with regard to Hillary’s email server (influencing the investigation?) and NOBODY says a damned thing.

      They have tasted red meat and they’re not going to let up. Drip, drip, drip. They know they can publish outright LIES and even when the LIES are debunked, they continue to write articles and opinion pieces CITING THE LIES AS IF THEY’RE TRUTH in order to Chinese water torture this administration. You’re so correct. Truth doesn’t matter. ALL that matters to them is to somehow stop the Trump draining of the swamp and to stop his agenda.

      Good point about what’s the deal with Trump taping Comey, if he did? Well, they’re subpoenaing any potential tapes and, of course, anything on there–relevant or not–will be “leaked” if any of it is harmful to Trump. There will be leaks from Mueller’s investigation. The media will hound Mueller, too, so that he will have to give them something. They already claim that the reason Mueller was appointed behind Trump’s back was so that the deputy AG would “save” his own reputation. So he’s potentially turned, too. Will Mueller be such a stand-up guy that he can stand-up to the media and the blow back that he and his reputation will face if he exonerates Trump?

      Today, (this is so ridiculous), they reported another “bombshell”–that being that Trump wanted to have a backdoor way to talk to Russia so that they wouldn’t be LISTENED TO AND SPIED ON BY THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY! Imagine that. Now it’s allegedly a CRIME for the president to want his top secret words kept top secret and it’s NOT a crime for the NSA, the CIA, or anybody else to SPY ON A SITTING PRESIDENT!!! It’s wrong, in their opinion, for Trump to want to maintain the secrecy of foreign policy! The intelligence community thinks they’re the boss of Trump and NOT vice versa! How dare he think his conversations should be private?!!!

  7. Am I evolving a bit of a position here? I hadn’t planned to do that.
    Maybe it’s a new thread?
    We can defend President Trump until the cows come home.
    It seems to be wasted effort.
    We can prove he didn’t reveal any top secret intelligence to the Russians
    but the next day the WP will say “Trump accused of copulation with monkeys”
    And not just any old monkeys but Russian monkeys!
    I think just playing this game is a lose-lose position.
    A more stable target is the criminal conspiracy of the obamacrats.
    Whether you choose the murder of Loretta Fuddy or the murder of Seth Rich or the corruption of the Hillary machine or the corruption that is so disgusting that I dare not speak it’s name of the DNC campaigner in chief,
    there is ample evidence out there to cite.
    For example, if we get a President Pence while we still have a roaming free
    (adjective withheld out of common decency) Podesta or a still unexplained crash that killed only Loretta Fuddy, then I think that it could be said of us that we stupidly ignored the “low hanging fruit”.
    If only we hadn’t done that!

    • Dave M.: I do need a new thread. I’m sorry I wasn’t online to make one out of your comments. Maybe I’ll have time to do that tomorrow. In the meantime, look how fast everything evolves. As I said above, I’ve been offline since before last weekend. All this went on and I couldn’t write a thing about it or read blogs or Internet stories. I was stuck watching Hannity and Tucker Carlson for “news.” Not a fun position to be in. That, or the lamestream media and that’s a total pain in the rear because it’s lies, partial truths, no context, and deliberate distortion. Will take me a while to catch up.

  8. From an Israeli news stream:
    2. While Jerusalem downplayed Trump’s intelligence slip with Russian diplomats, unhappy Israeli intelligence officials said they are reassessing what info they share with the US, reports the Times of Israel and USA Today. Former Mossad chief Danny Yatom said Israel should “punish the Americans.”
    from http://honestreporting.com/idns-05172017-abbas-preconditions/
    well gee gosh and golly,
    All I can suggest to Israel is go for it!
    You can always turn to one of your many other allies.
    I bet ya wish for the old obama days back!
    I guess you got unhappy intelligence officials
    and we got unhappy intelligence officials,
    maybe they could get together and plan a new world order?

    • Everything must be taken with a grain of salt. So even in the Israeli news there are “former officials” shooting off their mouths. Are their FORMER intelligence officials kept in the loop, too? I agree with you. If they want to “punish” us, then go for it. What does that mean? ALLOW AMERICANS TO DIE WHEN THEY HAVE INFORMATION TO PREVENT IT?

      In my opinion, going on the limited information I got from the lamestream and trying to read between the lines, I was wishing I were online because I’d have written a post entitled: RUSSIAN LIVES MATTER, TOO!

