Electoral College Vote 2016

We the people American Constitution with feather pen

Today the electoral college electors meet in their various states to vote for the next president of the United States. Electors, as you know, are under unprecedented and coordinated pressure from the political left, who are begging them and even threatening them, in an attempt to get them to ignore their sworn oaths and, in some  instances, state laws.

Electors are being pressured in an unprecedented way to go rogue and to refuse to cast their votes for President-elect Donald J. Trump. Make no mistake: This is an attempt by the left to undermine our Constitutional process, our elections, and our Republic, and to steal the election from the winner. By doing so, they blithely hope to disenfranchise the almost 63,000,000 citizens who voted for President-elect Trump and the 30+ states that he carried.

Indeed, not only are electors across this nation being illegally harassed via email, snail mail, phone calls and in-person encounters, some (perhaps many) are also being met with death threats and racist bigotry.

In Pennsylvania, electors must be assigned police bodyguards to escort them to their voting sites! Numerous electors have reported the threats and harassment to the police. It remains to be seen what, if anything, will be done about this illegal activity. Is anyone holding their breath, expecting Attorney General Lynch to lift even one finger?

The Democrat Party, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and many progressives–no doubt including perennial global disrupter George Soros–are encouraging and inciting this behavior. Is THIS not interfering in an election to an unprecedented degree, which makes the anonymous hacking of John Podesta’s and the DNC’s email pale by comparison?

Is it not “horrifying” that Clinton and her supporters refuse to accept the “free and fair election” that put President-elect Trump over the top?

“Somebody wins and somebody loses,” Clinton said, when she fully expected to win and chastised Trump in advance for not accepting his loss. Now that she is the somebody who lost, she suddenly wants to steal the election from the true winner by any means necessary.

Let us all bow our heads and pray for the electors, that they have the strength of will to “vote their consciences,” which means to vote as We the People have empowered them, through our votes, to do.

Pray that the electors have the courage to stand up to this unprecedented bullying of the electoral college and vote their consciences for President-elect Donald J. Trump, as they are compelled by all that is honorable to do.

Our Lord did not let us down on November 8; He won’t let us down today.

May God bless our Republic.

May God continue to bless the United States of America.

May God bless President-elect Donald J. Trump so that he does, indeed,

Make America Great Again!


124 responses to “Electoral College Vote 2016

  1. If Russia wanted a lapdog, they would have supported Hillary Clinton,
    who famously pushed the “reset button” hoping for better relations with Moscow. It is Hillary Clinton who agreed that Syria’s Bashar Assad, butcher of Aleppo, was a “reformer”.

    Russia had a “lapdog” in Barack Obama, who abandon NATO allies Poland and the Czech Republic when he cancelled plans for missile defense because it offended Moscow. It was Obama who promised then-Russian President Medvedev that he would have even more “flexibility” after he was reelected. It was Obama who drew the redlines in Syria which he then ignored and said “Assad must go” and then did nothing. It could be said that in the past eight years, Putin was the top dog and President Obama was the fireplug.

  2. Nation DES-TROY-ER .. the “ONE” the ONLY B H O ??? BARRY O?



  4. R U KIDDING ????????

  5. Hill’s Search Warrant …about 2 B unsealed …
    & stay & watch 2nd video …with Cavuto …ha what L Lynch …did


  6. Oh, one other thing. Kellyanne Conway got a question the other day about when is Trump going to start reaching out to the people who opposed him? When is Donald Trump going to offer the hand of friendship to the people he’s vanquished? May I ask a simple little question: Why is that Trump’s responsibility? You know, only in liberalism do the victors have to reach out to the losers when the losers are the liberals.

