Rice Baloney

Susan Rice wasn’t politicizing the intelligence apparatus. Moreover, she  says that she

leaked nothing to nobody.


Double negative = positive.

Susan Rice, who told us that an Islam-insulting You Tube video caused the attack in Benghazi and the deaths of four brave Americans, now tells us that what she did, when unmasking Americans’ names, was done only to do her job to

protect the American people and the security of our country.

Sure. Who believes that one?

Pass the buck to the intelligence community, too, while you’re at it.

They chose what to summarize and put into those reports. They decided whether it was okay to unmask the innocent U.S. citizens, because sometimes Sue needed to know the names, but only in order to “understand” the conversation and to protect the American people. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Conveniently, Rice can’t talk about the unmasked reports specifically, even in her own defense, because that would be to “expose classified information.”

Let’s cry BS on her spinning.

A Watergate-style scandal, for the “scandal-free” Obama administration. Rice’s

interest was not in national security but to advance the political interests of the Democratic party. The thing to bear in mind is that the White House does not do investigations. Not criminal investigations, not intelligence investigations.

Remember that.

So, let her under-oath testimony begin. Pop some corn and enjoy the show.


102 responses to “Rice Baloney

  1. Have been out of town and out of reach of Internet signal for a few days. Will take me a while to catch up with y’all. Hope to soon. In the meantime, a new open thread.

  2. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/446415/susan-rice-unmasking-trump-campaign-members-obama-administration-fbi-cia-nsa

    “Understand: There would have been no intelligence need for Susan Rice to ask for identities to be unmasked. If there had been a real need to reveal the identities — an intelligence need based on American interests — the unmasking would have been done by the investigating agencies. The national-security adviser is not an investigator. She is a White House staffer. The president’s staff is a consumer of intelligence, not a generator or collector of it. If Susan Rice was unmasking Americans, it was not to fulfill an intelligence need based on American interests; it was to fulfill a political desire based on Democratic-party interests. …”

    In the video that I linked in the first part of the post, poor Andrea Mitchell looks so crestfallen and morose. It seems that even she has not much faith in being able to “help” Susan out.

  3. AJ Strata has done an excellent article on this:
    It begins:
    Major Update: If you don’t want to take my word for all this, how about Andrew McCarthy:

    The thing to bear in mind is that the White House does not do investigations. Not criminal investigations, not intelligence investigations. Remember that.

    In general, it is the FBI that conducts investigations that bear on American citizens suspected of committing crimes or of acting as agents of foreign powers. In the matter of alleged Russian meddling, the investigative camp also includes the CIA and the NSA.

    Consequently, if unmasking was relevant to the Russia investigation, it would have been done by those three agencies.

    Basically what these tools have done is confess to the crime. Rice did not deny she did this, she claims she had the authority to do this.

    She did not.

    Bring on the prosecutors – end update
    Read the whole article here:

    What the media talking heads are trying to do is to get us TO BUY THEIR
    STORY LINE that if Susan hadn’t done these unmaskings with political intent then there is no there there, and if we buy that we would next realize that we don’t have a case which can be proven. If we have to prove intent then of course we could not succeed in knowing her mind.
    Strata patiently explains why this isn’t true and that the unmasking in and of itself was a criminal act, as was the release of the information.

    • She had no “intent” to spy on Trump, iow. Right. The media talking heads also helped her out last time around, and the time before that. They’re NEVER going to publish anything that besmirches “the one.”

  4. Obama’s inner circle was made up of these rather odd-duck mulatto women, the “talented tenth” as W. E. B. DuBois would have put it. They would fall on their swords (if they had any) to keep their employer above reproach. Barack understood this as he was from a similarly off-beat background and knew that ALL their positions were a once in a lifetime opportunities that they simply could not jeopardize. No middle aged white males with a certain gravitas were ever in any important WH advisory role that I can remember. Sort of a family business, in a way, a bit like the Trump’s, except that gubmint is the “business” in Susan, Valerie and BHO’s case.

    Now I’m wondering if Seth Rich’s unsolved D. C. murder might be related to all this. At first it looked like Hillary’s goons offed the young man; now my gut tells me this other crowd may be involved.


