Hillary’s Health Letter

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Following is my annotation of Hillary Clinton’s most recent doctor’s statement. I’ve added my comments in red, added emphasis, and modified the paragraphing to make this easier to follow. Note: I am not a doctor nor a nurse. I have no medical training; but I do have a brain, common sense, and a lot of questions.

We have learned over many decades that it’s not what the Clintons (or their minions or employees) say, it’s what they don’t say and what they obfuscate and deflect and distract from. I invite anyone who can answer my questions and explain further to please do so in comments.

The good doctor’s letter:

September 14, 2016

This letter is a summary update on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s health since the
release of my previous medical statement in July 2015.

Mrs. Clinton has been seen by me regularly this year for routine care. [Has she also been seen for acute care or for on-going care by this or any other doctor, such as a neurologist?]

She has had recurrent blood testing for Coumadin dosing and adjustments. Her blood levels have been relatively stable. [Not “stable,” but “relatively stable.”]

She also has had several allergy flares over the past year, which has been a typical pattern for most of her life. [Says who?]

In consultation with her allergist, she responded well to her medication adjustments. [Who consulted with the allergist? Hillary or Dr. Bardack?]

In January of 2016, [when Hillary was observed by the public coughing] Mrs. Clinton developed symptoms of sinusitis and an ear infection, which was treated with antibiotics and steroids. Over the ensuing few weeks, she noted progressive pain in her left ear despite treatment, and subsequently was evaluated by her ENT physician. This evaluation confirmed a sinus and ear infection, with increased fluid in her left ear. [What sort of fluid? Cerebrospinal or pus?]

To help alleviate her symptoms, a myringotomy tube was placed in her left ear in January of 2016. [This procedure is ordinarily done on children; the surgery was kept from the public.]

After the tube was placed, Mrs. Clinton had significant improvement in her symptoms. Further follow-up evaluation with a CT scan of her brain and sinuses was done in March of 2016. [Why a CT scan of the brain as a follow-up to an ear infection and ear tube, placed 3 months prior? That’s a lot of radiation exposure for what purpose?]

This scan showed no abnormalities of the brain and mild chronic sinusitis. Her symptoms resolved and she continued symptom-free for the next six months. [So March through August she was “symptom-free,” and yet she had coughing fits from January 2016 through the present. Are there any parents out there whose child was given a CT scan for sinusitis and otitis media, after a myringotomy three months prior? Note that leakage of cerebrospinal fluid into the middle ear is possible after a head injury, sometimes first discovered after insertion of an ear tube to alleviate symptoms of presumed otitis media.]

On Friday, September 2nd, I evaluated Mrs. Clinton for a 24-hour history [She was obviously sick for much longer] of a low grade fever, congestion and fatigue. On examination, she was noted to have a temperature of 99.4; her vital signs were otherwise normal as was her physical exam [height, weight, BMI?].

She was advised to rest, [which she didn’t] put on a short course of antibiotics and continued on her allergy medications for an upper respiratory tract infection [viral or bacterial?] in the setting of her seasonal allergies. [What indications were there that she suffered from a bacterial infection requiring antibiotics? What antibiotic was prescribed and for how long?]

Over the next several days as she traveled, her congestion worsened and she developed a cough. [Au contraire. She was coughing in June and seen chomping cough drops on August 31.]

She was advised to see me when she returned from her travels for further testing. [Were tests other than vital signs done on Sept. 2?]

On Friday, September 9th, [the date of the “deplorables” speech] she was seen and evaluated in my office [at what time?].

A non-contrast chest CT scan, [Why non-contrast? Is she allergic to the dye? Yet more radiation. Did she have an appointment for the scan or did she get bumped up ahead of everyone else?] including a CTA calcium score, was performed. [A test that Dr. Milton Wolf, a radiologist, says does not exist. A calcium score requires contrast dye, according to Dr. Wolf. It’s an angiogram.]

This test allowed for specific imaging of her lungs while also following up on cardiac risk stratification from 2010 given her family history of heart disease. [What was the result of this “risk stratification”? Did the doctor anticipate potential need for some kind of surgery?]

The results of the CT scan revealed a small [how small?] right middlelobe [sic] pneumonia; her coronary calcium score was again zero. [“Again zero.” Then why the follow-up?]

She was treated with antibiotics [which one(s)?] for pneumonia and advised to rest [which she didn’t do].

This was a mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia. [There is no such diagnosis. Was a culture done? What was the result? If not, then how did the doctor know it was bacterial, rather than viral, and non-contagious? Was it caused by aspiration, resulting in bacteria other than those known to cause contagious pneumonia getting into the lungs?]

