Lasting Images from the Debates

Okay. Now the debates are over, and it’s a mad rush to the finish line. While we stay the course, determined to make America great again by voting the only way a person who loves this country can possibly vote, let’s look at a few lasting images from the debates.

From the first debate:


My eyes were crossing, too. Sad.

From the second debate:


The First Lady of the Flies. Sad.

From the third and final debate:


Wikileaks had Hillary leaking, too! Sad.

Who do you think won last night’s debate? What was your favorite moment?


168 responses to “Lasting Images from the Debates

  1. You may recall that a few days back, following a righteous rant, Betty Ann
    the Deplorable reminded us that PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE ARE DANGEROUS.

    And in BA style added: I cannot wait to throw my brick on November 8th.

    So I’d just like to encourage everyone to get your bricks lined up (metaphorically speaking of course) for Red Brick Tuesday.


  3. Hey, Barry !!!! “you gotta be pissed” !!!!

  4. Hillary communes, in a spirit world !!!!

    • I remember her saying, years ago, when she was in the WH, that she talked to Eleanor Roosevelt’s ghost. It’s likely. We learn now that Eleanor’s “marriage” was also one of convenience and that Eleanor, too, had a body woman of long-standing with whom she maintained a lesbian affair. iirc, she, too, admired Sanger.

      Another who probably communed with Eleanor might be Huma herself. In fact, maybe they’ve gone beyond in the sense of what “commune” means. Maybe they communed in a threesome in bed? Who knows?

      • It is said that there are more FBI files on Eleanor than almost anybody ever investigated.

        • Oh, I’ll bet there are. Maybe when Hillary and Bill ordered up all those FBI files when they first got into the WH, Hillary suddenly realized all she has in COMMON with that woman.

    • Then lock her up! Ha, ha!

    • Whether or not they maintained that “plausible” deniability, the circumstantial evidence makes her innocence totally implausible. Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, their shenanigans no longer can go unchecked. Of course, that will only continue to be true until she and her ilk manage to shut down and/or censor the Web. Look how ridiculous her Facebook cronies are when they anguish over allowing Trump’s “hate speech” on their forum. It’s NOT hate speech, but if they’re going to classify it as such, then MOST CERTAINLY THEY MUST SHUT DOWN THE FACEBOOK PAGES OF EVERY BLM THUG AND “ACTIVIST” OUT THERE. Not to mention all the college “professors” of any race who engage in hate speech when they talk about WHITE privilege. What is that but bigotry, discrimination, and hatred? How about La Raza? Hate speech? It is to me. SPLC? Hate speech? Certainly. They act oh, so patriotic by allowing his speech during a campaign, after agonizing, like I said, over the complaints of their MUSLIM EMPLOYEES IN DUBLIN! In DUBLIN! Any pro-America speech, any preservation of our culture speech, any speech that puts AMERICANS first, is “hate speech.” It’s simple enough to figure out that Hillary and her entire cabal were in on this because of how quickly the media, her campaign, and she, herself, were ready to jump on the “Trump supporters are violent” meme. A jury will think so. Oh, yes they will indeed. People, despite what Hillary thinks of them, have common sense.

  5. From Foxy’s link:

    It’s time someone took these people to court and put a stop to this crap. I talked about it before, the first case I’d heard of where they tried this tactic to incite violence OR to allege violence where there was none. Below is an article about the case of a Gephardt campaign worker pulling a similar stunt, which, btw, worked for that election. The media, of course, made a big deal of Gephardt’s opponent being charged with a crime, to ensure a Gephardt win. There was no retribution or do-over for the wronged politician.

  6. ~ @ Yahoo
    ‘Take the Money!!’ and other highlights from the Podesta email leak
    Michael Isikoff Fri, Oct 21 12:43 PM PDT
    John Podesta, Clinton campaign chairman. (Photo illustration by Yahoo

    Throughout the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton’s campaign presented her as a crusading reformer who would take on powerful corporate interests and curb the role of big money in American politics.

    But the recent WikiLeaks dump of campaign chairman JOHN Podesta’s emails offers revealing snapshots that tell a somewhat different story. Top aides plot to “scare our people into giving bigger sums.” They debate whether to take cash from registered foreign agents: “Take the money!!” one senior campaign official advises. A top corporate lobbyist, pressed to “hit up” his clients for Clinton campaign coffers, asks for high-level help to advance one of those client’s interests. And there are new details about the overseas cash that rolled into the Clinton Foundation — including a $12 million commitment from the king of Morocco that Hillary Clinton personally helped facilitate.