    • The lisping seems to be a commonality, too. Yep. They’re all mulatto. As if 90+% blacks need not apply. She’s falling on the sword, apparently, while he whiles away his time in French Polynesia. Incommunicado, apparently. Conveniently out of reach of enquiring media, as if any would actually bother to ask him about unmasking versus how’s the surfing today or telling us how those famous pecs are looking. Swoon! I wonder if ValJar had access to all this unmasked info, too, and whether she’s among the 30 on the House Intel Committee witness list.

  5. Susan Rice slip up – Obama ordered reports on identity of US officials
    April 4, 2017 Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Corruption Comment now!

    Lost in all the fawning of Andrea Mitchell giving a softball interview to Obama unmasker Susan Rice was the curious state she made about half way through the interview. It seems Obama ordered Rice and other regime thugs to report on the identity of multiple US officials. Why? Below is the full interview between Andrea Mitchell and Susan Rice. If you want to skip the softball BS and listen to the part where Susan Rice talks about Obama’s orders to report on the identity of U.S. officials picked up in his illegal surveillance, skip ahead to sbout 7 minutes and 50 seconds. There’s where Susan Rice makes her little slip up.
    Susan Rice slip up – Obama ordered reports on identity of US officials
    There’s your smoking gun. Obama ordered Rice to give the names.
    The snip is from

    You know, once CNN and MSNBC get the realization that Susan Rice and Obama ultimately did do IT, their story will change from NOTHING EVER HAPPENED to “yes obama might be guilty and rice might be guilty BUT TO TAKE IT BEYOND THAT PERCEPTUAL MOMENT AND ULTIMATELY PROSECUTE AND PUNISH THEM – well that would be racist and sexist and the sort of reprehensible vileness that only the “alt-right” would even think about.
    Watch for it, their final argument will be that Obanma cannot be prosected, and his staff cannot be prosecuted, because BY DEFINITION, these people can do no wrong. Even if the did wrong – they HAVE TO BE PARDONED because they are the ultimate providers of “the faith”.

    Wait for it – it will come.

    • I hope that now that someone stated that she had the intelligence community (henceforth known as IC) make up that spreadsheet showing all Trump associates and alleged connections to Russia, that means that SOMEBODY has a copy of it or will testify to that. IF the IC went along with her or Barry’s orders, then their own cojones are on the line, so they’d better be ready to turn and make a deal. The ART OF THE DEAL, you know? I think it’s likely there are copies of it because I think that teaser last week about how the unmasker was somebody high in the WH was intended to smoke out Bloomberg and the NY Times for sitting on the story. It didn’t work, so the identity of Ms. Rice was unmasked. Mentioning the spreadsheet, which she vehemently denied, was probably a similar warning shot across the bow. I’m thinking that maybe she was “technically” correct that there’s no spreadsheet, just as they were “technically” correct that Trump’s PHONES weren’t WIRETAPPED, because nobody uses LAND LINES anymore and there was no PHYSICAL tap put on any WIRE. It’s all digital now. But hey! No “wiretap” on “phones”. Anyway, back to Rice: My guess is somebody was using the word “spreadsheet” generically and maybe it was really a DIGITAL listing or a database file OR maybe even one of these:

      Some kind of DIAGRAM, not a “spreadsheet.” It’s a “sociogram.” Btw, these have been showing up in the media, too, so I suspect even the diagram was leaked. Helpfully.

    • She says Obama requested the “compilation” of a report that “scrubbed more reports” (assuming for any mention of Trump connections to Russia; this sounds like the “spreadsheet” but it could mean they modified reports, SCRUBBED them, after the fact to cover up the true intent of the SPYING) and the IC started to “provide more reports” about the same topic (Trump/Russians). IOW, they did RAMP IT UP to hype it, probably for two reasons (1) to inoculate themselves from charges of politicizing the IC (because they’d expected Hillary to win) by spying on Trump, and (2) to prepare the ammunition they’d need to use against Trump, to undermine him and to begin the impeachment process, because they had to mine and save the data, having no more access to the NSA database.

      TCTH pointed out something I hadn’t realized before. After Hillary left the Sec. of State office, she managed to get PODESTA onto/into the group of people who would have access to Obama’s daily briefings. THAT WAY, she herself would continue to have access to all of this (provided he passed the info to her. Ya think he didn’t? And besides, SHE kept her top secret security clearance, so maybe no crime to tell her.) And yes, Rice does say that throughout the administration she and others had to often “find out the identities of U.S. OFFICIALS” mentioned in those intelligence reports.

