President-elect Trump on Russian Influence on the 2016 Election

I was going to write a much longer post about this fake media narrative about Russia interfering in our election to get Donald Trump elected, but President-elect Donald Trump did such a good job saying what needed to be said that I’ll just let him speak for himself.

I don’t believe it, either. Do you?

Mind you, this all comes from the mainstream media, which has already been proven to have been in cahoots with the Hillary Clinton campaign to interfere in the election and try to get her elected! So who believes this viral meme wasn’t sent over to the Washington Post from the Clinton campaign or the DNC?

The very documents that, with no evidence whatsoever, the media claim were hacked and stolen by Russia have outed the media as doing exactly what they accuse Russia of doing–taking sides. Interfering in the People’s choice. Promoting misinformation, disinformation, lies, propaganda. They, who are supposed to be unbiased purveyors of real news.

Where’s the proof that this speculation came from intelligence analysts? There is none offered, because the mainstream media use “administration officials” speaking anonymously and we’re supposed to take them at their (lying) word. We’re expected to trust them (again) that this is not simply more fake news put out there to serve their own political agenda.

The media are as corrupt as their candidate, Crooked Hillary. They focus upon the source of the message–the messenger–instead of the truth of the message:

The documents released by Wikileaks proved to We the People exactly how corrupt the DNC, the Clinton campaign and their associates, and the mainstream media are, so now they fight back with even more fake news.

We the People are not stupid, no matter what the media think. They still have not digested that fact. The mainstream media persist in doing the very things that have made us distrust and disbelieve them in the first place.

Will they ever learn?


99 responses to “President-elect Trump on Russian Influence on the 2016 Election

  1. These are links to more information about this disinformation campaign by the corrupt mainstream media in cahoots, as usual, with the Democrats and even the usual suspects among the GOPe:

    The Republicans were hacked, too. It’s just that their emails weren’t very DAMNING, were they?

    Gingrich calls the NY TIMES fake news. Well, they are, aren’t they?

    Wikileaks chooses their video of the year–Chris Cuomo claiming it’s illegal to read the Wikileak emails. They’ll try anything, won’t they?

    What I said about the usual suspects. The useful idiots in the GOPe hop on board the Russian train.

    OMG. It’s so awful. Trump (wisely) doubts the intelligence “community.” Of course, Obama is just today doubting them, blaming them for failing to notify him of the “rise” of the islamic state (as if he didn’t know!); but the mainstream media won’t caution HIM or chastise HIM for daring to question these patriots.

  2. ridiculous …. YEP if THEY know ALL ….THEN THEY WOULD
    HAVE ….SHOWN wtp ….obama’s birth data…. 4 sure…. ha

    • You know Trump’s going to have a news conference about his businesses on the same day as the supposed final revelation from the Cold Case Posse?

  3. check comments …. ^^^^^
    Except for the fact that Julian Assange told everyone that he received the DNC email files from a DNC insider. A database manager that is now dead, who knew his attackers (phone conversation with girlfriend at time of confrontation), after being beaten (for information?), killed mafia style, shot twice in the back (of the head?), all of his valuables left on his body, (to send a message to other would be whistle blowers?). >>..?????

    • Exactly. I remember that now. It was NOT the Russians. Others implicated were supposedly from the NSA. Like Snowden. Insiders and NOT Russians.

  4. just LOVE IT!!! OUR DONALD 2 FINGERS!!!…. remember O’s

  5. CUNT’ HEAR U HILL …WTP just LIKE U’ Don’t Honor “REQUESTS”
    Off .. 2 the Triberg GALLOWS … 2 @ a TIME is fine with USA! ha

  6. YES ~ 45 = ” 9 ” LUCKY NUMBERS … LUCKY USA!!! GO ARMY!

  7. When did this Fake News thing really get started?
    It started a few days before pizzagate got started.,fake%20news
    That doesn’t prove nothing, does it? Conspiracy theorists relish proximity of events in time.
    Here is some fake news on pizzagate.
    I really really hope this is fake news because if it isn’t then we the people came very very close to annihilation:
    The link attempts to show some evidence in support of pizzagate but I must warn you that the collected imagery is too horrible to look at, I only managed to look at a few of the pictures and some artwork allegedly from the walls of comet ping pong whatever.
    The suggestion is that fake news is a reverse burn in forest fire fighting terms to deal with what was soon to become the pizzagate scandal.
    I don’t want to believe any of this but wikileaks released quite a few damaging emails.
    Oh, they were handed to wikileaks by Russia? Isn’t that a bit like ignoring a bill because it was delivered by the postman you don’t like?

    • Yep. I was pondering that this morning, too. What’s interesting is that it appears there was barely any interest in it UNTIL they started screaming about fake news. This morning, I read a long article in the paper about how “conspiracy theories” are out there on the rise among (probably in their minds) stupid Trump supporters, including “pizzagate” and of course 9/11 and Sandy Hook “truthers”. Actually, I think they missed “birthers”.

      The thing is: It’s very, very typical to DISTRACT and to sow this kind of thing in order to make people NOT PAY ATTENTION to this issue so they will discount what comes out later. Know what I mean?

