Fifteenth Anniversary of the Worst Terror Attack on U.S. Soil

071208-M-7173M-022Fifteen years ago this weekend, Islamic jihadist terrorists murdered nearly 3000 innocents, in cold blood, and wounded over 6000. In addition, they traumatized a nation of over 300 million citizens. The United States of America will

never forget and never forgive the heinous acts of 9/11/2001.

Remember. Never forget.

Pray for our country.

Pray for an end to Islamic terror.

Honor our flag and all it stands for.

May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.



184 responses to “Fifteenth Anniversary of the Worst Terror Attack on U.S. Soil

  1. HILL’s “PRESS” Sec… bring out the IRON DUDE

      • Well, the spokesperson did slip and say that the CAMPAIGN put out a statement IN THE DOCTOR’S NAME, as if it wasn’t the doctor’s statement.

    • Such freaking liars. I can’t get over it. WHEN will the media wake up? They still are acting upset that they, the precious few selected ones, weren’t clued in earlier. They should look up the tax records to see if it’s really defunct. Why would RICH, WEALTHY, CONNECTED CHELSEA live in a place that used to be a home health care facility?

      • They just do what the journ-o-list server tells them to do each and every day.
        I heard a bbc radio story the other day about hillary. They brought on two “experts” to discuss her situaton.
        Expert 1 was a pollster
        Expert 2 was an author for the screenplay for West wing!
        No doctors required.

        • Miri!
          What happened to my icon?
          I don’t like this new one.

          • Hi, Dave. I have no clue what happened to the icons. Zenway asked about it a few days ago, too. It’s something WordPress did without anybody’s input, so far as I know. My icon is the same, even though I have never picked one–that’s the one WordPress assigned me way back when. The only thing I can think to do, if anybody doesn’t like their icon, is to create a log-in, use it, and select or upload their own icon. I just never did it. I do have a log-in, because I must in order to moderate, but I never bothered to make my own icon like, for example, Red Pill did. I noticed that about the same time Zenway noticed a new icon, WordPress also had done some tweaks to the appearance of the page. Things are in bold that weren’t in bold before. So I do think they made a software change and somehow screwed up the icons. If I can remember how to do it, I’ll try to see if there’s an answer on their help page.

        • That is so true. I just saw this at Gateway Pundit. It’s typical and reminds me so much of the Sandy Berger “sloppy” meme:

          It’s a shame how this has become so old hat. I remember how OUTRAGED we all were when we first discovered the media/DemoncRAT CONSPIRACY. It’s no THEORY, if there really IS a conspiracy. I’m surprised they didn’t quote Martin Sheen as an expert on the White House!

  2. DRILL the LAUGHing “HELP” … AS the WORLD MELTS!
    DR LISA BARDACK .. another TRICK PONY!!! how do THEY?

    • Gateway Pundit is saying that wasn’t Bardack at the event but I do think it was her. The guy at #Hillaryshealth said it’s her and it looks like her. They didn’t have to “track” her down; she was right there. Now here’s another lie that they have to cover up, which is why they deny that was Bardack right there as they literally THREW her into the van. Is that any way to treat the first female POTUS candidate? It’s said they tossed her like a dwarf because she was on the verge of a huge seizure that had to be covered up at all costs. Isn’t it odd how the attendants, agents, staff didn’t seem concerned about her HEALTH but instead concerned about HIDING what was happening? They all KNOW what’s going on and they’ve probably SEEN IT MANY TIMES ALREADY, which is why they aren’t worried about it being catching and they weren’t shocked to see it in the first place. Business as usual.

  3. WHAT …. A RICH DICK! …still STUPID! ….. just ASK WTP!
    Philanthropy …. ha … what a WASTE of the CASH …. SAD!
    Dustin Moskovitz co-founded the philanthropic organization Good Ventures with his wife Cari Tuna in 2011. In June 2012, Good Ventures announced a close partnership with charity evaluator GiveWell.
    Dustin & Cari are the youngest couple to sign Bill Gates & Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge, which commits Billionaires to giving away most of their wealth in the form of philanthropy. He Donated $20 million in the 2016 election, to a number of organizations, with the express purpose of supporting Democratic party candidates & issues, and defeating Donald Trump. This makes him the 3rd largest donor in the 2016 campaigns.

  4. just get the DAM HOOK

    • He’s a liar, too. Bill said FREQUENTLY and then realized that was dumb and changed it to “rarely.” Cooper KNOWS THAT. A few times that she can RECALL? Most people would recall very well passing out and how often it happened to them. Hillary can’t remember much, can she? Now she has the head injury to blame it on. Check this out:

      I’ve seen a video somewhere of her at an event, on a stage, and she had that “wide stance” and shuffled exactly like that. Ataxic gait.

