Dreams of His Destiny

Another biography of Barack Obama is soon to be published. Many and various are the articles exposing some of the “bombshells” in the apparently semi-authorized book. (Obama sat for long but off-the-record interviews with the author.) If we look at some of what’s been revealed so far, it’s hard not to notice the hypocrisy of those who today excoriate President Donald Trump for being who he is while lionizing Barack Obama, despite who he is.

Consider the typical Obama-supporting liberal: someone who is most definitely pro-diversity, anti-bigotry, anti-racism, pro-LGBTQ+, and pro-feminism. Look at these new revelations through that liberal lens:

Obama coldly decided–after reveling in a multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-national identity for most of his life–to embrace solely an African-American identity once he had decided to run for political office in Chicago. [The “resolution of his black identity was directly linked to his decision to pursue a political career.”]

Obama dropped his live-in girlfriend in the mid-1980s because he had decided upon a political career and because he determined that it would never fly among his African-American constituency for him to have a white-skinned wife. [“The lines are very clearly drawn. . . . If I am going out with a white woman, I have no standing here.”] Therefore, he left the “white woman” whom he loved–the woman to whom he had already twice proposed marriage–because her race stood between him and his destiny. (The woman is of Dutch and Japanese ancestry.)

Obama referred to his Occidental college friends and roommates collectively as “the Pakis” because they were from Pakistan. (Oddly, these friends all seem to have moved to New York at the same time as Obama.)

Obama considered gayness” when calculating how he would express himself sexually. Ultimately, he somehow decided that being gay was less demanding than having heterosexual relationships. (Surely political calculation had nothing to do with his choice of pursuing the more-demanding heterosexuality.)

Before Obama decided that interracial dating would be frowned upon in his newly chosen African-American community in Chicago, he had up until then dated two wealthy white women; lived with another white woman whom he dumped but then continued to see on the side while dating the black woman whom he ultimately wed; and also apparently cheated upon both of those girlfriends with an allegedly divorced mother of three of Hispanic descent. While dating one white woman, he pointedly would not introduce her to his community-organizing associates because of her race.

Many years after his relationship with a wealthy white woman Obama had dated at Occidental, he bragged about his sexual conquest of the blond bombshell. [“The only woman he ever talked about screwing was some really hot blond chick that he was still proud of” … “He was really proud that he’d banged some super-hot blonde from a super-rich family.”]

So what can we deduce from these alternate facts about Obama?

Obama soundly rejected his white heritage. He was ashamed of being seen with white women, although he preferred to date them. He decided that he could not marry anyone but a black woman to achieve his “destiny.”  He broke up with the “woman he loved” because she was not black. (Bigotry? Racism? Anti-diversity? Anti-multiculturalism? Divisive? Imagine if it were revealed that President Trump had refused to date non-white women or had actually dumped a woman he loved because she was black and wouldn’t be accepted in his circles.)

Obama used a racial slur against his own Pakistani friends. (Racism? Bigotry? Imagine if it were revealed that President Trump had ever used the epithet “Pakis.”)

Obama “considered gayness,” as if being gay is a lifestyle choice. (Isn’t it a tenet of liberalism that being gay is not a choice but denotes a special class of being that therefore deserves special protection because it’s inborn? Imagine if it were revealed that President Trump suggested that being gay is a choice. Only yesterday one of President Trump’s nominees withdrew his name from consideration simply because he once stated the obvious–that in medical circles gender dysphoria (transgenderism) is categorized as a mental disorder.)

Obama boasted about his sexual conquest of a rich, blond woman. His friends used crude words to describe this relationship–he was banging or screwing this really hot, rich chick. Obama was proud that he had scored where others couldn’t. (Objectification of women? Engaging in locker-room banter, at “regular poker games,” no less! Anti-feminist? Sexist? We already know the reaction of the liberal world to the revelation that President Trump once said that because of his wealth, women literally throw themselves at him. He described in crude terms what they would allow him to do, if he so desired (“grab them” by the genitals). Now we have multiple friends of Obama’s saying that he bragged often about having “banged” a rich white woman. Is this any less crude or distasteful or degrading to women than what Trump said? Is it any less sexist? Add to that the element of racism, which isn’t there in the allegations against Trump, and Obama’s braggadocio is arguably worse.)

