Pelosi Calls Illegal Aliens “Our People” and “Citizens”


Recently, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was challenged by a mother whose son was brutally murdered by an illegal alien.

The mother asked Pelosi:

If you need to go home tonight and line up your babies, as you say, and your grandbabies, which one of them could you look in their eyes today and tell them that they are expendable for another foreign person to have a nicer life? …

Which one would you like to say, ‘You, my child, are expendable for someone else to come over here and not follow the law and have a nicer life?

Our most-sincere sympathies and mega-kudos to Laura Wilkerson for speaking in a way that should have hit Pelosi where she lives, but to little avail. While Pelosi expressed condolences to this mother for her loss, Pelosi went on to outrageously state:

I do want to say to you that in our sanctuary cities, our people are not disobeying the law. These are law-abiding citizens

That, folks, is the problem in a nutshell. Democrats who favor “sanctuary cities” have adopted the specious claim and the attitude, shared by illegal alien activists across this land, that says that illegal aliens are not lawbreakers and are, more outrageously, citizens of the USA.

Illegal aliens are most assuredly not “our people” nor are they “law-abiding” nor are they “citizens.”

The word citizen is defined as follows:

a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection (distinguished from alien).

Anyone with a shred of common sense and intellectual honesty must admit that someone who enters another country illegally or stays within another country illegally (after a visa has expired) is not only breaking the law but is also not a member of the “people” of that country, much less a citizen of that country.

Illegal aliens, by definition, are not natives of this country, nor are they naturalized, nor do they owe our government allegiance (most of them vehemently reject it), nor are they entitled to its protection.

Pelosi had the gall and the abject cruelty to tell a grieving mother that her son was murdered by one of “our people” who is a “law-abiding citizen” of our country. Neither claim is true, so Pelosi lied to a grief-stricken mother to whom Pelosi owes sympathy, allegiance, and representation.

Whom do Pelosi and her fellow Democrats represent?

To whom do they owe allegiance?

Certainly not to illegal aliens and certainly not to those who break other laws besides our immigration laws. Yet Pelosi and like-minded Democrats seem to place the welfare of illegal aliens, who are not their consituents, above the welfare of their true constituents.

Sanctuary cities refuse to obey federal law in one area: They refuse to notify the federal government when they arrest and jail an illegal alien who has committed another offense–not simply breaking immigration law.

These are criminals who have been arrested and jailed for other crimes. All the officials need do to comply with federal law is to notify the federal government when a jailed person is illegally in our country. This simple thing they refuse to do, for no logical reason, except that perhaps Democrats do (pretend to) consider criminal illegal aliens to be citizens so that they can allow them to act as citizens by voting illegally for Democrats, who in turn protect them from the federal government.

What other reason could Democrats possibly have for putting the welfare of illegal aliens ahead of U.S. citizens who are too often the victims of illegal aliens and who are doubly victimized when they must pay their hard-earned tax dollars to the government, which allows their money to be redistributed (unfairly and probably illegally) to illegal aliens?

Pelosi claims that law enforcement doesn’t want to scare illegal aliens so that they fear to report crimes in their communities, lest they be deported. This claim is mere rationalization. In the first place, illegals do not rat on each other. More pertinent, there’s a provision of law that looks the other way on illegal aliens who report crimes. In other words, they don’t get deported or otherwise punished for reporting crimes.

President Trump is right to do everything he can to make sanctuary cities follow the law, and he’s more than right to call for a thorough investigation into the issue of illegal aliens voting in our elections. Stop them from voting and voila! The Democrats will no longer consider them to be their constituents.

Illegal aliens are not our people. That’s an oxymoron, Ms. Pelosi.

Illegal aliens are not our citizens. Another oxymoron, Ms. Pelosi.

The Democrats like to say that President Trump is not entitled to his own facts. Well, Democrats are not entitled to their lies and they’re not allowed to redefine words to suit their political desires. Especially, they’re not entitled to unilaterally change or ignore the laws or the Constitution of this Republic.

It’s long past time for the Democrats to get with the program, to straighten up and fly right.

President Trump, please make America safe again!


140 responses to “Pelosi Calls Illegal Aliens “Our People” and “Citizens”

  1. Charles Canterbury

    An ilegal alien came across our border not respecting our laws .They will live in the shadows not learn English , steal welfare, steal identity theft not asimulate .An imigrant comes legal with papers and wants to become an American citizen.

  2. …O’ SHE’S BREAK IN ‘ A P A R T !!!.. WTP knew THAT


  3. docfnc
    David Olen Cross writes on immigration issues and foreign national crime

    U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons: Criminal Aliens in January 2016

    March 5, 2017

    By David Olen Cross

    One of the detrimental impacts of having a significant foreign national population residing in the United States, be they legally or illegally present in the country, continues to be crime.

    The scope and impact of foreign national crime on the U.S. citizens and residents of this country is clearly revealed by a simple search on the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) inmates statistics website under the heading of inmate citizenship.

    Here are the countries of origin, moreover, the number and percentage of those countries citizens recently incarcerated in the U.S. BOP prison system (The most recent BOP crime numbers available were from January 28, 2017.).

    Inmate Citizenship:

    – México 26,852 inmates, 14.2 percent;
    – Columbia 1,681 inmates, 0.9 percent;
    – Dominican Republic 1,661 inmates, 0.9 percent;
    – Cuba 1,242 inmates, 0.7 percent;
    – Other / unknown countries 9,572 inmates, 5.1 percent;
    – United States 147,769 inmates, 78.3 percent;

    Total Inmates 188,777 inmates.

    To clarify the meaning of these preceding criminal alien inmate numbers and percentages, I will translate them into words:

    Combining January 28th BOP criminal alien inmate numbers, there were 41,008 criminal aliens in the BOP prison system. Alien inmates were 21.7 percent of the federal prison population; more than two in every ten prisoners were criminal aliens.

    With 26,852 Mexican nationals being incarcerated in the BOP prison system, at 65.5 percent, they were the vast majority of criminal aliens in federal prisons.

    The U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons breaks down the federal prison population into 13 types of offenses. One of the top five offenses, the reason BOP inmates were incarcerated in federal prisons, continues to be for immigration crimes. There were 14,853 inmates in the BOP prison system incarcerated for immigration crimes; they were 8.4 percent of the federal prison population.

    Eventually the majority of these criminal aliens from México, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Cuba and other countries will be released from the BOP prison system after completing their prison terms.

    United States citizens should contact President Donald J. Trump and their two Senators and one Representative in the Congress and ask them to make sure the executive and legislative branches of our government work together to supply the resources U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) need to make sure that criminal aliens once they are released from the BOP prison system are removed and prevented from returning to our country.

    David Olen Cross of Salem, Oregon writes on immigration issues and foreign national crime. He is a weekly guest on the Lars Larson Northwest Show. He can be reached at or at

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