First 2016 Presidential Debate


Tonight is the first debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. One thing to bear in mind about this event: No matter how well she performs, Hillary will remain now and forever

Crooked Hillary.

Her performance, and it will be a well-schooled, scripted performance, will change nothing of her history, her lies, or her mendacity. You may well ask of her performance

What difference, at this point, does it make?

No difference. Absolutely none. Her performance makes no difference whatsoever. She remains the same petty little socialist fascist that she always and ever was. A snake doesn’t change its skin.

In November, stay the course. Choose wisely.

Postscript: As if to prove that a snake does not change its skin: Hillary had a special podium designed for herself. Or maybe it was NBC. As usual, Clinton believes she’s above the rules. Rules (and laws) simply don’t apply to her. Home brew server. Special podium. The specially designed podium was made just for Hillary to make her appear taller, in relation to Trump who is, of course, much taller than she.  She wants to appear to be other than what she is–10 inches shorter than Trump. This is nothing new, since Clinton always tries to appear to be what she is not. It remains to be seen whether the host of the debate sanctioned this special podium, whether Trump was given the same option, or whether the special podium will, indeed, be used tonight, now that it’s been revealed. Whatever happens, nothing will change the fact that Crooked Hillary is and will always be

Crooked Hillary.

Don’t be fooled again.


128 responses to “First 2016 Presidential Debate

  1. Doc Savage Radio Show taken off-the-air Nationwide !!!!

  2. Trump had to debate both Holt and Hillary !!!!! hillary on policy, “you’ll have to buy my book” !!!!

    DESPERATE: Female Celebs Strip For Hillary… ha..keep it ON!
    Broaddrick Takes On Chelsea Over Bill’s Past…

    OBAMA OVERRULED …. !!! Y E S !!! … GROW SOME!!!

    SHOW >>>W T P <<<< ….the TRUTH ….& WTP will STOP!

    • That’s Hillary’s poster girl. She’s not fat; she, too, is a crook. Remember: These are the people who behead their enemies. Mexican cartels.

  5. I PONDER OFTEN …or most of the times.. JUST WHY DOES
    BHO ..looks like he WANTS to KISS the LIPS of the PERSON?

  6. ~ heather …@drkatesview

    The UN has no authority inside the US & cannot make laws for us or recommend any legal findings. Reparations for blacks have been paid via welfare, affirmative action, favoritism, food stamps, free housing—how much more do we Americans have to support these people with. This is the land of opportunity & they need to find that opportunity just like everyone else. I am sick of this race baiting & racial bigotry. Not all white people are born into wealth or become millionaires unless they do it illegally like THE CLINTONS, THE OBAMAS, THE AL GORES, THE GEORGE SOROS, THE JOHN KERRY’S, NEED I GO ON! They made their millions & billions on OUR backs by taxation without representation. So to the UN go to hell &
    its time you are dissolved from our country.

    ^^^^ & SLAVES ….CAME in every SIZE & COLOR …. SO STOP IT!

    • I know. Can you believe this crap? THIS is what all the BLM crap is about. btw, the students at the U of MO are once again starting up the race card stuff. Unnamed students claim other unnamed students called them the N-word. Oddly, the campus police ended up also being accused of “excessive verbal abuse” of the black students. So certainly something is being left out of reports–namely, what did the black students do or say to elicit verbal abuse from the cops? In addition, note: The fraternity outside which this allegedly happened was INSTANTLY SUSPENDED FROM ALL ACTIVITIES. PUNISHMENT FIRST. NO DUE PROCESS. INVESTIGATION LATER. IS THIS AMERICA?

    by-standers …. didn’t JUST STAND BY …. VOTE TRUMP!