      Trump shared information about the laptop batteries for what reason? To save Russian lives, right?! I mean, why else would you tell Russians, who ALSO are targeted by jihadists, about this very real threat? To save lives. Don’t RUSSIAN LIVES MATTER? I think they do. I think the lives of everyone, no matter who their leaders are, MATTER. If We the People of the USA can somehow save anyone’s life, then we should do it.

      We are one of the few allies Israel has. Do they want to turn their backs on us now? btw, HOW DO WE KNOW THAT ISRAEL GAVE US THIS INFORMATION? Isn’t that classified? Was THAT leaked, too? For what purpose? To harm both Trump AND ISRAEL? In which case, that makes sense if the leakers are former officials like, say, BRENNAN who has suspect loyalties, or Obama, who also has suspect loyalty when it comes to MUSLIM JIHADISTS.

      These leakers–do they care more about destroying the ELECTED PRESIDENT than about the lives of Americans or our allies overseas? If so, then they’re traitors.

  9. This is pretty much the definitive explanation of where we are now with the Trump presidency and it is not a beforeitsnews article.

    Soft Coup in the Works: Deep State Setting Up Trump for Impeachment
    “Sharing classified info with Russia” Story
    Major Piece of Impeachment Plot

    State of the Nation

    There can be no doubt that Deep State has been using the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Democratic Party to overthrow the Trump administration since January 20th of 2017.


    This is a very good piece of info.
    Unless this is fought back against, as if it was a war, then it is over and over in a way that may not be won again while we still live. We cannot fight this by attempting to logically defend Trump against every charge of the day.
    Every Judge in the Court has indefensable blackmail evidence levied against them – a day in Court has no merit. Simply tell the story.
    We too can be the next Venezuela, although that is perhaps a too kind ending to this story.

    Media Reach Peak Meltdown…
    Republicans offer NO help…
    Diaries Demanded…


    • Of course the RINOs offer no help. They want Mueller to rid them of that troublesome president. Then they’re going to throw up their hands and say, “it wasn’t us,” while washing their hands and then they think we’re going to elect them all again. NOT!

      Drudge now says they never sent the repeal of Obamacare to the Senate and now it may have to be voted on again. Later. So NOTHING accomplished?

  11. A dog loves to smell its own steaming pile.

    • But of course there’s a double standard. As always and the Republicans ALLOW IT.

      Cold anger is not going to warm up. It’s going to get colder and colder and colder. WINTER IS COMING PEOPLE. We the People MUST BE PREPARED.

  12. Conservatives begin to whisper: President Pence…
    WSJ: The Special Counsel Mistake…
    Media Reach Peak Meltdown…
    Republicans offer NO help…
    Diaries Demanded…


  13. The police took notes at Hillsborough disaster – that’s an infamous tragedy that occurred at a football stadium in the UK where 96 people died due to a crowd crush. (At the time crowd seating areas were fenced off from the playing field by tall chain link fences to keep people off the field. When the crush happened there was no escape)
    The notes showed that the police did everything correctly and unruly members of the crowd caused the disaster – only some 20 years had to pass before it was admitted that all the notes were falsely made up by the police out of thin air.
    You can read about it on wikipedia,
    Notes mean nothing.
    I just wrote down on a piece of paper that Miri is a Communist agitator.
    She isn’t.
    But I wrote it down.
    Does that make it true?
    Only if you want to believe it beforehand would you say yes.

    • Great analogy, Dave. It’s not as if it wasn’t in their interest to write it up that way. So who’s going to believe Comey wrote this contemporaneously and how is anybody going to prove it? Who’s going to believe any of these people? Any associate of his who testifies that “Oh, yeah. He told me in February. I read it then.” Uh, huh. Already there are the typical discrepancies. First, it’s a memo. Then probably somebody asked how is it he still has it? Well, good question so now it’s his DIARY. Is that kosher? I mean, can somebody write a diary about intelligence activities? Isn’t there some expectation of not “talking” out of the office? Cops, I’m sure, aren’t supposed to discuss cases at home. Are they allowed to write diaries about cases? Surely FBI directors aren’t supposed to be writing diaries that anybody can find and read that have classified, top secret stuff in them! This is all so stupid and insane.

      Even on Judge Judy, every day there’s a police report that the principles dispute. It’s like a game of telephone. It’s gossip. There’s no proof. It’s not evidence of anything. We know Comey is biased.

