The Choice on November 8


Okay. Time to roll the dice, people. Let’s make it as simple as possible for those as yet undecided, or for those already decided upon Hillary Clinton who may yet be open to persuasion.

Here’s the deal. Here’s our choice on November 8, 2016:

More of the same, except on steroids.


Change. Restoration of our Republic. Hope.

Clinton means more weaponized government agencies, more rule by illegal executive order, more taxes, more debt, larger deficits, more socialism, less freedom, less say in our own government, more political correctness, more social perversion, more expensive but crummier health care, more media bias and complicity, more Balkanization of the population, more demonization of whites and conservatives, more invasion of our country by illegal aliens and spurious “refugees,” more persecution of Christians by government, more lost jobs, more unemployment, weakened national sovereignty, more discoveries of progressive desires within the “penumbra” of our Constitution, more kowtowing to the UN, more pandering to Muslims, heightened threat of terror attacks, more government interference in business, less upward mobility, more redistribution of wealth, more deliberate destruction of industries rationalized by non-existent global warming, more babies killed in the womb, more corruption, more corruption, more corruption, more corruption … until the U.S. becomes the world’s largest banana republic. If you liked Hugo Chavez, then vote for Hillary Clinton.

With Donald Trump we get change. Trump promises to reverse Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America,” including repeal of Obamacare. Unlike Clinton, Trump respects the people.

Obama promised hope and change, but that’s exactly what we didn’t get. Instead we got hopelessness, with change for the worse. Can anyone truthfully say he or she is better off today than in 2008? How much hope do you have for your children and grandchildren, if things remain unchanged?

There’s your choice, in a nutshell:

Crooked Hillary (Clinton 2.0; Obama 3.0)


Donald Trump

who promises to

Make America Great Again.

It’s as simple as that. Now maybe Trump will fail. Maybe he can’t deliver. But at least he’s going to try.

Roll the dice. Pray we get lucky. Pray. With God on our side, all things are possible.

With Crooked Hillary we know exactly what we’re going to get. With Trump, at least there’s hope and not despair.

As Newt Gingrich put it:

Make America Great Again or make America Venezuela. That’s the choice.

Choose wisely, my friends.





137 responses to “The Choice on November 8

    • Now, now. Hillary told us to beware of new Wikileaks. Madre Dearest said not to believe them.

      What say you about tomorrow? I’m thinking she got her exoneration but they fear what’s still out there so they’re going to take down the Internet, pretend it was Anonymous or Russians or some hackers, and then have the lamestream NOT report the Wikileaks BUT tell us all not to worry and just go to the polls and they’ll let us know when Hillary wins.

    • Forgive them for they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. If they think exonerating her letting her skate for the second time is going to be a plus for her, I believe they’re sadly mistaken. People, even some DemoncRATS, were PISSED when she skated the first time. AGAIN? The veterans, the military, the LEOs, the FBI, and every other LAW-ABIDING AND LAW-RESPECTING PERSON in this country will be full of “cold anger” now. I know I am. I’m SICK TO MY STOMACH. I’m SICK TO DEATH OF THIS CORRUPTION. God help the USA.

    • They did NO investigation. Who believes they read all 650,000 and found nothing? Nobody believes that. Supposedly, software would sort them and then they would carefully read all of them. They could not possibly read tens of thousands of emails and exonerate her. Comey is a turd. No doubt about it. Of course, they have something on him, as they do with every danged puppet in the administration. Lynch, too, no doubt.

      They did not interview the woman who discussed the server with Huma–the State Dept. employee. She is named in the Wikileaks emails and they did NOT even interview. They did NOT interview Hillary’s housekeeper who, it turns out, WITH NO SECURITY CLEARANCE WHATSOEVER ACTUALLY PRINTED CONFIDENTIAL AND TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS FOR HILLARY IN HER HOME IN NY DC. This woman not interviewed, either. HOW could they possibly have done an investigation without interviewing every person involved in handling (illegally) the top secret and classified information?

      In the mean time, that military guy, the young guy, will go to prison simply for taking photos of a ship.