    The emails also disclose just how nervous top Clinton advisers were that Vice President Joe Biden might get into the race (Podesta himself was convinced he was getting in.) And they fretted about their own candidate’s limitations. “Almost no one knows better [than] me that her instincts can be terrible,” wrote one longtime Clinton aide.

    The Clinton campaign has refused to confirm the authenticity of the emails, which the U.S. intelligence community has said were leaked as the result of a Russian cyberattack.

    Here are 6… revealing highlights from the Podesta emails that provide a window into how the Clinton campaign operated when it thought (wrongly, as it turned out) nobody was looking.
    1. “Use this to scare our people into giving bigger sums.”
    (Email released by WikiLeaks)

    On May 3, 2015, Hillary Clinton got alarmed. She had just read a New York Times story about how the Federal Election Commission was deadlocked cracking down on “election abuse.” Outside super-PACs were being bankrolled by “billionaire donors,” the Times reported. Prospective rivals, like Jeb Bush, were “skirting” finance laws by “raising millions.”

    That morning, Clinton forwarded the story to Podesta. “In light of this predictable statement of the obvious, what do you suggest we do?” she wrote. His response: The Clinton campaign should get cracking and ramp up its own outside super-PAC operation. Among “the things we have to do,” he wrote, is “Get Priorities functional.” That’s a reference to Priorities USA Action, the pro-Clinton super-PAC that would soon start collecting seven-figure donations from Democratic-leaning billionaires. (Such super-PACs are supposed to be independent of official campaign committees; the Podesta email shows just how much those lines have blurred.)

    And, Podesta recommended, the Clinton campaign should put the Times story to good use. “Use this to scare our people into giving bigger sums,” he writes. And, bring in some big guns. “We may need to get WJC [William Jefferson Clinton] into the mix sooner.

    WE Should also ask BHO [President Obama] to DO MORE in light of this, although they are kind of Prissy about how they Approach This.”

    2. “TAKE ….. the …. $$$$$$ MONEY !!” …$$$$$

    In April 2015, the Clinton campaign was debating a sensitive issue: Should it take Cash from “Bundlers” (high-dollar fundraisers) who were registered agents for foreign governments and corporations?


  8. TRUMP SCORES …. 1ST ….Major Newspaper Endorsement! YES!
    If …only all the little people would AWAKEN…2 the dire NEED 4 TRUMP


      • HILL.. a Lyin’ “TARTUFFE” … boy O’ boy SHE GOT fried IN oil..ha

        ~Eastward …. ^^^^^^
        People are fake after, waiting for Hillary to laugh first before they laugh.

        ~ johnnyboyke
        Trump made his point , just Fantastic !
        those hypocrits,rich assholes , just fuck them & VOTE TRUMP !

        ~John Holms
        Now be real, would you rather look at Don and beautiful Melania or Old Ugly Hag Billary & her pecker nosed Hubby?
        Tell me the truth

    • I don’t know that it’s so much the word “oversampling” and the fact there’s such a thing (which IS legitimate in polling IF NOT RIGGED TO GET A RESULT), but it’s more that the campaign COLLUDED WITH the pollsters. This certainly seems unethical. Why the back and forth and the control OVER the polling? That would seem to make it MANDATORY that ANY poll result reported should have to admit that it was done UNDER THE CONTROL AND AUSPICES of her campaign.

      Today I saw two separate stories about how the election is a DONE DEAL, so much so that Hillary has now stopped campaigning for herself to help fellow DemoncRATS with their own campaigns. This is a YUGE disinformation campaign for two potential reasons: To discourage Trump’s supporters or, WORSE, to set the stage for the MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD that is not only going to hand her the election but also give her a “mandate” to “govern” by making that vote fraud MASSIVE. They know they’re going to do it and they HAVE TO DO IT to “win” so they’re going BIG TIME with the VOTE FRAUD because it’s the only way to overwhelm Trump’s support.

