Post-election Musings

safetypin03-copyRandom thoughts about the monumental, glorious election of November 8, 2016:

Tremendous, YUGE actually, sense of relief about the results. No matter what a President Donald J. Trump does, he’s not Hillary Clinton. The “fundamental transformation of America” grinds to a halt–like a golem bashing itself mindlessly against a solid WALL of opposition.


The special snowflakes show no sign of getting over it, though. We who feared Obama (rightly so), as much as President-elect Donald Trump’s opponents fear him, didn’t whine and cry and scream and holler and protest in the streets when Obama won.

It’s amusing to recall how the media was set upon making Trump promise to accept and support the eventual nominee of his party. Then, after Trump won the nomination, the media challenged him to accept and support the eventual winner of the election. (So sure were they that Hillary would win, but they couldn’t muster enough fraudulent votes or as many illegal alien voters that they’d need to overcome Trump’s overwhelming support.)

Because Trump won, it’s obvious that the media ought to have, but of course didn’t, ask Hillary Clinton and her supporters the same question about respecting the results of the election and supporting the new president.

Similarly, the media are hounding Trump to disavow his alleged supporters’ alleged violence against or bullying of … fill in the blank: women, blacks, Hispanics, illegal aliens, Muslims. A few incidents across this yuge country, not yet investigated fully so facts unknown, and Trump is somehow answerable. What of the false allegations deliberately made to smear Trump and his supporters? Do the media call upon Hillary to answer for them?

The media haven’t asked Hillary Clinton to disavow the racist, violent, bigoted, sexist, hateful rhetoric of her followers, who currently are “protesting” by rioting, blocking traffic, burning, vandalizing, breaking windows and generally perpetrating mayhem because they won’t accept the results of the election.

Clinton’s supporters claim their First Amendment right to protest, yet they don’t accord the complicit media their First Amendment rights to freely cover and report what they see. Yet the media complies even as their rights are violated by violent Clinton supporters. Go figure.

In Portland, Oregon, after the media was threatened and news crews and reporters were repeatedly attacked by anti-Trump rioters, news station KGW-TV announced they would no longer send reporters to directly cover the protests. Instead, the station said their reporters would cover the protests “from a safe distance.”

In one example of the intimidating violence directed against the media, a KGW news crew was attacked by Hillary supporters wielding a baseball bat.

And yet, the meme, the narrative, is that Trump is in a “war” against the media. Of course, the media also don’t ask the current president, Obama, to do anything to stop this violence.

They don’t even report the violence, preferring instead to falsely claim that “most” of the protests are “peaceful.”

Note that the story quoted above includes the suggestion that this news station may not cover the violence or even show it for fear that it might incite more violence. That rationalization for not covering (and thus admitting to) the violence doesn’t explain the false claims that “most” protesters are “peaceful” when they are not.

“If it bleeds, it leads” applies only if the perpetrators are not any of the groups favored by the media. As Wikileaks shows: The media get their marching orders from the Obama White House. Obama pretends to call for unity, while George Soros funds and organizes these riots.

Nor do the media ask either Clinton or Obama to disavow their supporters who are calling for the assassination of President-elect Trump.

Nor do they ask Jack Dorsey how Twitter’s “community standards” can possibly allow for a hashtag labeled assassinate Trump.

The more peaceful losers have taken to wearing safety pins to illustrate their solidarity with those they falsely believe are no longer safe in our country because of Trump’s incipient presidency–safety pins to show that the aggrieved will find a “safe space” in the company of those wearing the pins. This is a start, they claim, towards bringing “unity” and “love” to our country. They still don’t get it.

It’s an egregious affront to the millions of people who voted for Trump to assume that they’re all racists, homophobes, sexists, xenophobes, and bigots. Consider this article, written by a Muslim woman who’s supposed to be writing about “home” and “family” issues. (One thing we’ve learned over the past 8 years is that progressives will insert politics and their own particular propaganda anywhere they can, and they will also assume that their opinions are normal and yours, if they differ, are abnormal if not outright wrong and evil.)

This is what parents have done in the darkest chapters of our country’s history. We raise our heads. We draw our allies closer. We find ways to survive and protect the ones we love.

And we also level with our children — no matter how much we want to shelter them from ugly truths.

It’s OK to tell them there are still millions of sexist and racist people. And that many of our fellow countrymen still promote those ugly ideas. We have to be able to acknowledge and recognize the depth of our country’s racism and sexism. It’s OK to admit that you misjudged the character of the country. …

All this because some 60 MILLION people chose not to vote for Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt individual ever to run for the presidency. All those millions must be sexist, racist and not included in the universe of normal “parents.” diaperpin-copy

Trump supporters should take to wearing diaper pins, to show what they think of these crybabies who can’t accept that their corrupt candidate lost the election.

