You’re Hired! Congratulations, President-elect Trump!

Donald_Trump_Marines_April_2015 - Copy


We can breathe a collective sigh of relief that Crooked Hillary will NOT have control of our government.

Thank you, President-elect Trump!

Congratulations to the Republicans for holding the Senate and the House. Now their challenge, in Congress, is to accomplish something, and I don’t mean “comprehensive immigration reform.” Drain the swamp. Enforce our laws. Stop being weasels for a change. Grow some!

Thank you in advance, President-elect Trump, for saving our Supreme Court, our Constitutional rights, our national sovereignty, and our freedom.  Now let’s build that wall and

Make America Great Again!

We’re holding you to your promises. For the first time in 8 years, there’s a glimmer of hope coming around the bend. The Trump Train is pulling into the station.

Make us proud, President-elect Trump. 

Don’t let us down.

We’re counting on you!


118 responses to “You’re Hired! Congratulations, President-elect Trump!

    • This would make a wonderful Broadway show or opera along the lines of Nixon in China or Hamilton. Don’t you think? Shakespeare would have loved this cast and plot.

    • I had heard that, too, but I would like to think that he ran for some other reason than that alone–to actually HELP the people and this country. His job is not yet done. He won’t make them EAT CROW until he becomes the best president of the 21st century.

  1. ~ Dave Neuendorf •

    I see this election as some sort of Magna Carta moment for us. Is “King John” above the law, or not? We have hordes of elected officials who look down on us and sneer that we’re “deplorable” while they display their complete lack of honor by violating their oath to our wonderful Constitution.

    Mr. Trump calls it a “swamp.” By golly, I think he’s right.

    Just as long as he accomplishes what he promises in a Constitutional way, and that the people’s elected representation continues to play its proper role, I can’t wait to watch what happens.

    I have hope!

    You should watch throwing words and names around like “Magna Carta.” Too many liberals might think you are referring to a new GPS system which can show them how to get to the nearest Starbucks.

    I’m offended by the term “swamp”. Now if he had used the phrase, “A festering, rotting pile of offal and road kill” to describe DC I would have been happier.




    MEXICO, TOO… ….ha & get your wall wallet READY DUDES

    TPP RIP… …O’ SO sad1

  3. “President-Elect Donald J. Trump” drkate Nov. 9, 2016
    Congratulations to everyone here…prayers, thoughts, loyalty,
    learning, fighting for our country! …..YES WE DID !!!

    ~ True Patriot
    Thank you Dr. Kate. And to you as well my forever Birther Friend.
    I bet Lt. Col. Terry LAKIN IS Smiling right now. We have all been freed
    of this 8 yr tyrannical usurping Horror Show.

    Trump has exposed all the Fakes, Dana Loesch, Katie Pavlich, Bill Kristol, & now Ralph Peters who went on Stuart Varney admitting he voted for Hillary. All NWO Globalist Pigs.

    I hear the Clintons have moved all $$ to Swiss Banks, Kerry has sold off his real estate in NanTucket, & Obamas getting ready to run to Dubai.

    All these Filth still in Shock over our 2nd American Revolution without a shot fired. 1776 to 2016 America still alive & well in her Patriots.


    • I’ve been thinking about Lt. Col. Lakin, too. Hoping that President Trump pardons him and restores his benefits. Dana Loesch is a disappointment. Ralph Peters, too? Oy.

  4. ~ kinthenorthwest •
    I think we suspected this …
    Billionaire Globalist Soros Exposed as Hidden Hand Behind Trump Protests — Provoking US ‘Color Revolution’


    Soros is behind the Sit ins around the country several years ago &
    Black lives matter. he is Funding the Unrest right now. they are using Buses to get from one place to another & have signs preprinted. he is one of the primary problems. this is not a spontaneous series of unrests in various parts of the country like the media spin. it is planned in advance. remember when we found out they were getting paid.

    i have seen tweets where they show help wanted signs. we are being played as usual.
    He is the swamp. ~ “Lock Him Up” ~ WHY NOT!???

    the ONE & the SAME …..
    whom wants djt’s ASSASSINATION??? SHAME on your SKIN! ha

  6. Miri ..check the bottom photo .. what a puss .. & where’s boots?

  7. Puss in Boots (2011)…. 2008 -2016??? …^^^^^
    An Out-Law Cat, his childhood egg-friend & a seductive Thief kitty set out
    in search for the eggs of the fabled Golden Goose to Clear his Name, …. Restore his Lost Honor ….. & Regain the Trust ….of his mother & Town… NEVER-EVER …IT’S BEEN DOWN-HILL …since DAY 1 !!! U PUSS!


