Extreme Parsing


The mainstream media is on a tear, ever since President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration.

Day after day they publish slanted negative story after slanted negative story about President Trump, alienating the over 60 million Americans who voted for him and probably others, too. Their dishonesty is unrelenting and never ending, to the point that some admit that there is actually a campaign of organized psychological warfare, intended to destabilize the President, to  get “under his skin,” and perhaps even to prompt him to quit or to have him removed from office because of alleged mental illness.

Forgive one for wondering if the mainstream media are conspiring in this campaign against Trump, considering that many of them coordinated with the Democrats and the Clinton campaign, allegedly to help defeat Trump in the election.

The mainstream media still pretend to be unbiased reporters of “fact,” serving the public interest. They go negative on Trump, they believe, only because there’s nothing good to report about him and because everything he’s done, in their warped opinion, is negative, illegal, unconstitutional, insulting, racist, sexist, yadda yadda yadda.

The mainstream media love to pick apart anything Trump and his staff say. If they happen to misspeak, which all humans do, the media will not afford Trump or his people the benefit of the doubt but will propagate a viral narrative, focused upon ridicule, because the media prefer to focus upon minutia instead of on substance. A perfect example of their bias arose recently. 

While explaining why President Trump wanted to stop admitting people into the U.S. from seven nations–identified by Congress and the Obama administration as being state sponsors of terrorism and/or lacking sufficient documentation in order to vet their people–Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway mistakenly used the word massacre instead of terrorist, or else she didn’t qualify “massacre” with the adjective planned. She referred to individuals who had come into the U.S. from Iraq and were planning a massacre (against U.S. nationals abroad) that, thanks only to law enforcement, did not take place. So a planned massacre did not take place, because law enforcement found out about it in time.

Conway’s point was that these guys, intent upon committing a terror attack against Americans back in 2011, had been admitted to the USA as refugees. Therefore, Trump’s plan to put a hold on entry from those seven countries, including Iraq, until his administration can develop better vetting and screening will improve the President’s ability to keep America safer. That was Conway’s point. That point should have been the focus of news stories–how the President is trying to improve our security and prevent as many potential terror attacks as possible.

Literally thousands of news organizations published stories ridiculing Conway for her mistake instead of reporting on the substance of her spoken words.

Anything to deny President Trump an ounce of credit for trying to keep America safe.

Does it really matter whether she said “massacre” or “planned massacre?” No. Trump’s intent with his executive order is the same–to prevent terror attacks against us by people who shouldn’t be allowed into our country to attack us! Or raise money in support of terrorist organizations.

Okay. So let’s accept this as the media’s standard: Anybody in government should be held accountable for every word they say or don’t say.

Extreme parsing! 

If a speaker makes a mistake, it doesn’t matter. Speakers should be taught to speak more succinctly and without error by being held up for ridicule by the mainstream media. The rule of extreme parsing should apply to everyone in government, right? However, the mainstream media’s bias is revealed by the fact that they’re not using the rule of extreme parsing on Democrats.

For example, we have Democrat Representative Maxine Waters of California. Speaking to why she  believes Trump should and must eventually be impeached, Waters falsely claimed that President Putin of Russia continues to “advance into Korea.” Then Waters compounded her cluelessness by claiming that President Trump supplied the bombs that killed “innocent children and families” in Aleppo.

Allegedly what she meant when she “misspoke” is that Putin advanced into Crimea (a whole other part of the world, Representative Waters) and that Trump was president when an Obama-administration-planned attack against terrorists in Yemen (not Aleppo) allegedly killed women and children.

If Waters did indeed mean Aleppo, then those bombs came from Russia, from Putin, and it’s doubtful that the USA supplied him with the bombs, but even if we did, those attacks happened on Obama’s watch.

Next we have Democrat Representative and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who misspoke yesterday, when she said,

We’ve seen nothing where we can where — where I can work with President Bush on.

Earth to Pelosi: the President of the USA is Donald J. Trump. We haven’t had a Bush in the office for over eight years!

A few days ago, Representative Pelosi apparently did not misspeak but was 100% wrong when she referred to illegal aliens in sanctuary cities as “our people” and as “citizens.” Nobody called her on that outright falsehood (except us, so far as we know).