  1. In the last thread, I published two links. The first was a story about a dead FBI agent.
    FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide
    Miri researched the story and found it to be fake.
    Miri wrote:
    I just found a comment that this is a fake story from “anti-Hillary” sources. There is no “Denver Guardian”, supposedly. I can’t find this story anywhere else. Interesting that the name is Michael Brown (like in Ferguson). I’d never heard anything before about any FBI agent who leaked anything regarding these emails. On the other hand, the FBI office was vandalized, so we know there are Hillary people angry about leakers at the FBI. I don’t think this story is legit.

    This is probably PRO-HILLARY PROPAGANDA PUT OUT THERE TO SMEAR TRUMP’S PEOPLE AND TO GO ALONG WITH THEIR WARNINGS NOT TO BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ IN THESE LAST DAYS. They want to confuse the issues so when TRUTHFUL AND DAMAGING things about her come out, people don’t believe it. Like crying wolf on purpose. Know what I mean? They are devious, evil SOBs.
    With 24 hours more information, I suspect this story, fake it might be, was a premonition warning to Comedy that this story could be his story and very
    soon at that.
    We know what Comedy did next. He caved.

    I also published a link to a before itsnews guy

    I quoted the last paragraph of his warning. Here was his first paragraph:

    It’s Time to Pack Your Go Bag! And Get Ready for a False Flag Like You Have Never Seen Before
    Saturday, November 5, 2016 12:56

    (Before It’s News)

    Never have I seen a more appropriate time to have your go bag ready. If you are close to the border and it doesn’t matter which one. Make sure your tank is full and bag in the car! Chances are that everything you read at B I N is at best 50% correct. The trolls are Out in full force. You want to believe Killary is as sick as she pretends or is she setting herself up for a Justice Scalia death with no autopsy disappearing act? Maybe You want to believe we are in the midst of a coup and counter coup? You want to believe that the FBI has been brought to Washington to get ready for mass arrests or is it a big show. Hillary going to be Arrested? Well what’s taking so long?

    We are being played like never before. Since when does the Director of Homeland Insecurity accuse an individual running for President of treason and then let them roam the street. She’s going to vanish! Everything makes for good press but what in hell is taking so long. They have the names, they have the crimes yet they allow all these sick bastards time to plan an exit. Think about it, does any of this make the least bit of sense? Not to me. Now what if these white hat, good guy, Patriots are all part of this charade and that includes Trump. Does anyone believe that the cabal have a plan and a back up plan and a back up plan. They have planned this take Over since the 1930′s and you think they will just hang it up without a fight.

    We now know. We know that Orly Taitz, skilled attorney that she is, never had a chance to get a court to open her filings.

    We now know that Loretta Fuddy was murdered.

    We now know that Judge Scalia was hopelessly compromised before he ever went to that “Lodge”.

    I don’t suspect that wikileaks will get anything significant out today.
    There is no hard evidence for anything and yet we now know.
    November 9 is the start of a different world.
    That is true whether Mr. Trump wins (and we may be permitted a small
    cheer) or whether he loses.

    • It’s a good theory that the fake news story about the horrible death of that FBI agent was a warning shot to Comey. It occurred to me last night that this second exoneration was done by email, on a Sunday afternoon, and not in person, like with the first exoneration. So where’s Comey? Anybody SEEN HIM lately? Did he report for work today, walking through the halls of the FBI where, presumably, he’s going to get more of the reported shunning, if not outright HOSTILITY, he experienced the first time he exonerated her? Is he room temperature already? As I said yesterday, where’s his family? I can’t help but think about that scene in the Godfather when Michael Corleone was under Congressional investigation and he brought Frankie’s brother over from Italy, and had him sit right next to his consigliere. Message sent and received. They’re not called the Arkansas Mafia for nothing.

      Obama, like Clinton, has been untouchable all along. We get news today of the sheer complicity of CNN (Clinton News Network, aka The Arkansas Pravda) as well as columnist Dana Milbank. (I figured he was too stupid to do his own research. Hey, Dana: Ever heard of Google?)

      I don’t know if Trump’s complicit or not. It’s a possibility always in the back of my mind. He’s still better than Hillary. IMHO.

      How was Judge Scalia compromised? I must have missed that somewhere.

