Thoughts in the New Year


I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping for a lot of change in the “popular culture” over the next few years. Hoping, but not convinced that it will happen–the phonies and hypocrites among us are too fond of their special snowflake identities.

So a few thoughts about recent items in the news, related to popular culture:

First up, a Dear Abby column. A letter to the advice columnist was headlined, “Man Feels Abandoned as Girl Transitions to New Relationship.”

Despite the headline the “girl” (Eve) in the article is actually a male–a person described by the letter writer as a “transgender girl” and the transition is to a new external “gender,” not a new relationship. The person in question desires to make himself outwardly resemble a female. The letter writer describes himself as a “straight man.” Oddly enough, the straight man refers to his lover as a “girl” but not to himself as a “boy.” Hmm. Sounds rather sexist. Nevertheless, Abby didn’t quibble about semantics.

The writer’s dilemma is that his “transgender girl”dumped him for another “trans girl.” (His description.) His former lover, however, wants to remain friends, even though it causes jealous behavior by the other “trans girl” and emotional distress for the “straight male” who can’t get over his loss. Abby’s advice, which you can read in full at the link:

It might help if you consider that there are more than physical changes when making the kind of transition Eve was undergoing, and she may have felt that her trans friend was better able to relate to what she was experiencing than you were. …

What you are feeling is normal. However, it might help you to move forward if you keep in mind that all women are not the same

Can we please just get over this biological science denial? The man’s lover was not a woman and so spewing forth platitudes about how “all women are not the same” is simply nonsensical. It’s equally nonsensical for a man who initiates a romance with a male person who has not yet “transitioned” into an illusory synthetic female to call himself “straight.”

Now we come to the sad plight of some of the Radio City Rockettes, who are outraged that tradition, courtesy, and contractual obligations require them to dance at President-to-be Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration, whether they like it or not. Suddenly, these special snowflakes, these progressive babies, discover the value of taking a stand for what they believe is their right to their own consciences. It’s amazing.

Christian bakeries must be forced by governments to bake wedding cakes for gay couples, but the Rockettes should be able to refuse to kick their legs at Trump’s Inauguration, without repercussions, simply because they believe the fake news that Trump is a bigot (or sexist, or whatever).

Used to be when people took a stand on conscience, they quietly and willingly accepted the consequences. No more! Instead, these intolerant fools who can’t bring themselves to dance on one of the biggest stages in the history of the world expect to be protected from repercussions and feted as heroes.

Predictably, liberal groups stand ready to help any refusing Rockette who faces repercussions from her employer (as she well should. Imagine if white basketball players, for example, had refused to play any time Obama was in attendance.)

One wonders how many women who auditioned for the Rockettes but didn’t make the cut would love to take their places? This article has a good summary of the hypocrisy of these special snowflakes. Welcome to the real world, young ladies!

Will all who opposed Obama’s administration, who, for example, viewed him as a constitutionally unqualified person or an anti-white bigot, get refunds on taxes that went to support his outrageous policies or his weekly celebrity command performances? Fat chance.

You’re probably wondering what this post has to do with that image up at the top: What’s up with that button that reads, “God?”

Well, I had a brainstorm in response to an excellent (as usual) article over at The Fellowship of the Minds.

Consider: At the University of Kansas libraries, staff, students, visitors (one assumes everybody and anybody) are being offered buttons to wear so that the persons they meet will know, and respond appropriately, to their preferred choice of personal pronouns. “Misgendering,” we’re told, can be hurtful, so everyone is encouraged to take care to refer properly to the person by using the correct pronouns.

What’s the next step? With progressives, it’s always a hop, skip, and a jump until  someone gets called up before a tribunal for standing on their own constitutional rights and refusing to be told by some unelected “authority” what to say, how to say it, and to whom to say it or to whom not to say it.

Considering all of the above, I decided that what’s good for the progressive  goose should be equally good for the conservative gander.

