FBI Hired Steele While He Worked for Clinton?

From my perspective, it seems that the closer we get to the truth about the Obama administration’s “investigation” into alleged Trump/Russian connections, the more the media and their friends in the Democrat Party seem to want to fuggedaboutdit.

Where’d that bogus anti-Trump dossier come from? Well, it seems that the FBI may have paid for it. Did they use our money? Who’s interfering (perhaps illegally) in presidential elections now? Who’s working with foreigners against one candidate to favor another? Talk about collusion!

Mr. [Christopher] Steele [an ex-UK spy who compiled the dossier] entered an agreement with the FBI a few weeks before the November 2016 election to investigate then-candidate Donald Trump while, at the same time, he was employed by an opposition research firm to collect information for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

CoA Institute President and CEO John Vecchione: “If a former spy who was being paid to do opposition research on a U.S. presidential nominee was also on the FBI’s payroll, there are serious concerns about the agency’s independence. We need to better understand this financial relationship to ensure the FBI was not misusing taxpayer money to interfere in a presidential election on behalf of one of the candidates.”

Knowing already what the bogus opposition research dossier claimed, and knowing its provenance, did the FBI pay Steele in order to justify having used the dossier as “evidence” to get a judge to issue a FISA warrant? In other words, did they pay him only to cauterize or sanitize the provenance, in order to obfuscate the truth? A coverup, or something more sinister?

Did Comey advise the FISA judge that the dossier came from Hillary Clinton’s campaign?

It seems that the FBI had used the phony “dossier” to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s so-called associates and to dig for anything else they could use against Trump before, during, and after the election.

FBI Director James Comey has cited the dossier in some of his briefings with lawmakers in recent weeks as one of the information sources used by his bureau to bolster its probe, U.S. officials briefed on the investigation told CNN. …

The secret court that oversees the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) granted the FBI a warrant to monitor the communications of Page, a former national security adviser on Trump’s campaign. …

Comey’s mentions of the dossier in briefings to lawmakers contrasts with other U.S. intelligence agencies who have sought to distance themselves from it.

Why? Next came the “unmasking” of those spied upon for what seem to be political reasons and then came the Obama administration’s plan to spread raw intelligence throughout the government, which then allowed the information to be leaked to the media to damage Trump and to undermine his administration, as well as to hurt his chances for reelection.

Funny how the Russian/Trump story is suddenly being dropped like a hot Russian potato. Maybe this lawsuit will provide much-needed illumination:

Watchdog group, Cause of Action (CoA) has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia seeking records relating to the relationship between the FBI and Christopher Steele, a former British spy who was the lead author of the largely debunked Trump dossier.



108 responses to “FBI Hired Steele While He Worked for Clinton?

  1. Zenway linked this on the prior post, but it’s really pertinent to this new post: http://www.trevorloudon.com/2017/04/british-role-confirmed-in-trump-spying-scandal/

    “The British Guardian posted a report on April 13 claiming that its sources now admit that the British spy agency GCHQ was digitally wiretapping Trump associates, going back to late 2015. This was presumably when the December 2015 Moscow meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Lt. General Michael Flynn took place.

    This runs contrary to the blanket nature of the denial insinuated in GCHQ’s carefully-crafted statement of March 17 claiming it was all “nonsense” and “utterly ridiculous” that they conducted surveillance of “then president-elect” Donald Trump (emphasis added). The surveillance went back a year before he became “president-elect.” [iow, they parsed to be technically correct in that he wasn’t yet president-elect when they spied on him.]

    President Trump’s claim of being “wire tapped” has been vindicated. Indeed, the surveillance is far more extensive than even he suspected at the time.

    Based on the new disclosures, we can safely conclude that the world’s most advanced and extensive system of computerized espionage was indeed used against him and people he worked with, for political purposes, with the knowledge and approval of top Obama officials such as CIA Director John Brennan (one major name implicated by the Guardian).

    Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, who said GCHQ was involved in wiretapping Trump, has also vindicated. Fox News owes Napolitano an apology for yanking him off the air for a week for making that “controversial” and now-verified assertion. …”

    Collusion with foreign governments to sway an election! FIRE THEM ALL AND/OR PROSECUTE THEM.