      I’m not convinced Fuddy’s even dead.

      Wikileaks in a way reminds me of the Cold Case Posse. Always promising, seldom delivering the knock-out blow.

      They have NEVER, EVER even read her emails, not with any mind to prosecute her. It was a sham from the get go. IF they’d read them, then how’d they miss that she had her maid illegally printing out top secret information for her? Here’s the thing:

      Comey said yesterday that they reviewed all the email on Wiener’s computer SENT BY OR RECEIVED FROM HILLARY CLINTON. Now, we already know that means they read NOTHING and reviewed NOTHING because they used a computer program to sort emails by addressee and addresser. HUMA SENT ALL THE EMAILS TO HERSELF FROM HERSELF. There would be no email from or to Hillary on that laptop. They were FORWARDED by Huma to Huma.

      Second: He said that some of the emails were duplicates, already reviewed. Okay. So were they duplicates of email containing top secret, classified information? If so, ANOTHER CRIME BECAUSE NONE OF THAT BELONGS ON HUMA’S LAPTOP AT HER HUSBAND’S APARTMENT. It’s just another count to the original CRIME. Just the existence of ANY State Dept. documents/emails on her home laptop is a CRIME and, additionally, another couple crimes in that she didn’t turn the laptop over AND she lied about having turned over everything. So, yeah, he didn’t exonerate Huma but she’ll get a pardon. Who believes otherwise? He (Barry) must pardon her and all the others or in some future Republican administration, IF EVER, he goes down, too. He’s as guilty as she is. As all of them are. Even the maid, recommended by Vernon Jordan, of all people.

      In the emails, that Comey should have read, HILLARY HAD THE EMAILS PRINTED BY THE MAID. That’s directing her and that’s a crime to give her access to secret government information! Comey also said that he kept the scope to her time as Sec. of State. WHY? There’s nothing in the law that should limit that. Intent, which doesn’t even have to be proved under the applicable laws, may be able to BE PROVED if they don’t limit the scope to her time as Sec. of State. How convenient! Deliberately omit any emails that would show the COVER-UP and the INTENT to cover-up because the FOIA requests, subpoenas, and investigations came LONG AFTER SHE LEFT THAT POST. Comey knows that. But will un-discerning people or complicit media notice? Hardly.


  2. Bill Still – WikiLeaks, Final Warning to Hillary !!!!

    • They know it’s not a myth. They orchestrate it. What they also know is that Barry and the DOJ will never even try to find, much less prosecute, these crimes. It’s a “sanctuary country” as far as illegal aliens voting, and they know it. Barry as much as said so yesterday. It’s corrupt. All corrupt. Hillary will never be prosecuted. Obama will never be prosecuted. Illegal alien voters will never be prosecuted, much less deported. NOT UNLESS SOMETHING RADICALLY CHANGES IN DC.

  3. Not GOOD ENOUGH but something. I think this still leaves Kaine as POTUS:

    “If Hillary Clinton wins the election Tuesday, a prominent Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee says there will be an immediate move to impeach her before she can even be sworn into office Jan. 20.

    Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, told WND he has spent the last week ensuring Congress has secured all of the hundreds of thousands of emails examined by the FBI over the last 10 days and has confidence the House could impeach her before she assumes office.

    “Don’t think that Hillary Clinton has been declared innocent on the email scandal just yet,” King warned. “This is not over yet.” …”

    Then there’s this: Pissed off Sanders voters who are electors and hope they’re the ones to DENY her the electoral college by NOT voting for her, even if she wins their state.

    Of course, isn’t it also true that if she is DISQUALIFIED then the House of Representatives doesn’t even have to accept her AT ALL? Her actions, her crimes, have disqualified her. She cannot even LEGALLY hold a security clearance.


    I’m sure any media that covered this as truth will be sure to make it clear that it was all LIES and that they will do it often before the election. Ha, ha. Just kidding.

  5. Her conscience is clear because she has none. At least where it comes to “non-persons”, iow, her opponents who are not even humans in her opinion, so don’t bear thinking about. Any means necessary to defeat them.