    • ‘Trump is OUR Wakeup Call’ Raul Rodriguez, 74, Apple Valley, California I always carry a bullhorn with me to rallies & campaign events. Into it I shout: “America, Wake UP!”
      Americans have been asleep for Way too Long. We need to realise that the future of OUR Country is at Stake. If we don’t elect Donald Trump, we’ll get another 4 years of Barack Obama & frankly, I Don’t Know what would happen to this Wonderful Country of OURS. Obama has Already Done so MUCH to Destroy OUR Way of LIFE ….. & Hillary Clinton is Promising… to Carry on where… ^^^^^^

  5. eyes PEELED…. she could “Have an Accident “so says Alex! YEP!

  6. COP HAT? HEY over HERE DUDE DON’T ya know who I AM?

    • Look at that stance. balancing to stand upright without support

        • I was on the fence on this until that writer pointed out the photo with her legs splayed out to the side. And NO, I cannot imagine and never have seen her stand like that. The legs are far too slim, even in the photos that have been enlongated, and even though dark clothing makes a person look slimmer. Those thighs cannot be hidden by dark pants. I really don’t think it’s Hillary. They say that the media were “penned in” back at the 9/11 memorial and then deliberately brought to Chelsea’s apartment (or clinic, whatever it is) to see her “come out unaided under her own steam,” or something to that effect. IOW, to create the impression that she was fine. This was when they were still lying about her condition, not even owning up to the COLLAPSE or the PNEUMONIA.

          • Miri dig this SHOT… when Hill leaned over with the girl very fast ^^^
            & so CUTE’ I got a gut feeling…I did right then! before the double thing
            her hands & fingers? weird shapes? hand bag on Left ? then Right?
            I don’t do that? her voice, the little said sounded.. like hill..(practiced?)
            walking out in flats.. very duck-ish .. she no longer wears baby
            heels…. since the down-falls of late! her Hair? can’t tell … the earring
            placements .. a spot noticed on forehead where hair splits…? not on both? her out fit …dragging the ground? could have been swaped? Cherry said socks got changed?
            she LOST a shoe & they picked it up & stopped the fan so they ‘
            could re-Turn it 2 hill…on a radio story…


            • ^^^^^ it MOVED? …the photo with the 2 jackets one
              fitting looser .. surf around …lots to open & LOOK AT!

            • That’s one reason I don’t do Twitter or Facebook. Things ALWAYS move and when I try to bring images over, the system won’t display them. I know what you mean, though, about her funny walk, voice, the hair, the earrings, spots on face, fingers, and the first thing I noticed was the pants dragging on the ground. Surely Hillary Clinton has a tailor or seamstress who fits her clothing? For goodness sake, I take up my own hems when necessary. Huma could do it. They make tape and special fabric glue to fix hems. They were in a hurry and didn’t have the equipment at Chelsea’s place, probably. Here’s a hint: Use a stapler, idiots! It’s a dead giveaway when the double is too short for the pants. Also, the sleeves are too long or short. Can’t remember now which woman it was, but I noticed it. I didn’t notice socks. SOCKS? She wear socks and not stockings or, like the young girls, no hosiery at all? So did anybody notice her in stocking feet back at the memorial, after the shoe fell off?

    CAN’T RECALL: Admits Has Passed Out ‘A Few Times’…
    CBS edits ‘frequently’ slip…
    Bill likens Hillary to ‘demon’…
    Avoided ER To Conceal Medical Treatment Details…
    Three blood clots, a concussion, deep vein thrombosis…
    PRUDEN: What else?
    TV Anchor Accidentally Reports On Her Death…
    ‘Pneumonia’ Talking Points Distributed…
    ‘Dead’, ‘Age’ Top Online Search Terms…


      • Friends of Hillary … say she has Parkinson’s !!! WOW WOW ?
        ‘Stage 3’ of neuro-degenerative disease … Published: 1 hour ago

        Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff writer. He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command.” Corsi’s latest book is “Partners in Crime.”

        NEW YORK – Hillary Clinton has stage- 3… Parkinson’s Disease & Suffers from Seizures, according to 3 sources who have had a personal relationship with the Democratic Party presidential nominee.

        The sources, who spoke to WND on condition of anonymity, explained that her seizures or dizzy spells can be triggered by being out in the Sun, such as apparently occurred Sunday when she was videoed Collapsing as she was Escorted into her limousine in New York City.

        After the episode Sunday, the Clinton campaign announced she had been diagnosed on Friday with pneumonia.


        • ~rickc • …. lalalalala ….. TOASTED!!!
          Parkinson’s is not something to make jokes about, ….. BUTT”… it does disqualify LIER HILL ….. from being OUR’….. President.
          ~CinemaNoir •
          ILLary’s malady, whatever it IS, has Progressed Beyond meaningful
          Cure & I state that as my opinion, which, although lacking a degree in medicine, is made from study & rational thought, followed by objective conclusion!!! …. & WTP ….AGREE!!!
          ~Rick Vitti •
          Satan is calling you home HiLIARy …CAN U HEAR IT? WTP CAN!!!!!!
          ~ralph •
          Its over! … And it Better BE! Enough of YOUR~ S E L F I S H … Acts!

