White Trash?

“White trash Mount Rushmore?” That’s what Paul Begala, former White House Counsel to Bill Clinton, said about a photo of Governor Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent, who were posed in front of the official portrait of Hillary Clinton that’s hanging in the White House. Yep. White trash. That’s what he said. Nice.
And the Clintonistas continue to blame Russians, FBI Director James Comey, and the media for Hillary Clinton’s presidential election loss, as if this attitude of theirs about white people–so prevalent among Clinton’s supporters (and herself)–wasn’t a YUGE part of the equation.

Deplorables and white trash. No wonder infamous feminist  Camille Paglia believes that President Trump is already well on his way to reelection.

Other choice insults tossed towards the Trump  trio include “rednecks,” “idiots,” “3rd-graders,” “classless,” and “disrespectful.”

So Obama can have gay activists to the White House who disrespectfully flip the bird at the portraits of the late, great President Reagan and former President Bush,

yet it becomes a figurative federal crime if President Trump invites his own supporters to the People’s House and they dare to just pose with Hillary Clinton’s portrait. Nobody flipped her the bird, although many would gladly do so, given the chance.

Joy Behar and the “ladies” of The View had a hissy fit over Palin’s visit. Behar wondered if it was

the saddest day in the history of the White House since the British burned it to the ground in 1814.

Hardly. Some might point out that the assassinations of presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy might just rank at least a tad sadder than any visit by Sarah Palin. Granted, the assassinations didn’t occur at the White House, but surely those were very sad days in that particular building, nevertheless.

A writer at Bizpac Review provides an example of another sad day that happened on Obama’s watch:

As for the saddest day, that may have occurred when rapper Rick Ross’ ankle bracelet started beeping while visiting President Barack Obama — he was on house arrest after being convicted of kidnapping and pistol-whipping.

Ross, who released a song in December that included the lyrics “assassinate Trump,” was invited to the White House in 2015 with a number of other hip hop artists when the bracelet went off following an Obama speech.

Funny how the mainstream media notice when President Trump has friends over for dinner on a Wednesday evening, going so far as to point out the menu (lobster salad, lamb chops, Baked Alaska), but they didn’t find it in their hearts to negatively pan the nearly weekly and expensive Wednesday night soirees held by the Obamas, featuring such great role models as Beyonce and Ludacris, among others.

Racism? Misogyny? Not disrespectful, apparently. Not sad. Nobody’s talking about black or gay trash in the media, on CNN, or on The View. They wouldn’t dare.

So just keep on keeping on, progressives. We’re looking forward to having Republicans in the White House for a good long time.


91 responses to “White Trash?

  1. happened B – 4 & won’t show THE PUBLIC the videos… It has
    happened before? ….GIVE YOUR RIDERS A “HEADS UP” ???
    this COULD B Life & DEATH!!!!!
    I say BS this CRAP NEEDS to be EXPOSED 4 WHO is doing this
    Let’s Change .. LOTS of LAWS … today … 4 IT’S SO different now



    • “Newest threat?” This has been going on for years, all while Barry looked the other way and told LEOs to “stand down.” Now blacks have a “right to crime,” say some.

  2. ~ FelliniFan Allston • ….. more comments…. ^^^^^
    BART riders are at risk. PC governments in Bay Area will do nothing because of the race of the criminals. Next time I ride BART it will be without valuables. No watch, one credit card and a minimum of cash.
    Cell phone? I don’t know.

    Anyone who defends them self from these uncivilized “youths” will be subjected to legal hell for years.

    ~ catman •
    Not here in Arizona we won’t. There is a good reason why Arizona is
    a “Constitutional carry state”. Flash mobs may well run into their Demise here.
    If I am in a store & a flash mob’ runs amuck, you can bet the farm I
    will take action if I feel my life or the life of another is in jeopardy. Being a retired LEO, I think I can tell the difference between a mob & someone just acting out & making a scene.

    • And wasn’t there another similar case recently, where 60 black (mostly) females rampaged through a shopping mall?

    • Who wants to drive in states like CO, where pot is legal? It’s bad enough that there are people texting and driving. Now they’re stoned, too. See how fatal accidents TRIPLED in CO after pot was legalized. Where’s the equivalent of MADD? I’ve had the misfortune of having had to drive in rural areas during the height of the meth epidemic. It wasn’t pretty. It was freaking SCARY being on the road with people hopped up on meth. There are many physiological negative effects of pot smoking. Basically what you get from smoking cigarettes with other hormone-like effects (e.g., feminization of males), too. This is just ANOTHER case where liberals want what they want and so DENY science and reality to get what they want, responsibility-free.

