Attacking the Messenger; Ignoring the Message


The mainstream media, the Democrat Party, the erstwhile losing Clinton campaign, and progressives everywhere are still hyperventilating about the Russians allegedly interfering in the 2016 election. There’s no proof, of course, and this is not an opinion shared by all of our intelligence agencies. The FBI, for instance, does not agree on Russia’s alleged motive, even if Russia were behind the hacks of the DNC and John Podesta’s email. As might be expected after all this brouhaha, the CIA apparently now denies the entire scenario.

Julian Assange says the information did not come from the Russian government (it actually came from an insider and so was a leak, not a hack). So also says Judge Andrew Napolitano, who has sources inside the intelligence community of his own.

A UK diplomat who met the leaker affirms that he is not a Russian hacker or agent. Vladimir Putin, understandably, denies it, too (not that he’d admit it if it were true).

President-elect Donald Trump is correct–the 17 various U.S. intelligence agencies disagree on this opinion, this partisan and anonymous (leaked, by the way) speculation, about who hacked the documents and why they did it. There is no proof and nobody will say that there is. It’s not a fact, no matter what you read in the mainstream media.

Many of the stories hang their hat upon another  item of fake news: That anonymous analysts know the Russians targeted Clinton because the Republicans were not similarly hacked and none of their documents were similarly released online. Thus, the motive must have been to hurt Clinton and to help Trump. However, a simple Internet search shows that those “facts” are also not facts and so are fake news. Republicans were hacked and their emails were even published online! Of course, it’s also possible that the RNC and other Republicans simply have superior cybersecurity and/or that there was nothing juicy there to make them worth revealing.

Nor was there any conspiracy involving Putin, Trump’s campaign, and FBI Director James Comey, as suggested by outgoing loser Harry Reid. Trump Derangement Syndrome is in full flower.

Let’s play a little game. Suppose we stipulate, for the sake of argument, that the Russians were behind the leaking, via Wikileaks, of the DNC’s and John Podesta’s email.

What difference, at this point, does it make?

None. Are the Democrats, the media, Obama and his administration, and Clinton’s supporters actually arguing that but for the information on Wikileaks, Clinton would be president-elect? Ludicrous. The Trump Train did not depend upon Wikileaks for fuel. Those who voted for Trump were for him long before Wikileaks.

Hillary Clinton’s private email server, coupled with the Benghazi fiasco, were more than enough to sink her candidacy. Then there was Clinton Fatigue, not to mention the obvious way that Bernie Sanders was steamrolled, double-crossed, by Clinton and the DNC. There was also the very real fear that a Hillary Clinton presidency represented 4 or, worse, 8 more years of the Obama “fundamental transformation of America.” Let’s not even get started on Black Lives Matter, the so-called War on Women, or political correctness gone wild.

Given their behavior, one can only assume that the Democrats, the media, Obama, his administration, and Clinton’s supporters would have preferred that We the People had gone into the voting booth not knowing (but certainly suspecting) how utterly corrupt the DNC, the Clinton campaign, the candidate herself, and all of her cronies actually are. O, the mendacity!

These conspiracy theorists (the media, Democrats, Clinton cronies, Obama, the Obama administration, some in the intelligence community) also prefer citizens to believe that the only reason Clinton lost this election is because of the Russians, who exposed those emails, they claim.

Mind you, none of them disputes that what was in those documents is accurate: Indeed, they revealed the actual collusion between the media and the Clinton campaign, the campaign’s anti-Catholic rhetoric, the lies, the unethical campaign tactics, the cover-up of Clinton’s illegal personal server, the truth about Clinton’s Janus-like “private versus public” face, to name just a few truths. All of the revelations were and are true! The mendacity was there for all to see, who actually looked.

But the mainstream media, as pointed out admirably by Mike Huckabee, didn’t even report the content of the Wikileaks, so many of the people who did vote for Clinton didn’t even know the full extent of her corruption.

Of course the media didn’t report the content, because that would have required them to also explain to the People how it is that the media (not Putin) were the ones colluding with one campaign in order to put that candidate (Clinton, not Trump) into the White House. This is exactly what they now accuse the Russians of doing–colluding to unfairly influence an election.

Are Obama, the media, and the Democrat Party seriously arguing that it’s a national emergency for the People to learn the TRUTH about a candidate, leading them to reject her and her corruption and that it would have been better for the country had this proven-corrupt candidate been elected–that instead of transparency, it would have been better for the People to have been kept in the dark? Seems so.

Now Obama and all like-minded folks are attacking the messenger, instead of the message. Well, of course they must. Otherwise, anyone with common sense will realize that the only reason Hillary Clinton lost is because she’s a loser, to borrow a phrase from Trump. She’s a corrupt loser, at that.

Hillary Clinton has only herself to blame for her loss. The DNC have only themselves to blame for their corruption. And the mainstream media have only themselves to blame for the fact that nobody believes them or trusts them to tell the truth anymore. That’s because they don’t tell the truth. There’s a reason that CNN is nicknamed the “Clinton News Network”.

The mainstream media’s unethical collusion with the Clinton campaign, in their losing efforts to get her elected and to defeat Trump, at any cost, has destroyed any credibility they may have once had, at the cost of their very integrity.

Because for years We the People have had to go to the alternative media to find the truth and the full story, the unbiased and fair story, it follows that We the People don’t trust or follow the mainstream media anymore. We do go to the alternative media to keep us informed. That’s exactly why the mainstream media try so hard to discredit the so-called fake news (actually the truthful news) found in the alternative media. The mainstream media are at a loss because they no longer can control what We the People learn.