  8. Interview found with Huma’s daddy.

  9. Comey asserts, “the Clinton Defense” !!!!!

  10. Robots and Communism;
    More articles seem to appear daily about how humans won’t have to do any work, for exanple:
    I remember in college, one of the profs remarked in a lecture that soon machines would do all the work, humans would not need to work.
    Even though that was quite a while ago, I remembered thinking “How will people decide how to divide up the wealth?”.
    It is now accepted in our free market system, sometimes called capitalism, that if you work harder, take some risk, and study more you will make more money.
    Once all that becomes obslete, then what?
    I remember having an argument on a different subject, about illegal internet music theft with some internet geek who felt it was a totally good thing. I Treid to point out that the damage done was a matter of scale. It didn’t matter much when one made a cassette tape for a friend of their favourite record – but it does matter when one can effotlessly release a hundred thousand copies of a piece of music onto the web. I asked the geek, who just thought bands should find a new economic model, “what about when it becomes impossible to make any money off a movie or an internet game?”
    The geek assured me that the web would never become fast enough to allow the downloading of a movie!
    Scientific progress changes things and we are at the early stages of robotics and so called artificial intelligence, but that article about builders is a foretaste of an incoming tide.
    At the moment, robots, such as they are, are operated under the rules of capitalism, so if it can make one company very rich and thousands of builders without a job, that just means the unemployed workers need to retrain.
    But it’s a question of scale.
    So I return to my question, if nobody needs to work, who will decide who gets how much?
    A work colleague suggested that we just let the robots decide!
    Ummm, that’s dhimmitude with different masters, but the only other idea
    is that communism gets suggested and in actual practice some ruling ellite
    decide, and to ensure peace and quiet, they would need world wide rule.
    So I think we begin to see that the globalists plan to depopulate the world by
    95% is not based on some airy-fairy gesture of good will to the eco-world.
    None of that. They just think that that will be enough people to do a bit of science and engineering and planning just in case they are needed.
    I also remember arguing with a lefty hothead over at (the notorious) Rapid City Journal, which was a bulletin board type blogsite, and he said that there is a social fabric which only remains stable as long as most people let it remain stable. I think he had a clue there though at the time I thought hw was a typical lefty idiot.
    What I am pretty sure of is that a world run by computers and robos with only a small number of elite humans controlling the whole thing isn’t going to let that social fabric thing remain stable. Maybe that’s why they want to get rid of as many humans as possible.
    We have a choice with our purchasing power – at the moment, and we should use it.
    Is it better to buy a dress made in a Bangladeshi sweat shop where the seamstress make like 20 cents a day or buy it from an American company where the entire work is done automatically?
    In the light of new information, I am going to say patronizing the Bangladeshi company is better.

    • Unbelievable, but what else can anyone expect from Crooked Hillary’s and Corrupt Barry’s administration?

      • “What a, ‘can of worms” this has become !!!! Could get, very intense !!!! Many had asked, Comey, if he would reopen the investigation during his testimony. Now it’s a ‘special prosecutor” !!!! What recourse, do they have ????

        • I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if they pursue this more. I can’t imagine a special prosecutor while Obama is president OR if Hillary ends up somehow, by hook or crook, getting into the WH. Was thinking today about how in times past, the Republicans would always be the nice guys and overlook the crookedness that went on in previous administrations. For example, were the Clintons pursued, as they should have been, for taking items from the WH or for any other of the crooked things they did while there? How about vandalizing all the computers and typewriters? The latter is typical of the juvenile mindset of liberals. Anyway, Bush wanted to let bygones be bygones and the thing is, now if Trump gets in, they have NO GUARANTEE that he’ll play the same way and “honor” this typical “gentleman’s agreement” that exists, apparently, between the Republicans and DemoncRATS (the Uniparty, iow) as happened in the past. Think about what happens if Trump is POTUS and if he looks into what’s hidden in the National Archives, such as Barry’s passport records which, you just know, will certainly be destroyed (BleachBitted, burned, stolen by Sandy Burglar or his heir) IF Trump wins in Nov. The shredders will be going overtime. Especially because they have hammered Trump and ridiculed him for his “birther” stance. What if Trump then learns that the birthers were right all along? What if a President Trump pursues all of these crooks to the ends of the Earth? That’s what’s at stake for THEM, along will all the billions, maybe trillions, of dollars.

  11. …. WTP … WRAP DEAD FISH in IT!!!
    US paper facing threats … for endorsing Hillary Clinton
    Jocelyne Zablit,AFP

    Los Angeles (AFP) – A conservative Arizona newspaper is facing death Threats and losing subscriptions after it broke with tradition and endorsed Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump for US president, a senior editor told AFP Thursday.

    The Phoenix-based Arizona Republic, the state’s largest newspaper, announced in an editorial on Tuesday that it was backing a Democrat for the first time since it was founded in 1890, on the grounds that Trump was neither conservative nor qualified to be president.

    The paper’s editorial board said that while Clinton was by no means without flaws, she was by far the “superior choice.” ??????

  12. YES …. they think DONALD is the BEST … COOL!

  13. ~ ~ ~ Statement of Support ….WOW nice LIST! ~ ~ ~ ^^^^

    Given our choices in the presidential election, we believe that Donald J.

    Trump is the candidate most likely to restore the promise of America, &

    we Urge YOU to Support HIM as we do. ….. YES WE WILL !

