Creepy Clown Panic. Which Are Scarier and More Threatening?

clown-copyThe latest thing this autumn is a rash of “creepy clowns” showing up in various locations across the USA. (No, I’m not talking about the Democrat candidates for office.)

I’m talking about people who apparently dress as scary clowns and traipse around outside for reasons only they know. Creepy clowns have been spotted, allegedly, in Ohio, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Colorado. Soon, no doubt, to show up in other locations. It’s a fad, after all, and fueled, as so many are, by the Internet.

Apparently vigilante posses [insane clown posses?] are being formed in some areas to search for the scary pranksters, like a real-life game of Pokemon Go. This has law enforcement concerned. Someone might get hurt.

In a sign of the times, professional clowns fear being “profiled” by these posses! (Folks, you cannot make this stuff up.) [emphasis added]

We have reached the stage of the Great Clown Panic when real clowns have started to worry about profiling. In Johnstown, Pennsylvania, the Cumberland Times-News reports, “members of the Classic Clowns Club have been alarmed by news reports in which police have asked anyone who sees a clown to call 911. The troupe members often travel in costume, and worry that, if someone notices a van full of clowns and calls the police, they could end up in legal trouble.”

For years we’ve heard about people who have an unnatural fear of clowns, including benign clowns like Ronald McDonald, Clarabell, and Weary Willie. There’s even a scientific name for the syndrome: coulrophobia.

USA Today tells us that many people, not only coulrophobics, are “on edge” because of the clown sightings, even that schools have been closed and arrests have been made.

Imagine being arrested simply for dressing in a clown outfit. One sheriff in Arkansas has gone so far as to threaten “zero tolerance” for “creepy clowns!” No siree, Bob. In THIS instance of creepy clowns, law enforcement will NOT “stand down.”  Here’s what the sheriff said, [emphasis added]

If someone wishes to dress up and conceal their identity with the intent to scare or harass our citizens, they will be arrested and transported to the sheriff’s office. Not one citizen should be or will be subjected to this act of foolishness.

Good for the sheriff, I suppose, although one has to wonder whether it’s constitutional to infringe upon the rights of free citizens to dress as they please. How, exactly, will the sheriff determine “intent” during this Halloween season? After all, that’s what Halloween is for–scaring others.

Imagine people calling 911 to report a clown sighting, as if law enforcement officers have nothing better to do.

This is the very same country in which people won’t call police if a suspicious lurker happens to be a “person of color” or appears to be Muslim, for fear of looking bigoted. That, as we know, sometimes ends badly.

Clowns, creepy or otherwise, don’t have the ACLU looking out for their rights or George Soros to fund “community organizers” to get out there and “peacefully protest” against systematic clown oppression.

What stood out most was the sheriff’s statement about a person who “wishes to dress up and conceal their [sic] identity with the intent to scare or harass” other citizens.

But what about those other clowns who hide their identities with the stated intent to make persons of another race “uncomfortable.” You know, like these clowns:

A protestor wearing a Guy Fawkes mask holds a sign as demonstrators march through the streets of Ferguson, Missouri

Cops, under direction from Democrat politicians, “stand down” for one type of clown–allowing them to loot, pillage, assault, burn, and deliberately make others “uncomfortable”–while other LEO’s show “zero tolerance” for the elusive prankster clowns. Cops won’t be profiling one type of clown, yet will be profiling the other. They won’t be arresting one type of clown without due process, yet, apparently, will be doing so for the other.

But which type of clown is scarier, more threatening, more disruptive to civil society? More criminal?


Is this a great country or what?



105 responses to “Creepy Clown Panic. Which Are Scarier and More Threatening?

  1. FEC to purge major media !!! Any, media business with 5% or greater foreign ownership will not be allowed to cover and participate in U.S. elections !!!! !

    • Can’t James Woods run for POTUS next time? OMG, I love that guy. He said this about Hillary in the debate:

      “She came across as the girl in third grade who always volunteered to be “class monitor” when the teacher went to the bathroom.”

      OMG, so freaking true.

  2. ~ 13th Amendment: Abolished Slavery
    100% Republican Support
    23% Democrat Support

    ~ 14th Amendment: Gave Citizenship to Freed Slaves
    94% Republican Support
    0% Democrat Support

    ~ 15th Amendment: Right to Vote for All
    100% Republican Support
    0% Democrat Support

    0% Republican Support
    86% Democrat Support


    • New post about this topic of Trump’s taxes. Egg on the faces of the NY Times. Hillary made the same type of deduction to “avoid paying” taxes.


  5. NOW HERE THIS !!! WOMEN of the .. U S A !!! BILL CLINTON

    ~ I S ~ & ~ WAS ~ A ~ RAPIST!!! ~ 4 EVER!!! …JUST ASK


    TRUMP ….WAS RIGHT …..AGAIN!!! … FRESH’ ha & READY 2 GO !

  7. ~ Tom says: ….^^^^^^^^
    Gender is “assigned” at conception (not “at birth” as the Progressive-Collectivists & ….. LGBTQXYZ advocates would have us believe).

    There is heterosexual male, & heterosexual female. Anything else is an abnormality. The only question is the particular way an abnormality manifests itself, & the degree of abnormality.

    Regarding so-called transsexuals, they cannot be other gender. This is objectively true whether assessed on a Biblical basis … or a biological basis … or a genetic basis.

    It is a mental disorder Manifesting itself (at a minimum) in Delusional Behavior. Delusional behavior that the Progressives seek to force the rest of us accept as “normal” & participate in. Is not this itself M A D -ness?

    And the underlying but unexpressed motive(s) behind all of this? Continue diminishing (through deconstruction) traditional concepts of masculinity & femininity, & of marriage and family, & so further the advance toward “Cultural Marxism’s” intended absolute & final deconstruction of faith, family & Western culture.

    • Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Suspended for Rest of His Term Over Defiance on Gay Marriage >>>>??????????
      He will be barred from running again for the position because of his age
      Updated Sept. 30, 2016 5:15 p.m. ET
      A disciplinary court suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore for the remainder of his term Friday for violating judicial ethics in his defiance of federal court rulings on same-sex marriage.


    • I read a ridiculous argument somewhere yesterday that said BOTH sexual attraction and gender identity are based in the brain! What kind of anti-scientific people are these radical loons? SEX is not “assigned” by anyone at any time. It just is and is DETERMINED by DNA (at the molecular level) at conception. XX is female. XY is male. Anything else is an ERROR, ABNORMAL, a random genetic mistake. Like Down Syndrome or dwarfism. Unfortunate for the victim, but it’s an abnormality, by definition–it’s NOT normal. Thus, it’s abnormal. It’s in the DNA. While “gender” may be cultural or psychological, sexual attraction is most definitely in the HORMONES, in the GONADS, and in the DNA. That’s not to say that people can’t voluntarily BEHAVE any way they want to. That’s from the brain, but it’s sure not encoded there. It’s a CHOICE. Is homosexuality in the brain or body? Physical brain and body, imho. NOT mental processes or thoughts. Something can always go haywire with hormones, either before or after birth.

      CERTAINLY transexualism is a mental disorder, if by that term they mean a person who BELIEVES he or she is really the opposite sex. REALITY (look at the genitals) would seem to prove that it MUST BE a mental disorder. Now we can argue about and consider and decide whether we want to, as a society, INDULGE THIS FANTASY, but it makes no sense to say it’s anything other than a fantasy, a delusion, a mental disorder, a dysphoria. What if a person truly believes he’s not human at all but is a cat? Will the schools have to provide him a litter box?

  8. Clowns ain’t scary I’ll just shoot them if I see one!

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