      Today there was another report of absentee ballot FRAUD in the St. Louis area, in a “chocolate city.” Combine this typical M.O. for the inner cities, especially “minority” demographic cities, WITH THAT STUPID REPUBLICAN PARTY CONSENT DECREE that ALLOWED ALL THIS FRAUD TO HAPPEN UNCHALLENGED, and you can easily see how probably all these races where DemoncRATS “won” resulted from fraud, especially absentee ballot fraud and early voting fraud. Now we also have to contend with the PROOF that the Diebold optical scan counting machines can be rigged via SOLELY MANIPULATING THE MEMORY CARDS. So what sort of security is there for these cards? Where do they come from? How are they handled? Think about how easy it would be for just a single person in every election board to substitute the memory cards containing the cleverly analyzed, statistically “plausible” results to ENSURE a win for her across the country. Then consider how hard it probably is to get that right. Thus, they must prepare for the fact that their rigged result may look way out of bounds. Already they are saying that the farther from what we would call REALITY their rigged results are, the more likely Trump will challenge the results. THIS, they do not want because actual scrutiny of the cards and machines will not stand up! But it’s hard for them to rig this BELIEVABLY, so they’re afraid now that they’ve overdone it and HAVE TO make it look as if she’s going to win in a “landslide.” THAT, certainly, would defy common sense, given that Trump has outdrawn supporters at his rallies by over half a million people since August. She gets hundreds and he gets tens of thousands. Explain that in a scenario where SHE wins in a LANDSLIDE. She has NO SUPPORT!

      Remember the Soros Secretary of State project, where he planned to seed state Secretary of State offices with his minions? These offices CONTROL AND RUN ELECTIONS. How hard would it be, actually, to rig ALL THE MEMORY CARDS at one central location–for example, the manufacturer in China?

  9. Whether it is Tartuffe himself who wears a mask to beguile those around him, or Elmire who pretends to court Taruffe in order to expose his true nature to her husband, it is clear that deception and masks are practiced by many of the characters in this play. Moliere actually exposes the majority of the characters as being willing to put on masks to their own benefit, even those that perhaps may be rather surprising. For example, consider Dorine’s rather shrewd assessment of the irrascible Madame Pernelle, Orgon’s mother, who is of course a firm believer in Tartuffe himself and who has been bamboozled by his masks and deception:

    Oh, yes, she’s strict, devout, and has no taint
    Of worldliness; in short, she seems a saint.
    But it was time which taught her that disguise;
    She’s thus because she can’t be otherwise.
    So long as her attractions could enthrall,
    She flounced and flirted and enjoyed it all,
    But now that they’re no longer what they were
    She quits the world which fast is quitting her,
    And wears a veil of virtue to conceal
    Her bankrupt beauty and her lost appeal.

    According to Dorine, the supposed virtue of Madame Pernelle is only an outward veneer that is deliberately put on like a mask in order to conceal her aging and her decrepitude. This is why Madame Pernelle seems like a “saint,” but only because that is the only disguise that is open to her now. The “veil of virtue” is the only mask that she can put on. Such a focus on masks and deception raises one of the central themes of the play which concerns the relationship between lies and the truth. It is very interesting that Damis, through his strategy of telling the truth, only causes more trouble, whereas characters such as Elmire who are willling to deceive and put on masks, achieve their goals. Moliere seems to be pointing out that lies are sometimes very useful tools for the discerning, as they can achieve more in this corrupt world ……….. than truth ever will.


  11. James O’Keefe’s releases third video, Quack, Quack !!!!

  12. Miri, I see that Tom Hayden died, and I remember that he and Lori Starfelt had links. I tried to find that discussion here, but alas, no luck.

    Also, I couldn’t find where we discussed how old Lorenda was. I remember that she lied about her age, and someone found when she graduated from high school. I couldn’t find where we discussed her actual age.

    Been doing a lot of rereading this a.m. You guys were always so thorough with your research.

    Hope all is well. I still come to read, but too busy to comment these days. I became a grandma in May, and then in Sept.! I’m babysitting for the oldest one, and will be watching the other one a couple of days/wk as well.

    • Really? I didn’t see that. When did it happen? Ok. There we go, except I hate CNN. 🙂 I’ll see if I can find the discussion you’re looking for. Be back in a flash.

      Well, congratulations on your grandchildren. How wonderful! Hope you enjoy your new role babysitting. It seems that more and more of my friends, relatives, and acquaintances are finding themselves caring for grandchildren. A sign of the times, but surely, surely, those grandchildren will be far better off being “fostered” by YOU instead of some socialist day care or a careless paid babysitter who really doesn’t give a patoot how the kid turns out in the end, so long as he or she is as small a nuisance to the babysitter as possible, if you know what I mean.

