Electoral College Vote 2016

We the people American Constitution with feather pen

Today the electoral college electors meet in their various states to vote for the next president of the United States. Electors, as you know, are under unprecedented and coordinated pressure from the political left, who are begging them and even threatening them, in an attempt to get them to ignore their sworn oaths and, in some  instances, state laws.

Electors are being pressured in an unprecedented way to go rogue and to refuse to cast their votes for President-elect Donald J. Trump. Make no mistake: This is an attempt by the left to undermine our Constitutional process, our elections, and our Republic, and to steal the election from the winner. By doing so, they blithely hope to disenfranchise the almost 63,000,000 citizens who voted for President-elect Trump and the 30+ states that he carried.

Indeed, not only are electors across this nation being illegally harassed via email, snail mail, phone calls and in-person encounters, some (perhaps many) are also being met with death threats and racist bigotry.

In Pennsylvania, electors must be assigned police bodyguards to escort them to their voting sites! Numerous electors have reported the threats and harassment to the police. It remains to be seen what, if anything, will be done about this illegal activity. Is anyone holding their breath, expecting Attorney General Lynch to lift even one finger?

The Democrat Party, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and many progressives–no doubt including perennial global disrupter George Soros–are encouraging and inciting this behavior. Is THIS not interfering in an election to an unprecedented degree, which makes the anonymous hacking of John Podesta’s and the DNC’s email pale by comparison?

Is it not “horrifying” that Clinton and her supporters refuse to accept the “free and fair election” that put President-elect Trump over the top?

“Somebody wins and somebody loses,” Clinton said, when she fully expected to win and chastised Trump in advance for not accepting his loss. Now that she is the somebody who lost, she suddenly wants to steal the election from the true winner by any means necessary.

Let us all bow our heads and pray for the electors, that they have the strength of will to “vote their consciences,” which means to vote as We the People have empowered them, through our votes, to do.

Pray that the electors have the courage to stand up to this unprecedented bullying of the electoral college and vote their consciences for President-elect Donald J. Trump, as they are compelled by all that is honorable to do.

Our Lord did not let us down on November 8; He won’t let us down today.

May God bless our Republic.

May God continue to bless the United States of America.

May God bless President-elect Donald J. Trump so that he does, indeed,

Make America Great Again!


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  1. Years ago I saw an immigration handbook or some sort of archive by the Dept of Immigration or the Army or something and I assume it was here because this is where everything is. 🙂 It was a photo of the actual writing/regulation.

    Anyone have any idea what I am talking about? I sure wish I had that now.

  2. Congrats!!! 😀


    I SURE …… ” H O P E ” ….ya ALL LOVE it ….. even MOOCHIE!

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