  9. ~ haffast
    OMG … I never saw this before. Thank you for posting ….it makes it even more wonderful that Trump will dismantle Zero’s …. “legacy”.
    Thank you!

    He also got some Revenge on the Left at the Recent NYC Charity Dinner! where people started ….Sweating & Cringing at his Remarks…YES!

    No doubt this 2011 dinner is a big motivation. I think he has a kind heart
    but I would not want to be on his bad side.


    • Barry’s final helicopter ride will probably deliver him right to the side of his future “troops,” which he will command to dog and harass DJT throughout his administration. You think otherwise?

  10. A shutdown? …..No harm, most don’t work anyway. ….^^^^^ WTF’

    A shutdown to a socialist is when they wait a day or two to pick up their government welfare check.

    What upstanding citizens, then they wonder why we can’t stand them..
    not the color of your skin …. it’s your unruly temper tantrums !!!

  11. Here is a good Rush Limbaugh piece about the lying media still lying:
    Here are just three paragraphs excerpted from near the start of his talk:

    The illusion has been that we are the ones dwindling away to nothing, and it’s been the exact opposite. The pollsters didn’t miss anything. They didn’t get anything wrong. They just didn’t tell us the truth about what they were seeing in these polls. You go back and look at it now. The data there was. They, exactly as I asked on the day of the election, if we’re not gonna believe them all of these months when they report the news, why believe the polls that they produce?

    They didn’t miss anything. What they’re doing by saying, “Man, how did we miss it? Oh, my God, we’ve gotta go back and examine it.” They didn’t miss it. They didn’t tell the truth. They weren’t honest about what they were finding. They weren’t honest about trying to find what was actually going on. The idea they don’t know who Trump voters are — BS. They know exactly who the Trump voter is. They ignored them. They impugned them. They knew exactly where the Trump supporter was coming from and they chose to ignore it. They chose to report that it didn’t exist. They chose to report that it wasn’t relevant.

    So now we have all these riots going on, exactly as I predicted. And, folks, aside from these little snowflakes that are melting on campus today, the kids, all of these riots that you’re seeing in New York and Philadelphia and Chicago and Los Angeles are bought and paid for. They are not real in terms of springing up genuinely and organically.

    Someone remind me again because I have kind of forgotten,
    Why does George Soros fund all these things? What is his own personal stake in wanting to remove America from the world? I mean, he is either just insane or else he has an evil motivation for his activities. I suppose both of these could be true. The Left has lied so long about everythings that it’s just become part of daily weather. We need to stop accepting it as normal behavior.

    By the way, What is going on in Michigan? RCP reports all their vote is in but they still haven’t declared the winner – Trump by 0.3%

    • Not only doesn’t the 53% approval rating for Barry make sense but neither did the polls before the election and neither do the supposed popular vote counts now. I simply don’t believe them. Yes, people SURELY LIE to pollsters, especially when asked if they approve of him or not. (But who knows what they really ask, anyway? Do you LIKE him? Different question. Do you approve of HIM, his personality, or his policies? Different questions. They ask the question in a way to get the answer they want.)

      Anyway, if they lie with polls by oversampling DemoncRATS when projecting the election, wouldn’t they equally OVERSAMPLE approval polls? Of course they would. They’re the media and they LIE. They lied with the election polls because they wanted to use them to DISCOURAGE TRUMP SUPPORTERS, hoping they would not turn out. That’s why this blog (which few read, but every little bit helps) and CTH (which many read) both said to IGNORE ALL AND JUST GO VOTE. WHATEVER YOU DO, VOTE. It worked. People do not believe polls. People do not believe the media. And yet they CONTINUE to lie. They STILL have not learned their lesson.

      Bill Whittle said it, it will NEVER be over. The fight will ALWAYS be with us because they will NEVER give up. This is just a respite. A welcome one, but the globalists and the media and the DemoncRATS have not YET realized WHY they lost and are losing. They predicted the end of the Republican party when it’s actually the end of theirs. So they’re never going to stop the tactics they used and will continue to use: LYING, DISTORTING, COLLUDING, CONSPIRING.

