Trump Tomahawk Chops Assad

Yesterday, U.S. President Donald J. Trump ordered a Tomahawk missile attack on an airbase in Syria, in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians, allegedly perpetrated by forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

This controversial action has caused many former Trump supporters to jump off “The Trump Train,” given that the President promised to not meddle in the Middle East and to put America first.

The President’s decision is also controversial in that

  • some suspect that the chemical weapons attack was a “false flag,” perpetrated, not by Assad’s forces, but by Assad opponents, who fervently want the U.S. and the “global community” to help overthrow Syria’s president (Scott Adams, e.g.);
  • the type of gas allegedly used in the attack has been identified variously as chlorine, cyanide, sarin, or some other organophosphate–serious questions remain unanswered;
  • both sides in the Syrian conflict possess and have used chemical weapons in their civil war;
  • eyewitness accounts” as well as photographs and videos purported to document the chemical weapons attack were mostly supplied by anti-Assad militants, Muslim jihadists, and activists, who all stand to gain the most if the world turns against their secular enemy Assad;
  • Russia, an ally of Syria’s president, has stated that the chemicals were stored by anti-Assad militants and that an attack by Assad’s forces upon his opposition caused these chemicals to be released;
  • the U.S. intelligence community, often at odds with President Trump from the time of his inauguration and even before, wants Assad removed from power–these same people summarized and supplied the intelligence upon which President Trump acted, after Trump just this past week indicated that he had little interest in attacking or removing Assad;
  • there hasn’t been enough time (<5 days) since the chemical weapons attack in which to determine whom to blame for the attack;
  • President Trump says that he acted, in part, because innocent children and babies were killed by the chemical attack, and yet the Tomahawk missile attack is itself alleged to have killed 4 children and other civilians;
  • President Assad entered into an agreement with former U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama in 2013, under which “international monitors” were tasked with ensuring that Syria no longer had chemical weapons (John Kerry was 100% sure all were gone by mid-2014), leading to more questions about who, then, is responsible for the latest chemical weapons attack in Syria;
  • it’s alleged by some that 250 Syrian civilians went missing about a week before the chemical weapons attack, leading some to wonder whether the missing were hostages of anti-Assad militants (“White Helmets,” said to be associated with ISIS/ISIL) who later became the victims of chemical poisoning as part of a “false flag” gambit;
  • it’s also alleged that anti-Assad militants talked about a chemical weapons attack on social media before it happened; and
  • Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain as well as former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton applaud Trump’s action, a fact that, for some, suggests that his move must have been a mistake.

In his address to the nation, President Trump stated that this attack on the Syrian airbase served the “vital national security interest” of the USA.

That, however, remains to be seen.


96 responses to “Trump Tomahawk Chops Assad

  1. After Obama’s election, it was Chris Matthews who infamously said,
    “My Job Is to Make the Obama Presidency a Success” ??? YOUR JOB?
    continuing with, “This country needs a successful presidency.” The entire Left-Leaning Media clearly took that construct as its main job for Obama. They reported everything as positive. If there was something negative, or heaven forbid WRONG, it often was ignored, lied about or spun hard to make it look like nothing was there.
    Great examples are the horror of Obamacare, the lies about Benghazi,
    & the falsehoods about the ….. “wonderful” Iran deal. …^^^^^

    Read more:
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    • Politicizing & weaponizing our government and its bureaucracies. And so much more. This was 8 years of a purposeful, corrupt power grab in the worst of ways. And no, I do not believe for a Second he did NOT Know, or did not incite these to happen. Fish rot from the head down.
      The media was the neck ……..of this administration. ….^^^^^

      This oozing scandal of spying on the Trump circle is being found out in spite of the media effort to spike it. More people will find out as the facts emerge, it is too BIG to HIDE!!! Obama and Susan Rice’s actions are
      too bizarre to bury.
      Wikileaks was not covered by the media, yet 1/2 of America knew about it.
      This is far Bigger than Wikileaks revelations. As the information streams forth about Obama’s wrongful Spying, only hardcore true believers will stand with him.
      Eventually, the rest of his actions will be scrutinized. This will take time, likely years. The facts will shine a devastating light on his Presidency,
      & his legacy: Will be far worse than Nixon,
      & he will be considered as the W O R S E !!!!!
      He & his Media Enablers just don’t …….. know it. …… Yet.

  2. ~ Girlyman Schmutzli •
    The idea that blacks can’t be held accountable because they are black has long past its novelty. Society has given the black culture every opportunity to prove its worth, even going as far as voting in a black President. The time has come the right this ship again & start by stopping this political correctness nonsense & call a spade a spade..
    YES زززز WE CAN!!!! & WILL DO … RIGHT that DAMN SHIP!!!
    ( &….O’ my ^^^ friend has FOUND me once again??? ) F OFF!

  3. ~ Mike6 Lindainwast •

    Do you think that Obama is living in Tahiti for 2 months because the illegal Susan Rice, Eric Holder wire tapping is going to get bigger than Watergate?

  4. Books …. By Clinton …. ^^^^
    Clinton, Hillary Rodham (1996).
    It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us.
    …. & all BY …..Simon & Schuster
    Clinton, Hillary Rodham (1998).
    Dear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids’ Letters to the First Pets.
    Clinton, Hillary Rodham (2000).
    An Invitation to the White House: At Home with History.
    Clinton, Hillary Rodham (2003).
    Living History.
    Clinton, Hillary Rodham (2014).
    Hard Choices.
    Clinton, Hillary; Kaine, Tim (2016).
    Stronger Together.

