Rice Baloney

Susan Rice wasn’t politicizing the intelligence apparatus. Moreover, she  says that she

leaked nothing to nobody.


Double negative = positive.

Susan Rice, who told us that an Islam-insulting You Tube video caused the attack in Benghazi and the deaths of four brave Americans, now tells us that what she did, when unmasking Americans’ names, was done only to do her job to

protect the American people and the security of our country.

Sure. Who believes that one?

Pass the buck to the intelligence community, too, while you’re at it.

They chose what to summarize and put into those reports. They decided whether it was okay to unmask the innocent U.S. citizens, because sometimes Sue needed to know the names, but only in order to “understand” the conversation and to protect the American people. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Conveniently, Rice can’t talk about the unmasked reports specifically, even in her own defense, because that would be to “expose classified information.”

Let’s cry BS on her spinning.

A Watergate-style scandal, for the “scandal-free” Obama administration. Rice’s

interest was not in national security but to advance the political interests of the Democratic party. The thing to bear in mind is that the White House does not do investigations. Not criminal investigations, not intelligence investigations.

Remember that.

So, let her under-oath testimony begin. Pop some corn and enjoy the show.


102 responses to “Rice Baloney

  1. ~ Mauna Pablo • 3 years ago …. ^^^^^
    Google the LA Times story in 2003 on Harry Reid, & it will make you doubt that Harry Reid has ever had any integrity. He has been swinging deals to his sons, his son -in-law & even bought gifts for friends in the capitol from his Grand daughter who was selling trinkets She made. He paid $17,000 for the trinkets, then bought another $16,000 worth from Her. He paid for them out of Campaign Contributions but repaid the $17,000 when he got Caught.
    Don’t know if he repaid the $16,000. He should be investigated by the Congressional committee & Kicked OUT of office. He is tied to gambling in Las Vegas, mining, & all sorts of companies & people who give him campaign contributions (& hire his sons and son-in-law for big bucks) & those contributions keep him in office. He is a Scum bag.
    Read the story on Google LA times in 2003.

  2. facebkwallflower

    Picked this from a comment over at Gateway,

    “How many Christians have died under Obama’s watch. How many Police have died under Obama’s watch, how many Military men and women have died under Obama’s watch? Do you know what Assad has done to his people and he has been left to his own devices and no one until now has put him on notice, until Trump?

    1) 191,000 people killed and counting

    2) 11,000 Syrians tortured and executed

    3) Children trapped in an “archipelago of torture”

    4) Chemical weapons attacks

    5) Use of barrel bombs in densely populated civilian areas

    6) Massacre at Houla

    7) Targeting journalists

    8) 9 million refugees”

    • Yeah. I’m of about 100 minds on this one. Waiting for the dust to settle. The problem is, when dealing with muslims, you don’t know who’s telling the truth if any of them EVER is. Duplicity. Snakes. Taqiyya. I’m leaning towards that people were poisoned. By whom, is the YUGE question. Maybe it doesn’t matter at this point, but it’s a sad day when one finds oneself leaning towards believing thugs like Putin and Assad. There are wheels within wheels. All we can do, I suppose, is trust in Trump’s intellect and gut feelings. There are so many possibilities. Is it a way to get the media and McCain’s ilk off his back so he can go ahead and actually deal with Putin, somehow? It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that this is all Kabuki theater. Not that somebody wasn’t killed, but that this incident (perhaps orchestrated by Putin) gives an opening for Trump and Putin to cooperate and both save face (particularly Putin) at the same time. I probably am not explaining my thoughts well. Just thinking while typing. But seems to me that it’s possible that Putin tricked Assad into the attack on that particular place, but didn’t tell him what the Russians knew–that there were chemicals there that could cause deaths. A set up for Assad, with Trump acting, Putin pretending to be outraged and yet agreeable to speaking with Trump and suddenly–the media and DemoncRATS will applaud the discussion rather than claiming Trump’s being treasonous. Plausible? I don’t know. I wrote a new post, summarizing some of the thoughts people are expressing. I think the notion that these White Helmets kidnapped people they don’t like (maybe Kurds or Christians or Assad loyalists) and sacrificed them by poisoning, in order to get us to act against Assad sounds possible. Maybe they THINK this worked but in the end it’s not going to work because now Trump and Putin CAN work together against these ISIS-connected thugs. On the other hand, we’re going to have to pray that we’re not headed into a world of hurt (like WWIII).