    • How it was done:

      “But the Guardian is now reporting that it was CIA Director John Brennan who initiated, in about August 2016, what clearly seems to be an illegal domestic investigation of the Trump political campaign, which would be prohibited by the CIA charter.

      Reportedly “Brennan used [British] GCHQ information and intelligence from other partners to launch a major interagency investigation.” The infamous fake “Trump dossier” is apparently dragged in too.

      Brennan then proceeded to give highly classified “urgent” briefings to individual members of the Congressional “Gang of Eight.” Beginning on about August 25, with then-Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) on that date, CIA chief Brennan claimed that the Russian email hackings of the Democratic National Committee were designed to help Trump win the election, according to The New York Times. These partisan briefings represent the politicization of the CIA under Obama, and are of dubious legality.

      In September 2016, this anti-Trump intelligence task force changed the previous “incidental” collection to outright direct targeting of Trump people so that their communications with Russia were “actively monitored,” not merely retrieved retroactively in digital archives with names having to be laboriously “unmasked.” (See also New York Times January 19/20, February 14.)

      Unmasking is unnecessary if one starts with the specific names of Trump personnel first, and then flags them for future surveillance, going forward in time. In that case, the “actively monitored” and flagged Trump names automatically trigger alerts in the NSA-GCHQ computers whenever the names turn up. These wiretap reports would then have been submitted to Obama officials at the level of national security adviser Susan Rice and CIA director Brennan, and perhaps to Obama himself. …”

      PERHAPS. In the meantime, where is Barry?

      • And here’s an interesting angle:

        “Did the Obama team “unmask” other presidential candidates and associates besides Trump, such as Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who visited Moscow in December 2015 and dined with Putin? Fox is reporting that Congressional investigators are now looking into whether other presidential candidates and Members of Congress were surveilled too. In 2014, CIA director Brennan was caught red-handed lying to the Senate about the CIA’s criminal hacking of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s computer system. …”

        Hmmm. We all wondered why Jill Stein was carrying Clinton’s water by putting herself front and center asking for the recounts that would, if they could be rigged, put Clinton in the WH. What did they KNOW about Stein’s meeting with Putin?

  2. Interesting. Carter Page is suing for violation of his privacy and he looks forward to discovery! http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/04/18/cnn-fbi-used-trump-dossier-to-obtain-fisa-warrant-against-carter-page/

  3. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/04/18/oh-lookie-here-report-comey-used-jeb-bushdnc-commissioned-dossier-to-gain-trump-fisa-warrant/

    “Summary: Hillary Clinton political operatives manufactured the illusion of a computer connection between Russian entities (financial banks) and the Trump campaign/organization. Those manufactured points of evidence were then passed along to White House entities who used the political intel community (Clapper to Comey) to open an investigation of nothingness – to nowhere. The mere existence of that investigation was then used as the originating point for a series of media intel leaks (the narrative) intended to cloud and damage the Trump campaign/organization. FBI Director James Comey, as head of one of the investigative agencies, became part of that political apparatus. Now, usefulness exhausted and with the media engaged, it’s CYA time all around for the originating entities.”

    • facebkwallflower

      Just got a brief glimpse of the list as each time the page goes solid black.

      • facebkwallflower

        OK. Here is what I did. First just one page list flashed or more like blinked then gone. However when I downloaded the black nothingness (I took a risk that I was not gonna get a virus or something) and I got tons of pages of stuff. Like everything Orly has ever gathered.

        • facebkwallflower

          Oh, what a refresher course reading through all this! I laughed aloud when I read under “People Search” for Obama’s address Harrison Bounel came up and under “Gender” was “U”. Hahhahahhahaah

        • Yeah! It’s 152 pages long. All of her acquired evidence, I suppose.