      • Since Rice seems more than a little Freudian (double negatives, slips about “officials,” mentions “scrubbed” reports), the more I ponder, the more I think she did indeed mean that IC reports, previously compiled and disseminated, were officially “scrubbed”–perhaps modified to ADD BS making it look AS IF they reported on Trump’s transition team as a matter of national security. This happened, as Rice said in response to Mitchell’s leading question, AFTER THE ELECTION. That would be EXACTLY when they would start worrying about the Trump administration learning “how we know what we know” about the Trump staff: When they realized that, yep, TRUMP WOULD BE PRESIDENT. Trump, not Hillary, would now control the IC, the NSA database, and have access to ALL FORMER INTELLIGENCE. So, yeah. IF, as it seems likely, they DID weaponize the NSA against all political opponents, including government officials, then it would be a very, very FRANTIC campaign to gather what they could in the short time they could and SCRUB-A-DUB-DUB it of the REAL INTENT of the collection. Ya think? I do.

        SCRUBBED is a very special word in government circles, in IC circles. It does NOT MEAN, “Oh, we went through, pored over, compiled, looked for, researched the reports for Russia connections.” SCRUBBED sounds like exactly what she said: CAUTERIZED the reports. Of what? INCRIMINATING MOTIVATIONS? Hid them. Deleted them (but first compiled the data for Obama, so it wouldn’t get lost.)

        AND THEN WHAT? Then, they started to write and supply and disseminate widely MORE REPORTS about Trump and Russia connections. Right after the election. Right before the inauguration. ALL to create the ILLUSION that there was a legitimate REASON to scrutinize everything Trump’s transition was doing, BECAUSE they didn’t expect Hillary to lose, so they didn’t think they needed to cover their tracks.

        These are the people who “cauterized” Obama’s passport files. Who hid all his biographical documentation, if there ever was any.

        They did this. And they KNOW IT. They spied on Trump to get ammunition to use to defeat him, but it didn’t work–probably because (1) there is none (because if there were they would have USED IT) and (2) Trump’s supporters were wise to them and nothing they tried was going to work.

        IF all these reports exist in digital form, somewhere, then they need to get computer experts in there to TRACK THE HISTORY OF THE REPORTS. iow, to LOOK FOR MODIFICATIONS AND WHEN THEY WERE MADE. To also look for DELETED information. Just as they should have had a forensic examination of the databases that USED TO CONTAIN Obama’s passport history. Don’t forget that Brennan headed up a company that specialized in security and data mining.

      • facebkwallflower

        In Rice’s interview with Andrea she said, “I received those reports, as did other officials, and there were occasions when I would receive a report in which, uh, a ‘U.S Person’ was referred to. Name, uh, not provided, just ‘U.S. Person’.

        And sometimes in that context, in order to understand the importance in the report – and assess it’s significance, it was necessary to find out or request, who that U.S. official was.”

        “US ‘PERSON’. Name not provided, just US Person. OK, Ricecakes, how did that US PERSON become a US Official????? How DID you know the unnamed citizen was an official? IF all communication was presented as “by officials” then what “official capacity” was Trump at the time? “Candidate” is not an official. President-Elect is not technically an official. Buuuuuuut, PRESIDENT is official.

        Perhaps there is room to believe, from your words Ricecakes, This was going on recently, like when there was a Trump in the WH.

  6. This is bigger then Watergate!!! 😡

    • It is, but will it be? iow, will the media and the GOPe/RINOs allow it to play out as it should? Rand Paul is doing his best. Will it be enough? Should the NSA/FISA stuff be renewed? I can’t imagine the DemoncRATS wanting Trump to be able to do what Barry has done, though. Not that Trump would do it. He’s not corrupt. http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/the-administration/327413-how-the-intel-community-was-turned-into-a-political

      A new name: Wiretapgate. So we have Obamagate and Ricegate, too. I wish they’d settle on one.

      “We are seeing the widespread abuse of intelligence by an incumbent administration to target political opposition. Long a technique in the developing world — a tactic I often witnessed as a CIA station chief working abroad — the Third World has come to roost in the United States. It is a tragedy of the first order. …”

      It is, but will anybody LISTEN if it means that Barry’s “legacy” is RIGHTFULLY tarnished? More:

      “Like some binary poisonous reagent, these dynamics combined to foster an environment ripe for political abuse and leakage — a fairly transparent attempt, from the point of view of any discerning intelligence officer. This weaponization of intelligence for the sake of discrediting the political opposition I have seen in Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Moldova and elsewhere — sadly, it is now on our shores.

