The Final “Universe-Shattering” Information About Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate

Above is a clip from Sheriff Arpaio’s last news conference on the long-form, allegedly original birth certificate that Barack H. Obama had put onto the White House website in 2011. He did this in response to a challenge by now-President-elect Donald J. Trump. It was alleged in a press conference presented  by Obama’s administration that this was an authentic birth certificate, direct from the Hawaiian Dept. of Health, and that Savannah Guthrie even “felt” the raised seal on the “birth certificate.” All despite that the “birth certificate” was nothing more than a printout from a digital image that Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse has concluded was manufactured as a digital image. In other words, the “authentic” document doesn’t exist in three-dimensional space, at least not as portrayed on the White House website.

If you want to see the most pertinent parts of the news conference, go to 8:30 minutes into the video and watch for about 8 minutes.  The bottom line is that two professional forensic examinations (one in the U.S. and one by experts in Italy) concluded that there are 9 specific points on the digital image of Obama’s so-called birth certificate that were, in their opinion and to a high degree of confidence, copied to Obama’s digital birth certificate from the original birth certificate of a woman named Johanna Ah’Nee. That woman was born days after Obama’s alleged birth date, and apparently her original birth certificate somehow was available to these alleged forgers.

The Ah’Nee document was in the possession of the Cold Case Posse from 2011, obtained from WND’s Jerome Corsi. Mike Zullo, of the Cold Case Posse, apparently has no idea how the document fell into Corsi’s hands; but one might presume that it was turned over to him by an interested party/whistleblower/leaker. Corsi was among those who first began to investigate Obama’s fake birth certificate, although the word certificate should be plural, given that Obama’s “short-form birth certificate” that was posted on partisan blogs back when Obama ran for his first term as president is also probably forged.

We have been looking into the issue of Obama’s fake, forged, and/or disappeared documents, as well as his fabulous biography and the lack of documents to support it, for over 8 years. Links to our work will be provided at the bottom of this post, as time allows to find the most pertinent ones. (Coming soon!)

In the meantime, please weigh in to let us know what you think about the “universe-shattering” information for which we’ve waited so long.

The entire news conference has not yet been viewed by us here, but this is a link, for those who want to see it all. Here’s a link to an Arizona story about the news conference, for the local point of view. Here’s a link to WND’s viewpoint, although not written by Jerome Corsi. Here’s a link to an ABC News story about the presser.

Update: Here are links to previous stories at WTPOTUS about the birth certificates:

This link is particularly pertinent today–a debunking of a FactCheck blog post that itself claimed to debunk now-President-elect Trump’s comments about Obama’s lack of a birth certificate. This happened before Obama succumbed to Trump’s pressure and released what Arpaio contends is a forgery, posted on the White House website. This “birth certificate” has never been made available to the public, nor has anyone in authority ever vouched for the accuracy of what the image purports to prove. Notably, the “birth certificate” was never presented to any court of law in which citizens attempted to contest Obama’s claimed eligibility for the office of the presidency. Why not? Because it’s a forgery? Coincidentally (or not) it was reported today that Facebook plans to censor “fake news” on its users’ news feeds, to prevent them from swallowing “false” information, because, as we well know,  liberals think that everyone else is stupid and that only they can and should be arbiters of “truth,” as they see it. Are stories about Sheriff Arpaio being shared today on Facebook, or are they suppressed? To prove that this censorship, supposedly done for your own good, is simply a partisan ploy, consider that the chosen supposedly independent, third-party fact-checking organizations are all known liberal partisan hacks, associated with the biased mainstream media. FactCheck is among them. Read our post to see how they obfuscate and lie by not telling the whole story. Consider this language from FactCheck:

The evidence [there is none] that Obama was born in the U.S.A. is so overwhelming that we haven’t had much to say lately about the sort of bogus claims that Trump repeats. … But when a leading prospect for the Republican presidential nomination embraces and repeats these spurious claims and groundless conspiracy theories on national television, we are forced to wade into this swamp once again.

