Obama’s Spokesperson Says President Trump Opposes Religious Discrimination


Senator Barack Hussein Obama, erstwhile president of the USA, has apparently instructed his spokesperson to defend President Donald J. Trump’s executive order that puts a hold on entry into the USA of people from 7 countries on an Obama-era terror watch list and that also halts admission of Syrian refugees into the USA for a few months. Obama himself issued such a hold in 2011 on refugees from Iran and, more recently, removed protection from refugees from Cuba. At the time, nobody accused Obama of religious, cultural, or ethnic discrimination.

Obama’s support for President Trump’s policy is heartening, especially given mainstream media reports that falsely characterize the president’s actions as a “Muslim ban” or anti-Muslim or favoring Christians. Senator Obama’s spokesperson, Kevin Lewis, said,

The president [that would be Trump] fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion.

Indeed he does. President Trump fundamentally disagrees with religious discrimination, as he’s said many times, and his new orders have nothing to do with religion and everything to do with keeping America safe from those who may wish to do our people harm.

Since so many who oppose President Trump prefer to falsely characterize his recent actions–designed to “make America safe again”–as discrimination against Muslims, it’s good to hear Obama put aside partisanship or potential personal pique at seeing a successor preside differently and to see him fight back against those who insist on promoting a false and dangerous narrative that Trump is making war against Islam.

It’s good to know that Obama doesn’t want to help spread a falsehood that many in the media and in his party (and even some outside his party) claim is incendiary and might help ISIS to recruit more anti-American terrorists. It’s good to know that Obama puts America and the safety of her people first.

Doesn’t he?

MASA!!! Make America Safe Again.

Thank you, President Trump!



102 responses to “Obama’s Spokesperson Says President Trump Opposes Religious Discrimination

    • Of course he did. I can only hope that Sessions et al are quietly planning to investigate all this sedition and these conspiracies. Read this one; it’s outrageous: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/federal-workers-signal-app-234510

      Their heroine, Hillary, knew nothing about encryption. If only, and then our secrets may have been secure. These people need to be ROOTED OUT and fired. They are TRAITORS to the people, this country, and our government. For sure they don’t deserve a paycheck from We the People. This is illegal because it’s illegal for public employees to engage in partisan politics and I’ll bet you anything they’re spying to LEAK to the media, which are in cahoots with them and the DemoncRATS, just like before the election. Trump and Sessions and whoever is, for example, at the Dept. of Labor and the EPA have a HUGE JOB in front of them to drain this swamp. Root them out. Fire them. They are NOT public servants or patriots.

  1. Whoa Pardner!
    Defund Amtrak?
    No way.
    No finer way to cross the USA then by rail with your own sleeper car bedroom.
    Flying is like eating at White Castle.
    Flying 1st class is like eating at Burger King.
    When I’m President I will make rail travel available to everywhere in the continental USA including Alaska at least up to Fairbanks.
    and also including the Keys and Caribbean islands that we own or manage, like Puerto Rico.
    I know you’re gonna say if people like it they will pay for it, cool right
    after I80 and the rest of the highways become self funding.

    • Did Trump propose defunding it? It would be the perfect project for his infrastructure policy. I agree with you totally. I love the train. Other countries have high-speed rail. I’ve been waiting for us to come into the 21st century on this topic for a long time.

  2. I found this story on the BBC US website:
    A prison officer has been killed after authorities stormed a men’s jail block a day after inmates took hostages in the US state of Delaware.

    Another officer was rescued and taken to hospital as police raided C block at the James T Vaughn Correctional Center in the town of Smyrna.

    Prisoners took four officers and fellow inmates hostage on Wednesday.

    One of the prisoners told a local newspaper they were protesting against US President Donald Trump.
    of course
    also I am told that a photo of Beyonce has “mesmerized” America.
    It didb’t me or my wife,
    We both said she was ridiculous.

    • She’s a pig. This was the big news on NBC tonight. Oh, and they’re oohing and ahhing over her underwear. I guess we should be happy she has some on. She has to do something now that the party’s over at the White House. Supposedly her photo is the “most liked” ever. Right. I’m guessing there’s no dislike option.

  3. facebkwallflower

    Pulled this comment from over at CTH, Papua New Guinea!

    “Well, this sucks! “The US government has publicly said it will resettle up to 1,250 refugees from Australia’s offshore detention islands of Manus and Nauru, but stressed they will all undergo “extreme vetting” before being accepted.

    Sean Spicer, White House spokesman for the new president, Donald Trump, confirmed the deal – brokered by Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama – would be honoured, and for the first time, confirmed the number that could be accepted under the plan.

    “The deal specifically deals with 1,250 people, they’re mostly in Papua New Guinea, being held,” Spicer told a White House briefing. “Those people, part of the deal, is that they have to be vetted in the manner that we’re doing now.”

    We can only hope that extreme vetting prevents them from coming here.


    • The “deal” was Obama’s and Trump doesn’t WANT to honor it but apparently must. But the deal ALSO included them passing “vetting” by the U.S. which, thanks to Trump, will now be more stringent than ever. I am certainly beginning to fall on the side of a muslim ban. I’m sorry, but it’s so. They do not want to assimilate into our country and I don’t think they will. I saw a photo today in the paper of muslims who are still in another country, apparently waiting to be able to come to the U.S. One of them was carrying a sign with a photo of President Trump that was captioned something like “here is the real terrorist.” Now, I ask you, does that person deserve to be allowed into our country?

      • Wait! I found it: http://www.stltoday.com/news/national/hundreds-of-yemenis-with-us-visas-stranded-in-djibouti/article_42c1a4d4-331f-562e-a14e-d191b1190a06.html

        YEMENIS who are “stranded” in Djibouti. Look at the photo:

        Do we need more of Soros’s minions here? Especially muslims who have NO respect for our duly elected president?