Finally, we learn that while dating his future wife, Obama cheated on her with his former live-in girlfriend, whom he dumped for being white, and then he cheated on both of those women with a fellow community activist!  (We have already heard and read many times what a womanizer and a cheat President Trump has allegedly been. When the shoe is on the other foot, can we expect similar moralizing about Obama’s cheating ways?)

Hypocrisy, pure and simple! Will Obama remain the darling of the left if the revelations made in this new book are fully reported?

There was another revelation made, something that’s probably of very little import to liberals: Obama used cocaine well into his twenties, something which he previously claimed to have left behind in his teens. He also smoked pot in his twenties, maybe beyond.

The thing is, Obama has said many things that have turned out to be flat-out untrue. What else has he lied about for political reasons, after coldly calculating what would best help him achieve his “destiny?”  He chose his black identity. He rejected his white girlfriends and chose a black wife (black skin–the #1 qualification), and he also chose heterosexuality, rejecting gayness (at least on the surface). He adamantly denied ever having been Muslim, despite the evidence of his school records in Indonesia. (He also disavowed his former name–Barry Soetoro.)

All of these choices he made for political reasons. Could Obama have fulfilled his “destiny” had he told the truth about his origins? Is it any wonder that his autobiography is full of false narratives and that he still won’t disclose his original, 3-dimensional, authenticated paper birth certificate?

Will we ever know the truth and nothing but the truth about Barack Hussein Obama?


134 responses to “Dreams of His Destiny

  1. Ektor • … ^^^^
    He should just build a Wall around DC to keep the government from Wrecking the rest of the country. True Americans could do a whole lot
    better than the DC Marxists. ….YEP!

    Senate subpoenas Flynn documents…
    MAXINE WATERS: I Don’t Support Trump Firing Comey, >>>BUTT’
    I Would If Hillary Did… ….?
    Comey Farewell: ‘President Can Fire FBI Director for Any Reason’…
    NBC Lester Holt set for biggest interview of presidency…
    PAPER: Firing means trouble for Trump’s healthcare and tax plans…



    • I don’t believe that BS about expanding the probe for one minute. It’s a media LIE. One thing I do believe, however, is that having found nothing, the DemoncRATS and ALL their minions still in the administration would never give up and WILL keep trying until the day Trump’s presidency is over to LOOK FOR, DIG FOR, MAKE UP, LIE ABOUT, AND MISREPRESENT ANYTHING about President Trump that they think will help them to diminish his power. That includes Comey and anybody else who’s still embedded in the government. Trump needs to clean house immediately. If that means McCabe should go, then he should go, too. Also that ambassador to Qatar. ASAP. Don’t ambassadors also serve at the president’s pleasure? They accuse him of being a ruthless tyrant. He ought to show them how it’s done. He gets the blame anyway, so he may as well get the benefit.

  3. HOT – SHOT COMEY ….thought HE was ..”UN-TOUCHABLE” ?
    SWAMP -Meat is getting O’ SO …. EASY 2 SPOT! LOVE IT!

    • Can you believe that Comey actually thought he was untouchable (no pun intended) because for Trump to fire him would bring up the issue, again, about Comey re-opening the Clinton investigation right before the election and possibly swaying it towards Trump. WHAT? What an idiot. For being that stupid and obtuse, he deserved to be fired. What is truly RIDICULOUS is the sheer number of outright FAKE NEWS STORIES and ANGLES being “reported” in the media. What’s true and what’s not? I believe Trump’s administration whenever it’s in conflict with the media reports. They, at least, are NAMED and OWN what they say, even McCabe (be he a Clinton flunky or no). These sources in the lamestream are, to a one, ANONYMOUS AND MAY NOT EVEN EXIST! As Sarah Palin famously said, they just make things up. So why would we think any of their so-called inside information is true? All of these false narratives about a furious and egotistical Trump going after Comey in a rage because Comey wouldn’t clear Trump’s campaign sounds right out of the Obama playbook. Maybe Barry’s ghostwriter himself is supplying the media with the narratives.

