Send in the Austrian Clown

h/t The Gateway Pundit

There’s a need to share and expound on this lunacy.

Says the “broad-minded left-liberal” Austrian president, Alexander Van der Bellen, in the above video, on the topic of Muslim women and headscarves:

It’s every woman’s right … do men wear headscarves, too? No, or do they?


It’s every woman’s right to wear whatever she likes; that’s my opinion on the matter.


How about this?

By the way, not only Muslim women … any woman can wear a headscarf.

Sometimes, sometimes not.

And if it goes on like this–and with that I’m at the next question: the actual rampant Islamophobia–

there will come a day when we will have to ask all women to wear a headscarf … ALL!!! … out of solidarity towards those who do it for religious reasons.

What? Wait! Wrong religion.

What a clown. Won’t “we” have to ask all men to wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslim men? Guess not.

It must depend upon what Van der Bellen’s definition of ask is. We know what all means.

But his statement sounds suspiciously like

We’ll have to make all women wear headscarves.


103 responses to “Send in the Austrian Clown

  1. Some 1 .. 2 LOOK UP 2 … WE R BLESSED!

    • Trump probably shouldn’t get his hopes too high. I cannot see any progressives, libs, or DemoncRATS giving him a smoother time.

      • Ha, ha. I love this:

        “Jeff Mason, Reuters White House correspondent and president of the White House Correspondents Association, delivered a speech at Saturday’s annual White Correspondents Dinner that rebuked President Donald Trump for his criticisms of the press, even though Trump skipped the dinner and instead spoke at a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

        Mason used Trump’s own words to reject Trump’s criticisms of the press and received a standing ovation from the several thousand attendees at the black tie dinner held at the Washington Hilton, located a mile or so north of the White House in Northwest Washington, D.C.

        Mason also warned that press freedoms are under threat in the U.S., implying that Trump was to blame.

        …”It is our job to report on facts and to hold leaders accountable. That is who we are. We are not fake news. We are not failing news organizations. And we are not the enemy of the American people.” …”

        We can apply the Obama Rule to the media, too, and to most progressives: WHATEVER THEY SAY, THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE. So, in this case, they ARE the enemy of the American people. Without a doubt. Everything they do and say PROVES IT.

        If it’s their “job” to hold leaders accountable, then why were they AWOL for the past 9 years, at least? Obama wasn’t held accountable for ANYTHING. As for reporting “facts,” when will they get around to reporting the FACTS about Obama and who he IS? I haven’t read in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA yet the bombshell that Barry “considered” being gay!

  2. sucker PUNCH …Ha YOU ALL ^^^ your HEARTS on the OTHER SIDE!

  3. CHARLES S •
    Just remember that anything associated with that Demented Mentally Insane EVIL Monster Soros, is NOT good. I pray that he will soon be
    carried off and place in a casket. May he rot in Hell where he belongs.

    The only reason Soros is still alive is because both Heaven & Hell will
    NOT …..take him.

    • Soros gave $36 …… Million to groups organizing
      >>>>> ‘People’s Climate March’ <<<<< ….O' ~ it's only $$$$
      By Rick Moran

      The "People's Climate March" in Washington, D.C. featured tens of thousands of demonstrators, drawn to another opportunity to show
      their opposition to President Trump.

      There were no less than 55 groups who helped organize the march. According to the Media Research Center, 18 of those groups received
      $36 million from George Soros ……over the last decade,…. proving once again the billionaire Democratic donor's …. influence on liberal activists.!!

      Washington Times:
      The People’s Climate March scheduled for Saturday has a powerful billionaire behind it: Democratic Party donor …. George Soros.

      Mr. Soros, who heads the Open Society Foundations, contributed over $36 million between 2000 and 2014 to 18 of the 55 organizations ……
      on the march’s steering committee, according to an analysis released Friday by the conservative Media Research Center.