    • This is censorship and violation of the free speech and free association rights of conservative students. It’s the heckler’s veto. Isn’t that what they call it? So instead of POLICING the potentially violent, disruptive, and civil-rights-VIOLATING “students”, they infringe upon the rights of the conservative students who want to hear Ann. btw, if the original story was about cancelling her speech, the CURRENT story at that link says they reversed their decision to cancel. GOOD MOVE, Berkeley. Are you libs FINALLY understanding? THIS kind of behavior (the Ferguson effect) is EXACTLY why Trump won. You don’t PUNISH THE VICTIMS; you punish the violent students and outside agitators. By punishing Ann’s speech and treating her differently than others who have spoke there, they’re engaging in ILLEGAL VIEWPOINT discrimination. It’s racist and sexist, too.

  4. Does anybody care that O’Rilley is gone from Fox News?
    I don’t care, me.
    That guy was so “up himself” that I stopped watching him years ago.
    “up himself” is a British slang expression which is simultaneously acceptable in normal conversation and remarkably crude.
    It refers to a person who is so pleased with every aspect of themselves that they even think that their farts smell wonderful and therfore they place their heads, if they could, up their own backside orifice to be better able to breath in their scent.
    About as nicely as I could explain it.

    • I do not watch any Pundits.. 😀

    • Ha, ha. That’s funny. I’ve heard the expression but never understood THAT particular context. I agree that O’Reilly fits the “Bill”. I care about him leaving only if it means that Murdoch’s sons are taking it into a leftist direction that will make it just another MSNBC or CNN. The libs have been after O’Reilly for years. They’re going to consider this a big win and now they’ll go after Hannity, too. Although he’s a choir boy (literally, too, I’ll bet) compared to O’Reilly.

    • whoa!!!! Well, I don’t care that Bill Riley’s gone either, nor anybody else there. They’re all just a tease for conservatives. They all think their farts don’t stink, except for maybe a couple there.
      Now I have ROKU and don’t pay for cable so I don’t watch them much anymore and with RoKU FOX is about the only channel that doesn’t come in very well on a regular basis. I can get all sorts of foreign channels and CSpan, BBC,CNN, MSNBC and much more. don’t have to listen to O’Riley’s self agrandizing .

      • So you like ROKU? I’ve been considering it. Cable is getting so outrageous pricewise, and there’s no alternative where I live. Monopoly.

  5. I hope she Wins. 😀

  6. facebkwallflower

    Surprized to see mention of “pzzagate” in a mainstream rag, even if it poohpoohs it. It is in reference to Madeleine McCain. Mentions Podesta Brothers as well. Chalks both pza and bros up to conspiracy theories but does mention and that brings info to those who have never heard of such a thing. http://www.worldlifestyle.com/arts-entertainment/parents-worst-nightmare-the-story-of-madeleine-mccann/31#next-image

    • Like they say, who isn’t flawed? I am as likely to believe O’Reilly as the women, although it gave me pause when I heard Sarah Palin wouldn’t comment on whether she experienced anything like harassment at FOX. Sarah’s a straight shooter and I WOULD believe HER. Interesting that she has no comment versus “no problem.” I’m sure that there are plenty of men who come on to her. O’Reilly is what he is. It’s easy to see. Women who don’t see that immediately, well …

      I say I’m as likely to believe him as the women for the same reason I’m as likely to believe priests as their accusers. It’s an INDUSTRY and plenty of dinero to be made off it. If FOX, like the Church, capitulated rather than dealt with the on-going legal BS, then it’s their bad because IF one is INNOCENT, then one has only himself or herself to blame if a settlement ends up being a big old GUILTY SIGN hung around the neck.

      The Church, in many cases, thought it was the compassionate thing to do to just pay up and (not kidding) support the victim even if only a victim of self-delusion. MANY companies pay settlements just to avoid litigation and all the headaches it brings.

      WHY DID FOX PAY O’Reilly OFF TO THE TUNE OF ALMOST TWICE WHAT THEY PAID THESE WOMEN? There’s some big deal in the works for Murdoch and company to buy some big company in the UK. I read somewhere that either that company or the UK itself was in the position to nix the deal over the so-called continuing harassment and abuse of women at FOX. Who knows? Murdoch’s sons are liberal. Not that O’Reilly himself wasn’t. He was never as conservative as many thought BUT being who he is and raised as he was, he WAS a pretty unbiased and GOOD interviewer who skewered anybody. He was a far better journalist than most who call themselves journalists.