  14. Someone please explain this to me.
    The FBI comes under the remit of the Justice Department and the Justice Department is part of the executive branch.
    (In other countries, for example in Great Britain the functionality of the Justice Department is provided by the Crown Prosecution Service and the CPS is an independant civil service position)
    So can’t any President tell the Justice Department to investigate, well for example Huma and Weiner, without being guilty of some crime of interfering with the flow of the Justice Department?
    Cannot any President ask the Justice Department not to bother with investigating, well for exanple Martha Stewart?
    I don’t know the answers to these questions so help me out.

    • One would think so, Dave. Thus my first sentence in the post. I must be dumb or something because it makes no sense to me. Trump is their BOSS. Not the other way around. He doesn’t answer to them. Under our Constitution, THEY ALL ANSWER TO TRUMP and so ultimately to We the People, who elected TRUMP. We chose him. That’s our right. They’re INTERFERING IN AN ELECTION, in the DEMOCRATIC ELECTION of the president. They’re staging a coup against our president. Trump’s mistake, like that of so many other Republican presidents, is that he did not behave like a DemoncRAT on Day One, when he should have asked for the resignations of EVERYBODY from the Obama administration. ON DAY ONE. ALL OF THEM. GONE. He should NEVER have fired Flynn. That showed them that what they were doing would work. He should NEVER have allowed Sessions to recuse himself. Once recused, then maybe Trump should have let Sessions go and appointed someone else but NOT, for goodness sakes, a DEMONCRAT like Joe Lieberman. How is this even possible that Trump is considering Lieberman for FBI director? I’m astonished. Flabbergasted. I heard on the news (lamestream) that even with all this stuff going on, Trump’s base is still solidly behind him. The poll number has NOT MOVED ONE INCH. He’s going to lose his base if he doesn’t stand firm and stand up. I don’t think appointing a DemoncRAT is going to cut it. WHY did Trey Gowdy drop out? I’m so out of the loop that it’s frustrating. I can’t catch up.

  15. Conservativetreehouse thinks the appointment of a special prosecutor is a Good Thing:
    This opens up an independent investigative path of: ♦The DNC leaking (Seth Rich), and ♦The impetus of the “Russian Dossier“, and ♦The Obama White House “surveillance and leaking” (Susan Rice/Evelyn Farkas), all the way to ♦John Podesta, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the Obama White House.

    Remember, FBI Director James Comey specifically stated (March 20th) that he intentionally withheld notification of congress for the FBI counterintelligence operation that began in July 2016 and was premised on the ‘vast russian conspiracy theory‘.

    Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice only needed to confirm one aspect of the intelligence unmasking story for all of the dots to connect. She made that confirmation within two minutes of her interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.
    Thanks Miri for making me aware of conservative treehouse.
    I hope tha they are correct

    • That’s a little comforting. I’ll have to read their blog. It’s one of the ones I missed the most when I couldn’t get online because they have good analysis and can keep me, at least, from panicking. I am just SO DARNED afraid that the evil ones will win and steal from us the hard-fought and hard-won victory. I’m going to catch up with TCTH as soon as I can, but I’m still trying to catch up here on our own blog! I hope TCTH are correct in their analysis of this Mueller. IF he goes there, it would be wonderful. I’m not hopeful, though. I’ll pray on it. 🙂

  16. A great comment.

    When FDR was running for his second term, he said these memorable words at a rally on 10/31/1936:

    “We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.

    Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me–and I welcome their hatred.”

    I’d like to hear DJT say those words at a rally; the Charles Krauthammers and John McCains among us will get their panties in a wad and call it divisive and unpresidential, but I say if it was true 80 years ago it’s far more true today.

    • Wow. That IS a great quote and certainly apt today. Organized mobs paid for by organized money. Did FDR really face that? I somehow doubt it. Was there a George Soros standing against FDR and rallying (paying for) mobs to protest FDR? I’m not a big FDR fan. imho, he’s too socialist and I certainly dislike the fact that he hid (like Kennedy) the truth about his health. Not to mention (like Kennedy) how he cheated on his wife. Isn’t it funny, though? Whenever DemoncRATS do these things, it’s given a pass. They’re HEROES to the left. Wouldn’t it be great to hear DJT come out and call them out by name? I was thinking today that DJT needs to go over and get his trip done with and come back and barnstorm the country again. Rally the troops behind him. Take the fight TO THEM, with the PEOPLE behind him. Make THEM afraid of our wrath. They’ve forgotten about us again. We, the DEPLORABLES.

  17. facebkwallflower

    One or more Foreign governments KNOW the truth about Obama. Russia saw his passport. England and Kenya both could very well have the documentation. So, please, would one of these governments step up, now that Obama is no longer president, and tell the truth. Just give us the damn birth certificate.