  4. YEP !!! …. L O C K ‘UM – UP ! … 4 – EVER! PLEASE!

  5. Senate Committee Subpoenas Former Trump Adviser Flynn Over Russia

    The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee issued a subpoena on Wednesday demanding documents related to Russia from President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, ramping up its months
    long investigation of Moscow’s alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.

    Senate Committee Subpoenas Former Trump Adviser Flynn Over Russia
    The Comey Firing
    CNN: Comey Fired Over Loyalty to Trump and Russia Probe

    Perino: Trump Shouldn’t Have Given Reason for Firing Comey
    Chaffetz to DOJ Inspector General: Look Into Comey Firing
    Limbaugh: Trump Unleashes ‘an Epic Troll’ of Democrats
    Dershowitz, Hoekstra: Comey Had to Go
    Comey: President Had Right to Fire Me Without Cause
    Woodward Warns Media Against Watergate Comparisons
    Pat Buchanan Rips ‘Synthetic’ Outrage Over Comey’s Firing
    Comey Firing Raises Betting Odds Trump Won’t Finish Term
    Paul Ryan: No Need for Special Prosecutor
    Senate Issues Subpoena to Flynn for Russian Documents
    Thune: No Need for Special Prosecutor in Russia Probe
    Durbin: ‘Credible Conclusion’ Comey Fired as He Pushed Probe
    Schiff: Pence Kept Out of Loop on Comey
    Ruddy: Trump Should Have Moved Earlier on Comey
    Ex-FBI Official: Firing of Comey Lowbrow, ‘Demeaning’ to FBI
    NYT: Comey Sought Funds for Russia Probe Days Before Firing
    White House: Comey ‘Threw Stick of Dynamite’ at DOJ
    Trump Slams Dems on Comey Firing: ‘Phony Hypocrites’

  6. God …it’s always about trump…. ha … TRUMP ROCKS 24/7 !!!

    • I agree. He’s spot on. Stop the tweeting and stop (at least so openly) relying on FAMILY. We didn’t elect his family. I don’t like their views or policies and probably most who voted for Trump don’t, either. SOMEBODY is leaking, too. Either his staffers or else it’s all false information the media are inventing. It could be either, but if it’s insiders, they need to be found and fired.

  7. by Charles Hurt … 10 May 2017
    This is what happens if you mess with the swamp. All the swamp creatures begin snapping and writhing and yowling like angry cats in the dark.

    For the better part of a year now, the only thing everyone in Washington could agree upon was that now-ex FBI Director Jim Comey was an overreaching, underperforming dolt.
    He fancied himself to be attorney general after he had lost all confidence
    in Loretta Lynch, the actual attorney general.

    That was after Ms. Lynch had met privately on a jet with former President Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Phoenix. This was at a time when Mr. Clinton’s wife was running for president while under investigation by the attorney general and the FBI for criminal misuse of classified emails.

    Wearing his Big Boy AG shoes last summer, Mr. Comey delivered the most damning non-indictment of Mrs. Clinton in the history of criminal justice.

    After listing a long rap sheet of inexcusable, reckless and conspiratorial handling of state secrets over a purposely concealed home email server designed specifically to shield Mrs. Clinton from public scrutiny — Mr. Comey jarringly announced that he was recommending that no charges would be forthcoming.