    It’s not up to Trump to reach out to them. They’ve done their level best, which has been pretty pathetic, to deny him the presidency all during the campaign and now during all these recounts and now this Electoral College move, this embarrassingly futile effort that they engaged in, so who is it that needs to apologize to who? Who is it that needs to reach out to who and ask for forgiveness? In my mind, it certainly isn’t Donald Trump. @RUSH

    • Elections have consequences. He won. Take a page from Obama. When did he or his minions EVER reach out to the other side? NEVER. Why is it that when DemoncRATS lose, they’re all for bipartisanship and Kumbaya, but when they win steal, then they’re all for unilateralism and triumphalism?

      • I read this last night .. can’t support WHITE FOLKS? what a JOKE!
        Is that because your “friends” know THEY CAN CONTROL U – ALL?

        • Are you, like me, getting sick and tired of all the commiserating articles in the newspapers feeling sorry for those who just can’t go on after this election? Oh, my. They vomited and cried. They have PTSD! Some of them, however, are “fired up” so they can be “insurgent” and subversive. They make no bones about it, as if suddenly sedition is fashionable! There was a puff piece in the paper today about how wonderful Moo was as First Lady. She did it her way. It was hard, though, because, you see, she came from a world that didn’t feature designer dresses and celebrities. She had a middle class upbringing. ALLEGEDLY. She didn’t like politics, either. Or so they say. But, hey! She rose to the occasion (yep. It didn’t take her long to figure out how to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on gowns, soirees, weekly in-house command performances by self-proclaimed “celebrities,” and of course many, many “vacations” on our dime.) Try to imagine if Hillary had managed to steal the election and them imagine them running story after story about how upset WE Trump supporters are at the loss.

        • Btw, who the heck IS that guy? I never heard of him and he sure doesn’t look like he’s been “normalized” nor that he would be an expert one would turn to for advice on how to dress.

        • And HOW RACIST IS THIS? “I say that a friend of mine, the writer David Israel, is now calling it the Whites-Only House.”

          Uh, take a look fellas. Has the WH not been the Blacks-Only House for the past 8 years? How many white “celebrities” were there?

          What does he know? Marzipan is NOT a glaze you put on cakes.


  8. ~ Roberto Viana1 day ago ^^^^^^ YEAH SURE MOOCHER!
    She is an angry black women. She hates America, but Loves to spend the tax payers dollars for a multitude of useless consultants just to get her dressed. Wealth does matters to Michelle, spending tax payers dollars made her change her tune and like America. Yea, live it out loud by going to over 40 different countries in 8 years on the taxpayers BACKS. Being the first lady was one big FREE spending spree for her. While her idiot for a husband managed to spend more tax payer dollars than every other president combined. He managed to double the deficit? It is obvious that money doesn’t matter to the Obama’s when its not theirs, but they get to spend it. Good riddance. …YEP ASK BARRY about the SKIN TONES…
    IT’S ALL PHONY-NESS ^^^…. 24 / 7 …. WE KNOW U …& WE GET IT!!!

  9. Politics
    Obama: ‘This is going to be a browner country’ !!!!!!!!
    Dylan Stableford Mon, Dec 19 6:43 AM PST MORE …also
    Regardless of what President-elect Donald Trump’s plans are for immigration, President Barack Obama says there will be “inevitable” changes to the demographics of the United States.

    “If you stopped all immigration today, just by virtue of birth rates, this is going to be a browner country,” Obama told NPR’s Steve Inskeep in an interview that aired Monday. “And if we’re not thinking right now about how we make sure that next generation is getting a good education and are instilled with a common creed and the values that make America so special and are cared for and nurtured and loved the way every American child is treated, then we’re not going to be as successful.”

    Obama said it’s natural for the nation to have “some growing pains” because of the substantial changes to the world during his eight years in office:

    • Racist.

      Here’s a case in point about how CTH has the time, apparently, and the wherewithal to cover stuff I’m interested in but can’t get around to writing about. Now everybody must know how I have been on this story like white on rice because I KNEW HOW IT WOULD TURN OUT AND THAT IT WAS FAKE. Not saying fake hate because I believe it was real hate and designed to turn out voters for Hillary. They’re making a point of saying there was apparently no political motivation, in the news stories I read elsewhere. They’ve known who did it since the first week, almost 2 months ago. They held off until after the election and after all the Kumbaya moments where whites got reeducated and shamed, falsely, to announce the truth, probably because leaving it up in the air would allow the FALSE STORY to stay out there and possibly turn people away from Trump.