    • Really? I didn’t see that. When did it happen? Ok. There we go, except I hate CNN. 🙂 I’ll see if I can find the discussion you’re looking for. Be back in a flash.

      Well, congratulations on your grandchildren. How wonderful! Hope you enjoy your new role babysitting. It seems that more and more of my friends, relatives, and acquaintances are finding themselves caring for grandchildren. A sign of the times, but surely, surely, those grandchildren will be far better off being “fostered” by YOU instead of some socialist day care or a careless paid babysitter who really doesn’t give a patoot how the kid turns out in the end, so long as he or she is as small a nuisance to the babysitter as possible, if you know what I mean.

      • Thanks! I am loving babysitting, just wish my body was as well. I am so in agreement with you about how those babies are raised. They will definitely be brought up with morals and values. My friend tells me that there is a name for us – Granny Nannies.

        You don’t need to look too hard for the Hayden/Starfelt link. I don’t think it was a big story. I think it was like, gee, she’s much older than she said she was, and it figures that she would have links with the radicals/SDS people.

        Thanks for everything you do, and have done. (as well as the other contributor’s here).

        • The fact that there need to be Granny Nannies tells a lot about this economy and what Obama and Hillary and their ilk have done. While it’s good for the kids, it just shows how the younger generations have to struggle and both have to work in order to make ends meet. Don’t know if that’s the case with your own family–just opining about what’s the case with most of the young people I know. Sadly, many of them are just eschewing having kids in the first place, or having more than one. They “can’t afford” to have kids. Of course, Hillary will have a solution–she will be more than happy to PAY THEM to have children, using other people’s money. Actually, the progressives do that now, for certain PARTS of the population–those who will in return VOTE FOR THEM. Something came up yesterday and I wasn’t able to look for the Starfelt stuff. I’ll try now.


            That comment mentions Starfelt and Hayden together. There’s a long conversation about her on that post, on all the comment pages, so you’d have to go to the beginning to see all of the research.

            Another long conversation here:

            And here:

          • I didn’t mean to put you through so much work, and look how much research was done. I sometimes feel defeated. I was just going through a pile of ‘research papers’ early this a.m. Project Veritas had Brad Woodhouse in it, and I could have sworn that I had him linked to Occupy Wallstreet. Anywho, I just can’t believe how many hours were spent on this stuff.

            The economy is such that both parents need to work. Property taxes in IL are outrageous, add all the other utilities, insurances, etc. and I don’t see how they’ll ever be able to save for retirement like we did. We told the kids that we won’t be buying lots of ‘stuff’ for the babies, but we will contribute regularly to the kids college funds.

            Hope all is well with you and your family, and thanks again.

            (Oh, go Trump! and I voted already, as Tuesdays, I watch Lily for 11 hrs.)

            • I know what you mean, cynic. We were like people possessed, weren’t we? To what avail, though? I guess we are defeated, if she gets in office. After Barry, yet another one clinches it for me. We only have the illusion of a free republic and free and fair elections. It didn’t take me long to find those links. I’m able to search comments in a way that you can’t, although I think if you use the “domain” search on any of the search engines that have one and look for “Starfelt” and “Hayden”, that might work, too. I’ll look for Brad Woodhouse real quick. The name doesn’t ring a bell but here’s what blows my mind: I can read articles that I WROTE and I don’t remember writing them! So many details, so much research, so much time spent. Imagine if we’d been smart enough to be on the “paid troll” roster for the Republicans, although I wonder how much ANY of THEM opposed Barry. I’m back to wondering about whether we got “sold” on account of the massive debt and THIS is the result. Blackmail or something. Threats. Or just the globalists and the true believers. Lily is a beautiful name and I’ll bet she’s beautiful, too. I actually envy you. I don’t see the little ones often, since they live in another state. I worry all the time about the younger members of our family. Those who will never even be able to afford a house, something that once was in nearly everyone’s reach, at least in my parents’ and my generation. Not my grandparents, though. They always rented. Same for my hubby’s grandparents. Things were harder for that generation. We’ve gone backwards under Obama. When I think how much he actually DID “fundamentally transform the USA” my blood boils and I simultaneously feel that famous “cold anger.” Will have to decide what direction to go after Nov. 8.

            • That’s odd. The only mention of “Brad Woodhouse” on the blog that I could find was this:

              From 2012 and it involves The Donald and something he was tweeting about Barry’s bogus resume.