The button I designed, shown at the top of the post, is for non-Muslims to wear when they want to be protected from hearing anyone with whom they’re conversing use the name Allah instead of the name God, because Allah is to some an offensive, false-equivalent too often wrongly used interchangeably with the word God. Wearing this button will signal to anyone with whom you meet up, especially Muslims, that you prefer them not to use the word Allah. Simple request, huh?

Let’s all be tolerant, considerate, and non-offensive.

It occurs to me that Christians can wear a Merry Christmas button to advise others of their preferred holiday greeting. Problem solved. Jewish people can wear Happy Hannukah buttons, etc., etc., etc. Problem solved, until you get store employees that refuse to comply, of course.

Here’s another button idea. This one hits upon several offensive macro- or micro-aggressions at once:


Wearing this button will instantly signal to those who prefer to be tolerant, considerate, and inoffensive that the wearer is mightily offended by being insultingly stereotyped (pigeon-holed) when someone uses any of those three words to describe him or her.

How easy. How simple. No more shouting matches in university quadrangles, classrooms, cafeterias, or libraries. No more bullying of persons of pale color or the normally gendered. No more assuming that one is “privileged” based upon skin color alone, ignoring family history, ancestry, personal history, income, or any other demographic characteristic that gives lie to the divisive, offensive label. No more anti-white racism. Easily disposed of by using the progressives’ own tactics. No more anti-heterosexualism.

Wear the button. Watch how they respond. Will they be tolerant?

Challenge progressives to follow the same rules for others that they expect to be followed for themselves.

If one group or person is allowed to dictate to everyone else how everyone else is to speak, then that rule should hold true for every group and every person.

I don’t “identify” as white, because I’m not. My skin is dark tan to light olive/brown, and I’m not going to select which of my ancestors I’m going to “identify” with and which I’m going to disavow. Therefore, I never want anyone to assume that I’m “white” and to label me as such against my will.

That’s an offensive macro-aggression, in my opinion.

I don’t “identify” as cisgender, either, although that’s the term that’s being thrust upon anyone who is normally gendered: in other words, heterosexual, in accordance with their DNA. Personally, I don’t see the value in labeling anyone by what they do in their personal lives. It’s a massive misapprehension to think everybody else gives a rat’s patoot. I don’t care. I don’t want to know. And I certainly don’t want the mental images that go along with the various confessional labels.

Making up a word and then thrusting it upon unwillingly labeled persons is offensive and it should stop immediately. There’s nothing wrong with the previous term, the scientific one–heterosexual–and there’s no reason for anyone to decide they’re going to label others as cisgendered, instead.

Would any other group allow another group to decide what they should be called?

Finally, I never, ever, ever want to hear anyone tell me that I’m “privileged” or “white privileged,” especially when that person has no clue about my personal history, no clue about my family history, and no idea what sort of challenges I had to overcome in my lifetime, and all because that person assumes, based solely upon outward appearances, that I’ve been “privileged” and so now presumably owe something to society or to some other group, such that I’m required to make “reparations” or “pay it forward” or “give back” or whatever the catchy phrase of the year now is. Or, worse, that I should sit down and shut up. Move to the back of the bus, in other words.

Anyway, the first rant of 2017 is now officially over.

If anyone has ideas for more or better buttons, let’s hear them!

Can these buttons become “a thing?”


