Body Shaming and Hillary’s Kabuki Theater


Yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and a town hall moderator were complicit in a stunt to use a child actress to be chosen at “random” so she could ask Hillary a planted question about how Trump allegedly body (or fat) shamed Miss Universe. The moderator went along with the ruse, acting as if she chose this young woman at random, based on the little red bow in her hair. How cute. Show me another 15-year-old who wears little bows on top of her head like Shirley Temple. Teens today are more likely to emulate Miley Cyrus. Especially progressive teens.

It wasn’t long before citizen researchers (who the Democrats and the FEC would probably love to shut down) found the bio of this young woman on the Internet, her IMDB page, a You Tube video of one of her films, and the fact that her dad is a muckety-muck in Democrat politics who admitted that he helped her write the question.

We’re supposed to believe, however, that Hillary’s campaign did not coordinate with them and that neither Hillary, nor Chelsea, nor the moderator had a clue about what was coming. Nor the mainstream media (an arm of the Clinton campaign) which, en masse and very quickly, picked up the story, the meme, the narrative. Free campaign ads! What’s not to like?

In any case, the young woman’s question was about how Trump allegedly “body shamed” a former Miss Universe–the  woman Trump says put on 40 or 50 pounds while she was Miss Universe and while she was under contract to maintain a physique consistent with her job as Miss Universe.

So I wondered whether or not there’s a double standard here. Male baseball players (and other athletes) are similarly under contract and are supposed to maintain their athletic ability, which includes staying fit enough to play the game they’re paid to play.

Are male baseball players dissed by their bosses, their fans, the MEDIA when they (gasp!) get fat? Let’s take a look at one story: [emphasis added to quotes]

The Boston Globe’s Jim Davis had the money shot of [Pablo] Sandoval working out at third, his girth protruding over his shorts, seemingly boasting of an offseason flirting with Sara Lee and Colonel Sanders.

Wasn’t it just last month Red Sox manager John Farrell said that Sandoval had lost 20 pounds over the winter? Either Farrell was greatly exaggerating the weight loss, or Sandoval went really hard at the turkey legs during his recent visit to Walt Disney World.

The man is fat. This should be of no real revelation to anyone. …

Is that body shaming? Fat shaming? If not, then what the hell is it? There’s even a very unflattering photo of the man above the story, to further drive home the point of the ridicule. Will Eric Wilbur, who wrote this story, ever be called to account for dissing this man and body shaming him?

Is this a sexist double standard because in some people’s minds only females can be fat shamed because only females, in our society, are judged on their bodies and are supposed to feel shame when ridiculed about their bodies? Do progressives and the media believe that men don’t feel shame? Or do they believe that only that females are to be molly-coddled and protected from body shaming by a politically correct society? Will women continually be infantilized by progressive society?

Here’s another story:

Fingers were pointed everywhere, but most often at a number of puffy stomachs. Reports arrived about takeout orders of Popeyes fried chicken washed down with frosty lagers in the Red Sox clubhouse during games. Names were named. A sequence of Before and After photos was laid across sports pages and websites as Exhibit A.

On the left, pitchers like Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Tim Wakefield, and Clay Buchholz smiled with lean ambition, happy confidence. On the right, presumably after that extended relationship with those $10.99 eight-piece Popeyes boxes (two legs, two thighs, two wings, two breasts), perhaps bolstered with some signature sides like Cajun-battered fries and mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy, biscuits, and maybe some red beans and rice, not to mention that demon alcohol, jowls were heavier, smiles were gone. The pitchers looked more like Nick Nolte after a night on the town than threats to Nolan Ryan’s career statistics.

Fat shaming? Body shaming? You be the judge. Why isn’t this fat shaming causing these floridly descriptive writers to be called on the carpet for their lack of compassion for the overweight men?

Since some of these men are “persons of color,” is there an element of racial bias in body shaming them? Surely there are cultural differences to be respected here.

I don’t recall hearing progressives jumping on these reporters for their body-shaming crimes. Or is there yet another sexist double standard here?

Is Hillary Clinton patronizing Miss Universe because she thinks that women, unlike men, can’t be or shouldn’t be expected to uphold the terms of business contracts?

Here’s another example:

From workhorse hurlers to slugging first basemen to even the occasional Gold Glove winner—these are the 25 Greatest Fat Baseball Players of All Time. Lift a mug (and maybe a chicken wing) in a hearty salute!

That publication saw fit to create a top-25 list of men with the dubious “honor” of being the greatest “fat” guys in baseball. Complete with body shaming photos!

Here’s an example of the text:

Forster debuted with the Pale Hose in 1971 at the age of 19 and led the AL in saves in ’74. He finished with 127 saves, but is best known for being the best hitter in baseball history* (!), and for being called a “fat tub of goo” by David Letterman.

David Letterman, a fan of Hillary’s and beloved by progressives everywhere, body shamed Mr. Forster. Was he called on it? This looks like a double-dog double standard.