    I see this as completely taking the wind out the lying, deceiving, usurping UniParty. This reveal would be the big game changers in MOST of America seeing the usurpation attempt; even hardcore O-lovers would see. Not all, but a hugely amount would be heartbroken and you know what they say about a spurned lover. . .

    I know this seems so simple but if Trump wants to get on being president without all the interference, I see this as the fastest route to go. Once a foreign government comes forth with the truth and the reality people will see the “big dupe” (HI Dem party using alternative letter of nomination for Obama, removing “natural born…..”) and all of a sudden Orly would be an household name, as will Miri/WTPOTUS.

    And then, people can start going to jail without all this fightback. Even Soros would be a wanted man to many on the Left for making Obama and Hillary happen and deceiving so many of his following.

    • I can’t agree more, but these countries dislike us and love Obama, so how likely is it? Yeah. England is our ally. But do they REALLY like us? Think about it. (Maybe Dave M. can answer that question. It’s something I wonder. I have friends over there and I get inklings that we’re still “ugly Americans.”)

      Ever watch BBC-produced dramas? Ever notice how often the bad guys are Americans? Ever notice how, even when not the bad guy, Americans are portrayed in a not-very-nice way? Loud. Buffoonish. Duplicitous. Racist. Bigots, yadda, yadda, yadda.

      I’m totally disappointed that Trump either hasn’t been given access to the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth OR that having access, he has chosen to keep it all quiet. As president, he SHOULD have all the files, just as Hillary and Bill ordered up all the FBI files on their political opponents on DAY ONE and got away with it.

      • I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.
        U;ve worked here quite a while and most English people like America and Americans. Most English mainstream news broadcasters are on the Left and disparage Trump. Neither of those two group would matter to any release of any confidential info that might help Trump.
        I suspect that would have to be ordered by Maggie May (my nickname for the Prime Minister) and I think she quite likes The Donald, but just
        don’t place any big bets on it happening.

        • Glad to hear it, Dave. I’m glad the regular people (the British deplorables?) like us. I only see what their media and TV/Movie put out, so probably it’s as biased as our Hollywood. I don’t bet on them releasing anything about Barry, either. They KNOW, most likely, that he’s ineligible. That’s just my opinion, but I’m sticking to it. You don’t go to the lengths he did to hide his documents unless there’s something far more damaging in them than embarrassment.

      • facebkwallflower

        I think this whole “Russia=Trump” is deflection off Obama and just gotta wonder if there is so, so much truth connected to the whole Roman Obama, Russia school, etc.,

        One could go all tin-foil blingy hat about this, wondering if Obama was groomed and programmed to usurp, for Russia, the USA but got cocky, was compromised by Soros, and went rogue fromt he Kremlin. One could go further that Russia has their own deep state and Putin is being left out of the loop as much as Trump is.

        Personally, I think if Putin KNEW he would TELL and prove; if only because he respects Trump as a legitimate, honest foe and warrior.

  18. facebkwallflower

    Not new news but concise,From http://moonbattery.com/?p=84313 (article has lots of links and easier to read than copy/paste here.)

    “Even Trump’s incompetence is an improvement over the treasonous impulses of our previous president, who actively assisted America’s worst enemies:

    Just a month before the 2016 election, President Barack Obama signed a policy directive ordering the U.S. intelligence community to share sensitive U.S. intelligence with Cuba’s communist government, despite the fact that one of the top U.S. intelligence official had branded Cuba as one of America’s biggest espionage threats. The presidential policy directive, which was issued as part of the Obama administration’s efforts to normalize U.S. relations with the Castro regime, required the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to “exchange information on mutual threats with Cuban counterparts.”

    Speaking of threats, the Cuban regime tried to persuade the Soviet Union to attack us with nuclear weapons.

    “The memorandum signed Monday commits the U.S. and Cuba to sharing information, carrying out joint investigations and possibly stationing law-enforcement officials in each other’s countries,” the Associated Press (AP) reported just days before Obama left office. The AP report characterized the agreement as a “pledge to share intelligence with Cuban state security.”

    That sounds like bad news for any liberation movements that might eventually free the enslaved Cuban people, and that would most likely be based in the USA.

    Several lawmakers noted at the time that the intelligence-sharing deal with Cuba could result in the communist regime sending U.S. intelligence to Iran.

    No worries. If we can trust the ayatollahs to develop nuclear weapons, we can trust them with intelligence.

