Welcome 2017! Happy New Year!

newyear-copyTime to ring out the old year and ring in the new. This coming year we have so much for which to be thankful. While it’s true that Barack Hussein Obama II would be leaving the White House in 2017 no matter who won the presidency, it’s certainly also true that our new year would have been far from happy should Hillary Clinton have been the incoming resident.  So it’s time to


Because, thanks be to God and President-elect Donald J. Trump, we are not doomed to that horrible fate.

Here’s wishing a wonderful and happy 2017 to all of our friends here at WTPOTUS.

Stay safe and please don’t drink and drive–we want you all here with us in 2017.




83 responses to “Welcome 2017! Happy New Year!

  1. Well putting all the carriers in Port hasn’t escaped attention.
    Here is Dave Hodges on before its news on that subject:
    Various opinions as to whether it is to invite an attack or to carry out a
    false flag.
    The man doesn’t want to leave.
    We all knew that,
    You have to be reasonably sceptical of before its news type stories,
    but here is another one about these final 16 days:

  2. PRAYED …4 the DAY …. YES! ….the LOW RIDERS! …OUT!!!



  4. ~ Wink-and-a-Nod • …^^^^^
    Proof that those thugs do not hold our judeo christian values or even the ideas of common decency toward others should not be allowed to enter
    this country period.

    These things need to be rounded up *** .
    All of the people responsible for bringing in all of these uncivilized savages should be tried as accessories ….. to these crimes.!!!!!!

    Yes & made to house them in their own homes with their families.
    They could also be sentenced to serve time in the “refugee’s” country.

  5. so LONG JOKER KISS ~ AZZ …. B I D E N ! …. ha
    APNewsBreak: Biden plans University of Delaware partnership
    JOSH LEDERMAN, WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden is developing a partnership with the University of Delaware that will focus on economic & domestic policy, a Biden aide said Wednesday, rounding out the vice president’s plans for after he leaves the White House. ??????

    In addition to working with the Delaware school, Biden’s alma mater, he also plans an affiliation with the University of Pennsylvania. The Ivy League school in the state of his birth will house Biden’s activities on foreign policy & global engagement initiatives, said the aide, who requested anonymity because the partnership hasn’t yet been publicly announced.?????

  6. BO’ … that’s 1 DOG I’m going 2 MISS … 4 sure!
    Proof for those who say everything in Washington has a price: Bo Obama, the curly-haired pooch owned by the Obama family, is worth exactly $1600.

    That’s from President Barack Obama’s 2009 financial disclosure form, released Monday. The Portuguese Water Dog was a gift from the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and family, & as such, Obama had to disclose the pup’s value on his required list of Gifts & Earnings. Bo joined the White House in on April 14, 2009, as a present for Obama’s daughters, Sasha & Malia.

    In 2009, Obama disclosed yearly Income ..
    between $4.1 million & $12.1 million. ???

  7. GETTING WARMER!… this is what WTP have PRAYED 4 ~ GONE!

  8. ~ Home News UK & World The Queen
    Queen almost SHOT by her own guardsman after he finds her
    strolling Buckingham Palace gardens at 3 am
    Her Majesty quipped after the dramatic encounter that she would
    “ring through” next time ….. YEP … a GRAND IDEA!

  9. What DAY is it MOM? ~ Have they LEFT YET???

    • Inauguration Of President Trump Countdown Clock

      ~ HELLO KITTY’ ~
      11 DAYS ……YES!!! IT’S COMING … YES TRUMP IS! … ^^^^^
      19 HOURS
      16 MINUTES
      4 SECONDS

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