118 responses to “Thoughts in the New Year

  1. Yes, Orly. Tell them: ….^^^^^^
    1) HDOH & Fukino and Okubo/ numerous FOIA
    2) Nordyke lies and FOIA at Kapiolani
    3) Loretta Fuddy death (murder?)
    4) Data on Birther Report
    5) Fraud data posted by Ann Dunham in Hawaii Polk Directory
    6) Butterdezillion Blog data on Obot
    7) BC logbook fraud 1960-1965 Hawaii as found out by Peabody &
    Butterdezillion in 2010
    8) Lori Starfelt lies about the newspaper clips
    9) Hathaway fraud data in NY on Obot and Occidental College (CA) scholarships
    10) Research and FOIA on Conn bogus SSN by Obot
    11) WH tax returns using SSN of Bounel
    12) Linda Jordan’s research work
    13) Sue’s Ohio FOIA on Bounel SSN & comments
    14) HDOH lies by several CEO in Hawaii
    15) Several Analyses of the fraudulent and IT altered Hawaii BC
    16) Other spurious Obot BC found and broadcast
    17) Statements on BC by numerous citizens in Kenya, England, & Indonesia
    18) Articles in US and Kenyan newspapers & college tabloids
    19) Fraud and lies about Obot by NYC literary agency & publisher, etc.
    of his works
    20) European press comments & views
    21) Passport fraud issues
    22) Common sense, discernment, logic, & numerous FOIA on Obot &
    BC, SSN, SSS, & Occidental fraud items/issues

    This list is NOT… inclusive or complete. Many other unresolved issues
    on Obot exist. Jeff Sessions should seek AG prosecution, IMO.

    • Lorenda Starfelt ….@ … this was found
      in the U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014

      Name: Lorenda Starfelt
      Last Residence: California
      BORN: 11 Jan 1955
      Died: 15 Mar 2011
      State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (1967)

    • facebkwallflower

      I am confused. Is myveryownpointofview Butter’s blog? Looks like it but seems different and been quite sometime since I have been there. Thanks.

      • I don’t think so. Seem to remember that’s ladysforest’s blog. Don’t know if she’s still blogging or not. Haven’t tuned in for a while.

  2. This must be the funniest thing all year!
    A group of liberal Hollywood celebrities are threatening a “massive, all-round Hollywood strike” unless Donald Trump resigns. Describing Hollywood as “the base of the entire modern American culture“, the group also claims to be speaking on behalf of “all of humanity.”

    “It’s about time people understood that we’re the ones with the power and that the president is there to serve us, not the other way around“, a spokesperson for the group told The New York Times.

    “We’re calling for a general strike that would include every single person involved in making motion pictures in Hollywood, starting with the actors and celebrities themselves and encompassing companies in charge of making props, movie memorabilia and even souvenir shops.”

    I don’t think this is fake news.
    Here’s the link:

    GO FOR IT I say you bunch of actors.
    A year without your movies will be great.
    I know they disagree. Here is what they said:
    Without the work of Hollywood and the lifestyle promoted by it, there will literally be no more America to rule for Trump. So, in effect, it’s not us that are going to force Donald Trump to resign his office; it’s the people of America who are going to make him do it, because the God’s honest truth is – without Hollywood, there is no America. It’s like trying to run Nzi Germany without Hiter at the forefront – it just becomes pointless,” the spokesperson concluded.

    I’ll leave the obvious conclusions to you guys. But I also see Megyn
    has left Fox News I think for NBC. I wonder if they will have to change the name of their network to KNN. (Kelly News Network).

    Yay and Yay again, says me.

  3. Miri I like the Button Idea! 😀

    • Thanks. I wonder if somebody has already thought of this and has them for sale already? The Internet proves everyday that there’s no such thing as an original idea. 😉

  4. says it all

    • Sure does. I bet Mickey Rourke and Jackie Chan, among others, would consider wrestling and martial arts to be arts and football players the country over probably consider their work artful. Certainly there are better actors in the martial arts than were on the stage last night at those awards. It takes a special kind of gall for a Brit to come over here to OUR country, where he’s been made a millionaire, and insult its people and the president we just elected. Hugh Laurie, I mean. I used to admire his work. No longer. These assholes are making their own beds, so they can lie in them with each other, risking fleas and crabs, or alone. I really don’t care.