On Sunday, September 11 at the 9/11 Memorial event, she became overheated and dehydrated and as a result felt dizzy. [Knowing she has a propensity for dehydration, what has the doctor advised her to do to prevent it, if anything?]

I examined her immediately upon her return home; [Does the doctor always make house calls? Why was she not taken to a hospital?] she was re-hydrating [via IV?] and recovering nicely. I advised her to stay home and rest for the next several days. Mrs. Clinton has since been evaluated by me several times [where?] and continues to improve.

Mrs. Clinton’s current medications include [so not a comprehensive list] Armor [sic] Thyroid, Coumadin dosed as directed [Why this older, more dangerous anti-coagulant?], Levaquin (for a total ten days), [How did she develop bacterial pneumonia while already on an antibiotic? Is this antibiotic more specific, and how did the doctor know which antibiotic to use, unless a culture was done? If so, what was the result? What is the pathogen? Levaquin is counter-indicated for patients on Coumadin. Is this the only antibiotic available in her case to treat this particular pneumonia?] Clarinex, as well as B12 as needed. [How does a patient determine a “need” for B12? Does she have pernicious anemia, which can cause falls, vertigo, and fatigue, among other symptoms? What other medications does she take that are not “included” in the list?]

After consultation with her hematologist, it was decided again not to change her anticoagulation to a newer agent. [Why not?] Her recent testing, all of which was done within the past month, has been normal. She remains up to date on all of her immunizations, including Prevnar and Pneumovax. [Then what pathogen caused the bacterial pneumonia?]

Her Coumadin levels have been adjusted as needed according to regular lab testing. She had a normal mammogram and breast ultrasound. She receives routine dental care. Her thyroid blood tests are within normal limits. Of note, she has remained stable for many years on Armor [sic] thyroid to treat her hypothyroidism (a low T3 level). Her laboratory testing (vitamin D, CBC, fasting blood glucose, comprehensive metabolic panel, hemoglobin A1-C, vitamin B12) was normal, [so why prescribe B12?] including cholesterol of 189, LDL of 103, HDL of 56 and triglycerides of 159 [borderline high].

Her vital signs showed blood pressure of 100/70, heart rate of 70, respiratory rate of 18, temperature of 97.8 and pulse-oximetry of 99%. The remainder of her complete physical exam was normal and she is in excellent mental condition. [How does an internist determine mental condition? Or did she consult with Hillary’s psychologist and/or psychiatrist? Perhaps her yoga coach?]

My overall impression is that Mrs. Clinton has remained [oh, yeah?] healthy and has not developed new medical conditions this year other than a sinus and ear infection and her recently diagnosed pneumonia. [What are all the old medical conditions she developed in prior years?] She is recovering well with antibiotics and rest. She continues to remain healthy [Isn’t that an oxymoron? Recovering but continues to remain healthy?] and fit to serve as President of the United States.


Lisa Bardack, MD
Diplomat [sic] of the American Board of Internal Medicine
Chair of Internal Medicine, CareMount Medical


So far we know that Hillary has an allergist, an ENT doctor, a dentist, and a hematologist, in addition to the internist. Who’s missing?

Surely someone who has suffered a concussion, multiple falls, a blood clot in the brain, memory loss, and double vision requiring Fresnel prisms, among other neurological problems, also has an opthalmologist and a neurologist.

What do all of these specialists have to tell us about Hillary Clinton’s fitness to serve as president of the United States? Has Doctor Bardack consulted with all of them? Are their findings included in her letter attesting to Hillary’s complete health and fitness?

Did the doctor write this letter or just sign it? I ask because one would expect a doctor to know how to spell Armour and, especially, her own credentials. She’s a diplomate (with an “e”), not a diplomat, of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

It’s very interesting that the letter seems to try to answer all of the questions raised in the blogosphere about previous statements made by Hillary, her staff, or her family concerning her health or lack thereof. Is this a medical or a political letter?

Oddly enough, Hillary’s husband is under the impression that she has the flu. Her daughter claims that until Hillary showed up on her doorstep on 9/11, she herself didn’t know that her mother has pneumonia (nor did Hillary’s running mate, for that matter).

Curiously, Ed Klein has stated that Bill Clinton didn’t want Hillary to go to the 9/11 event because of her frequent collapses. Bill was “furious” that she went anyway and, presumably, also furious that the public now knows about her frequent faints. Bill Clinton, Klein said, wanted Hillary to get a comprehensive checkup, but she apparently resisted.

Is it possible Hillary has medical conditions that she knows about but hides, not only from the public, but also from her own family? Quite obviously, however, because of their blasé behavior on 9/11/16, Hillary’s staff all know what’s up. After all, there’s an ambulance in her motorcade (but not Trump’s)!




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