    • Ha, ha. Free speech is great, isn’t it? Speaking of free speech, remember when I told y’all yesterday that the BLM is once again playing the hate crime/race card at U of MO by claiming some unknown student called another unknown student the N-word? Fraternity punished post haste, without any due process? Today, campus police said that BOTH SIDES WERE USING RACIAL SLURS. So, what is happening to the black students who used racial slurs against the whites? And I would be willing to bet $100 that the black kids STARTED IT, in an attempt (unfortunately POSSIBLY successful) to get the white kids to respond in kind and then have the whites punished because, you know, the mantra is that whites can’t be victims of hate crimes, whites don’t have safe spaces, blacks can’t be racist, and blacks can’t commit hate crimes. Is calling someone a “cracker” hate speech? IMHO, it is:

      “• Black Mizzou students alleged that a drunken white female student insulted them with racial slurs near the Delta Upsilon Fraternity house. [did the black students go to that particular fraternity to instigate something?]

      • The black students also said members of the predominantly white fraternity hurled racial slurs at them.

      Police arrived during the shouting match that followed but made no arrests. [despite that the black students threatened arson! See below.]

      Police said in their report that they heard black students shouting “fucking cracker” and “fucking redneck.” [so confirmed hate speech, versus alleged hate speech BEFORE cops arrived.]

      • Police received several reports of racial slurs coming from the fraternity, though police did not hear any themselves.

      Police also reported that at least one student from Mizzou’s Legion of Black Collegian trespassed on fraternity property, [a crime? trespass?] and that black students were yelling threats and slurs at the fraternity members. … [so what’s worse calling someone a slur OR THREATENING SOMEONE?]

      One fraternity member told police he had played the hip-hop artist Future, also claiming that a black woman on the street had yelled at him, “Get down here so I can beat your cracker ass.” [again, not just a racial slur but also a threat of violence]

      Cliff wrote, “I heard someone outside on the sidewalk shout something similar to, ‘Keep talking, we’ll burn this motherfucker down.’[threats of arson by black students. What’s worse? Arson, threats, or words?]

      Officer Rodney Stewart wrote, “From the crowd on the sidewalk, I also heard, ‘fucking crackers’ and ‘fucking rednecks’ being shouted toward [redacted]. I also heard comments referencing the police not talking to the black population, only shooting them.[dissing the cops, too. smart.]

      He also said one woman at the scene, whose name is redacted, “began shouting demands toward [Officer Jake Clifford]… and stated to PO Clifford, ‘If you all don’t get it together, I will set this school on fire. Do you understand me?’”” [so threatening to burn the entire school! is this not a crime? What punishment was meted out or will be? Remember, the fraternity has already been punished BEFORE any investigation is done.]


      • If you read the police report, you’ll see that the alleged use of the n-word was not addressed TO the people who heard it but was overheard in a private conversation between some white students who were walking by. I’m not saying it’s right to use that word BUT it seems to me that people have a free speech right to say whatever they want in a private conversation and using a word in a conversation in private is not the same as hurling it at a person as hate speech. If someone is eavesdropping on another’s conversation, and hears something he or she doesn’t like, does that mean it’s “hate speech?” What about deliberately shouting threats and curse words and racial epithets directly AT other students, such as the black students did in retaliation? The way I read this, also, the woman who used the n-word in a private conversation wasn’t part of the fraternity. The fraternity got involved when people began yelling AT THEM inside their building and trespassing on their property. So why would the fraternity be punished when it was another student who used the n-word and they were the VICTIMS of threats and racial slurs, proven by the cops who HEARD THEM? It also appears that the black students called a black cop an Uncle Tom and sellout and that this cop said that the fraternity members were cooperative and shouted no slurs. But look who gets punished.


    They HAVE TO DO THIS because, once again, they MUST make the impending VOTE FRAUD AND THEFT OF THE ELECTION SEEM PLAUSIBLE. Oversampling DemoncRATS in polls by massive amount. Just to make it APPEAR that she’s ahead. It’s so ridiculous and it’s obvious. Black pro-Trump protesters, according to Gateway Pundit, outnumbered her supporters at her rally recently! NOBODY SHOWS UP to see her, but Trump has to turn away THOUSANDS because there are just too many people at his rallies to fit in the buildings! In addition, they’re re-upping that crap about the Russians interfering in our elections. THIS WILL BE WHAT THEY’LL GO TO if Trump wins. They’ll contest it. Say it’s stolen or fraud or hacking by the Russians and probably she will NEVER CONCEDE, like they wanted Gore to do, and will fight it tooth and nail. Her very freedom may just depend upon it.