Do the highlighted passages sound like an unbiased statement of fact or partisan propaganda? As I wrote then,

TRUTH: No truly nonpartisan, factchecking organization would use terms such as “spurious”, “groundless conspiracy theories” or “swamp” when describing one side of an argument to be analyzed with an open mind and resolved via the presentation of facts.  By using such terms, they prove their partisan BIAS.

Yet Facebook chooses them to edit and censor and “fact check” any story shared on users’ feeds, if enough users trolls report the story as “fake news.” Thus, as with all the original birther stories, the progressives who support Obama and his ilk will control what YOU see and prevent your friends from sharing with you stories they know are of interest to you.

This second article about Obama’s first “birth certificate”, the SFCOLB, illustrates how another allegedly non-partisan fact-checking website (Snopes) used evidence from a “birther” rather than from a supposedly authentic site. In other words, they used as source material (to prove their version of the “facts”) an image that they cadged from a photo site that today they would label “fake news!”

This article analyzes the language of the press conference, in which the administration presented the alleged “original long-form” birth certificate that Obama had his people post on the White House website.

A two-part article examining the so-called LFCOLB (the long-form put on the White House website): Here and here.


89 responses to “The Final “Universe-Shattering” Information About Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate

  1. Of course the bc is a fake, his whole life is a fake. 👿

  2. Now something good. 😀


    Just when you think they cannot do anything worse. This is unbelievable. The DemoncRATS set up a hotline, basically, to protect globalist and progressive “public servants” at the Dept. of State and USAID (!!!! Sad’s old employer) from the evil Trump administration.

  4. Miri …can you fetch ^^^ …the donald on the R.. with his naughty list


    • facebkwallflower

      Barry has some new facial expressions going on in this call for a doctor.

      • He tends to make me puke, too. I’ve never felt good when he’s speaking. Hope that person was alright. Yep. Some new facial expressions. It’s hard for him to fake concern and sincerity.


    About the “fake news” censorship. Don’t use Facebook. Surely there is or will be an alternative that will NOT censor ideas and which believes in free speech. And free THOUGHT. In fact, I would argue that every citizen has the constitutional right to BELIEVE whatever the hell he or she wants to believe.

    And, this should be no surprise, the censorship is FINANCED BY SOROS:

    “Shoddy and partisan” says the Wall Street Journal.

    And another:


  8. O’ …so in OUR FACES … & OUR POCKET BOOK 2 ! just who do they
    think really cares? .. AS MUCH as THEY CARE ~ 4 THEM-SELVES?

  9. ….. 100 ? blah blah blah …. yikes!

    I GUESS they WERE winning ??? … from B-HIND?

  11. Or, in the words of a Midwestern fundraiser who’s kept in touch with fellow donors, “A lot of people are saying, ‘I’m not putting another fucking dime in until someone tells me what just happened.’” ..^^^^ got trumped? GUESS!

    GOD that makes me so HAPPY HAPPY! the left over clinton … REALLY?

  12. Presidential Approval
    President Barack Obama

    Approve ……. 52% … R U ALL NUTS ????

    Disapprove…..47% …. O’ COME ON FOLKS!!!

    • They say it resembled a funeral in mood.

      • ….. Trump rallies the faithful Against the ‘war on Christmas’
        Garance Franke Ruta,Yahoo News

        It’s beginning to look a lot like the war on Christmas.

        Or rather, the annual controversy — inspired by the 2005 book “The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought” — about whether or not there is such a thing.

        President-elect Donald Trump, in his post-election victory tour, is casting himself as the protector of the celebration — or, at least, the traditional greeting associated with it.
        … “When I started 18 months ago, I told my first crowd in Wisconsin that we’re going to come Back here someday and we ARE going to Say ‘Merry Christmas’ again,” Trump said on Tuesday.
        .. “Merry Christmas — so, Merry Christmas, everyone. Happy New Year, but Merry Christmas.” ….YES YES….MERRY CHRISTMAS 1 & ALL!