      Those satirical book titles are hilarious.

      He’s now got the dough to start his own cable company or radio station, if he wants. Whatever. I like Tucker Carlson but seems like every time I watch his show, it’s BORING. The good clips turn up on blogs any time I didn’t watch him.

      Is Van Susteran anywhere? I remember her at CNN and she was leaning lib. When she was at FOX, she was more of a straight arrow, if not leaning conservative. She’s somewhat like O’Reilly. Smart and insightful and a good interviewer. If I needed a lawyer, she’d be a good choice. I used to like Megyn. No more.

      Back to the bloviating about sexual “abuse.” I really don’t have a lot of sympathy for these women. As I said, they ought to have been able to SEE for themselves and HANDLE IT. They’re not babies. They’re BIG GIRLS NOW. Haul off and slug him one. It would have been front page news immediately, leaving no doubt–IF it is true. That’s what I would do. Why whine? Why sue? Just slug him one, if he’s SO OUT OF HAND, OR TELL HIM OFF. Cameras and mics are running there all the time.

      If it happened when they were alone, then WHY BE ALONE WITH HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE? I wouldn’t, if he were as big of a sleaze as the rep he now has makes him out to be. Somebody said he’s no Cosby, meaning nowhere near as bad as Cos. Oh, well. They have their money now. All of them. Water under the bridge. We’ll see where he washes up next.

  7. EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Hernandez had been planning his suicide for WEEKS, gave away his belongings and soaped his cell floor before he left three notes & hanged himself……… Aaron Hernandez’s death has officially been ruled a suicide Investigators found three handwritten notes in his cell next to a Bible that was open to John 3:16 DailyMail.com has learned from a well-placed source that Hernandez was planning his suicide for weeks The former football star had started to give away his personal belongings to other inmates He also covered the floor of his cell in soap so that he if he lost his nerve he wouldn’t be able to save himself ‘There were no signs of a struggle, & investigators determined that Mr. Hernandez was alone at the time of the hanging,’ said the district attorney
    Read more at dailymail.co.uk …

  8. Chess?? 😀

  9. Taxes. 😀

  10. They are on their way back. Grab your swatters.

    • They’re keeping two opposing alternate facts in play at the same time! It was the Russians BUT it was ALSO an insider.

  11. LOL POTUS has a funny bone!! 😀


  12. A link actually linked to the topic of this post! http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/04/new-report-fbi-willing-pay-50000-former-british-spy-trump-dossier/

    “The Times reports that Steele and the FBI settled on a $50,000 payout if the ex-MI6 agent could corroborate information contained in his dossier.

    As The Times notes, the payment was never made, perhaps suggesting that Steele was not able to confirm information in his memos.

    The report raises questions about the degree of confidence that the FBI had in the dossier. And that level of confidence is important because the FBI reportedly relied on the dossier in a September application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

    A Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court judge granted that warrant, meaning that the court agreed there was probable cause to believe that Page was working as an agent of the Russian government.”

    It’s more BS and an alternative fact narrative. They claim Steele WASN’T paid and wasn’t on the payroll. But they say this ONLY AFTER it came out that he was on the FBI payroll. I don’t believe ANYTHING the NY Times or James Comey say. If you read the long Times story underlying the link at TGP, you’ll see that everything Comey was doing was POLITICAL. All the decisions were not made by the “do your job and let the chips fall where they may” technique, which is what the Times wants us to believe. He was COORDINATING what to do, when and how, with LYNCH and THE WH (OBAMA) in order to tailor what they said, when, how UNDER THE ASSUMPTION THAT HILLARY WOULD BE THE POTUS. That means he made his decisions based upon POLITICS and nothing else. It really sounds to me, after reading that long piece, that Comey did NOT charge Hillary BECAUSE THE POLLS SEEMED TO SAY AND THE ASSUMPTION SEEMED TO BE THAT SHE WOULD BE POTUS.