    • I think that’s baloney–the line about him losing confidence in Lynch and usurping her job because of her meeting with Clinton. She didn’t WANT to be the decider. She wanted to skate out from under. She MADE HIM “usurp” her authority and job. She didn’t want to have to recuse herself because that would mean admitting to wrong-doing, so instead they played that little charade about him doing the presser without letting her know. No way did he make a decision like that without it being micromanaged by both Obama and Lynch. ON DEMAND from Bill, probably. They MADE HIM say she wouldn’t be prosecuted because Lynch wouldn’t make that call and Barry would look like they were doing what they were doing–giving Hillary a pass. They MADE COMEY announce that no prosecutor would prosecute that so that’s why he laid out the case so extensively–to telegraph to everyone that HE thought she ought to be prosecuted but there’s no use sending it to Lynch because she wasn’t about to prosecute no matter what, and now that she met with Bill and got CAUGHT MEETING WITH HIM, it would look too bad for Barry and Lynch to let Hillary off. Everybody in the FBI KNOWS and actually anybody with common sense KNOWS that Hillary committed federal crimes and should have been prosecuted for them, just as everybody else who’s done far less than she has been prosecuted and is even now doing time.

  8. Trump posing with her painting by Alex Da Corte
    (which he demanded she remove from her walls) ….WHAT???
    SELL it BACK 2 the little alex…. 4.. 50 X’s U paid $$ …. 4 IT!

  9. http://www.wnd.com/2017/05/the-fate-of-the-world-on-ivankas-shoulders/?cat_orig=diversions ….
    Honey Just DUST O F F …. them Shoulders like O’ did! … we get IT!

    Betsy DeVos heckled during Bethune-Cookman speech
    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Boos, Catcalls & the turning of Backs welcomed the commencement speaker at Wednesday’s Bethune-Cookman University graduation ceremony.

    For 20 minutes, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s most opposed cabinet secretary nominee during confirmation hearings, endured jeers from the graduates & interruptions from the university president to calm down the crowd.

    At one point, President Edison Jackson even threatened to “send your diplomas in the mail” if the noise didn’t stop. BUTT’ did NOT????


    • That’s good news about Libby. I didn’t know he got his law license back. Good for him. A Comey victim.

      Oh, btw, there’s a story at Gateway Pundit about a young Russian man who claims Comey’s FBI tried to inveigle him to claim that HE hacked the DNC and Podesta ON BEHALF OF PUTIN TO HELP TRUMP, implying that Trump was involved in it, too. This I do believe. Comey wanted Cheney but settled for Libby. Who’s he after now, with trying to BRIBE this young Russian guy? He claimed they offered him citizenship and an apartment and all he had to do, it sounds like, is LIE. Comey KNOWS what he does not know. He does not and cannot know that the Russians hacked the DNC because the DNC, as Comey KNOWS, would not hand over their equipment to the FBI for scrutiny. So how the hell did they determine that the Russians hacked them, especially when everything else points to an inside job? Especially when it’s proven that the CIA can make things appear to have been hacked by the Russians (or anybody else) when it’s being hacked by the CIA. Here’s the story from Am. Thinker: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/05/russian_hacker_claims_fbi_offered_him_citizenship_and_a_new_life_if_he_would_confess_to_hacking_podesta_emails_on_behalf_of_putin_and_trump.html

      No surprise. This would be the same people who tried to blame Benghazi on an innocent filmmaker (and sent him to jail).

    • They disrespect Trump and everyone in his administration. Look, especially, how they denigrate the women who speak on Trump’s behalf: Sanders and Conway. It’s a perfect illustration of their sexism.

    • Re: http://www.thepostemail.com/2017/05/12/trump-suggests-tapes-exist-conversations-comey/

      The lamestream media is beyond ridiculous. They claim to be journalists and yet they report as truth RUMORS and GOSSIP that they don’t even bother to try to verify or get back up from (here’s an original idea) the person about whom they’re making claims. Why didn’t they ASK Rosenstein if he threatened to quit before they published that LIE? Answer: Because they wanted to publish the LIE fed to them by DemoncRAT anonymous fabricators to further the DemoncRAT narrative and hurt Trump. It’s the ONLY PLAUSIBLE EXPLANATION for why they persist in publishing unverified rumors, lies, and innuendo.