Don’t expect to see thousands of stories about these mistakes or outright misstatements (aka lies) in the mainstream media.

Isn’t it just as newsworthy when two sitting members of the U.S. House of Representatives make such mistakes or misstatements of fact? Are these representatives getting senile? Do they have serious psychological problems? Are they, in fact, now unable to, too incompetent to, perform their jobs?

If such questions are important to apply to President Trump, then shouldn’t they also be asked about Democrat Representative Waters and Democrat Representative and House Minority Leader Pelosi? It’s particularly ironic to hear Representative Waters mistake Crimea for Korea, in the same speech in which she declares President Trump unfit for office because of the “manner” in which he’s “acting.”

The past election should have taught the left and their supporters in the mainstream media that We the People are not as stupid as they believe. Unfortunately, they have doubled down on their bias and lies, and they apparently haven’t learned their lesson yet.

Maybe the only way to wake up the mainstream media is to stop patronizing them altogether and to start notifying their advertisers of our displeasure. They’re only hurting themselves by indulging in Trump Derangement Syndrome, and they’re also hurting the very politicians they apparently want to help–that would be the Democrats.

Maybe it’s better for the United States of America if they all continue their present behavior. That way, the Democrats will certainly become the permanent minority party in this country, if their party survives at all.



170 responses to “Extreme Parsing

  1. Mexicans Vow to Fight Trump by Jamming Courts…
    Canada trying to capitalize on executive order…
    ICE raids chill immigrant groups…
    Enforcement Surge…
    Hundreds arrested…
    More illegals flee north…
    Trump vows to bring border wall costs ‘way down’…


  2. Robart’s Ruling ….^^^^^^

    This Democratic Liberal Judge is a full-fledged socialist. His ruling didn’t consider any opinions on the law. He believed, without legal authority, that the president wasn’t making a smart move, and he stayed it. This decision on the immigrant ban from terrorist promoting countries went to the Ninth Circuit court, the most liberal court in the nation and of course, they stayed it. Protecting America from Islamic terrorists was one of Trump’s promises, and who is delaying our safety? None other than the Democratic Socialists…again! This time of the judiciary!

    But hey, Judge Robart has even praised the Black Lives Matter anarchists in a lawsuit against Seattle police!

    And Judge Michelle Friedland of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, who ruled on the Trump travel order won the ACLU’s “LGBT Award.” [Lin

    • So the EVIDENCE begins to pile up. Not only did she illegally vote, but she registered in multiple cities and voted 5 TIMES! It’s not clear whether it was 5 times in 1 election or 5 times altogether over the years.


  4. JUDGES ..think they USE 2 B ….GODS’ …SHOW IS EXPOSED


  5. Dear President Trump,

    If you would, please stop tweeting and giving advance notice as to what is on your mind and what your plans are for the near future. When you campaigned you oftentimes criticized the former regime of providing advance notice in advising the enemy as to their strategy and deadlines.

    With all due respect, we need you to be mindful that our enemies are within our neighborhoods, city halls. and House of Congress. Taking into consideration that you could be throwing red herrings from time to time, it is getting more difficult, nevertheless, to defend you and what appears to be your propensity for impulsiveness. Please, consider allowing your spokespersons do the talking and tossing hints.

    In my not so humble opinion, I believe it would be best if you took to your office and kept your intentions close to your vest. It would really help America to be great again if you kept our domestic enemies guessing as opposed to providing them fodder for their insults and constant criticisms. We should not be giving them space to maneuver, plan and thwart.

    I believe if you were to remain behind the scenes and arrived at the podium only when absolutely imperative, they will wait with bated breath and listen intently. Please force them to scatter chaotically and be prepared to rebut.

    Show Them. Don’t Tell Them.

    Thank you for your kind consideration.


    Cradle of Liberty, USA


    PS: Should you be inclined to tweet, please use a standard response at all times: E.g., “FO, LOL OK?” This is the language they understand.

  6. O’ SO LOVELY ? or NOT SO ? Cunt SAY much MO’!!!

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