The Final “Universe-Shattering” Information About Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate

Above is a clip from Sheriff Arpaio’s last news conference on the long-form, allegedly original birth certificate that Barack H. Obama had put onto the White House website in 2011. He did this in response to a challenge by now-President-elect Donald J. Trump. It was alleged in a press conference presented  by Obama’s administration that this was an authentic birth certificate, direct from the Hawaiian Dept. of Health, and that Savannah Guthrie even “felt” the raised seal on the “birth certificate.” All despite that the “birth certificate” was nothing more than a printout from a digital image that Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse has concluded was manufactured as a digital image. In other words, the “authentic” document doesn’t exist in three-dimensional space, at least not as portrayed on the White House website.

If you want to see the most pertinent parts of the news conference, go to 8:30 minutes into the video and watch for about 8 minutes.  The bottom line is that two professional forensic examinations (one in the U.S. and one by experts in Italy) concluded that there are 9 specific points on the digital image of Obama’s so-called birth certificate that were, in their opinion and to a high degree of confidence, copied to Obama’s digital birth certificate from the original birth certificate of a woman named Johanna Ah’Nee. That woman was born days after Obama’s alleged birth date, and apparently her original birth certificate somehow was available to these alleged forgers.

The Ah’Nee document was in the possession of the Cold Case Posse from 2011, obtained from WND’s Jerome Corsi. Mike Zullo, of the Cold Case Posse, apparently has no idea how the document fell into Corsi’s hands; but one might presume that it was turned over to him by an interested party/whistleblower/leaker. Corsi was among those who first began to investigate Obama’s fake birth certificate, although the word certificate should be plural, given that Obama’s “short-form birth certificate” that was posted on partisan blogs back when Obama ran for his first term as president is also probably forged.

We have been looking into the issue of Obama’s fake, forged, and/or disappeared documents, as well as his fabulous biography and the lack of documents to support it, for over 8 years. Links to our work will be provided at the bottom of this post, as time allows to find the most pertinent ones. (Coming soon!)

In the meantime, please weigh in to let us know what you think about the “universe-shattering” information for which we’ve waited so long.

The entire news conference has not yet been viewed by us here, but this is a link, for those who want to see it all. Here’s a link to an Arizona story about the news conference, for the local point of view. Here’s a link to WND’s viewpoint, although not written by Jerome Corsi. Here’s a link to an ABC News story about the presser.

Update: Here are links to previous stories at WTPOTUS about the birth certificates:

This link is particularly pertinent today–a debunking of a FactCheck blog post that itself claimed to debunk now-President-elect Trump’s comments about Obama’s lack of a birth certificate. This happened before Obama succumbed to Trump’s pressure and released what Arpaio contends is a forgery, posted on the White House website. This “birth certificate” has never been made available to the public, nor has anyone in authority ever vouched for the accuracy of what the image purports to prove. Notably, the “birth certificate” was never presented to any court of law in which citizens attempted to contest Obama’s claimed eligibility for the office of the presidency. Why not? Because it’s a forgery? Coincidentally (or not) it was reported today that Facebook plans to censor “fake news” on its users’ news feeds, to prevent them from swallowing “false” information, because, as we well know,  liberals think that everyone else is stupid and that only they can and should be arbiters of “truth,” as they see it. Are stories about Sheriff Arpaio being shared today on Facebook, or are they suppressed? To prove that this censorship, supposedly done for your own good, is simply a partisan ploy, consider that the chosen supposedly independent, third-party fact-checking organizations are all known liberal partisan hacks, associated with the biased mainstream media. FactCheck is among them. Read our post to see how they obfuscate and lie by not telling the whole story. Consider this language from FactCheck:

The evidence [there is none] that Obama was born in the U.S.A. is so overwhelming that we haven’t had much to say lately about the sort of bogus claims that Trump repeats. … But when a leading prospect for the Republican presidential nomination embraces and repeats these spurious claims and groundless conspiracy theories on national television, we are forced to wade into this swamp once again.

Do the highlighted passages sound like an unbiased statement of fact or partisan propaganda? As I wrote then,

TRUTH: No truly nonpartisan, factchecking organization would use terms such as “spurious”, “groundless conspiracy theories” or “swamp” when describing one side of an argument to be analyzed with an open mind and resolved via the presentation of facts.  By using such terms, they prove their partisan BIAS.

Yet Facebook chooses them to edit and censor and “fact check” any story shared on users’ feeds, if enough users trolls report the story as “fake news.” Thus, as with all the original birther stories, the progressives who support Obama and his ilk will control what YOU see and prevent your friends from sharing with you stories they know are of interest to you.

This second article about Obama’s first “birth certificate”, the SFCOLB, illustrates how another allegedly non-partisan fact-checking website (Snopes) used evidence from a “birther” rather than from a supposedly authentic site. In other words, they used as source material (to prove their version of the “facts”) an image that they cadged from a photo site that today they would label “fake news!”

This article analyzes the language of the press conference, in which the administration presented the alleged “original long-form” birth certificate that Obama had his people post on the White House website.