      The present culture of the intelligence community and the shameless political shenanigans of the Obama administration combined to create this disaster. In earlier times, such a gambit would have failed; CIA leadership famously stood up to the Nixon administration when asked to domestically spy on Justice during Watergate, for example. It seems that today we lack the character and the competence to ensure that the intelligence community honors the trust of the American people. …”

      Obama brought the Third World to the USA because HE and his family WERE Third World people with a Third-World mindset (Indonesia, Kenya, communism). He was a THIRD WORLD RULER, so he turned us into a facsimile of a Third World country, and the DemoncRATS are continuing the tradition. Can we get back? Can Trump MAGA? Who knows? But he can at least try if WE the PEOPLE LET HIM.

  7. There’s this that’s new today: SUDDENLY, the lamestream media is mentioning that Obama relaxed the rules on disseminating RAW signals intelligence in the last few weeks of his term. HOWEVER, they’re adding something new: this change hasn’t yet been “fully implemented.” So they’re trying to muddy the waters on that one, too. It’s so obvious that there’s no reason for him to have made it possible to spread information that violates citizens’ constitutional rights AND the laws passed specifically to prevent it from happening, unless he had a reason and that was to use this illegally obtained and disseminated information to undermine a political opponent (and, as I now think, to gin up the false meme about Trump and Russia to PROVIDE A COVER STORY FOR HIS OWN ILLEGAL SPYING ON TRUMP). So the media are going to help on this one, too, because it looks so damning: They’re going to say, yeah, the change was made but it didn’t go into effect. Who believes that? Only those who WANT to exonerate Barry no matter what. http://www.stltoday.com/news/national/govt-and-politics/obama-aide-denies-using-intel-to-spy-on-trump-advisers/article_487e255f-7ced-5570-8d41-8fce295abc19.html

    • I enjoy reading and hearing Sekulow so much, but I really fear that nothing’s going to come from this. McCarthy already says he doesn’t think anybody will go to jail over this unmasking–it’s technically legal and a judgment call whether it was unethical but not criminal. LERNER and everybody over her and under her at the IRS got out of jail free. WHY? That’s the $64,000 question. Why is that Koskinen still there, so far as I know? WHY?

    • They’re saying that the information unmasked on Trump and his people reads like a private eye’s report to a person having an unfaithful spouse surveilled. Comings and goings. Everything they do and everyone they meet. I suppose, also, everything they SAY, if it can be captured digitally. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/04/05/reports-in-unmasking-controversy-were-detailed-had-info-about-everyday-lives.html

      btw, good luck to the lawyers in the travel ban case–I read somewhere before that Trump doesn’t DO EMAIL.

      • facebkwallflower

        I sound like a parrot, saying this again but President Trump DID say Obama was bad, sick for wiretapping. When those three words are together I think voyeur. That is the level of “information gathering” that fits DJT words, methinks.

    were U just “GOIN” … HIGH? …. like MOOCHIE SAID ? O’ SURE!


    • Oh, SHE’S the real victim. She’s probably got some mental illness but it was caused by toxic stress caused by racism caused by WHITE PEOPLE, so no doubt the real criminals–the white people–should be arrested and made to pay for all HER care that she needs because of the trauma she experienced being arrested for attacking them. They have the money and they should pay her reparations for being so white and so rich that she had no choice but to respond by attacking them. Now she’s in jail, with so many others who are black, and that proves the racism here. 🙂

  9. SO CAN the GHOST …B .. FAR … B-“HIND” ? ha O’BOY! TIGHT!

  10. VERY VERY VERY ….”HIGH” … I’ll go 4 that!!! McCarthy …says so …

  11. Rather U “NOT” …LIE 2 WTP ….RATHER’S! sad fake news… busted!

    • Rather “as a young Marine.” Similar to “Gerry Mathers AS the Beaver.” ACTING as a Marine. Typical liberal blather. Depends upon what the meaning of is is. I didn’t leak nothing to nobody.

  12. Exclusive — Senate Homeland Security Chairman: ‘We Need to Get
    Susan Rice Under Oath’ …. A BIG LOW_DOWN …Y E S WE DO!!!


