Happy Valentine’s Day 2017


Wishing y’all a happy Valentine’s Day and lots of love.

So cute!


Remember this from grade school? Nuts to you! Whatever does that mean?


Let’s all be “nice squirrels” today!




90 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

    • That was so great! I watched the whole press conference and I feel SO MUCH BETTER now than I did this morning. Trump Train is rollin’ again. I loved to see him trolling those fools.

  1. ~ Schrödinger’s cat Catfish
    Biting! LOL

    The MSM have become the Murkowski, Schumer, Murray show !!!
    Meanwhile the Democrats can pull their fingers out from where they keep them and approve these:
    ● Dr Ben Carson – Department of Housing and Urban Development
    ● Rick Perry – Department of Energy
    ● Ryan Zinke (SEAL) – Department of the Interior
    ● Wilbur Ross – Department of Commerce
    ● Sonny Perdue – Department of Agriculture
    ● Dan Coats – Dan Coats – Directors of National Intelligence (both of them LOL)
    ● Robert Emmet Lighthizer – US trade representative
    ● Scott Pruitt – Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency
    ● Mick Mulvaney – Director, Office of Management and Budget (confirmed today 2/16)

    Now put some real heat on the likes of Murkowski, Schumer, Liz Warren, and McCain for not getting his cabinet in place. Call them lazy and unproductive and see how the American people respond to these do nothings from here on out.

    Payback time is comin …. It will hurt…
    rump’s attacks are boosting morale LOL

    it will hurt for at least 16 years…8 for Trump, 8 for Pence. By then, the two major parties should be the Conservative Populists and the Constitutional Conservatives. The Islamomarxist party will be a distant memory.

    God, how I want you to be right.

    Rush gets it … like no one else.

  2. Trump speech.

  3. Sorry dats not him. 😆

  4. Busted !!!! John McCain talks sanctions and lethal weapons with Russian pranksters posing as Ukraine’s Prime Minister !!!! More to Come !!!! http://www.dcclothesline.com/2017/02/17/busted-john-mccain-talks-sanctions-foreign-policy-with-russian-pranksters-posing-as-ukrainian-pm/

  5. ~ Renee ~ …^^^^^ WHAT ~ IF DONALD TRUMP ….. ^^^^
    Mychal, watching that presidential press conference yesterday was one for the ages! Not only was President Trump on Point in waxing all of those Fake news neophytes & exposing their UN-just Bias against his astronomical WIN, but he put to Shame all of those spineless RINO’s as well who over the past 50 years, failed to offer all forms of opposition against the left-wing anarchists of the Democrat Party! President Trump was in full “presidential mode” smacking down all of those smug & arrogant left-wing parasites who continue to pass themselves off as credible journalists! He reminded all of the viewers & the rest of America as to why his leadership was desperately needed in this most pressing moment. I just hope that he can continue on this priceless momentum without concerning himself of the expected backlash in which he will eventually acquire by the do-nothing RINO’s.
    Who along with Obama & George Soros are secretly working behind the scenes in trying to destroy his presidency! All would advise President Trump to not entertain the idea of working with the CBC.

    For this organization as you know Mychal is nothing more than a third arm of the Democrat Party! It’s always amusing to watch one of those smug & cocky black “reporters” directing a question to Presient Trump in relation to the abysmal circumstances of our violent, crime ridden & Democrat controlled Ghettos! Funny how they never held Obama responsible or demanded to know what he was going to do in order to rectify the ongoing chaos in which his corrupt party unleashed upon most uneducated blacks in America since the 1960’s!

    • I can hear it now: Trump is colluding again with Wikileaks and coordinating these “leaks” about Hillary breaking the Logan Act, too. AS IF even Russians don’t have the right to independent thought.

    • As for the gist of the story: What did the THEN-president know and when did he know it? Or is it okay for her to interfere and undermine current policy, if she belongs to the same party as the president? She no longer held ANY public office and so should not have broken ANOTHER law.

  6. bought & paid 4 ??? O’the POPE ….sings OUT! … wtp don’t BUY THAT
    that ” DEAD FISH ” …wrapped in news -paper … get a CLUE DUDE!

  7. at least he didn’t CALL him …… “MY NIGGA” like he was O’ so cool? at
    the W H Correspondents DIN DIN’ he Only told MILO 2 go F*ck yourself!

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