      Today, my local paper published the LIE that was thoroughly debunked yesterday (including by McCabe speaking under oath and by the DOJ itself) that Comey asked for more resources for the Russian probe. A LIE and they KNEW IT BEFORE THEY CONTINUED TO PUBLISH IT. And yet they gaslight by claiming that Trump’s the one pushing fake news.

      It didn’t happen. They continue to claim it did happen. I think it’s likely true that Comey LIED to Congress (because it’s been stated that he briefed Congress earlier in the week and told them he had asked for more resources) and that when Trump saw that Comey was LYING to Congress about this resource business, it was another nail in Comey’s coffin. Duplicitous snake, as I said elsewhere.

      Somebody’s lying. So whom do you believe? NAMED PEOPLE WHO OWN THEIR STATEMENTS–Rosenstein, McCabe, spokespersons for the DOJ and WH? OR the “anonymous officials” that the media quote (or Comey)?

      What gets me is that today TWICE I read that they’re again saying that Trump is making claims “without evidence” to back up his claims–this time with regard to Comey telling him thrice that he’s not under investigation. Now what’s insane (and more gaslighting to drive us nuts) is that it’s the MEDIA who have no evidence. Trump’s evidence is that HE WAS THERE (and maybe has tapes. 🙂 ) What’s the media’s evidence that Comey did NOT tell Trump this?

      Well, they have OPINIONS by people who weren’t there who claim Comey would NEVER have said that to a person potentially under investigation because it’s not good form and it’s unethical and Comey would NEVER do anything like that. But, but, but … did he NOT reveal the fact that he’d reopened the investigation into Clinton? Did he not reveal that there’s an ongoing “counterintelligence investigation” into Russia and the election? Did he not behave unethically in the Clinton email probe, as stipulated by Rosenstein–a NAMED person who stands behind his words that Comey should never have usurped the position of the AG and then laid out the evidence in a case that was NOT going to be prosecuted? (btw, I think Comey did that so that she could NEVER be prosecuted in the future. Wouldn’t at this point she have a claim that the “jury” is tainted and the cards stacked against her? Indicted without a chance to defend herself? Heard today that he probably gave Hillary immunity that can’t be rescinded, anyway.)

      There’s NOTHING ethical about how Comey operated. That’s what this is all about in the first place, so it’s kind of stupid for the media to rely on OPINIONS of people who are his friends to refute what Trump knows he heard!

      Besides that, I read a convincing article in the WSJ today that says if Comey WERE investigating Trump, he should be fired because the FBI doesn’t investigate a sitting president. ONLY the House of Representatives has that privilege. Only the House can charge Trump with anything. Not the FBI. It’s a separation of powers issue, so if Trump is NOT under investigation and never was, then HOW CAN IT BE OBSTRUCTION FOR HIM TO FIRE COMEY FOR CAUSE?

  11. Bill Clinton’s, “love child”, Danny Williams found dead !!!! Cause of Death is suspicious !!!! http://trenddify.com/breaking-bill-clinton-love-child-danney-williams-found-dead-cause-death-issuspicious/

  12. weekly address

  13. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/whitehouse/the-latest-paper-says-comey-didnt-pledge-loyalty-to-trump/2017/05/11/821afb56-36bf-11e7-ab03-aa29f656f13e_story.html

    This will take some wind out of their sails. Too sad for the fake news media:

    “The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee says he doesn’t think the FBI investigation into alleged links between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia is the reason Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

    North Carolina Republican Sen. Richard Burr adds that, “To date, there has been no evidence of collusion.” …”

    And they were so hoping that Burr was the next McLame. Looks like Trump’s “threat” to Comey worked–Comey “declined” to meet with the Congress crooks to be interviewed behind closed doors. Of course, it’s always possible he wants another public forum so he can “grandstand” like he does so well. Duplicitous snake. Oh, yeah. Maxine was forced to also say there’s NO EVIDENCE of collusion. SAD.

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