    • http://www.live5news.com/story/35081421/lawyers-in-travel-ban-case-seek-emails-subpoenas

      “Trump’s revised travel ban is blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii and the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear the case May 15, but a case filed by Washington and five other states saying the travel ban targeting predominantly Muslim nations is unconstitutional has continued.

      In a 25-page report, the states said they want all email communications among people in the Trump administration and third parties before and after Trump took office to be preserved for the case. The relevant time period should start on June 16, 2015, when Trump declared his presidential candidacy, the lawyers said.

      “The underlying factual basis, intent, design, issuance and implementation of the executive orders” may be contained in those email messages, the lawyers said. …”

      Now I suspect that the lawyers and the media and the DemoncRATS are all colluding to get ALL of Trump’s and ALL of his associates’ emails from the summer BEFORE last summer through now, under the GUISE of needing it to examine their “motives” for the travel ban. (Conveniently, the same period during which the FBI was allegedly investigating ties to Russia.) Does anybody really believe that this is relevant or legal? I would think Trump can declare executive privilege for anything since the inauguration, but it’s certainly a fishing expedition and irrelevant to the LAW in this case what he or his associates talked about in email before the election, going back to the summer before last. Talk about insane.

      Do they really think that they can behave AS IF the president, in the course of doing his job, can be SECOND GUESSED by a lower court judge and then have his communications given the equivalent of a proctological exam AS IF HE’S COMMITTED SOME CRIME by putting out an executive order? And does anybody believe that if some DemoncRAT judge or lawyer can SEE all those emails that NOTHING WILL BE LEAKED FROM THEM? This is insane.

  14. ~ thinkwell ….. ^^^^^^^
    Susan Rice, who Normally Uses proper grammar & is well Spoken, told Andrea Mitchell that, …. “I leaked nothing to nobody.”??? Apparently Susan Rice believes that by using a Double Negative she can give the Appearance of Denying having Illegally Leaked INFOrmation when her actual statement, when carefully Parsed, is an Evasive, completely Empty Statement that does N O T … address Any questions about HER actions
    as aka…. obama’s national …. security advisor. …. ha
    Shades of Bill Clinton’s “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

    These people are such duplicitous slime. I will be very disappointed in President Trump if someone (or several someones) HIGH up in the previous administration do NOT go to jail.

    • That was my first thought. This is supposed to be a highly educated, intelligent woman and yet she uses an awkward double negative that leaves her an “out.”

  15. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/04/nunes-to-step-aside-from-russia-probe-236951
    Nunes steps aside from Russia probe

    By John Bresnahan and Josh Dawsey

    04/06/17 09:35 AM EDT

    Updated 04/06/17 10:37 AM EDT

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) will temporarily step aside from an investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, including interactions between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

    The move comes as the House Ethics Committee announced that it is investigating allegations that Nunes may have mishandled classified information. With the Ethics Committee now formally involved in the dispute, Nunes could no longer oversee the Russia probe, although he will remain in place as chairman of the Intelligence Committee.

    The Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation will be taken over by Reps. Michael Conaway (R-Texas), Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and Tom Rooney (R-Fla.).
    If Trey Gowdy is on the takeover, that works for me.

    • And now Judicial Watch has filed an ethics complaint to the same place against Schiff. So, let’s see if Schiff follows suit and steps down. He should. He’s under a cloud, too.

  16. About the gas attack,
    I have a burning question.
    They keep showing the man with his twin babies.
    Where is the Mom? And where was he if they were with the babies?
    Why aren’t they dead too???
    What do you think?

    • The photo Haley held up at the UN of the little boy. I thought he was posing. His hands and eyes did not look like those of a deceased person, although I double-checked the news story where the photo was published and they affirmed that the little boy is dead. He didn’t look dead to me. I’m just saying. Would be interesting to have a coroner’s opinion. You know, someone who sees dead people a lot. I don’t trust those White Helmet people. They’re ISIS associates, if not ISIS. Only those guys and “activists” are supplying the photos and making the claims, so far as I know. The Russians are calling for an independent investigation and I would certainly say that should be done BEFORE ONE OF OUR TROOPS is sent into jeopardy over a potential taqiyya event (aka false flag. They’re known for it. They have entire studios devoted to creating these propaganda films and photos.)

    • facebkwallflower

      The twins don’t look like siblings, let alone even fraternal twins. And the father looks VERY familiar. We have seen him before. Just gotta find the right puzzle piece. The twins don’t look dead. Not that I have seen many dead babies. But they look like they still have warmth in them and yet here Dad is situation in his seat ready for trip. Weird.

