George Clooney Against “Hate”

whphotoclooney-copy-2While in France, receiving a César d’Honneur (apparently a French Oscar “equivalent”), actor George Clooney gave what Yahoo! describes as an “Anti-Trump speech.” On foreign soil, no less. Such patriotism!

Clooney said to the French audience,

As we stand here today the world is going through some pretty momentous changes, not all for the best. As citizens of the world we’re going to have to work harder and harder not to let hate win.

To be fair to Clooney, he didn’t mention our President (at least in the quote from Yahoo!), although his co-star, French actor Jean Dujardin, did single out President Trump by name.

It’s entirely possible that Clooney intended his own comments to be a plug for whoever is running against Marine Le Pen for the French presidency. Le Pen, like President Trump, is also falsely and frequently accused of “hate” by leftists (communists, socialists, progressives, take your pick. Basically anyone who disagrees with Trump’s or Le Pen’s political views.)

If Clooney was, however, referring to our recent election, I’d like to assure him that We the People did not “let hate win.” That’s why

Hillary Clinton is NOT our president.

In the USA, hate lost. Thanks be to God.

President Trump is making America great again, safe again, and work again. That’s not “hate,” it’s love. Love of country, the United States of America. Love for its people. Patriotism. It’s not a dirty word.

Donald Trump is our president, Mr. Clooney. Get over it. He’s your president, too, whether you consider yourself to be a citizen of the world or not.

p.s. Oscars tonight. Are you going to boycott?


171 responses to “George Clooney Against “Hate”

  1. Trump Is Right! Women Are Living In Fear In Sweden (Video)

    Women are living in fear in Sweden, press remains silent!

    Trump is right once again.

    The fake news media is Suppressing the Truth about the Islamic Terrorism in Sweden. Katie Hopkins, a global columnist for The Daily Mail appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss her trip to Sweden.

    Carlson – ” What did you expect to find & how did it differ than what you found?” …….. O’ LET ME COUNT THE WAYS!!!!!


  3. Exclusive — Bernie Sanders, Other Top Democrats
    …. Refuse to Condemn … Supporter FBI Alleges Made Anti-Semitic
    Threats Nationwide

  4. Guys and dolls–I’ll put up a new open thread tomorrow. I’m tired tonight and hitting the sack now.

    Just one more item: You know all the hype about the anti-Semitic attacks throughout the nation? The many threats against Jewish community centers and the tombstone tipping? Well, did you know they caught ONE perp who is responsible for the phone threats to, iirc, as many as 8 Jewish centers? He’s BLACK. And his name is JUAN. He’s a BERNIE SANDERS supporter. He is a disgraced journalist who was fired from a LEFTIST media outfit associated with, iirc, Glenn Greenwald, and he was trying to set up his ex-girlfriend, who is WHITE, to take the fall for the threats. He claims she’s anti-Semitic. He also posted pro-Jewish stuff on his own pages, in an attempt to set up the girlfriend. NOW, considering how astroturfed this all has seemed. How quick the media, the DemoncRATS, and leftists in general, including Jewish progressives, were to try to somehow BLAME TRUMP for the anti-Semitic happenings–isn’t it AS LIKELY that he was HIRED or somehow politically persuaded to do this as “fake hate” in order to stir up the DemoncRAT base and further harm Trump?

    Remember how Clinton came out and challenged Trump to speak out against these so-called “anti-Semitic” attacks which now are shown to be POLITICAL FALSE FLAGS under the guise of being a man angry at his white ex-girlfriend?

    In addition, the cemetery stone-tipping is still under investigation. Seems the cops (mostly black police dept. in a black area) are dragging their feet. Could be because they know how much political hay is being made and they want to give it more time, before coming out and telling us that the vandals were not haters and were just misguided “knuckleheaded” black kids from the ‘hood. The cops make it a point to say, every time, that so far there’s no evidence it’s a hate crime. So from that I read that the cops KNOW it was “knuckleheads” doing it for fun and they’re not going to charge BLACK kids with hate crimes, but now the DemoncRATS (and their bosses) will have egg on their faces, so they’re going to stall a little while longer before ‘fessing up or maybe even just leaving it “unsolved” because they have no tips or video and, this is a new angle, they claim all the people who rushed to the cemetery to help clean up “destroyed evidence.” What? Fingreprints on rocks?

    Anyway, just wanted y’all to know that it’s pretty interesting that I don’t see it on the NATIONAL NEWS (like the news of the attacks and vandalism was there every day, blaming Trump) and that the PERP OF MOST OF IT HAS BEEN CAUGHT. It wasn’t a crime wave. There’s no organized group of serial haters. It was ONE BLACK PROGRESSIVE GUY who did it for whatever reason he did it. It will be interesting to see if they charge him with a hate crime. He’s from St. Louis (maybe living there) but was charged in New York, if the news I saw is correct.

  5. Over at, Hans Von Spakovsky reports that least 1 of the meetings was actually arranged, in part, by the Obama administration.

    O’ REALLY ????? REALLY

    your face WORKS is failing U …..

  7. “Why can’t I just eat my waffle?”

    – “Just let me eat my waffle.”

  8. O’ …… B A B Y !!!

  9. Undeniable Evidence That Martin Nesbitt and Dr. Anita Blanchard … Highlight
    27, 2016, showing the photo of a Chicago couple, Marty and Dr. Anita Blanchard Nesbitt (right), close friends of Barack and Michelle, placed …
    BUTT’ can’t OPEN???

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