  4. Listen Now ….find @Dennis Prager … such a great show….
    Prager H1: Dennis talks to French media analyst, Phillipe Karsenty. The French held an important Presidential election yesterday. The two who emerged on top, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, will face each other in two weeks. Macron is center left. Le Pen is hard to categorize. Macron is the prohibitive favorite…

  5. White House Correspondents’ Dinner “Celebrity” Utters Shameful Faux Pas


    by Sharon Rondeau


      “On Twitter on Sunday, a remark Minhaj made at the dinner during his “roasting” of Trump and his administration referred to Energy Secretary Rick Perry as “sitting in a room full of plutonium waiting to become Spider-Man.”

      Another of Minhaj’s references to Perry was, ““Hey, has anyone seen Rick Perry since he became energy secretary?”

      In response to the Fox News tweet containing the comment, The Daily Mail’s White House correspondent, David Martosko, tweeted, “Actually, Sec. Perry was making funeral arrangements for his father. Nice job.” …”

      Doubt there will be an apology because the lamestream won’t bother to report this insult. In fact, I read that Minhaj’s performance was wonderful, according to the lamestream.

      I like this one:

      “In 1916, attorney and future ambassador to Italy Breckinridge Long questioned whether or not Charles Evans Hughes should have been a presidential candidate given his birth in the U.S. to British-citizen parents. “…is there not a distinction between ‘native born’ and ‘natural born’? At the time he was born his father and mother were subjects of England. His father had not then been naturalized. The day after Mr. Hughes was born his father had a right, as an English subject, to go to the British consul, at New York, and to present his wife and infant and to claim any assistance he might need from the consul as the representative of the English government,” Long wrote in an essay published in the Chicago Legal News that year.

      Long further amplified:

      If the father becomes naturalized before the birth of the child and is at the time of the birth of the child a citizen of the United States, then the child is a “natural born” citizen. But in the case of Mr. Hughes the father was not naturalized at the time the son was born, and was at that time a subject of England. How could the son be a “natural born” citizen of the United States?

      Woodrow Wilson went on to win a second term in 1916, in effect making Long’s arguments moot. …”

      What I find totally hypocritical and amazing is that NY, among other states, is trying to make it a qualification to get on the presidential and vice-presidential ballots that a candidate MUST release their tax returns! This is NOT in the Constitution but what IS in the Constitution are the age and natural born citizen requirements. What document would PROVE that a candidate is therefore eligible? Why, a legal birth certificate. However, nobody (no state, no judge, no election board, no politician of any party) made Obama or any other candidate provide proof of CONSTITUTIONAL ELIGIBILITY.

  6. Ann got her speech read, in spite of the haters. 😆

  7. WOW!!

  8. That Orly Taitz is really smart. She just said what I;ve been sayin, namely it is time to end the Senate fiibuster rule or else we will get the democrats in 2018 bragging about how the Repubicans achieved nothing.
    Here she is:

    I posted several articles here and forwarded them to President Trump. I advocated for him to start pushing Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority leader, to change the filibuster rules from 60 to 51, meaning 51 senators can end the filibuster and all of the bills will be passed through the senate with 51 votes. Similar change of rules was done by Harry Read in order to confirm all of the officials of Obama administration and federal judges. Recently this change of rules was extended to confirmations for the Supreme Court, which allowed Gorsuch to get confirmed.

    Now is the time for this change of rules for all votes on all bills, which would allow the Congress to confirm funding for the border wall, for all other funding and for all of Trump’s agenda.This might need to be done within the next week as government funding was extended just for 1 week.

    Today FOX transmitted an interview with President Trump, where he stated that he is now seeking a change of filibuster rules to pass through the agenda.

    Every reader of should call each and every one of 52 GOP senators and demand they pass the “nuclear option” or simply majority 51 vote rule to end the filibuster on all bills.
    The continuing resolution that is being sent to the President for the rest of the 2017 financial year should be his wake up call.
    Mr. Trump, please place Orly on your WH staff. Maybe she could replace that Kuchner guy?

    • Hope so. I agree with Orly. Why is Trump talking Sept. if the deal is only for a week? YES, yes, yes. Get the son-in-law out of the Oval Office. And Ivanka, too, since it appears she is FAR MORE LIBERAL than anybody who put her father in the WH.