      I wonder, wonder, wonder if the sheriff is going to look into whether or not this dude suddenly came into a bunch of dinero, perhaps laundered through some operatives. I’m just askin’.


      I freaking knew it! There’s no way a real Trump supporter would be corrupt enough, first of all, to set a church on fire, but second of all–would a real Trump supporter actually write “Vote Trump” on the side of the burned church? Nope. Follow the money, officers. Follow the money. It HAS TO BE THERE because if there’s any symbol that the DemoncRATS love to dredge up it’s the meme of black churches burning.

  10. Watch till 12:00 KELLY ROCKS our world !

  11. ~ RedMacaw • …. ^^^^^

    Message to Michelle Obama: We the Great unwashed of fly over country
    do not dislike you because you are Black! Indeed, we couldn’t care any less about that!

    We, the Great unwashed of fly over country dislike you because you’re a Ruling Class Elitist B*TCH; who believes herself to be a Superior Being & Entitled to whatever desire at OUR …… $$$$ Expense!

    It’s the same reason we, the great unwashed of fly over country dislike
    …. Hillary Clinton!!

    Ah, methinks comes soon the ghettopotamus.
    oh, that’s awesome!

    I can’t even fathom the picture in my mind.
    It could be a great “Jeopardy” question though!.
    Category: Weird Mammals
    Question: Describe a ghettopotamus?
    Answer: Hehehehehehehe ………… Can’t say it , it’s too funny.
    Great description…….thanks ….. ha

  12. ~ ajaxjr •
    … Obama should give advice where HE HAS exemplary Expertise: how to completely devastate a political party in 8 years.

    Or a country. ……or the world look round us
    Hypocrite, thy name is “0bama.”

    Mister Obama continues to orally pontificate from his alternate universe, where logic, facts, common sense, & especially Reality, never interfere with his all-knowing proclamations.

    January 20 Can NOT Come S O O N enough for OUR USA !

  13. the smirker’ … the gloom …he has CAST upon USA & IT’S PEOPLE
    IF ONLY some one PULLED HIS COVER on DAY 1 …. piss ME OFF!

    • I’m a thinkin’ he must believe the U.S. is going to get browner and browner on account of global warming and all that sunshine, giving us all nice tans.

    Protests erupt outside Merkel office…
    Tunisia: Jihadi breeding ground spawning attacks…


  15. MO’ …STEPPING …OUT BLACK!!! …. what a F-in JOKE’….
    HEY MOOCH …IS that CALLED …. GO-in LOW’ or is it YOUR
    JOKE on ALL YOU TOOK … so U both ain’t BE-HOLD-ING 2 USA?
    IT 4 SURE is NOT ..GOING “HIGH” ..as U PREACH 2 us small FOLKS!

  16. facebkwallflower

    I have noticed some of you read CTH. Well, did you know there is a separate branch run by one of the admins (still with CTH) for a quieter time like CTH before it went all bat-crazy big? If I was into “safe spaces”, this would be it. (like here)…… You will recognize some of the oldtimer names there that you may have wondered where they went as no longer see at CTH. They all just took conversation to a backroom to hide from the trolls and all the transients at CTH, I think. Anyways, enjoy! (and go ahead, comment too.) https://stellasplace1.com

    • Thanks. I’ll check it out. I have a whole bunch of sites that I scan to keep up to date on things. They all seem to cover different things; sometimes the same things, but in a different light. I can usually guess when CTH has a story and they seem to be much more able to whip it out quick and cover it in depth than I can, so rather than research and write a post myself, I’ll just link to them. 🙂 I try to put my own and a different spin on stuff. I’ll check out the place you recommended.

    • I really like Stella’s site, too. Thanks!

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