Cautious Optimism


That’s what the feeling is for today. Cautious optimism. Such an improvement over the fear of the past 8 years, with its concomitant need for hyper vigilance.

As the media try their best to shake confidence in President-elect Donald J. Trump and to undermine his future administration, we need to hold on and wait to see how things shake out, once he actually takes office.

Let not your heart be troubled.

At the top of the post is the image of a fortune cookie, with a prediction, received on the day after Trump’s election. The fortune reads

The current year will bring you much happiness.

Well, it already has, with the defeat of Hillary Clinton and a halt to the progressive “fundamental transformation of America.”

This year, the “current year,” of the Chinese calendar is the Year of the Monkey. The new year begins January 28, 2017, about a week after President Trump is inaugurated. Next year is the Year of the Rooster.


In Chinese culture, the rooster is symbolic of “exorcising evil spirits.” Seems about right. Let’s take this as a sign.

There’s a new rooster in town.

Donald_Trump_Marines_April_2015 - Copy

May he truly bring us “much happiness.”

He’s off to a good start just by not being Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, in my humble opinion.



148 responses to “Cautious Optimism

  1. more super non- PERSON??? MADE $ does NOT give you CLASS
    or a BRAIN …for that matter …WHO CARES ? O’ U DO! U CREEP!

    • BUT a man who shouted “we won” at a Chicago performance was arrested. I guess they’re not interested in any “conversation” with that guy.

  2. (like) water off a Duck’s Back !!!!!
    ​criticisms of or warnings to a particular person that have no effect on that person:
    I’ve told him that he’s heading for trouble, but he doesn’t listen – it’s just water off a Duck’s Back. ….WHO RAISED these SLUM TRASHERS?

    • Gee, it’s amazing how they SUDDENLY discover the law, the concept of conflicts of interest, and the Constitution, isn’t it?

  3. This is a horrible, horrible story and it did not have to happen. Many parents have been complaining about this particular bus driver for months. Look at him. Consider WHY the company might have ignored their complaints. (Oddly enough, the head of the company is named David Duke.)

    Before he killed 5 children and injured many more, he asked the CHILDREN, as he went speeding down a curving road, if they’re ready to die. Special kind of hell reserved for people like him.

  4. The President is Dead.

  5. just in case anyone followed this……

    • I didn’t place what Pizzagate was. Now I remember: The connections between Podesta and that pizza place alleged to be involved in child trafficking. Thanks for the update. Figures that even Reddit is succumbing.

  6. Now of course , there’s also the issue of dear ole/old Sheriff Arpaio…..and it might not be over just yet ,as to what comes of their long investigation. Here’s Arpaio saying his farewell ( but I don’t think we’ve heard the last of or from him). He did it “His Way”. This four minute video is very sweet right to the end. And then I’m going to post a news conference on Nov. 10th will Mike Zullo. I’d still love to see Obama twist and squirm a bit for the troubles he’s put America thru. Wouldn’t you….wouldn’t most?

    • I wonder how many of the votes for his opponent were illegal aliens? That’s not a big win by his opponent. I’ll bet they could disqualify enough illegal votes to give him another win. Yeah, well. I’d like to finally see this “new evidence” and I hope it’s really something and not just another thing the media can brush off like so much dandruff. The thing is: No matter what evidence is found, they’re never going to admit it’s true. Obama deserves whatever exposure he gets.

      Do you think Trump and Barry made a deal? Hillary accepts the defeat instead of fighting it like Gore did and, in return, there’s no more investigation? Did Barry make a deal: No more investigations of her or Barry and he won’t pardon her? Or we’ll not contest the election if you don’t reveal anything you know about Barry’s past? I’m just askin’. That 90 minute long meeting that was supposed to be only 10 minutes leaves time for a lot of wheeling and dealing. Bromance? Like Barry’s NLP achievement on Bill O’Really? I hope Bannon can keep Trump on the right side instead of him being lured over to the dark side. Barry was too, too happy afterwards, imho. And, what a surprise! He’s going to stick around Washington but only speak and criticize Trump when he has no choice. Right. Imagine Barry ever NOT thinking he has no choice. He’s going to be like a little terrier, hanging onto Trump’s pants leg. Yappy dog. Will never go away, sit down, or shut up. In fact, he probably promised that to Trump, unless he knuckles under and leaves Barry’s “legacy” intact. Otherwise, he’ll foment as much racial animus and protests as possible. Ya think? I put nothing past him.

    • Thanks for the link, alfy. We need to watch this unfold. Trump knows.

  7. I find I keep forgetting to not believe any of the reporting about President-elect Trump.
    This morning they reported he was backing off his position on global worming and I was diappointed, but when you read the full transcript over on Drudge, you realize that was not what he was doing.
    Note to me:
    The media lied to you for 8 years straight.
    They’re not going to stop now.

    • Global Worming…..I’d back off too Dave…..just messing around…but then again, after the Zika Virus immunization of the global population hasn’t panned out too well , perhaps there is a “scientific consensus” that there is a looming “Global Worming ” problem on the rise.

      • Ha, ha. I’d fix Dave’s typo but it’s funnier this way and would confuse people about your comments, alfy. I thought Trump’s election was the start of the global WORMING. We need to rid ourselves of all those parasites!

    • Dave M., they’ve been doing this from the beginning; they’re hardly going to stop now, even though they see the result of their mendacity. I’m beginning to wonder whether we should even bother to try to stop them, correct them, or maybe just let them keep digging their holes deeper. Same with putting that radical muslim in charge of the DNC. Nothing could be better to take them where we’d like to see them go.

    • Great convo going on. 🙂

      Global Worming. Most prescient, davem.

  8. That second url, you’ll have to copy and paste….it wouldn’t highlight.

    • The lamestream are the experts on fake news. Don’t you love, also, this sudden lovefest for the new adjective “post-truth.” New? They’re attributing it to TRUMP. They say it means when truth doesn’t matter and the emotional narrative or image is MORE pertinent. Uh, doesn’t that describe our experience over the last 8 years? BARRY is the first post-truth politician to reach the WH. NOT TRUMP. If anything, Trump just followed suit. (Is that a bridge pun? If so, I’ll take it! I know nothing about bridge except there’s a Trump card and WE JUST PLAYED IT.)

    • But, his mother claims that he called her and said he hopes the deaths aren’t his fault. So we’re supposed to take HER word for it, when numerous parents previously had already complained about his erratic behavior.

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