Or maybe they should wear tiny violins. Hillary’s fans insist on being sore losers and whiners, so return the favor. Wear the world’s smallest violins. Make a statement.  tinyviolin-copy

Available at many online stores. Quite fashionable and “trendy”.  We could start a hashtag (except I don’t Tweet): #WorldsSmallestViolin.

Playing a sad song for you losers.

Get over it. Get over yourselves. Educate yourselves.

Take the time to listen to the people who voted for Trump. Listen and learn. Stop bullying and labeling. Stop being shallow.

Wearing a pin, shouting slogans. So easy. Hardly takes any effort at all.

So much harder: Trying to understand all of your fellow citizens instead of stereotyping them, placing them into little pigeon holes where you don’t actually have to deal with them. Insulting them! Hardly a way to foster unity and love. Guess what?

Trump supporters are your co-workers, your fellow students, your teachers, your auto mechanics, your store clerks, your nurses, your doctors …  In fact, they’re EVERYWHERE.

Take a look and consider.


Trump supporters are not racists. They’re not sexists. They’re not homophobes. They’re not xenophobes. They’re not bigots. They’re simply people who believe in the rule of law and the Constitution and do NOT believe in the “fundamental transformation of America” into a communist/socialist state where wealth is redistributed and our sovereignty is sacrificed to rule by a global elite.

It’s time for Donald J. Trump, our 45th president, to

fundamentally restore the United States of America.

More commentary about the election in the next post.



117 responses to “Post-election Musings

  1. SAY Hi to OUR NEXT V. P. ~ A HOT ONE! YES .. USA!

  2. ~ Dan • ^^^
    Since 2009, when President Obama took office, his party has LOST
    a total of …. WOW!!! … 919 Seats state legislatures nationwide?

    I don’t care what Obama’s so-called “approval” rating is. This is the Real DIS-approval of Obama’s presidency. He has led his party to Defeat after Defeat — BECAUSE his ideology & policies stink! ???? OR MAY-BE???

    The voters have shown their real DISAPPROVAL by electing Trump &
    have replaced MANY other Liberal RINOS & Democrats!


  4. Is this possible?

    • Not if Angela has anything to say about it. What is WRONG with those people? Thomas Sowell wrote recently:

      “In one sense, Donald Trump’s victory was a unique American event. But, in a larger sense, it represents the biggest backlash among many elsewhere, against smug elites in Western nations, where increasing numbers of ordinary people are showing their anger at where those elites are leading their countries.

      There, as here, mindlessly flinging the doors open to peoples from societies whose fundamental values clash with those of the countries they enter, has been a hallmark of arrogant blindness and disregard of negative consequences suffered by ordinary people — consequences from which the elites themselves are insulated.

      Nor is this the only issue on which the blindness of elites has set the stage for a political backlash. The anti-law enforcement fetish among the insulated elites has even more tragically sacrificed the safety of the general public. This too has been common on both sides of the Atlantic.

      Riots in London, Manchester and other cities in England in 2011 were incredibly similar to 2014 riots in Ferguson, Missouri, 2015 riots in Baltimore and similar riots in other American cities.

      The fact that the rioters in England were mostly white, while those in America were mostly black, gives the lie to the facile excuse that such riots are due to racial oppression, rather than being a result of appeasing mobs and restricting the police. …”

    • Look who wrote it! Nothing to see here other than the USUAL NARRATIVE AND LIES.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if he’d write a very long puff piece about the INCOMING president instead of the has-been?

  5. The media may sound stupid, but they must Realize that if the Republicans are able to accommodate the interests of their new Blue Collar constituency & bring forth a balanced trade & pro-growth agenda, the Democrats will be left with a constituency consisting of a few Muslims, some Gays & Transgenders, student debt-laden Young people, & the radical Pro-abortion feminist lobby. It’s difficult to SEE HOW
    the Democrats can assemble a majority out of that. ??? ….^^^^^^

  6. Does my new avatar look like its twerking?

  7. … 2 TARTS … full of FARTS! that said … who really gives a FU*K???

    • Did you see that manly-looking, poorly dressed, ugly, fat “designer” who says she refuses to dress Melania? Well, who asked her/it, in the first place? Especially considering the ugly clothes it designs? In any case, she’ll lose more business than she gains by her rudeness.

    • No. These are violent HILLARY CLINTON supporters and SHE is responsible for all they do and say. That’s the rule now. If Trump is responsible for anything ANY person the media ALLEGES supports Trump says or does, then the same is true for Hillary, Obama, and the DemoncRATS. Every ambushed cop? It’s on them. Every vandalized car? On them. Every burned business? On them. The new rules. They run both ways.

      btw, the local TV news FINALLY, for about 5 seconds, about a WEEK after the fact, showed that elderly white motorist being beaten up by the gang of cowardly black Hillary supporting thugs.

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