Some Questions for Chris Wallace to Ask Hillary Clinton at the Debate


At Wednesday’s debate, I’d like Chris Wallace, the chosen moderator, to ask Hillary Clinton at least some of these questions:

Will you swear that if you become president of the United States, John Podesta will have no role whatsoever in your administration, nor will you communicate with him either directly or indirectly?

Since it appears that John Podesta was in effect the Secretary of State rather than Clinton, it’s incumbent upon us to ensure that he’s not going to be the next president. Hillary Clinton passed classified information to Podesta. Why? So he could tell her what to do? More suggested questions:

Will you immediately fire anyone, including Podesta, who worked on your campaign, for your foundation, or for you in any capacity who made demeaning comments about Catholics and evangelical Christians and will you promise that these people, including Jennifer Palmieri, will have no role in your administration, directly or indirectly?

Will you assure Catholics that you disavow any plans to infiltrate and undermine the Catholic Church via a “Catholic Spring” and that you will do everything in your power to halt this un-American, anti-Catholic  plot by John Podesta and George Soros?

Will you promise that Sandy Newman, Podesta’s comrade in the Catholic Spring coup plot, will have no role whatsoever in your administration?

While we’re on the subject, will you promise that Sid Blumenthal will have no role in your administration?

Will you assure the American people that you will fully and openly and transparently follow every law with regard to presidential records, that you will preserve every presidential record, and that your administration will fully and in a timely manner comply with FOIA requests?

Will every email automatically be copied and saved?

Will you keep all your personal records completely separate from any records created in the course of presidential duties, with the same being true for all your staff?

Will you promise that Bill Ivey will have no role whatsoever in your administration and do you disavow the attitude he displayed when he said that it’s best to have “an unaware and compliant citizenry” and that it’s a problem that needs to be addressed because people have become increasingly less “compliant.”

Will you swear that no one who works for you in any capacity will work in any way towards making the citizenry “unaware” or “compliant?”

Which are your actual stances: Do you want open borders or not? Do you want global government or not? Do you want a hemispheric free trade block or not? Which face is your true face?

When you admit to needing two faces, one public and one private, how can the People decide which face is your true face and why should anyone vote for you when they have no idea when, if ever, you’re telling the truth?

As president, will you work to open our borders while pretending otherwise? Will you work towards your dream of global trade and government, while pretending otherwise to the American people? 

Will you promise to respect the right of the People to keep and bear arms and not try to do an end run around the Constitution by issuing an executive order that, in effect, infringes upon the People’s Second Amendment rights, for example, by allowing lawsuits against gun manufacturers or outlawing possession or manufacture of ammunition?

Will you promise not to try to turn Second Amendment rights into a “health” issue that you would then try to regulate under the guise of public health and the general welfare? In other words, will you promise not to go Clintonesque on us and redefine the English language?

When U.S. law conflicts with international “law” or agreements or U.N. wishes, which will take priority: Our laws or global wishes? To whom will be your loyalty: The United States or global organizations like the U.N.?

Will you promise to have no contact whatsoever with George Soros or anyone associated with any of his anti-American, globalist organizations?

Will you put an immediate halt to activities designed to disrupt your political opponents’ rallies and promise to ensure that this type of activity, such as inciting violence, never again takes place in your name?

Do you approve of contractors associated with the DNC and/or your campaign staff who hire “mentally ill” or “sick” or “homeless” people to deliberately incite violence at rallies in order to smear your opponents? Are you comfortable with putting such people in harm’s way to serve your political ends, by any means necessary, despite legal advice to the contrary, not to mention ethical and moral considerations? How does this fit with your professed concern for the most vulnerable among us?

Will you release your full medical records, as John McCain did, so that independent doctors can review them all to determine your fitness to serve?

How will you assure the American people that as president you, your staff, your campaign, and the DNC will stop planting stories in the media, stop socializing with them, and stop attacking and undermining alternative media?

Will you disavow the activities of Correct the Record (organized trolls) and promise that no one associated with that effort will be involved in your administration?

Do you intend to continue the Obamas’ habit of inviting Black Lives Matter activists to the White House?

Will you and all members of your family cut all ties with the Clinton Foundation?