      • facebkwallflower

        As far as I am concerned, It means little to me that Kuchner and Ivanka are very close relatives. What bothers me is their age! Too fracking young to be advisors of ANY kind to an almost 70 year old man who has been around the world a few times and knows more in his little pinky nail than they could ever hope to know.


          Well, this is a very concerning story abut Kushner. He’s in business with SOROS and he failed to report loans to the tune of a BILLION BUCKS!

          “The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Senior White House advisor, Jared Kushner did NOT include information regarding his ownership in a real-estate finance venture, which makes him business partners with the infamous globalist and Obama-puppet master, George Soros. …”

          Soros gave Kushner’s company Cadre a quarter of a billion dollar line of credit! Gee, nothing like being beholden. And why not REPORT it? That article also cites Kushner’s (and Trump’s) lawyer–JAMIE GORELICK, also someone we know only too well from the Obama times. Not to worry, though. Jared’s going to re-report and “fix” his omission, now that he’s firmly ensconced in our WH.

          You have a good point about their ages. Nothing makes either of them particularly astute with regard to business, even though both have successful companies. Take away their wealthy families and try to convince me that either of them would be where they are today absent “connections” and MONEY that came to them as a result. Both have fathers who backed them in many, many ways.

          With ALIPAC removing their endorsement of Trump because he broke two campaign promises already with regard to immigration (doing away with DACA and stopping refugee entry), I’m beginning to have a really bad feeling about the way things are going lately. They don’t even mention how this budget “deal” removes the only current way that Trump COULD start building the way (by relying on that 2006 bill, which is allegedly being repealed by the budget deal. He SHOULD veto it or at least demand a line item veto on the poison pill they put in it to stop new money going to CONSTRUCTING THE WALL.)

          ALIPAC also claims that Trump’s on the verge of pushing for a Paul Ryan/GOPe/RINO/DemoncRAT-style “comprehensive immigration reform” (aka AMNESTY) without building the WALL. Ryan was out there defending his budget bill regarding immigration, saying there’s more money for enforcement and that they’re closing the border, so it makes sense that he’s next going to push for the old BS–amnesty only after we “close the border,” which he seems to be claiming they did.

          • facebkwallflower

            We took a risk and gambled with Trump and may get Obama’d. Just don’t know yet. I don’t quite, but that is just a hesitant “quite”, buy into to the reporting of the Kushner/Soros connection as there are probably many Americans who have loans with banks that have ties through ties through ties to Soros and don’t know about it. So, I will hold my judgment until I can find out what the ties are. Somewhere in the recesses of my gut I got a sinking feeling when I read this because I remembered some of Ivanka’s connections (like so-and-so and Putins ex-girlfriend or something) and thought this new “revelation could be true.

            Since Trump’s loyalty is his strong suit, combined with high levels of family emotional dependancy, the mantra “blood is thicker than water” gives me pause. Serious pause. But will wait. Yet, eventually I will get tired of these “loyalty waits”, as I call these moments. I know for one thing, I will not spend eight years like the Obama koolaid drinkers insisting the guy I voted for is right, right, right, and has my support.

            About all this latest “Wait for September for shutdown” thing. and Trump saying it is a “good budget”. . . Well, I will sit and wait (waiting again) to see if Trump vetos it when it finally comes across his desk because he has said in war he keeps the enemy wondering what his next move is and maybe, just maybe, he like me sees Ryan as the enemy.

            • I agree. You’re right about loans, but I guess it depends, like you say, on the details. Why not report it up front, though? That gives me pause.

              I haven’t thrown in the towel yet. Rush Limbaugh has his take on the budget “deal” and I agree to an extent:

              It’s going to take voting for non-Republican Republicans or whoever, but not RINOs or GOPes or DemoncRATS. Why DO WE VOTE REPUBLICAN for House and Senate if THIS is what we get when we have the majority? Because, as Rush says, they’re lying. They REALLY DON’T WANT what they PRETEND to want. They’re ALL LIARS, iow. The DemoncRATS are out there right now trying to figure out how best to go a-visiting the rural areas and blue-collar whites in urban areas and PRETEND TO BE ON THEIR SIDE AND HOW BEST TO LIE TO MAKE THEM THINK THEY’RE ON THEIR SIDE. Rush said,