    • It was ANOTHER setup. They think that by discrediting Johnson any way possible, people (especially millennials) will transfer their votes from him to her. It probably won’t work because NO DOUBT ABOUT IT (as proven on Watters World and by Jay Leno, late of the Tonight Show) young people won’t be able to answer those questions EITHER. Do you think they’re going to think Johnson’s dumb for not recognizing “A leppo” or for not being able to quickly name the head of another country he admires? What they will NOT like is the media ridiculing Johnson for something they, themselves, have in common with Johnson.

  15. Published on May 20, 2016

    Here is why the establishment elite of Washington hate Donald Trump so badly. It really is this simple.

    The Muslim world is largely divided between its two largest camps of distinction; Sunni and Shia. The divide between Sunnis and Shia is the largest and oldest in the history of Islam. Both groups are card-carrying Muslims, hardcore Islamists, that are looking for the Middle East (and world) to one day be dominated by Islam and Sharia. While they most certainly have a few “doctrine” and ideological differences, their biggest beef with each other is determining which of the two main groups will get to be in charge of the new Islamic world they wish to create. And so, they constantly fight and kill each other.

    However, if an infidel shows up in their midst – one is who not “one of them” – they will join forces to fight that outsider to the death. Why? Because there would then be an outside possibility that the infidel would defeat them and then neither of the two groups would get to “run the kingdom.”

    Now let’s talk about establishment Republicans and Democrats. They undoubtedly have ideological and “doctrine” differences. But they ultimately want the very same end goal. They are each looking to build a “new world order.” Representatives from both groups routinely use that “globalist” terminology for their dreams of their “kingdom on earth.”

    One used to be considered a “conspiracy theorist” if you pointed out this fact – but no longer. The elitist spokespeople (from the Bush family to John Kerry and everyone in between) constantly use the terms. They have spilled the beans. They are basically two sides of the same coin. They both hold to the same “religion.”

    So what are they fighting about in Washington? It is what they have always fought about – who gets to run the show! They will fight each other, impeach each other, threaten each other, attempt to outmaneuver each other, lie to each other, and cheat each other – until … an outsider comes along and threatens to wipe the whole slate clean and perhaps turn it all back over to We The People.

    That prospect is unthinkable to them. It would snatch their dreams, wealth, and power right out from underneath them. In order to prevent that from happening, they will hold their noses, compromise, and strike deals to let the “other side” have the “power” for a while until they can regroup and try to retake their “territory.”

    Into the room steps Donald Trump. The man that Newt Gingrich said, “Couldn’t be controlled or manipulated. He’s an outsider. He doesn’t belong to the secret societies.”

    Watch and listen to Gingrich’s comments here:

    The bottom line is that Trump scares the elitists to death. He gives the establishment crowd sheer nightmares. He’s not one of them. He’s an infidel. He has the potential to be the “exterminator.” He has a different worldview. He is much more of a nationalist. They are globalists. He probably can’t be bribed – he’s already richer than all of them combined. He most likely can’t be manipulated, blackmailed, or controlled – if he doesn’t allow himself to be.

    Listen to what Donald Trump is promising & remember –
    THIS is what the Washington insiders hate him for:

    Protect our borders – build a wall if necessary
    Stop illegal immigration and refugees
    Stop Islamists who wish to destroy us from entering our country
    Restore America’s military might and greatness
    Restore America’s economic engine of greatness
    Return America’s Corporations back to the mainland
    Create new, good, high-paying jobs
    Get people off welfare and into a viable job market
    Respect our constitution, heritage, and Judeo-Christian heritage
    Deal firmly with those who hate us – not genuflecting and cowering to them (probably won’t kiss the Saudi King’s ring)

    And for this – the establishment hates him. Some of them are even saying “I will vote for Hillary before Donald Trump!” Really? Yes! Of course they would. They must! And now you know why.

    Here is who hates Trump:
    The Washington elite and establishment shills
    The liberal media
    The socialists
    The communists
    The entitlement mentality crowd
    The racist Black Lives Matters – type groups
    The Chinese
    The Russians
    The anti-Israel nations and groups
    Those who hate Christians
    Those who hate America
    Those who hate the Constitution
    Those who want America’s borders open to the world

    Now you know at least a part of what’s really going on in Washington these days.

    …This videtorial was written and narrated by Carl Gallups. Used with permission.

    (c) 2016 CleanTV
    News & Politics
    Standard YouTube License

  16. Judicial Watch Panel on Clinton Foundation !!!!

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