      I won’t be spending one dime to support ANY OF THEM for the foreseeable future (leaving them the grace to repent their uninformed and ignorant ways). I didn’t watch. I won’t ever watch. And I certainly won’t pay good money to see their movies or TV programs.

      btw, did you see that Hiddleston was attacked RACIALLY for daring to mention that he did humanitarian work in Africa? It’s so funny when they are hoist on their own petard. I mean, he goes and does good work in Africa for black people, but then is ATTACKED for being white and doing good work for black people because, they accuse, it makes him a “white saviour” in his mind. (Again, they believe they can read minds, too! Just as they believe and falsely report that Trump mocked that disabled man, when he did not and who knows better than the man himself what he meant by his actions and words?) Do they want people to help the unfortunate or do they not? Tell me: Will people stop helping the unfortunate who happen to be “persons of color” if the helper is white and then gets attacked by racist bigots because they perceive a microaggression when white people help “persons of color?” I mean, talk about giving people PERMISSION to just not care. IF whites are racist for helping blacks, then certainly–go ahead black people in Africa. Help yourselves. Seriously. I wonder just how much the people who attack Hiddleston for daring to be white and humanitarian actually contribute one cent to help the unfortunate in Africa. What’s in it for Hiddleston to keep trying (other than the personal satisfaction of knowing he did good works) IF he’s “rewarded” by a bunch of racist epithets and accusations? Again, they just don’t get it. Talk about BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU.

      Is it any wonder that these self-important narcissists gave so many awards to a movie called LA LA LAND? They live in it. I hope they all stay there. Can you believe the gall of Streep (actually STREEB) believing much less saying that but for THEM in La La Land, there would BE no art? AS IF PEOPLE IN THE REST OF THE COUNTRY CONTRIBUTE NOTHING TO ART! How about all the quilters in the South? The community theater actors? The independent movie makers? The local TV show producers? Playwrights and authors throughout the country? What an ego that “woman” has. At first, years ago, I couldn’t stand Streep, and then I came to admire her work and especially the way she cared for John Cazale when he was struck down so sadly and unfairly before his time, but now I think my first impression of her was correct. Born with the silver spoon and NO CLUE whatsoever what life in the REAL WORLD is like. Do we need to pay good money to be lectured by the likes of her?

      • Riddle me this: Don’t they put on these shows to drum UP business for their movies instead of to insult the potential audience, inciting BOYCOTTS of their works? Since they do this and continue to do it, then tell me WHY IN HELL any producer or director CHOOSES these people to star in their movies? It seems counter to their goal of making money. Insult the audience. Yeah. That’s the ticket. They don’t get it. They prove daily that they STILL DON’T GET IT. THIS BEHAVIOR IS EXACTLY WHY TRUMP WON.


        They’re really feeling their oats now, after their “Oscars so white” campaign apparently worked enough to get their “tokens” in the nominations, as well as making the PC-susceptible create roles and movies and affirmative action positions (5th producer, e.g.) for persons of color. NOW here are two more WHITE people being racially attacked for inferred microaggressions when they confused the names of two movies, calling Hidden Figures, Hidden FENCES instead, mixing up the Denzel Washington movie with the one about 3 African-American women who worked at NASA Langley (yes, apparently during the exact time that AA women were totally oppressed and locked out of jobs and suffered from the effects of and oppression of “white privilege,” where they allegedly couldn’t get hired. Consider the irony. In any case, I ought to look into that tale because I suspect they were 3 among MANY who did those calcs, but hey! Why shouldn’t “white privilege” mean that one must henceforth IGNORE AND DISS the efforts of any white people?) I digress. Anyway, Jenna Bush (God bless her. Forever to be stigmatized for the accident of her birth) and Michael Keaton felt the wrath of the PC and overwrought “person of color” community.

        Teaching white people a lesson, one person at a time. Don’t do anything good for persons of color and dare to expect gratitude instead of racist disdain. Don’t make ANY mistakes that can be inferred to be insults or imaginary microaggressions. In fact, just to make sure, just disappear and let ALL jobs at these events be filled by persons of color. Begone, all you white privileged. Know your new “place” and stay in it. Know what I mean?

        ‘Twill be interesting to see how much abuse these white actors and actresses and journalists are willing to take before they, TOO, decide to flip one big middle finger to the race-whiners and join the campaign to MAGA! Whatever happened to the dream of MLK?