In the politically correct world of progressives, either it’s okay to body shame males, or only conservatives (but never progressives) get in trouble with the media or politically correct society for body shaming anyone, regardless of sex.

Here’s another double standard: Early in his campaign, Trump was falsely accused in the media of hiring actors to cheer at his events.

On the other hand, Hillary really does hire people to attend her “rallies” and to carry campaign-supplied signs; she fakes interviews; and she hires actors to pretend to be randomly selected to ask planted questions.

What does the media do? They help her with her ruses.

Do we need yet another phony president?


194 responses to “Body Shaming and Hillary’s Kabuki Theater

    • Well, the Clintons already have a response to that: Trump once said that a woman on the reality show had bad skin because she had a lot of moles that he found off-putting. ELEVEN YEARS AGO. When he was making a TV SHOW that depends a lot on how attractive people are. NOW people like Trump are to be disqualified because they focus on how people LOOK. It’s not as if, after all, DemoncRATS focus on looks. I mean, Moo and Bey and Kim don’t spend millions of dollars on their looks, do they? And their husbands don’t care HOW they look, do they? Supposedly, the newest dirt (could be psy-ops) is that the GOP elite released the Billy Bush tape and that there are other videos that CAN’T contractually/legally be released, but you just know SOMEBODY with no morals will obtain them and leak them. Illegally. By any means necessary. Anything to put Crooked Hillary in the WH.

  1. @Mychal Massie
    ~ g twit: you are a troll & I am not interested in what you have to say…there is no comparison to what clinton & what hillary has done to his victims…nor to her calling muslims sand niggers, her calling blacks super predators that need to be heeled like dogs, or her laughing about getting 41 yr old man off who raped 12 yr old girl…
    what about her lies about Benghazi which she used to distract from her email scandal or her husband joking about her making mockery of justice system…
    ~ rodlee
    We are in a spiritual war with Non believers God says you are with ME or against ME……… We know what camp Hilary supports!!!!

  2. 4 & 1 .. 41 ? what difference DID IT EVER MAKE …the BOOKS

  3. The attacks from the media and his fellow Republicans have energized Trump, making him into a formidable force of social and political change. It’s Trump, not Clinton, who is the real fighter.

    He took on the biased questions and follow-ups in the debate, commenting at one point that it was three against one, counting the two moderators on the side of Hillary. It didn’t matter. Trump still won.

    The path to victory for Trump consists of turning the tables on the media backers of Hillary Clinton. Such a strategy paid dividends on Sunday night. As the saying goes, he killed two birds with one stone. Trump towered over Hillary on the debate stage, as she tried to gather strength sitting on the stool, and he towered over his media accusers.

  4. ~ Archimedes •
    Mr. Caddell, As usual, great observations …

    Mr. Trump did the unthinkable … he actually confronted the Clintons with Ghosts of Christmas Past … Ms. Clinton & the moderators were in shock .

    They ran away from the Friday tape as fast as they could …
    Ms. Clinton was obviously stunned …
    Trump Pence 2016

    gotta love trump…a true leader who ‘marches to the beat of a different drummer’…& his different strong march is exactly the change America needs.

    WOW WOW WOW ……. ha
    Must Read – NBC/WSJ Pollster …… is Hillary’s employee:
    Media Polling Fully Exposed – About That NBC/WSJ Clinton +11 Point POLL…. | The Last Refuge

    They lie about these polls so they can Influence Undecided & Low information voters on the false pretenses that if the “majority” is for her, then she must be the best choice. It is scheming on steroids.
    But the sheeple fall for it.

    Releases Another 1,000 Emails From Podesta… YES!!!
    How Saudi Arabia ….& …. Qatar ARE Funding ISIS… !!!!!!
    UNIVISION chief urged Clinton to hit harder…
    CNBC John Harwood Advises Campaign
    ……. [And he was debate moderator?!]…
    NYT Gave Hillary Veto Power On Quotes!
    BOSTON GLOBE coordinated to max her ‘presence’ in paper…
    BRAZILE BUSTED: DNC Chief Shared CNN Town Hall Questions…
    Used Benghazi as distraction from email scandal…
    State Dept Coordinated Email Release…


  6. so glad …I brought UP! DICKS …b-4 ….pussy entered the race!
    BUTT’ …. CHERRY BEAT ME 2 IT … as ALWAYS…. boy would
    ” LOVE ” BUTT’ B surprised with THAT ONE!!! 4 -sure!

  7. R N C ….. wants TRUMP ….. 2 WTF??? SORRY you TURDS!
    U R going 2 LOSE after What YELLOW BELLY COWARDS U R!

    • They always have. They’re the Uni-party. They are no more for We the People than the DemoncRATS are. They don’t want their powerful little apple-cart Mafia upset.

    • Their spin is that he’s in cahoots with Putin and, if that doesn’t work, then it’s that the Russians and Assange EDITED the emails. Whatever. I believe I predicted they’d say that the emails were edited.

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