    • Another (to me) BOMBSHELL in that story from the NY Times is that Brennan personally and unusually went to Harry Reid to brief HIM and only him especially about the Trump/Russian-connections investigation. HARRY REID, who then immediately LEAKED that to the media BEFORE THE ELECTION to try to damage Trump. They brief the Gang of Eight; they don’t brief the Senate DEMOCRATIC leader but not the Republican leader or the leaders in the House. No, Harry got a special briefing and he immediately bloviated to the media, which Brennan knew he would do and that the others in the Gang of Eight would NOT do, so it’s apparent that Brennan did this solely for political reasons to damage Trump’s candidacy, because Brennan wanted the information about the INVESTIGATION of Trump in the news.

      “But John O. Brennan, the C.I.A. director, was so concerned about the Russian threat that he gave an unusual private briefing in the late summer to Harry Reid, then the Senate Democratic leader.

      Top congressional officials had already received briefings on Russia’s meddling, but the one for Mr. Reid appears to have gone further. In a public letter to Mr. Comey several weeks later, Mr. Reid said that “it has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government — a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States.””

      JUST AS THEY deliberately spread the raw intelligence everywhere they could to continue to damage Trump and his administration, Brennan briefed HARRY REID to HELP CLINTON. It wasn’t because he was “so concerned about the Russian threat.” What the hell would Harry Reid do about the Russian threat? He did it for political reasons because Obama politicized and weaponized the intelligence community and Brennan knew Reid has a BIG MOUTH.

      The more the NY Times tries to HELP Clinton, Obama, the Democrats, and the progressives, the more they REVEAL INFORMATION that proves our point.

  13. O’ a MILLION little pieces… HILL GOT ~ “SHATTERED” ~ Perfect!

    • ~ Simon Battle RT •
      They ruin things on purpose. The progressives can’t stand anyone enjoying what they haven’t given their seal of approval to. What a bunch
      of jerks.
      Have you ever met a regressive with a sense of humor? Joy in their hearts? A zest for life? A good-humored glimmer in the eye? They’re rarer than a Muslim at a bacon factory.

      ~ John Snow Appreciate •
      I think putting muzzies & bacon in the same sentence is some sort of micro or macro aggression or hate crime. Use pork rinds instead besides of you go near a mosque pork rinds get on the muzzies shoes & they track them into the mosque & it gets on their prayer rugs so they are praying to a pig,which is a big improvement over allah the demonic entity they worship.
      Keep in mind what allah & islam endorse
      1 child rape
      2 genital mutilation
      3 brutally murdering innocent men,women and children
      4 cutting off body parts
      5 killing people of other religions or burning them alive for no reason
      at all simply because they will not convert to islam
      6 terrorist attacks where they plow down families with trucks or cars or just shoot them down with guns or explosives
      7 kidnapping very young girls & marrying them to 80 year old men for sex slaves
      8 and of course allah and islams favorite, CHILD SUICIDE BOMBERS

      You just gave me an idea. Bacon Spray!

        • Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers remarks at the annual LGBT Center dinner on April 20, 2017, in New York City. The Center gave Clinton its Trailblazer Award. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) …^^^^

          Hillary Clinton jabbed at President Trump’s record on LGBT rights, warning Thursday, “We may not ever be able to count on this administration to lead on LGBT issues.”

          Clinton was receiving an award at a fundraiser for The Center, an LGBT community center in New York City, where she made the critical remarks. After losing the race for the presidency in November, Clinton initially avoided publicly criticizing her former opponent. However, after recently declaring she was “ready to come out of the woods,” the former secretary of state has been increasingly vocal in speaking out against the White House.

          During her address, Clinton listed specific examples of Trump administration moves she said threatened “the progress that we fought for, that many of you were on the frontllines for.”

          “When this administration rescinded protections for transgender students, my heart broke,” Clinton said, then pivoted to Trump’s proposed budget. “When I learned about the proposed cuts in funding for HIV and AIDS research, I thought about all our efforts to try and achieve an AIDS-free generation.”

          “Some of the changes that we’re seeing should seem small, but they matter a great deal if you’re the person affected,” she continued. “Others carry historic significance, like the future of the Supreme Court.”

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