      The anti-birther meme worked to immunize Barry from any one in the lamestream (IF they would be so inclined) actually looking into the fakeness of his bogus “original long-form birth certificate.” Similarly, remember, that prosecutor in NYC is staying on, so says Trump. HE would be the guy to prosecute this, if there’s any substance to it. Allegedly, the NYC police dept. was looking into this, in relation to the investigation of Weiner. They have his laptop. What’s on it?

      Is this all being done to inhibit the prosecutor from doing something with it, if it turns out there is some “there” there? Similarly, the issue of the Russians. They’re hyping it and using it to try to STOP that Exxon guy from getting the job as Secretary of State. Poisoning the waters in advance. But we shall see.

      Trump may have been punking them all along with that alleged pick. Getting them to reject him vociferously in order to perhaps get them to approve someone else that they ordinarily wouldn’t–like Bolton, perhaps? We shall see.

      You’re so right about the artwork. There’s NO DISPUTING it and there’s no logical explanation for it, if you believe the secondary meme that this is just a popular and “family friendly” pizza joint in a fashionable upscale area. I didn’t know, until I read it in the fake news story in the lamestream media about “conspiracy theories”, that it’s also being called a “false flag” with regard to the guy who allegedly went into that pizza parlor to “free” the child sex slaves he was supposed to believe were there, in the pizza parlor. Now, did you even read anything about there actually being children held in captivity there? I didn’t but not that I followed that topic much. It seemed pretty fantastic and I figured if there was any truth to it, the NYC cops and prosecutors will do something about it. I mean, we ALL, I hope, can agree that child sexual slavery should be STOPPED, if it exists, regardless of the politics of the criminals. But then again, in my naivete, I actually thought there would be millions of Democrats who would NOT vote for Clinton after seeing the proof of how corrupt she and the media and the DNC are.

      btw, the so-called alleged shooter in the pizza parlor (who did no damage, I believe) was one of the usual suspects for false flags–28, unemployed (so needs money), AND has a history of being an ACTOR. Sound familiar?

      Great analogy about ignoring a bill because you don’t like the postman. The emails were REAL and nobody’s ever disputed that. I think they don’t because they KNOW that there’s forensic evidence that they are real and not edited or hacked. It’s a risk for them to call attention to this but it’s possibly a BIGGER risk to not do it and not try to, at least, water down reaction.

      We already know that the media and the Clinton campaign were also in cahoots on the meme that the emails were edited, to try to make people NOT believe them. They sent people out on the TV shows to say that, knowing it’s not true. Of course, Podesta himself NEVER said the emails weren’t legit and neither did anybody else whose emails were hacked.

      The amount of outright lies being repeated in the media (e.g., that the CIA has DETERMINED and REPORTED that Russia DID try to get Trump elected) is amazing. It’s like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Some “administration officials” (meaning Brennan?) said that some analysts said that they think that Russia tried to elect Trump because, the FALSE argument is, they didn’t hack the RNC and they didn’t release any hacked emails from Republicans. First of all, the RNC didn’t get hacked like the DNC DESPITE SOMEBODY TRYING, because the RNC apparently had better security. But they did TRY to hack them at the same time as the DNC hack. Also, some Republican emails were hacked and were released. They just didn’t say anything incendiary, like with Clintons, probably because the media would NEVER conspire with Republicans in the first place.

      Not to mention that the Republicans TEND to be a bit more moral and less “by any means necessary” than DemoncRATS. The fact is that NO BRIEFING ever outright said that the Russian government was behind it and their MOTIVE was to elect Trump. NEVER. Trump gets the briefings, so he knows what was said. There’s NO EVIDENCE. All it is is an ANONYMOUS source in the ADMINISTRATION, not the CIA, telling reporters, ALLEGEDLY, his or her interpretation of some “intelligence” people’s speculation about Russia’s potential motive. They claim to have traced the DNC hack to a known hacker from or in Russia, but this hacker is NOT part of the Russian government. So, since John Hinckley was an American, can you say that the USA was behind the assassination attempt on Reagan? Or maybe the DNC? I mean, some people in the U.S. government MIGHT have been involved, right? If you’re speculating!

      There’s smoke, so there’s fire and they don’t want anybody actually looking into what’s behind this perversion.


    And the judge said it’s questionable she had standing (she didn’t) or that he had the jurisdiction (he didn’t). Chalk one up for justice.

  9. Another possibility:

    As I said, trying to influence the electoral vote and tell them they’re being patriotic to stop Trump and the Russians taking over our country. It’s ridiculous. 10 electors, including PELOSI’S daughter, expect a briefing from Clapper on intelligence and whether there’s an “ongoing” investigation into TRUMP. 9 are DemoncRATS and one is the faithless elector, DemoncRAT plant, from Texas.


    Now because Trump doesn’t believe the so-called CIA assessment and because the Russians backed Trump, allegedly, a DemonRAT begs the electoral college to save us. This is beyond ridiculous. THIS is treason, imho.

  11. Carly? 😯

  12. A John in the WH. 😆

  13. Wisconsin Recount Ends, Trump Picks Up …. 162 Votes ( 31 more^^^)

    The numbers barely budged in Wisconsin after nearly 3 Million votes were recounted. Trump picked up a net 162 votes … & still won by more than 22,000 votes. ……. The final results changed just 0.06 percent.

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