That, in their opinion, is the true national emergency–that We the People now have the power to learn and to know the truth, thanks to the Internet! They’re unhinged because they no longer are the sole gatekeepers for information. They can no longer keep us in the dark and thus nudge us into voting as they wish, not as we would wish, if we knew the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Will these conspiracy theorists ever learn their lesson? Will these propagandists, these purveyors of fake news, ever realize the error of their ways and return to reporting the facts and letting the People decide? Will they ever again have respect for the intelligence of all of their fellow citizens, instead of disdain for most of them?

We can only hope and pray that on January 20, 2017, a new era will dawn, our Republic will be restored, and President Trump will

make America great again!



78 responses to “Attacking the Messenger; Ignoring the Message

  1. Because I love just desserts and stuff. MAGA 2017 USA

  2. The electors!! 😀

  3. ~ tiotaco • 33 minutes ago …..^^^^^ ha ‘ will WTP get an ANSWER?

    the best news, he’ll soon be an ex-president who was never qualified.

  4. GIVING …USA the FAMOUS ….. F – U “F I N G E R ” AGAIN!!!

  5. JUST….HOW SICK LOSERS GET .. PEOPLE just do the RIGHT thing

    Electoral College voter changes mind, will vote against Trump ? ^^^^

    For Michael Banerian, a senior at Oakland University in Michigan & a Republican elector, ….. the harassment comes with a Dark side.

    He said he’s been getting death threats via email, snail mail, Twitter & Facebook.

    “Somebody Threatened to put a bullet in the back of my mouth,” Banerian, 22, told The Post on Wednesday.

    In Utah, a group called Democracy and Progress PAC placed full-page ads in Salt Lake City’s daily newspapers telling electors they are “not bound” to vote for trump, who won the state.

  6. ~ Z Gbrack •

    Thanks to Obama we now have the #BlackLynchMob TERRORISTS rampaging through the streets of cities across the nation, all incited by inflammatory racist LIES, burning, looting, destroying businesses (running out those very jobs and services they complain are not in black communities because of “racism”), attacking and viciously beating, including shooting, innocent non-black pedestrians and motorists (not having to fear any hate crime charges from Obama’s DOJ that has been turned into a racial weapon, being as they enjoy BLACK SKIN PRIVILEGE, and knowing the leftwing media will always cover up these black on non-black racial atrocities so there will be no national outcry), and attacking and carrying out assassinations of police officers, like the slaughter of five racially targeted white Dallas police officers by black supremacist and #BLM follower Micah Xavier Johnson.
    It is one thing if these were just some fringe groups, but they are EMBRACED and FULL THROTTLE JUSTIFIED AND ENCOURAGED, AND WHIPPED INTO A FRENZY, not just by the leftist controlled media, but by a major political party, the DemonKKKraps, and its presidential candidate, SLEAZY HELLary to cynically gin up the vote for political power, and by the HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND: The hard-core racist administration of white-pretend-black radical demagogue Obama.

    Obama, SLEAZY HELLary, and the rest of the radical left, especially in the media, have BLOOD on their hands: With their RACE-BAITING LIES, they incite MORE disrespect and disobedience and defiance of the beleaguered police ALREADY daily putting their lives on the line for paltry pay in inner city WAR ZONES, creating MORE situations where officers are put in dangerous situations and must draw their firearms to defend themselves, especially being on edge due to ambushes and assassinations targeting police thanks again to this incitement, which leads to MORE police shootings that are then cherry-picked and selectively presented in the most racially inflammatory dishonest manner to incite even more of the same against police in a vicious ever-escalating cycle. Not to mention the soaring violence as criminal gangs take over neighborhoods as the police are hamstrung and are forced to withdraw.

    We naively thought with the election of the first white-fake-black president, Obama, it would usher in an era of racial peace. But what must always be remembered is that THIS is what you get when race-obsessed LEFTISTS are in charge, REGARDLESS of their race .
    If you had wanted this racially motivated violence to continue spiraling out of control until it completely exploded, then you would have loved a DemonKKKrap and SLEAZY HELLary victory.

    • But not Hillary? Look at some of their ridiculous arguments and so-called criticism. Some of them are disappointed that Barry defends his own response to the FAKE news that Putin hacked the election (which MAY ACTUALLY BE WHY BARRY DID NOTHING, BECAUSE IT’S NOT TRUE) AND they’re upset because “our democracy is at stake,” apparently because the media is on board with this FAKE NEWS that Putin hacked the election (but not votes! Just the DNC and Podesta’s emails. AS IF they constitute “our democracy.” PUTIN also didn’t force idiot Podesta to click on a link that downloaded malware to his computer via an unsecure (as everyone knows) Yahoo! account! EVEN IF PUTIN DID, it’s not as if Barry and our government haven’t done worse. Overthrowing elected governments? Check. Interfering with elections in other countries. Check. Get freaking real.


      The only reason the MEDIA are upset is that THEIR SYSTEM of conspiring with DemoncRATS to influence our democratic elections is at stake now and the leaks proved to the public how corrupt they are, just as the public has suspected for years.

      About those Syrian refugees. Riddle me this: Why are all these citizens being FORCED to leave Aleppo? Because they opposed Assad. Who opposed Assad? ISIS. Where are these ISIS-supporting refugees going next? Let’s hope not here OR Europe. I mean, if they didn’t side with ISIS, then why would they be at risk from Assad? These are, presumably, Syrians and so his own people. They’re not Christians. Republicans have already pointed out the sheer amazing lack of Christians (who would be expected as refugees) from Syria that are showing up here.

  7. SO FREDDY didn’t GET his wish! …SARI GABOR died before 100′ !
    didn’t she also …. SPIT in a COPS FACE??? ha


  9. Here’s another woman who kicks ass:

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