    • Figures. She WAS untouchable. But what does this Holocaust art recovery lawyer think the warrant has anything whatsoever to do with the electoral college vote Monday? These people have lost it.

  13. if he were 2 get in …then the Demo win…. were COOKED GOOSES

    • I agree. I would greatly miss that place. Let’s hope it continues. Because, you know, the Obamas are NOT going away and I would be willing to bet a lot that Mooch WILL run for potus. Remember that Hillary swore for years that she wouldn’t.

  14. HA BHO’ ..pretending ..he really likes girls?… OUR LAST DIMES

    • Remember the people who say nasty things about Donald and how he touches his daughter? Well … I do notice how frequently these two, Barry and child, hold hands. Maybe a cultural thing. Did you walk around all the time, as a late teen, holding your dad’s hand, even when your mom was around to hold his hand, which would seem more likely? A reporter recently was fired, iirc, for suggesting that Donald actually “effs” his child. They’re despicable but dirty minds OUGHT TO work the same way, no matter who the people are. Right?

  15. Posted on | December 15, 2016 | 55 Comments

    I have been vindicated, Obama’s long form birth certificate is a proven forgery. Contact incoming AG Sessions, demand criminal charges & investigation, which foreign intelligence was involved in creating Obama’s bogus IDs

    By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ … 55 Comments
    WATCH LIVE Sheriff Arpaio Obama Birth Certificate Press Conference
    LawNewz‎ – 1 hour ago
    Here is the evidence compiled by me. Evidence of forgery, fraud, fabrication in Obama’s IDs
    Additionally, I reported previously that Johanna Ahnee, whose Hawaiian birth certificate is a source document for Obama’s forged birth certificate, met me in Hawaii. She met me the evening before I & 2 experts were supposed to go to the Health Department of Hawaii to examine Obama’s original birth certificate. Johanna and another woman, whom she presented as her niece, had dinner with me & wanted to know what evidence do we have to prove that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. She was supposed to go with me & experts to the Department of Health. Next morning, around 6 am, she called & said that she will not go with us. When I and experts arrived in Department of Health, we were not allowed to meet the director of Health. We were given a letter from the Assistant Attorney General, Jill Nagamine, which stated that they will not cooperate with federal subpoena & will not let us examine the original. I am sure that this was done because there is no original, just as there is no original application to the stolen Connecticut Social Security 042-68-4425, which Obama used while residing in the White House.
    Come January 20, it is time for criminal prosecution of all involved parties & there are many of them.
    By Dr.Orly Taitz, ESQ ….. 12.15.2016 ….. Update:

    1. Nagamine’s husband is a Dunham-Obama family attorney. He handles Obama’s Sister’s Divorce from her First Husband. Nagamine is an insider who worked hard to cover up this forged ID & keep American people defrauded with no original document on file.

    2. Johanna Ah’Nee’s boss is also an insider. He is listed on a committee picking Superior Court of Hawaii judges to be nominated by the governor. Think about it, why some nobody -owner of a copy and graphics shop is picking judges?

    3. Savannah Guthrie was rewarded by NBC with a multi-million dollar contract and a position of a morning anchor after she claimed that she saw & touched a raised seal on Obama’s ID, which was not there. Let’s hope that income AG Sessions investigates all of these people. Write to transition team at

    ~ David ….^^^^^
    Orly, WE Never doubted You. You exposed the corrupt judicial system
    & the elite globalist oligarchy that we currently live under. It was exposed again when nothing happened to Hillary Clinton when her illegal e-mail server was exposed & ignored. This is part of the swamp that needs to
    be Drained.
    It occurred to me that because the document & the hand stamp dates were Tilted 1.5 degrees on AH’Nee’s copy of her BC, this might indicate that the original BC of Ah’Nee at the DOH was probably used as a template & Not the 1995 copy in her possession.
    We also want to Thank You & have not forgotten the fact that 90% of
    the info that Arpaio had came from Orly Taitz, even if Corsi gave it to him.

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