A two-part article examining the so-called LFCOLB (the long-form put on the White House website): Here and here.


89 responses to “The Final “Universe-Shattering” Information About Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate


  2. WILL ya b having DOG ….? since WTP …had 2 EAT CROW!!! ??

    • Were all the fake family photos part of this tradition of photoshopping images “for fun?” btw, that’s a parody site. Iow, FAKE NEWS. I wonder, though, if it’s trending on Facebook? Do they allow fake news that makes fun of conservatives but censor fake news that’s really REAL news that harms DemoncRATS? I think we know the answer.

  3. facebkwallflower

    OK. So, James Corsi, WND, and Arpaio had Nee’s BC since 2011. And. They. Just. Held. It. Stringing us along. Waiting until last monty of presidency. This pisses me off. Faking (new replacement for the “f” word) pisses me off.

    • I think it’s been out there for quite a while. I remember hearing about it years ago but couldn’t deduce the point of it. Real or not? I still don’t know. Orly tried to follow up on this, iirc. She tried to meet with Ah’Nee but I believe she was stood up.

      You know how the DemoncRATS are behind a lot of what they call “fake news” with regard to stories that were planted on social media and blogs that were written from the perspective of what the DemoncRAT progressives THINK we might fall for? Such as the Pope endorsing Trump or Hillary’s secret speech in which she supposedly said that Bernie supporters were, iirc, a “basket of losers?”

      The people who wrote those fake news articles admit it and also admit that part of their goal was to punk and ridicule Trump-supporters but ALSO to provide an impetus, an excuse, for social media and other media to do exactly what Facebook, for example, is doing: CENSORING conservative and alternate media stories, to favor, in essence, the DemoncRAT party. They HAVE TO DO THIS because they KNOW that the People will never, if they learn the truth, support DemoncRAT goals and policies. Only by totally controlling what we hear, see, learn, can they HOPE to win elections, especially if their vote fraud is stifled, as it was, apparently, in most of the country (but not Detroit) this time around.

      But my point is that there are wheels within wheels. They are exactly LIKE Putin, whom they pretend to hate. KGB tactics. False flags. Punking. Trolling. They have no morals, no ethics, no HONOR. So I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow this Ah’Nee person was punking Corsi and/or Orly and perhaps, in the process, somehow either punked Zullo and Arpaio, too, OR accidentally revealed the proof that the BC is forged.

      The entire thing hinges on whether or not the Ah’Nee BC was revealed BEFORE April 2011, when Barry’s BC showed up on the WH site. If so, then it doesn’t matter if her BC is forged–it proves that HIS was forged, from her image (real or not). Did some forger find her real BC on the Web somewhere and use it as a basis for his? OR did someone (perhaps even allegedly Ah’Nee, for whatever reason) use HIS as a basis for HERS, in order to keep the “birther” issue going because the DemoncRATS loved to use it in their warped way against conservatives? Is the entire issue another of their false flags? (I’m just asking. I don’t believe it is. I DO believe that he doesn’t have a BC for some reason OR that he won’t or CAN’T reveal it because it would reveal the proof that he’s ineligible and was all along.)

      The best way to “debunk” and “defuse” the issue is to punk the most visible proponents of the “birther” allegations. That would be Corsi (although he glommed onto everyone else’s work, at the beginning) and Arpaio. If they can punk them, then they distract from and destroy the goal of our message–that Barry has NO EVIDENCE to prove his eligibility. So I don’t know what to make of Ah’Nee’s BC. As I said, if it was available online before Barry’s was revealed, then that gives more credence to the belief that somehow it was used to CREATE his. If not. If hers was revealed later and cannot be proved to have been revealed earlier, then there’s the possibility that hers was created only to cast doubt on allegations that his is forged. iow, to DISCREDIT those who were trying to prove forensically that his had to be a computer-generated forgery. How better to do that than to send people off on a wild goose chase?

      The bottom line is that we KNOW his BC is fake, inauthentic, and proof of nothing because it basically says so on the form itself. It’s an ABSTRACT. It’s also not a real certified DOCUMENT. Nobody would accept that DIGITAL IMAGE as proof of anything. Despite what they all allege, he wouldn’t be able to get a passport by showing either a digital image on a website OR a printed-out copy of a digital image on a website–such as they handed to the media that day in April 2011.


  5. Okra’s lost WEIGHT on “HER” WW’s she is feeling hot!?
    BUTT’ MOOCH STILL has a FAT HEAD & them ulgy ARM-PITS!

  6. a SUCKER .. WTP’s ?? …BORN every FEW YEARS! ??? ^^^^^^

    I do says MOOCHIE’, because we feel the difference now. See, now, we’re feeling what not having hope feels like … I feel Barack has been that for the nation in ways that people will come to appreciate. Having a grown-up in the White House who can say to you in times of crisis & turmoil, “Hey, it’s going to be okay. …. Let’s remember the good things that we have.”

    & THEY … ^^^^ R ….the GROWN- UP??? GET FU*KING REAL fools!

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