    “Donna Brazile is not apologizing for leaking CNN debate questions and topics to the Hillary Clinton campaign during the Democratic primary. Her only regret, it seems, is that she got caught.

    “My conscience — as an activist, a strategist — is very clear,” the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee said Monday during a SiriusXM interview with liberal activist Joe Madison. She added that “if I had to do it all over again, I would know a hell of a lot more about cybersecurity.” …”

    Thank you Wikileaks.

  6. The crimes are beyond count. Now Wikileaks has a lot more examples of emails PROVING COLLUSION between outside groups and the DNC. Abjectly ILLEGAL. Will the FEC step in? Will Trump sue? I HOPE SO!!!


    “Illegal aliens voting unlawfully in U.S. elections and disenfranchising Americans is a far bigger threat than voting machines miscounting ballots, one legal expert told Breitbart News on Thursday.

    “I just sued two Virginia counties this week for concealing alien voting records, the list of foreigners who are on the voter rolls,” said J. Christian Adams on Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM. “In Virginia alone, our litigation found a thousand aliens in just eight counties. These are the only eight counties that complied with our document requests. And they were voting! So if you take a thousand aliens who were accidentally caught in eight Virginia counties, and there’s 135 Virginia counties, that tells you that the number of aliens on the voter rolls in just this swing state is in the five figures.”

    “The same is true in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona,” he continued. “More so in Texas, Pennsylvania. These are places where alien voting will make a difference. And it made a difference in California. California became the deepest shade of blue, in part, because of problems with the voter rolls, with illegal alien voting.”

    “We have a blind spot,” Adams added. “I don’t think Republicans are aware of this problem to the degree they need to be. Some of them are. Most aren’t. There are very few tools, and the Obama administration has been blocking the use of those tools.” …”

    The number of illegals voting illegally in NC estimated to be in the 5 figures! True of many states with illegal alien populations. ILLEGAL. WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND? FOR HOW MUCH LONGER DO WE THE PEOPLE OF THE USA HAVE TO PUT UP WITH OUR VOTES BEING ILLEGALLY NEGATED BY ILLEGAL ALIENS?

  8. just got in. ha’ ..O’ what a BUSY DAY here again ^^^^ YES FLORDIA!


    Final Charge Through Battleground States…
    Assange to get new legal grilling…
    After crushing Trump pinatas, Mexicans hope he loses…
    FEC Dem cheers, advises Latino election observers…
    China warns again…
    DHS: Hackers could meddle with election results reporting…
    Jill Stein: Hillary Presidency ‘Mushroom Cloud Waiting to Happen’…


    +130,000 FLORIDA
    +142,000 NORTH CAROLINA


  11. The collective efforts of CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, the New York Times & Washington Post to destroy Trump’s character & to hide his enormously popular agenda from public view couldn’t succeed forever in the internet era.

  12. CLOSING ARGUMENTS: Trump vows to ‘bring back jobs,’ Clinton warns
    not to vote for ‘anger’ in dash to finish

    FOX NEWS POLL: Clinton jumps out to 4-point US lead | FOX NEWS POLL RESULTS
    TRUMP’S PATH: Shifting electoral picture opens up for The Donald
    ‘ETHICS GUIDELINES’ IGNORED? WikiLeaks: Clinton donors received special treatment from State Department
    ONLINE BATTLEGROUND: Trump beating Clinton in Google searches
    VULNERABLE NETWORK? Hackers could meddle with election results reporting, DHS reports
    BARN RAISER? GOP super PAC works to turn out Amish voters
    ‘FOX AND FRIENDS’: Hosts visit diners for election-day pulse
    CAMPAIGN INTO THE 11TH HOUR: In battleground North Carolina, 2016 races too close to call
    BATTLE FOR THE SENATE: What to watch for in Tuesday’s tight race
    POLITICS SHAKE UP: Latino voter turnout will shape view and influence of community for long haul
    OPINION: The real election surprise? The uprising of the American people
    2016 LIVE BLOG: Clinton camp sends ‘cease and desist’ letters over ads | 2016 CAMPAIGN: FULL COVERAGE ….@fox

  13. No way …she will not win… Butt’ WILL GET impeached! yes out

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