Which Game is Rigged?

It’s only Trump who’s not allowed to state the obvious: The game is rigged.

But which “game” is it that’s rigged? That all depends upon your political point of view and what the meaning of “rigged” is.

To Trump supporters, “rigged” refers to the upcoming elections and means that their votes may not necessarily count because they’ve been stolen outright (e.g., by machines that flipped their votes); or been canceled out by illegal votes (e.g., illegal aliens or dead people voting, or people double- or triple-voting, facilitated by operatives busing them around); or been thrown away (e.g., by postal workers or campaign operatives); or been thrown out because they weren’t postmarked by the Post Office; or  been changed (e.g., by campaign operatives who collect and modify absentee ballots); or not counted–all so something progressives want can be rammed down our throats against our will–like Obamacare, for instance.

For progressives and Clinton supporters, “rigged” means it’s not fair for every legal citizen in this country to have and to exercise God-given rights because when they exercise the right to vote, sometimes the progressives get outvoted and don’t get what they want.

In their opinion, “rigged” usually means that you stupid idiots out there in flyover country have been duped by their political opponents, because you’re too stupid to realize that progressives are always right and their political opponents are always wrong, if not downright evil. Thus, you morons foolishly outvote the progressives when you ought to have recognized their superior wisdom.

Really, you cannot be trusted to vote because so often you don’t know what’s good for you. As a result, too often you prevent your superiors, the progressives, from running the country and your lives. When will you realize that progressives “have to make these choices” for you? So just sit back, relax, vote for Hillary and then watch Beyonce and Miley Cyrus twerk. Madre Dearest will take care of everything else for you.

Don’t you know that you must be protected from yourselves for your own good? That’s why progressives have no choice but to rule you by executive order, by unconstitutional regulations, by rewriting the English language to make laws say what they want them to mean, and by illegally colluding together, among themselves and with the mainstream media, including engaging in vote fraud–all justified because, after all, it’s for your own good.

Progressives also fundamentally believe that any system where capitalism and free enterprise allow some individuals, through their own hard work and initiative, to outperform and thus out-earn others must be “rigged,” by definition. Thus, they complain that the “economy” is rigged.

To progressives, all outcomes should be equal, despite unequal inputs; otherwise, the system is “rigged” against the under-performers.

If the system doesn’t allow progressives to redistribute the wealth of the “rich” to everyone else, but most especially to the under-performers who disproportionately vote for progressives, then that’s a “rigged” system.

This is not the American Way and progressives know it, so they try to sell communism and Marxism to the American people by deception.

Now that’s rigged!

Don’t be fooled again.

Make America Great Again on November 8, 2016!




133 responses to “Which Game is Rigged?

  1. R these OVER-PAID …TURKEYS …4 REAL???
    No kP U cunt …move 2 the WHITE HOUSE!!! NEVER!


    2 guard & PROTECT&GUARD she KEEPS STANDING! – what a JOB!


  3. FUn FUN FuN …till My DADDY took the T’Bird AWAY

  4. Did we ever hear this before? http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/10/30/fmr-u-s-atty-comeys-hand-forced-by-fbi-seething-anger-at-botched-hillary-email-investigation/

    “Hillary Clinton says she can’t remember 39 times in her interviews. They went to Comey and said she can’t remember because she had a head injury — alright, let’s get her medical records. Comey said absolutely not, we are not subpoenaing her medical records. So it’s fairly obvious that he cut them off at the pass, he didn’t allow them to do their job and they all knew that. …”


    It’s about time that the honest FBI agents spoke out. Thank goodness they did, if that’s what has happened. Just in time.

  5. They’re trying now to explain Huma’s predicament by saying she’s unaware how computers work and that just to check her mail once from Weiner’s laptop would/could cause ALL her emails to download to his machine. Supposedly she also used a Yahoo! address (and we knew this long ago, from Wikileaks, so where were the lamestream?) to PRINT emails because she didn’t know how to configure printing from Hillary’s server. IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE. She’s playing dumb, acting AS IF she just doesn’t know how those emails got on that laptop. Even if she doesn’t, too freaking bad. That’s what comes from ILLEGALLY USING PRIVATE SERVERS AND PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR STATE DEPT. BUSINESS. She also plays dumb on that–that she didn’t know that it was wrong to use a private server, but Wikileaks proves otherwise plus she had the same training anybody else got, unless, as usual, special treatment. We already know she got special treatment because NOBODY ELSE WITH HER CONNECTIONS WOULD HAVE GOTTEN CLEARANCE TO WORK IN THE DEPT. OF STATE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    • I’ll say this about Huma: Don’t fall for the poor little dumb girl routine. Remember who she is. Taqiyya. No doubt about it. To transfer all those emails to a laptop at home means anybody, anybody, could read them and Hillary (if she even cares) would NEVER KNOW. Whom does Huma serve? Will we ever learn or will this major fiasco, like Benghazi, ALSO BE COVERED UP?

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