    James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, testified to Congress just months before Obama inked his deal with Cuba that the Castro regime represented one of the top global espionage threats against the U.S.

    At least we don’t have to worry so much about the communists spying on us, now that we turn over information voluntarily.

    Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, a Cuban-American member of Congress, characterized the Obama administration’s deal with Cuba as “reckless, dangerous, and contrary to U.S. national security interests.”

  19. facebkwallflower

    Most corn farmers are heavily subsidized. If this makes them go bust or have to farm on their own merits, I do not feel one bit for the farmers in Mexico.


    • It makes me wonder whether they have polls that show that IF they try to impeach him, they are further doomed as a party. It’s true, of course, but do you think that will stop them from self-destruction? So far, despite Trump’s win, they haven’t changed their ways one iota. Which, in a way, is a good thing except that the Republican party is AS LAME and USELESS as the DemoncRATS. So what’s our alternative, as a People?

      • AS I SUSPECTED: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/05/after-poll-testing-president-trump-impeachment-dems-in-concerted-effort-to-stop-impeachment-talk/

        “The Drudge Report’s headline linked to a report from McClatchy’s DC Bureau that discussed the Democratic Party’s plans to impeach Trump and their efforts to first poll test this action with voters.

        In a significant development, party operatives say they expect Democrats to poll-test the public’s views on impeachment, trying to acquire hard data about an issue that until now has not been seriously analyzed. Other strategists say that candidates and party organizations will begin conducting focus groups on the question.

        The results of their polling must have been God awful shocking for the Democrats and their liberal MSM because today in every way the Democrats are retreating from impeaching Trump.

        For example, three of the biggest far left publications posting fake news stories about President Trump to justify his impeachment are now backing off …”

    • This will be a win for him. His poll numbers already seem to be up again, even though he’s not left on his tour yet. Wait until the presidential photos start rolling in. Of course, that’s if the media cover him, but at least FOX News will. Did you see this article about a Harvard study that PROVES THE NEGATIVE MEDIA BIAS AGAINST TRUMP, EVEN FOX NEWS? https://heatst.com/culture-wars/harvard-study-reveals-huge-extent-of-anti-trump-media-bias/

      CNN had 93% NEGATIVE TRUMP stories in his first 100 days! Even FOX had 52% negative! Most of the lamestream was up in the 80-90+% negative category. WSJ was 70% negative. Comparisons to Obama, Clinton, and Bush are shown.

    • Are they complaining about the cost for her to go? I wouldn’t be surprised. Wait for it. Of course, they didn’t complain about the many without-POTUS FAMILY trips Moo took.

  21. Roger E Ailes, Who Built Fox
    News Into an Empire, Dies at 77
    Mr. Ailes exerted wide influence on American
    politics with his conservative Fox News, only to
    be undone by sexual ??? harassment ??? allegations !

    • Poor man. May he rest in peace. Fell in the bathtub. Died 8 days later. Too often happens to older people. I wonder if he was on blood thinners? I had thought maybe the stress from all the media attacks took its toll. Condolences to his family. I wonder what the lamestream think of all the women on FOX who were crying when they heard the news?

  22. If I could maybe suggest a second investigation it would be attempts to influence our election by George Soros and the DNC conspiring with Mr. Soros to use his illegal campaign contributions to dirupt our democratic processes.
    I mean the FBI has a lot of people. Surely they can investigate more than one thing at a time?

    • Many on the right think that Mueller’s going to range far and wide. One has to wonder. The left is delirious with delight. Maybe, as Ann Coulter suggests, it will backfire on them. Surely he has to look into how this Russia meme began while looking to see if there’s any truth to it. If he does that, he’s going to uncover a lot of collusion–just not the kind the media hope he finds. We already KNOW the colluded with they media to influence the election. The Dems, I mean. This is a soft coup to bring down a legally elected president. Will Mueller go there? We shall see how much of a patriot he really is.

      • facebkwallflower

        Maybe investigating the Russian collusion per Trump’s campaign is the only way to actually investigate the Clintons and their clutches on the DNC with the least amount of dead bodies.

        • Now the NY Times claims that they’re investigating potential criminal offenses of a financial nature, involving a current WH advisor who’s close to the president. This is a fishing expedition. It’s un-American. I bet they’re going after Tillerson or Kushner.