  5. Here’s a thought and I’m NOT comforted by this. Outsiders? Draining the swamp?

    Ivanka’s husband being made an advisor to Trump. Guess who is Kushner’s LAWYER? Jamie Gorelick. Ring any bells? Try this:

    It’s not comforting to me that
    1. Gorelick is Kushner’s lawyer, or that
    2. Chelsea Clinton is a good friend of Ivanka Trump, or that
    3. Kushner will be in the WH.

    • A very wise old lady I once knew, used to tell people she didn’t care for: “You ought to be on TV.” When they asked “why,” she said, “So I can TURN YOU OFF!”

      Poof! Begone!


    HOWEVER, I seriously DOUBT that this is the “last” treasonous act. 11 days to go, and counting. A LOT can happen in 11 days. For example, war with Iran or Russia or maybe even BOTH. Then drop it in Trump’s lap.

  7. This is interesting. What do you make of it? Advance knowledge OR are they just hoping to figure out who and how to suppress?

    • Can you make out what he’s carrying, besides the gun? That’s no luggage? Is it a coat? Yeah, it appears to be a coat, which would make sense. So did he or did he not have other luggage? I read again elsewhere that ammo isn’t carried in the same box with the gun. So WHERE DID HE GET THE AMMO? An accomplice? Taped behind the toilet in the bathroom? WHERE?

      That story makes little sense. They want to know who “leaked” the video to TMZ. It was supposed to be viewed only by people in law enforcement and at the airport with “clearance,” whatever that means. They say it’s video from airport security but from a CELLPHONE recording of the security video. Guess it makes sense, but are they concerned with somebody cashing in or with a leaker who will show the TRUTH versus an official story?

      One can assume that they went around searching everyone afterward (as was heard live on FOX when a passenger called in live and recounted what was going on). I wonder if they then CONFISCATED everyone’s cell phone and any video on it. Others may have video, for example, if a relative or friend videotaped the arrival of someone.

      They seem concerned because TMZ pays people for videos. So are they rooting out corruption within their own ranks OR do they just want to plug a leak in case more TRUTH comes out? Will all the cell phones, if confiscated and surely they were, be returned to people INTACT?

      • There is this:

        If we just accept for one mo, that this was a black op, then what was
        the intended purpose? Getting the public to vote against gun rights?
        It’s too late for that one again.

        I am sceptical that Florida as a false flag makes any current sense
        unless it was just a test for something bigger that is coming soon.

        If I was advising The Donald, I’d suggest he visits Sarah Palin and the two of them go moose hunting somewhere lost in Alaska where she knows they can’t be found for the next ten days.

        I don’t like the smell of this – not one little bit.

        • I think I’d be careful heading to Alaska in an airplane. Several (two in particular) congressmen or senators crash their plane up there , never to be found to this day. I think the two I’m thinking was Alaskan sen. Begitch and senator or congressman Boggs of Louisiana. And come to think of it I heard a very young Bill Clinton drove one of them to the airport.
          As to false flags, this one has all the trappings of the created scenario, following the same criteria……as other false flags with info discrepancies early on, and of course they say first they don’t think it’s terrorist related, then they show you his convenient photo and internet MO all linked so perfectly to Islamic crap. Ah yes, those weird mentally unstable vets should never leave service with a weapon. This has been in the works….and I can see numerous other “safety measures coming”. There’s too much that’s already fishy about the whole thing. Too perfectly convenient for so many reasons.

  8. “Clemson Tigers” – National Champions – 2016 !!!! 35 – 31 nail-biter !!!! Clemson Wins, last second of game !!!!

  9. The Earth, entering a ‘mini- Ice Age” !!!! Incredible, 175 mph winds, pummel West Coast !!!!

    • I like that “uninstalled”……just wonder how much we’ll hear from him “from the grave”, so to speak. Can you imaging he and Eric Holder, making mischief for the next four years? I’m trying not to think about it.

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