      Now here’s their new campaign. The meme is, as usual, as with all Republican presidential and vice-presidential candidates (Bush, Quayle, Reagan, Palin, now Trump, etc.), the Republican is STUPID. They’re trying to give everyone the impression that Trump is out of his element and lost. Thus, he must depend upon Barry’s team and counsel. This isn’t the way it went, but it’s what they’re going to report for the same reason they lied during the election: To discourage his supporters and sow dissension. In addition, there was a story out that nobody wants to work for Trump. He can’t find national security people to work with him. They cite that list of a-hole neverTrumpers who signed that letter. So, if these a-holes won’t put LOVE OF COUNTRY AND DESIRE TO USE THEIR TALENTS TO KEEP HER SAFE before their own ARROGANCE, then they’re NOT FIT TO WORK IN NATIONAL SECURITY IN THE FIRST PLACE. Right? They’re now all INELIGIBLE, imho.

      They are already setting the stage to defeat him in two years, in the Congress, and in two more years for the presidency. Warren suddenly will “work with” him. Ditto Barry.

      Of course, the second part of their scheme is to give everyone the illusion that Trump will back off his promises. Already they’re trumpeting that he’s going to “keep” some parts of Obamacare; but that’s what Ryan’s plan and all the other Republican plans do. They keep the kids on parents’ insurance until 26 and the preexisting condition parts. So what? It’s still not OBAMACARE. But they want to make us all think Trump’s going back on his word and promise. And they want us to DOUBT HIM. It’s all they can do.

      He’s got Giuliani and other GOOD PEOPLE at his side. Are they going to let him go to the dark side? I don’t think so. Sheriff Clarke? I don’t think so. Ben Carson? I don’t think so. He’s going to do what he said he’ll do. Giuliani said so and I believe him. They HAVE TO KNOW BY NOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF THEY DON’T FOLLOW THROUGH. 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016. How long do they think we’re going to wait? Next time? I don’t think so. The entire country is going RED. Now after this destruction in Portland, people are saying that “broken window by broken window, they’re turning (even) Oregon red.”

      I can’t figure why they still haven’t called Michigan, either. Some have. Some say Trump is over 300 (306) electoral votes, I think. Have you seen the stories hoping that the Electoral College votes in Hillary instead of Trump? They have seen NOTHING yet if they try that.

  12. the DAMAGE of SOROS ….HILLARY’s BACK-ER’! …^^^^ here’s some

  13. ~ Trollope_of_whyte_trasheTrollope_of_whyte_trashe …+
    The Leftist Elites still Don’t Get IT. Trump heard US & actually listened.
    He is an American patriot, the left & their faculty lounge Marxists were soundly repudiated.

    650,000 State Department emails ended up on a sex perverts laptop &
    the Media …thought … normal people would…. ignore that. !!!! NOPE!

    This article itself is just more leftist spin & bias.
    The author of this article should look in the Mirror to see what is wrong
    with Journalism. ….TRASH & DICKS 2….

    When the PRESS started to campaign for Hillary they gave up their moral authority. The are now just partisan hacks.This article is just more of the same.Sour grapes from sore losers. ….@yahoo…ha

    LOVE … this is an EARLY “MERRY CHRISTMAS” 2 US ALL !
    HO HO HO …. MAY the FUN BEGAN ….

  15. This is an unbelievable story. I hope the Trump era is the beginning of the end of these people putting their own political goals AGAINST THE WELFARE OF THEIR STOCKHOLDERS.

    “Lifeway Foods, Inc Stock Drops 25% After Lib CEO Trashes TRUMP, Accuses Him of Rape

    Julie Smolyansky is the CEO of Illinois-based dairy company Lifeway Foods.

    Smolyansky supported Hillary Clinton.

    On Thursday Smolyansky smeared Donald Trump and accused him of rape:

    Julie Smolyansky, President and CEO of Morton Grove-based Lifeway Kefir, had a strong message for shareholders after someone expressed displeasure at Smolyansky’s support of Hillary Clinton.

    “Hey stockholders, if you are a rape apologist, sexist, racist, demagogue, bigot, feel free to no longer own shares,” she tweeted Thursday night.

    Here is the Lifeway Foods, Inc stock on Friday– it tanked– …”

    How long before she loses her job? I hope in 3, 2, 1 …

    Not only that, but it would seem stockholders would have SOME KIND OF STANDING for a lawsuit against her PERSONALLY.

  16. Swiped fro mr. moose sez at WZ

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