          I’m sick and tired of reading about insiders in the WH who are leaking to the media. Trump needs to clean those people out of there now. Supposedly, now, he told the Russians that firing Comey took a lot of stress off him because of the Russia investigation. Spicer denies their take on what was said, but the point is that SOMEBODY READ an internal document that surely must be top secret to the media. How did they get it? Who read it to the media? SURELY there’s a way for the NSA to find out, since THEY record everything. How do you read a document to a reporter without leaving tracks? I seem to remember reading somewhere that reporters were going to use very well encrypted ways to speak to each other and to sources. These are felonies and they ought to be a top priority for the FBI to investigate and then prosecute.

  23. I looked up impeachment because I wondered if any President had been removed from office by impeachment.
    The answer is No.
    Bill Clinton was accused of perjury and obstruction of justice but was acquitted.
    Andrew Johnson was accused of violation of the Tenure Act shortly after the end of our civil war but was acquitted also.
    I didn’t know this but the US impeachment process is modelled on the British impeachment law which became established in arounf the 17th century.
    The lower house votes the accusation through and the upper house tries the case. In Britain that’s called the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The King (or Queen) is not subject to impeachment.
    In our case, a simple majority in the House of Representatives passes the Impeachment and a 2/3 majority is needed in the Senate to convict.
    The Chief Justice sits as the judge in the Senate process.
    The Democrats are not going to succeed with this and while they may make it harder for President Trump to function if they overplay their hand they will just hurt themselves.
    They should move on.

    • facebkwallflower

      Dave, it is encouraging you think there is no chance to get the 2/3 majority in Senate to convict. I wonder if it is the opposite and actually a sure thing. The way the Republicans hate Trump I can see it happening; unless all the hate is just media optics that they are against him.

      In any case, it is becoming more and more clear President Trump is basically all on his own in this gig. He has no collegues with him. Not even Sessions (look who he appointed special prosecuter???/).

  24. facebkwallflower

    Look at this pic of mug shot of the NY Times Square “runaway” car. It is from 2012. Compare to pics from video. Same guy? Hair? http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.3178235.1495183210!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/article-crash-29-0518.jpg

    • Tough call. Here’s the alleged driver:

      That other photo is five years old, when Richard Rojas would have been about 21, which fits. What say you? He does look similar, especially the ears. The 2012 picture makes him look African-American. Supposedly he’s Hispanic, but that doesn’t rule out being also black. Rojas, the driver, was arrested in 2012, so … They claim it’s not a terror attack, and yet he’s charged with many counts of ATTEMPTED MURDER. That means it was no accident but was deliberate. Otherwise, it would be negligent homicide or manslaughter–some charge without deliberate intent to kill. http://www.amny.com/news/car-jumps-curb-in-times-square-hits-pedestrians-1.13646139

  25. facebkwallflower

    In 2007/08 when Obama was touring/campaigning around the world what leaders did he speak/visit with? What countries?

    • Oh, he met with plenty and probably each was a violation of this Logan Act they’re citing for Flynn. He also interfered in Bush’s policies with Iran. He talked to Iran and basically asked them to wait until he was in office before making any deals. And they did, so that was interfering in Bush’s foreign policy affairs–the exact thing the Logan Act was written to prevent. But that was Barry and he’s special. Remember his huge speech in Berlin?

  26. Republican self serving calculations:
    from fbw:
    Dave, it is encouraging you think there is no chance to get the 2/3 majority in Senate to convict. I wonder if it is the opposite and actually a sure thing. The way the Republicans hate Trump I can see it happening; unless all the hate is just media optics that they are against him.

    OK, imagine you are a Republican Senator not of any high profile
    and you wonder whether to impeach Trump or clear him.
    If you vote for impeachment you admit to how very stupid the entire Republican Party was to allow this man to become elected President in the first place.
    You might argue that “hey. I did what little I could” but you must know that you are dealing, beyond the republican base, with the so called low information voters that are needed to clinch any political result. If you say no, us republicans were wrong because Trump got elected, then I am afraid that the word “us” translates to the word “you”. KYAGB! First word of that acronym is kiss”

    If you vote to accquit, then your lot is predicted by history. The only two Presidents accused by the impeachment clause were acquitted.
    I don’t know enough about the aftermath of the Cibil War to comment on Andrew Johnson, but Bill Clinton was obviously guilty (not of having sex in the WH) but of perjury and obstruction of justice, well of course that depends on what the meaning of is is. If you look at history, and you vote to acquitt, then probably you are on the winning side.

    Bet the farm? How will you choose?
    I bet most will choose not guilty. Do not mistake the determined repitition of the so-called press with truth. It is just propaganda learned froma million advertisers.

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