              • Now it gets really strange. Read this one:

                Breitbart worked with that DNC troll Aaron Black against Cruz and Rubio?


                  Another article that mentions Woodhouse. I don’t remember the guy. Or his name, which you think I would considering our friend Rosemary Woodhouse. 🙂 Not that there’s ANY similarities between the two.

                • When I read articles like this, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. We knew some of the ‘games’ that were played during the primaries. The Dems wanted Trump to win as they saw him as the most vulnerable during the general election.

                  I use to watch Morning Joe faithfully. During the primaries, all of them around the table would generally say positive things about him, and they all had family members that loved Trump. Now, when you turn on Morning Joe, it’s all vitriol. Joe Scarborough did the exact same thing with Romney’s 2012 run. Build them up to tear them down.

                  Remember early in the primaries when a young female ‘plant’ asked Trump a question to set him up. They did a little research, and it turned out she had lots of pictures on the internet with I believe, JEB.

                  I jumped wholeheartedly into politics in 2009, became a Precinct Committeeman, worked most office hours at our Republican headquarters, made phone calls, went door to door, and walked parades. I saw first-hand the tricks that were played against candidates that weren’t hand picked by the party. I could have made my own Project Veritas, but went quietly away. I believe in morals and values, and these people are evil. Get elected at any cost.

                  During the 2012 campaign, there was a local guy running for a minor office. I was suppose to include his brochures when I canvassed the people in my precinct. I knew he was bad news, and I didn’t do it. I was reminded that I was suppose to support all the candidates. I told them that I could no longer do the job then.

                  Well, fast-forward to this campaign. Drive by the Republican leader’s house, and you won’t find a Trump sign. The ‘yes man’ they ‘made’ for congress won’t support “Trump, and the Senator, who’s has one of this family’s member working at a very high level in the campaign is not endorsing Trump as well. Oh, and the head of this family had a direct link with the Bush family. There you have it.

                  • That’s typical of DemoncRATS and the media. They ALWAYS love McCain, for example, in primaries but hate on him once he’s in the general. He never seems to learn that those people are NOT his friends. You’d think Breitbart’s people would be more selective, but guess their attitude was that so long as it worked and Trump was nominated, they’d use anybody who was working toward that goal, for whatever reason. Turn the tables on the corruptocrats like the Bushes who, I’m now convinced, are just other faces of the same Uniparty–which is, of course, AGAINST THE PEOPLE. I never understood why GWB was against the wall or why he wouldn’t even answer WHY he was against closing the border, especially after 9/11. I know now. Silly me. Globalists. The New World Order, (which his dad coined or popularized that phrase, didn’t he? Ex-CIA that he was.) Yep. Good old Jeb was in on it. Part of the Uniparty. Interchangeable with Shrillary. Wow. Thanks for the insider view of the Republicans. Figures. The Party is just like the communist parties of old. All for one and one for all, to the exclusion of THE PEOPLE and what we want. They’re like unions. If only there were more people like you who would refuse to engage in corrupt activities or speak out against corrupt candidates (or unsavory ones) no matter if they belong to the party or not. People say this corruption isn’t believable because there can’t be that many people in any conspiracy. Well, we know different, don’t we? It’s like saying that the Mafia can’t exist because it would require too many people to keep their mouths shut. It’s amazing how many mouths stay shut with the application of a little FEAR. I was just talking with my hubby yesterday how you don’t see many political signs at all. Not bumper stickers. No pins on people’s lapels. No signs on lawns or in windows. The Trump people are AFRAID, rightfully so: The Hillary people probably are (or ought to be) ashamed. But it’s more likely that they don’t exist, just like nobody shows up at her rallies. Her support is all in the DC machine.

              • Sorry that I had you searching for Brad. He was in my own notes. I guess I read a lot about him years ago because he was a DNC spokesman.

                • Don’t apologize. I enjoy having my memory refreshed. I hadn’t put it together when I read those stories. So much corruption. Boy, do the DemoncRATS have a revolving door or what? I’m thinking that Foval and Creamer will be fine and dandy. No doubt they’re already set up in cushy jobs at other DemoncRAT corrupt organizations. Maybe at higher pay, for jobs well done (until they got caught.) Both will, of course, be taken care of even though they got snookered by O’Keefe because THEY KNOW WHERE ALL THE BODIES ARE BURIED.

  13. rally in Fla

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