              “There’s no reason to keep electing Republicans if this is what we’re gonna get with this budget deal, which pays — continually pays — for sanctuary cities, funds Obamacare, funds the EPA, gives money to Planned Parenthood and no money for the wall. If you’re asking, “What am I voting for Republicans for?” you have a legitimate question. This is one of the reasons Donald Trump was elected. This is the swamp. This is what needs to be drained: The way the budget happens, the way legislation happens, who’s responsible for it. …”

              I’m on a loyalty wait, too. I like that. Good one! Waiting until Sept., though? I don’t know. That’s a long time to wait. If Trump won’t take a stand, put his foot down NOW, TODAY, THIS WEEK, then what the hell will change between now and Sept.? In Sept., it will be another continuance, I fear.

              • facebkwallflower

                I want President Trump to read the entire damn CR to us. Hmmm. Anyone tweeting may want to start this request.

          • facebkwallflower

            About monies NOT being in bill for wall and Ryan being so loudmouthed blabbing it, There is a lot of monies allocated for “border security” and in theory could be used for wall as that is indeed border security. Nothing excludes it from being used for wall, either. So maybe the Ryan, being a democrat in mind, soul, and body is mouthing the “wording” for wall is not in it hoping for all of us to believe it. ????

  9. You heard it here first!
    President Donald Trump on Tuesday appeared to call for a government shutdown later this year in response to a bipartisan spending deal that looks set to pass Congress this week.

    In tweets, the president contended that the agreement — which funds the government through Sept. 30 — shows that Republicans must get more senators elected or change the Senate’s rules so they can push spending through with only a majority vote, rather than 60. He then wrote that the country “needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September” to fix a “mess.”

    Trump tweet: The reason for the plan negotiated between the Republicans and Democrats is that we need 60 votes in the Senate which are not there! We….

    Trump continued: either elect more Republican Senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%. Our country needs a good “shutdown” in September to fix mess!

    The tweets came after Congress reached a compromise to keep the government open that they appear set to pass with Trump’s signature this week. The deal did not include funding for a wall on the Southern border, which Trump initially called for, and includes less money for border security and defense than Trump sought, according to NBC News.
    Can’t go on like this!

    • No, it can’t. Where does this all end? I’m upset that the agreement appears to have given the DemoncRATS more of what they want and specifically blocked what the people who elected Trump want. Namely, defund Planned Parenthood and build the damned wall. Not only does this compromise NOT fund the wall but it’s said that it specifically PREVENTS/BLOCKS Trump from using the 2006 law (authorization) to build it, as he was planning to do. I don’t know whether this is true or not, but it does seem that no new building is going to take place. If Trump can make the case to the people, then maybe September will bring us what Trump promised. Or maybe his idea is to use this to defeat DemoncRATS in 2018 for House/Senate seats. We can’t wait that long. If Trump loses his supporters, it’s going to be a short 4 years to disaster.

  10. …. THE GIRLS of … BOKO HARAM…… Y E S!!!!!!
    Nigerian official says 83 Chibok girls FREE???? from Boko Haram
    HARUNA UMAR & KRISTA LARSON,Associated Press .. 30 minutes ago

    MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — 83 Chibok schoolgirls seized 3 years ago by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria have been released into military custody, authorities said late Saturday, a dramatic development in the mass abduction that brought the extremist group’s rampage to world attention.

    Family members said they were eagerly awaiting a list of names and “our hopes and expectations are high.”

    It was the second group release of Chibok schoolgirls. Nigeria’s government in October announced that 21 girls had been freed after negotiations with Boko Haram, saying another group of 83 would be released “very soon.” Before Saturday’s release, 195 of the girls had remained captive.

    “Huge numbers,” the personal assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari, Bashir Ahmad, tweeted late Saturday.

    A Nigerian military official with direct knowledge of the rescue operation said the 83 freed girls were found near the town of Banki in Borno state near Cameroon.

    “The location of the girls kept changing since yesterday when the operation to rescue them commenced,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to make the announcement.

    The number released could not be independently confirmed by The Associated Press, and there was no official government announcement late Saturday.

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