Giving Us Permission To Boycott Them


One by one, they fall to the pressure of group-think and political correctness. “Artist” by artist, they refuse to participate after being honored with a request, or they rudely back out of performing at President-elect Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration celebration, bowing to pressure from the intolerant among us. The latest to wimp out is Jennifer Holliday.

…Jennifer Holliday released a letter addressed to the LGBT community announcing that she will no longer be performing at the inauguration concert, apologizing for what she called a “lapse of judgment.”  She cites this article in her letter, saying that after she read it she realized that “my only choice must now be to stand with the LGBT Community and to state unequivocally that I WILL NOT PERFORM FOR THE WELCOME CONCERT OR FOR ANY OF THE INAUGURATION FESTIVITIES!”

She apologized to the LGBT community! One wonders if she had the class  to apologize to President-elect Trump. She certainly doesn’t appear to have apologized to President-elect Trump’s supporters or, for that matter, to any American who believes in the legitimacy of the electoral process, who loves our Republic, and who rightly realizes that no matter one’s political beliefs, Donald J. Trump will be the President of these United States. As such, he will be Hollywood’s president, Broadway’s president, California’s president, New York’s president, and Jennifer Holliday’s president. (John Lewis’s president, too.)

In choosing to pander to the supposed heartbreak of the LGBT “community,” which is a tiny minority, Holliday has insulted the incoming president as well as most of her fellow Americans.

Holliday joins Andrea Bocelli and Garth Brooks in backing out. Others who refused for political reasons include Charlotte Church, Moby, and Rebecca Ferguson.

It was not enough for some of these illustrious performers to simply politely decline, several had to openly insult the incoming president and, by extension, all who voted for him or who at least wish him well as the 45th president of the United States.

By now most of the world knows how Meryl Streep insulted and disrespected President-elect Trump when she received a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes. How strange.

Trump squats inside Streep’s head so massively that instead of spending her limited time thanking those who chose to honor her lifetime of artistry, she preferred to chastise and insult the incoming president, as well as football and mixed-martial-arts lovers throughout the country.

Another actress, Lola Kirke (whoever she is), also chose to politicize the Golden Globes, by wearing a pin on her dress that read, “F*ck Paul Ryan.”

Let’s not forget how Vice-President-elect Mike Pence was harassed, bullied and lectured from the stage when he honored the cast of HAMILTON by bringing his family to see their show.

All of these so-called artists have one thing in common: They have decided to politicize their “art.” In so doing, they have given us permission (haven’t they?) to politicize back.

If they can boycott, bully, and lecture, then we–at the very least–shouldn’t  be expected to spend our hard-earned money (not one red cent) supporting their “art.”

In fact, they further insult us by expecting that we will allow them to continue to bite the hand that feeds them with no repercussions whatsoever! What are we? Idiots?

These so-called artists choose to boycott our President-elect and his Inauguration. We should choose to boycott them in return.

Look at the map above. (Red=Trump support.) These performers need us more than we need them. Show them how much they need us.

If they have such disdain for us, why should we continue to enrich them?

Don’t pay to see their movies. Don’t pay to see their TV programs. Don’t pay to go to their concerts. Don’t pay to see their Broadway plays. It’s as simple as that.



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  1. YIKES!…MO’ LIES?? ^^^^ yep that’s what I recall her saying 2!

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