  3. None of this matters a Piffling Toss:
    As pointed out by CFP reader Paul Bush (no relation to the presidential family) these are the top to bottom headlines on MSNBC today:

    Judge Blocks Trump order to cut sanctuary city funding
    Trump surrenders to avoid shutdown—Maddowblog
    Will Michael Flynn go to jail?
    Matthews on Ivanka’s WH role: ‘Its un-American’
    Limbaugh slams Trump for ‘caving’ on border wall
    Chaffetz scolds Flynn: ‘You can’t do this’
    ‘Phony numbers & front groups’ among Trump inauguration
    NBC/WSJ Poll: Trump losing electorates as agenda struggles
    Trump compares hight TV ratings to 9/11 coverage
    Trump’s mostly empty government

    Continued below…

    “Absolutely horrific. No way any POTUS can withstand this barrage of negativity since his election”, Bush wrote CFP. “Then similarly attacked by ABC, CBS, CNN, WaPo, NYT, PBS, PBR, European media, Canadian, Mexican—you name it.

    Yeah that stuff is from canadafreepress
    Trump is totally misunderestimated by his mainstream enemies and his concerned base.

    Let’s take it part line by line:
    Judge Blocks Trump order to cut sanctuary city funding
    so what? It will go the Supreme Court, but there is no problem sending
    federal agents into SF/LA to arrest and deport MS13 etc, There is no
    State’s Rights appeal here.
    Trump surrenders to avoid shutdown—Maddowblog
    Pesky old Constitution. If Congress won’t provide the funds we’ll just have to not rely on a big wall, but rather on arresting everybody in sight and not letting them go. We don’t need Congress to approve that.
    Will Michael Flynn go to jail?
    Who cares? He is not part of the US government. Might just as well ask if Hillary will go to jail.
    Matthews on Ivanka’s WH role: ‘Its un-American’
    Limbaugh slams Trump for ‘caving’ on border wall
    Chaffetz scolds Flynn: ‘You can’t do this’
    Who Cares?
    Limbaugh can run for office if he wants.
    The art of the deal is the art of what is possible.
    ‘Phony numbers & front groups’ among Trump inauguration
    NBC/WSJ Poll: Trump losing electorates as agenda struggles
    Trump compares hight TV ratings to 9/11 coverage
    Trump’s mostly empty government
    Nothing there worthy of comment.

    About a week after Trump inauguration, I realized that I would not hear, in the next eight years, any good news story about Trump.
    What’s different?

    I could wish, on several fronts, Trump would do something different and more in line with what I want, but I didn’t run for president.

    Here’s the thing wot we really need to fear,
    that being the day when the media say Trump is really really OK.
    That’s the day when Kushner/Soros/Ivanka hold sway over a man I am sure is too smart to be swayed by any of the above crap.

    • I’m semi-concerned about what they have on Chaffetz and why he’s being complicit with Cummings. The goal is probably to put the FEAR of prosecution into Flynn so he “turns” and testifies against Trump in some way so as to give them ammunition for impeachment or, at least, to use against him in the next elections. Will Flynn stand up to them? Who knows? Is he the kind of guy who will say whatever it takes to avoid their Scooter-Libbying him? Who knows? But that’s the goal. They need a scalp.

  4. We also get all this conspiracy theory stuff about Ivanka/Kushner.
    Here’s a very Israeli-phobic screed about Kushner taking over the WH:
    to wit and verily:
    The growing threats of a Purple Revolution were purposefully fabricated as an incentive for Trump to relinquish and/or trash his most important campaign promises. Fictitious MSM polls pushed his approval ratings to unprecedented lows in order to encourage Team Trump to make a dramatic foreign policy shift. Warmongering almost always engenders fake patriotism that creates reflexive support for a sitting POTUS.

    Donald Trump carried out Syria missile strike ‘after being convinced by daughter Ivanka’

    Even the MSM reported that it was daughter Ivanka who convinced Trump to launch the illegal missile strikes against Syria. Given her conversion to husband Jared’s extreme form of Jewish Zionism, it ought to be obvious who influenced Ivanka.