Will you, like the Obamas, host radical and racist organizations, such as La Raza, at the White House?

Do you intend to continue flooding our country with quasi-refugees, illegal aliens, and “unaccompanied minors” in order to fundamentally change the demographics, character, and culture of our nation, for your own political ends?

Will you promise to not give illegal aliens citizenship or “legal” status by executive order, against the wishes of the American People?

Will you enforce all immigration laws fully, honoring the letter and spirit of the laws, and immediately close the border, preventing more illegal “immigration,” per the wishes of the American People?

Will you punish “sanctuary cities” and allow local and state officials to enforce the immigration laws of the United States of America?

Why do you, like Obama, prefer to add to the woes of Middle Eastern refugees by taking them out of their homelands and removing them to another culture, halfway around the world, where they may be unwelcome, will not be comfortable, and will have a hard time fitting in, when they would be far less traumatized if they remained in Middle Eastern countries with similar cultures, which we could help financially to deal with the influx? Does it ever figure into your policy discussions to consider the well-being of those people instead of using them as political pawns?

Will you promise to hold regular press conferences in which you do not use a teleprompter, or an earpiece, or a prepared script in response to questions you’ve already received from the media? Are you wearing a wire right now?

Will you promise to answer questions from the People, their representatives, and the media fully, honestly, and completely, instead of dancing around them, playing games with words, being snide, and never answering?

Will you promise that, unlike the Obama administration, you will not politicize or weaponize the agencies of government, such as the FEC, the FCC, the IRS, the DOJ, the FBI, etc.?

Will you assure the American people that Loretta Lynch, Huma Abedin and James Comey will have no role in your administration? Or did you already promise them positions in return for services rendered?

Will you promise that, unlike Obama, you will not try to rule by executive order, outside the bounds of the Constitution?

Or will you continue the already-instituted “shadow government” scheme throughout your administration?

At this link there’s a comprehensive list of discoveries made from the Wikileaks releases. From that list you might formulate many questions of your own for Mr. Wallace. Feel free to share them with us.

What do you think are the odds that Wallace will ask Clinton anything remotely like what I’ve suggested?




132 responses to “Some Questions for Chris Wallace to Ask Hillary Clinton at the Debate

  1. My eyes are wide open now! I can see what’s really going on with this bias media and the Democratic Party. honestly! The media needs to be accountable for all their lies on TV ( the truth shall set you free). they love to discredit someone that really Love’s and cares about this country and hard-working people, and that’s Donald J Trump. I used to vote for Democrats all the time. I voted for Obama the first time until they started to go against what I believe in. ( Jesus Christ and Jehovah God almighty). A person cant say I belive in God and the 10 Commandments and do the opposite. either you standing with God and he’s Ten Commandments or you don’t!!. You can’t stand on both sides at the same time it’s either right or wrong. God hates liars and thieves, he especially hate Satan the ultimate liar and Thief. I had it with the Democratic party, and their deceitful lies and cheating. Another thing they talk so much about! how much they care about the older generation. ( Big bologna!!) many of older Americans are living with so little money and struggling why government are tying our hands behind our back’s with so much rules and regulations, this is what the Democratic party do so well keep us in Chains. if you really want to know how much older Americans struggle to live the last days on this Earth. start asking them questions and you’ll see how we been deceive by the Democratic Party all this years. Go to the poorest neighborhoods you’ll find out how bad it is when you have to stretch the few dollars for food and rent only. For many of us older Americans is hard to go out on a outing because money is being stretched to the Limit. This is why many of these money lending commercials are always on TV. Take a moment to ask any older American about living on Social Security, also if they use pawn shops and Lending companies to make ends meet. New americans will be astonish how much we older Americans struggle to stay afloat. Why should we as older Americans have to live without, in our last days on this Earth. You Younger Americans that are being manipulated by the Democratic party and the mainstream media especially in these Colleges and Schools should be ashame for letting them do so with this actors and musicians and bubbly music that they love to use to get you in the right move, don’t you be fooled by this trap, take important things that will govern your life” seriously. Think for yourself. Do what’s the right thing for the United States of America. Last but not least don’t let the government mess with the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment. We have freedom and the write to vote – a bible as a guide. we can’t go wrong if we use them.

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