      • facebkwallflower

        I am for the ban and also for ceasing to recognize as a religion. I want it recognized as a political ideology that is in direct conflict with Constitution.

        • That’s exactly what it is. It was designed as a political ideology disguised as a religion in order to get followers. It’s state and religion in one, which is the antithesis of our country, which is why muslims will never assimilate here. Instead, their plan is to take over and replace our system with theirs. Infiltration and then submission. We don’t need to import people whose goal is to overthrow our system of government.

          The problem, too, with Trump’s plan to do away with the prohibition on political activism from pulpits and to enshrine protection of businesses owned by religious people so they’re able to discriminate based upon the tenets of their own religion or their moral consciences IS THAT IT WILL INCLUDE MUSLIMS. So will businesses, for example, be allowed to forbid females from entering their stores because women are unclean, or because they must be chaperoned, or that they can’t wear anything but muslim dress if they want service? Do they really want to allow muslim imams to do political activism in the mosque (which, of course, we know they already do. What Trump needs to do is force the IRS to fully and fairly enforce the ban on partisan politics by churches or not-for-profits. The “minority” churches already do just ignore the rule and they’ve been allowed to get away with it for (at least) 8 years under Obama. The evangelical churches, of course, tend to OBEY THE LAW because, after all, they’re MORAL PEOPLE WHO OBEY RULES.)

          I’m for religious freedom but I’m not for allowing the strict anti-woman and anti-gay beliefs of islam the protection of “freedom of religion.” Where human rights are concerned, they come BEFORE religious “freedom”. It’s a slippery slope. Make things equal. Make them even. Don’t allow mosques and black churches to continue in their advantage by not holding them to the same standard as every church or synagogue.

          As for forcing businesses to, for example, bake cakes for gay weddings. That also should be equal. Then muslim restaurants should be forced to, for example, cook and serve bacon, and muslim tailors should be made to make G-string nighties for women. Middle ground has to be found and common sense and common courtesy should prevail. imho, nobody should be FORCED to accept anybody as a customer or client. Freedom of association. Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech.

          And Trump needs to remind everyone that “gay rights” are NOT enshrined in the federal code as protected under civil rights laws.

  4. SOS Tillerson. 😀

  5. PLEASE someone here convince me this wasn’t a TOTAL douche-y thing to do/say at a prayer breakfast. I’m being sincere…I really want to be convinced.


    • The way it’s portrayed, it looks pretty stupid, imho. That said, what was the context? Without watching the entire thing, I don’t want to opine without knowing what came before and what came after. It does get old, his harping on the ratings of that show (who cares?) and other embarrassing comments. On the other hand, why don’t they give AS MUCH PLAY to his going to Dover to pay tribute to the dead Navy Seal HERO as they give to everything he says that they can possibly hype and put him in the worst light possible? Did you SEE much, if any, coverage in the mainstream media of his going to that man’s arrival back in this country? I’m sick to death of how they harp on every little thing, such as Ivanka’s dress or whether or not Melania will move to the WH. Who cares? It’s irrelevant. We know the man has an ego. So did Obama and literally EVERY speech of his was littered with I, I, I. Now there’s this double standard. And did Obama ever say anything dumb or narcissistic? Let me count the ways. He’s a different kind of president. That we know and knew before hand. Those who criticize him for this OTHER kind of locker room talk (there’s a word for it which escapes me, but men do it all the time–razzing?) also gave Obama a pass for his 57 states, his egotism, his GOLFING during national or world emergencies, tragedies, or terror attacks. I could go on and on.

      • The context. Watch the full 20 minutes. They chose to focus on a joke while he was introducing special people in the audience, instead of his moving tribute to our most-recent fallen hero, our troops, and those who prayed for him and our country during the campaign. They WANT to IGNORE everything that was good and moving in his speech.

      • OK, you got me at least 75% of the way there! You usually do, Miri 🙂
        I couldn’t agree more the coverage is designed to make him look as bad as possible; I just wish sometimes he wouldn’t give them so much ammunition.

        • But then I did watch it in context, and yes the rest was good but that part was painful for me to watch. I just want to ask…whyyyyyyyyy was that necessary? why why why???

          • It wasn’t necessary. It probably wasn’t in his prepared remarks, but he prefers, it seems, to speak off the cuff. Probably as he’s spoken for years in business meetings.

        • Those are Squirrels!!
          He throws them out there to keep the LSM in a tizzy. 😆

          • Ha, ha, SEO. I wrote that bit about how some believe this before I read your remarks. Do you really think so? Look! A squirrel.

        • I agree. It’s almost as if the good old “imp of the perverse” forces him to put something in every speech or utterance for them to glom onto. It’s either a self-defeating tic or else he does it, as some suggest, on purpose, to trap the media into doing what they do best, so that we who get it continue to hate on the media. Who knows? At his age, he’s set in his ways and for sure he’s a different kind of president, which in a way is heartening. It puts truth to the statement that ANYONE can grow up to be president. If all presidents MUST BE lawyers and Harvard or Princeton or Yale grads, all born with the equivalent of a silver spoon, who spent most of their lives in politics, then it IS a lie to say that anybody can be president. When the media attack Trump (who was born with the silver spoon but isn’t a lawyer and is, in the mold of our first president, somebody who had a day job) for not being experienced in government, or for not being a lawyer, then what they’re really saying is that it’s NOT TRUE that anyone can be president. I personally find it kind of refreshing that somewhat like that “rube” Harry Truman, he speaks his mind. I do wish, though, that he didn’t ruin so many good accomplishments by throwing the media those bones.

  6. Politics ….

    Kellyanne Conway Predicts That Democrats Will Destroy Their Own Party

    Because ‘They’re Hysterical About Everything’

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