    Welcome to the Kushner presidency!

    Everything has changed.

    With such an egregious and indisputable war crime committed against Syria hanging over his head for the next 4 years, Trump is toast. He killed his presidency with one fatal blunder and exceedingly reckless mistake.

    No matter what Trump does from this point forward, he has proven himself to be a pathological liar who cannot be trusted. He has likewise staffed his administration with serial prevaricators. Trump’s blind rush to judgment, without any factual evidence whatsoever, reveals him to be without conscience and devoid of common sense.

    Given this unfortunate state of affairs, the American people are effectively leaderless once again. In the ensuing chaos, the nation is being stampeded into more foreign wars on behalf of Israel. Trump has been relegated to nothing more than a puny pitchman for the Greater Israel project. And his prominently positioned son-in-law is but a messenger boy relaying the orders from Tel Aviv.
    blah blah blah
    Let’s look at the central premise.
    The allegation is that:

    With such an egregious and indisputable war crime committed against Syria hanging over his head for the next 4 years, Trump is toast. He killed his presidency with one fatal blunder and exceedingly reckless mistake.

    Who sez it’s a war crime? And who has the authority to bring the President to judgement? No one on this Earth.
    I don’t want Kushner/Ivanka in the WH. Trump has probably already made
    these calculations because he is nobody’s fool.

    But this conspiracy theory raving is lunatic madness. We are told that Trump’s warlike moves against NK and Iran are because Israel told him to do that? or else what? Ivanka would pout?
    C’mon, this does not even deserve consideration.

    This is all Piffling Tossing.

    • Again, I agree. I have my doubts about WHO used the chemical weapons, but there are NO GOOD ACTORS over there, anyway. If it makes WHOEVER IT WAS think twice before doing it again, it served its purposes. War crime? Who knows? Let them try to prosecute it. Barry did far worse and killed far more for lesser results and the lamestream said diddly squat. I don’t want Ivanka or Kushner, either. We didn’t elect them. We elected Trump. I felt the same way about the Clinton “co-presidency.” Sit down, Hillary, and shut up. Nobody elected you. Same for Jaranka. Sorry. They’re too “moderate” for the tastes of most who voted for Trump and if they pull him to the center, then he’s going to LOSE his base.

  5. More woe is us from Ann Coulter:

    On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” author Ann Coulter weighed in on the cancellation of her speech at UC-Berkeley and President Trump’s dropping of his demand for border wall funding by stating, “I think the GOP should change their motto to ‘Next Time.’ We’ll fight this next time.”

    Coulter said, “I think the GOP should change their motto to ‘Next Time.’ We’ll fight this next time. We’ll show them how good we are this time. No, we want to win now. Whether it comes to judges, Ruth Bader Ginsburg gets — you may Google it — about 98 votes from the Republicans, and Clarence Thomas, 52. Gorsuch barely slips through. You have Donald Trump with, — he gives away DACA, and then he doesn’t get the wall. Well, that’ll show ’em how good he is. What a good humanitarian, by saying what a big heart he has for those DREAMers, the illegal aliens he promised to deport. Next time we’ll get them. And now we have YAF saying, well, we’re going to strike a blow for the next speaker at Berkeley. No, I want to win now. Can Republicans ever win now?
    enough of that

    Ann? Was it you or was it not you that cancelled your planned Berkeley speech? I think it was you. I don’t think president Trump declared a state pf emergency and forbade you permission to try to speak.
    OK, you got scared. You wanted backup.
    I bet lots of soldiers in lots of wars wanted ever so desparately for backup, maybe the more traditional word is reinforcements.
    I also think a lot of soldiers, when reinforcements were not coming, went ahead anyways to fight the battle.
    You did not.
    And now you want to blame everybody but not yourself.
    Don’t waste my time.

    • I agree. Did she go there as she threatened or what? Can SHE follow through, too, as she expects others to? btw, I do agree with her about the wall. The Border Patrol says they will REGRET big time their endorsement of Trump if he doesn’t build that damned wall as he PROMISED. Whatever it takes. By any means necessary. Those are the progressives’ and Barry’s mottos, so why not Trump’s? Obama illegally appropriated money without Congress, so Trump should follow suit.

  6. They call it, Shutting down government But!!

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