      I will be right back; gotta go into my tinnie collection. Pretty sure I have one to wear for just this occasion; one that was defunct as theory came true but I am open to recycling my tinnies. Especially the blingy ones.

    • The way the photos came out so fast and are being used in the way they are, the way Tillerson is talking, and Bannon being off the NSC committee, makes me wonder and ponder exactly that possibility. It was said to be so by TCTH krewe. Don’t know what they’re saying now. These guys anti-Assad are ISIS. I’m not FOR Assad, but I’m surely more against ISIS.

  17. ~ Striker70
    They are Never-Trumpers because they are Globalists. They saw the handwriting on the wall with this guy & did / are still doing everything they can to derail him before he derails THEM. <<<< HA ha ha …. GO TRUMP!

    ~ Glory Hallelujah!
    ~Trump just got better in my eyes!
    ~Mine too

  18. ~ Iampam,
    Such an absolute pleasure to see Melania after, for the last 8 years,
    having to look at that Line-Backer in Drag that Obama was married to.

    Hillbilly Girl,
    Awww, you insult her but you’re still thinking about her. ……( N O P E )

    Such a TAINTED ^^^^ TASTE … HARD 2 REMOVE IT!… really it is!!!

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4388044/Red-carpet-Chinese-leader-Palm-Beach.html#ixzz4dVmTG23P
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  19. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/04/breaking-cia-director-john-brennan-targeted-general-flynn-sean-hannity-surveillance/

    NEMESIS. Brennan behind spying. What a surprise! Here’s the surprise, though: They were spying on SEAN HANNITY. Sean Hannity! WTF?!!! What “national security” risk does Sean present? Mind you, there are certainly arguments that COMPLICIT members of the media do present a national security risk, such as the type that would, say, publish FABRICATED DOCUMENTS right before an election in order to taint the reputation of an innocent man (GWB) OR the type who would FEED DEBATE QUESTIONS to one candidate in order to RIG a debate in favor of one and against the other candidate.

    Here’s the deal: The story says they targeted Hannity because of “perceived ties” to Julian Assange! Right. That’s the ticket.

    Haven’t there been multiple lamestream media people who have OPEN and ADMITTED ties to unrepentant terrorists, current muslim terrorists, foreign dictators, communist revolutionaries, black supremacists, etc.?

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Obama cabal would USE any excuse and RATIONALIZE any reason to subvert the intelligence apparatus and use it for their own banana-republic-like political ends.

  20. …..just 2 much FUN…. O’ HILLARY KEEP DIGGIN’ NO ONE NEEDS U!

    Hillary: FBI’s>>>> James Comey COST …. ME the Election. Clinton uses first interview to say letter revealing email probe was ‘determinative’ in ‘devastating’ defeat – along with Wikileaks

    Clinton spoke at what was billed as her first ‘interview’ since her defeat
    in the 2016 presidential election – at the Women in the World conference in New York
    She used the hour-long interview with a New York Times columnist to rail against Russian president Vladimir Putin & claim he ‘does not like Strong women’ ….????? O’ REALLY

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4388272/Hillary-FBI-s-James-Comey-cost-election.html#ixzz4dVprWUJc
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  21. HILL …. OR MAY-B COMEY …had a BIT of HELP???

  22. ha BIG words … NO PRIVACY .. 4 …U & ME !!! SUSAN RICE! DO IT???

    ‘Targeted Military Strike’ on Airfield…
    In Response to Chemical Attack…
    Missiles Launched from Warships in Mediterranean…
    REX: Russia ‘Complicit Or Simply Incompetent’…
    Pentagon Confident ‘No Russian Forces At Air Field’…


    • 3 Responses to “What Did Obama Request from Susan Rice?”
      ~ 2discern … @ postemail

      This is only a tip of the iceberg. The unraveling will progress all the way back to the alphabet agency install of barry soetero. Someone should follow the trail of ca$h sent to Iraq. …..Are there new accounts opened in French Polynesia? ????…… What was VAL Jarrett recently in Iraq for ? ???

      Ben Carson already uncovered $500 Billion of accounting “error” ….in HUD since he Was appointed. Where did it go? Every high office of barry admin.
      is wrought with fraud. ……The swamp draining has begun…

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