Short and Not Sweet

riotandarson-copy-1Short and not so sweet. So simple even a simpleton can understand:

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for more of the above.

Got it? This has GOT TO STOP, and soon. Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani would and could stop it in a New York minute. He’s an advisor of Donald Trump, by the way.

When is Hillary Clinton going to explain this?


Or this?


Or this?

(Hat tip: The Fellowship of the Minds. Go to the link to see the associated video.)

Clinton claims there’s “no need” for her to have a neurological exam. (Hat tip: Papoose.)

We the People beg to differ.

Remember: A vote for Hillary is a vote for an obfuscating liar, who makes excuses for and supports the “cause” of those who are rioting across this country, and it’s also a vote for a life-long Alinsky-ite who will nominate to the Supreme Court “jurists” who will continue Obama’s and Clinton’s “fundamental transformation” of the USA into a puppet of a communist, socialist (if not worse) global government and the United Nations.

Choose wisely in November.

Or prepare to be invaded by “refugees” from around the globe.



177 responses to “Short and Not Sweet

  1. GLENN: I want to talk to the millennials. I want to talk to the kids. I want to talk to anybody who might be drinking — might be in an alcoholic situation right now. I want you to know, if you’re in an alcoholic situation right now, you’re in the throes of it, keep going, brother. Just keep going. You’ve got those good blackouts that are helping you get through the day. I understand it. Now, if you haven’t gotten there yet, you might want to consider holding back because you might need those blackouts at some point. And for those who haven’t started drinking and are young, wait. I made the mistake of becoming an Alcoholic with deep blackouts. And I didn’t need them. It was when the world was still pretty good…YEP!


    • Good question. As with the U of MO case recently, the only people being punished for allegedly using racial slurs, are the whites. So far. We shall see if the U of MO has learned its lesson or whether they continue to systematically oppress their white students while coddling the students of color who find microaggressions wherever they look. The university has already suffered a huge financial hit when student enrollment plummeted after last year’s fiasco. btw, the NFL is suffering a similar effect, after allowing players to politicize the game. Viewers are tuning out in droves.

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