      • I agree with Adams that one benefit from all this is IF Syria ends up being “safe” for its people so they STOP MOVING ELSEWHERE, LIKE EUROPE OR, GOD FORBID, HERE.

        About that plane and whether our services are THAT capable–to track it back to that base. It’s possible, isn’t it, that Putin told Trump?

  3. New Sheriff in town!!! Yippee! 😀

    WSJ: President Shows He’s Willing to Act Forcefully, Quickly…
    KREMLIN: ‘Aggression Against Sovereign State’…
    Moscow Suspends Deconfliction Channel With USA…
    Pentagon probes possible Russian role in gas attack…
    SUN: The ways WW III could erupt…
    RAND PAUL: Another unconstitutional rush…
    Trump Whiplash… Biggest fans turn…
    ABRAMS: He’s Now Leader of the Free World…


  5. Now, let us examine the arguments against Illegal Immigration.
    Note that these ARE …… F A C T S , not opinions. !!!!
    1) Illegal immigrants have broken the law by entering the country illegally. This is a fact. Again: what part of “illegal” don’t YOU >… Understand?
    2) Many have forged/tampered legal documents such as Social Security cards (which are absurdly simple to duplicate).
    …. This is illegal…… Again, this is fact. !!!!!
    3) Many have Stolen identities from American citizens and run up debts & criminal records have been wrongly attached to them. This is illegal. Again, this is fact.
    4) Many illegal immigrants have created a Gang Culture in Hispanic neighborhoods. This is fact.
    5) Many illegal immigrants have Trashed the neighborhoods that they reside in. This is a fact. They are particularly notorious for Cramming twenty people into a small apartment to live in.
    6) Many illegal immigrants Utilize the welfare system, the hospitals, the prisons & the schools to the point that they are on the verge of collapse. This is fact. !!!!!
    7) Many illegal immigrants have committed numerous crimes, from felonies to refusing to get car insurance, & have swamped our prisons. This is fact.
    8) And the Arrogance! Their Arrogance is Truly Breathtaking. The arrogance of these illegals demanding to be above the law, Demanding bilingual education, demanding that Mexican Holidays be officially Recognized – & the nerve of the people changing the American national anthem into Spanish! ….. These are all facts. !!!!
    9) And do I really need to bring up Aztlan?

    The counter-arguments to these facts and these objections by the advocates of illegal immigration is – vituperation, insults and shrieks. The liberal media, on the other hand, focuses almost always on Sniveling women, Whining that enforcing the law would be to HER detriment, so she should NOT be deported. Either that, or it focuses on the Children
    (never on the criminals …. who are Illegal Immigrants).
    Compassion & sympathy as weapons. ….. ????

    Oh, yes, & Stating that OUR ….country is a country OF …. Immigrants.

    And in the unlikely case that you have actually read this far & you favor the illegal immigrants, ask yourself this question. Ask yourself honestly & sincerely. And think hard before you answer: do you really want this country to become like Latin America? .. Do you? ….Do you really? ….
    I do NOT. That’s Why I am HERE. …..!!!!!

    • ~ Robert_Fl • …. ^^^^^

      “Legal immigrants come to the U.S. to transform themselves.

      Illegals come to strip-mine the resources.”

      This sums it up nicely.
      One of the best EX-positions on illegal vs. legal immigration to date. !!!!!

      This article should be read by every congress-man… O K ,
      & congress-woman… oh, heck, every congress-tranny.

      college students & high school kids should read it too, but their teacher would stroke out. …. YEAH …. & “MUST” READ IT OUT-LOUD!

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