    • Dear Socks, Dear Buddy. Oh, those were the days. Remember their fates? Buddy hit by a car and killed, iirc. Socks handed off to the secretary as they left the WH. btw, what’s the fate of Bo and Sunny? Don’t hear about them anymore.

  5. Oh My!! Ruth has lost it! 😯

  6. “Crunch” !!!! China stops all purchase of Coal from North Korea !!!!

  7. fwiw: Some of the intelligence leading to Trump’s action. Credible? You be the judge. I, for one, put NO CREDENCE in “open source reports.” We know how easily the media can be manipulated (especially by muslim jihadists) and how they outright LIE for political purposes.

    I’m agreeing with Buchanan more than with others:

    • CAA. A talent agency? Creative Artists Agency. Is she going into acting? I hear crisis actors are having a hard time finding jobs with Trump in charge. Maybe there’s a market for them in Syria, though. Doesn’t she still work for the government? I read somewhere that she’s one of the ones burrowing down into the gummint to be able to stay on the public payroll. Guess she needs a federal pension.

  8. More on the Syria nerve gas attack from debka:
    US intel was aware of Syria’s chemical attack plan but failed to stop it
    DEBKAfile April 13, 2017, 12:33 PM (IDT)

    The American media reported Thursday morning that US intelligence services intercepted communications between Syrian military officers and chemical warfare experts before the April 4 gas attack on the northwestern town of Khan Sheikhun in which more than 100 people, including women and children, were killed.
    Neither the experts nor the type or content of the communications were identified, but the reports said the information was in the hands of US intelligence services before the bombardment.
    DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources: The US National Security Agency regularly intercepts communications from Syria, such as from senior officials, the Syrian and Russian militaries, the various rebel groups and terrorist organizations operating in the country.
    The interception is carried out via intelligence-gathering systems on American and other ships in the Middle East as well as via other types of technology such as spy satellites and drones.
    The intelligence collected and stored in US military and intelligence databases includes not only e-mail, but also calls from Syrian military communication devices, landline phones and cellular phones, as well as the location and length of the communications.
    It is not unusual, however, for this huge amount of data to negatively effect the ability to make operational decisions in real time, as in the case of the calls between the Syrian chemical warfare experts and air force officers.
    Thus, large intelligence organizations have adopted artificial intelligence systems to process the huge amount of data, help intelligence officers provide relevant data in real time, and prevent incidents such as the deadly gas attack in Idlib province. Identification of the intercepted communications is supposed to provide advance warnings when needed.
    It should be noted that the reports on Thursday linking the Syrian military to chemical warfare experts, who must be known to American intelligence, are a double-edged sword. If the information on the attack, which US President Donald Trump has called a slaughter, was in the hands of US intelligence, why wasn’t it used to prevent the bombardment?
    There is only one conclusion: Although the raw data on the plan to attack Khan Sheikhun with sarin gas had been placed in US intelligence databases before the strike, it was not processed, filtered or added to relevant intelligence data. As a result, it was not brought to the attention of US military commanders, let alone decisionmakers in the Trump administration.
    It is no wonder that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has repeatedly demanded evidence of what he calls the US accusations against Syria. It is clear to him that although Washington has the evidence, it will never reveal the sources of intelligence or the identity of those cooperating with its intelligence-gathering efforts. Thus, Russia can repeatedly accuse the US of brutally attacking Syria without any evidence, and the US will not admit that American intelligence agencies knew in advance about the attack and failed to prevent it.

    so, not good work on the part of the robots. (AI – would you trust it?)
    but I don’t think the conclusion of the article is founded.
    If the President wants to reveal the sigint information that
    shows the planning of the sarin attack, then all the President has to admit is that the intelligence services dropped the ball this time.
    There is less shame in admitting that processing delay led to the attack not being stopped than to continue to say it is not known who did it.
    The simplest question is that if Assad didn’t do it, then why bomb the hospitals to where the survivors were taken?
    Now it is also a moot point that even if the President knew about the attack ahead of time, would he have stopped it?
    Explaining that we bombed a Syrian air base and nothing else happened because we bombed it is a difficult point to argue convincingly. All of our media would accuse the President of being trigger happy and any defense would be weak.
    I heard that the Russians without Chinese help vetoed the UN resolution condemning the Syrian government for using Sarin and instead called
    for an investigation to determine the facts. e should seize on that and put
    our early warning sigint information into the public space.

    debka is and I think they are a pretty good news source for things Middle Eastern.

    • I wouldn’t trust AI. It’s only as good as those programming it and they are humans. 🙂 Trump wouldn’t have to say they dropped the ball. It’s very true that nobody can process that amount of information in real time. People would understand (but DemoncRATS WOULD use it to blame Trump, but they blame him for everything, anyway, so he just has to go ahead and ignore them). It’s not clear from that story that there was any planning revealed in those intercepts. Without knowing what they were talking about, who can say? I guess they know what was said, but we don’t and won’t. Is it possible the military was asking what would happen if the sites they planned to attack contained chemicals–either weapons or precursors? Who knows? I’m on the fence about this, especially when the report that was released talked about them giving credence to “open source” information–meaning those photos and videos and alleged eye-witness accounts that come from al Qaeda-associated “rebels” and ISIS themselves. After all, al Qaeda was “on our side,” according to Hillary’s peeps:

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