          • What disqualifies her the most, imho, is being a LIAR and a DECEIVER. I’m for any handicapped person working at any job, so long as they CAN do the job. But nobody who LIES and DECEIVES to get power is qualified for any job in our government.

  8. YEP ! …..OUT with the TRASH! DUMP ~ DUMP..
    O’ DID WTP do THAT? WE take the 5TH …WE DON’T REMEMBER!!!??

    • No, it’s BARRY to the rescue. And Bill, except with a husband like Bill, who needs enemies? He blurts out that she’s frequently dehydrated. She faints a lot, too. And is so much like a DEMON. Methinks Bill really doesn’t want to go down in history as the first First Man.

    • Oh, yeah. With our luck (and maybe this is the evil plan all along) they’ll replace her with Mooch and the Faux Indian.

    • Clinton AND Obama fatigue. I hope I don’t succumb. It’s really weighing us down now. I’m feeling a little dehydrated. I need a DRINK!!!!

  9. DEAD …Weight … CERTAINLY … see her SS all around her
    BUTT’ the end is the BEST… “TRUMP TRUMP” !!! …ha

  10. PEPE!!!!! Hackers strike again and it AIN’T pretty for U.S. black athletes. WHY were they allowed to use banned substances?

    Venus, Serena, and Simone. Say it ain’t so. Opiates, steriods, and uppers, basically. Are at least two of them like Caster?

  11. then WTP get …this dope!!! under my skin…!

    • Oh, please. I can’t stand either one of them. Stop it about 3 seconds in and look at that underbite. Yikes! We’re not going to miss her (?) AT ALL. Being on Ellen, suppose she IS in her unnatural element.

  12. PSP
    Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, no its not the current Democratic Party, however, I am willing to bet this is what ails their queen.

    • Oh, glad you found that. Good possibility. Causes pneumonia! Know what else does and I found this earlier today, bookmarked it, but forgot to share?

      Dehydration AND pneumonia. This could be true of any neurological condition, but when one can’t swallow and FEARS aspiration pneumonia, they tend to naturally not drink as much and get dehydrated.

    • Gosh. That seems spot on with regard to sleep disturbances (as mentioned in the emails), impulsive LAUGHING for no reason, memory problems, and strange expressions like looking surprised. Can’t forget that face when the balloons dropped.

      • I listened to a lot of videos on the PSP syndrome last night. It has all the bells and whistles, especially, the need for prism glasses as this particular disease’s hallmark is problem with the movement of one’s eyes. It is worse than true Parkinsons. Its starts with falling due to being unable to move your feet, thus collapsing. (The pillows are probably for the hard flop when trying to be seated). Standing upright one has the tendency to fall backwards. Swallowing issues causes the coughing and eventually the pneumonia. Very interesting seminars. From what I learned, this could be it. Did you notice that when she was speaking with Matt Lauer she spoke one word at a time? That is another symptom.

        Here’s a very good video on the syndrome. Lots of medical language but even lay people can understand the difference between true Parkinson and the Atypical Disorder.

        • Good thoughts, Papoose. It does sound like what we’re seeing. I also did notice her speaking one word at a time. Very odd. Put it all together and it adds up. So her friends could be correct if imprecise: ParkinSONIAN, not necessarily Parkinson’s.

          FALLS and postural instability early on. Her pillows to sit? Leaning backwards against that bollard? EARLY use of a wheelchair. The lift in the van? We know she’s fallen lots of times.

          The specifics on PSP begin around 25 minutes in. Wow. This is taxing my brain for remembering or deciphering these Latin terms. 🙂 The business about finding a person with PSP finding it hard to look up or down is interesting. Remember how she threw her head back, mouth open, to look at the balloons falling? Maybe she couldn’t just look up with her eyes to watch them. It may also explain the guy with the flashlight showing her the way because maybe she has trouble looking down to watch where she’s going.

          • Everything you said, Miri. Yep, the flashlight for peripheral guidance, can’t look down to see the path…that head jerking issue when reporters asked questions, probably losing her balance and had to use her head to gain composure… and so many other things. (blurred vision, prism glasses… facial expressions…) I did note that L-dopa will only work so long with PSP so that’s something to look out for. One of the common symptoms that is a concern for caretakers is that the patient with PSP will not heed advice and will continue with their impulse to get up, walk, etc.

            I listened to so may videos last night that by the time I found the one I posted it was clear as a bell to me. Of course the excellent neurologist spoke in clinical terms, but as he explained, he described the presentation of symptoms to a T as to what we are witnessing.

            Also, thinking this is what caused her to fall and subsequently caused the head injuries and clot in her head back in 2012. I am convinced.

            This is the disease that eventually got Dudley Moore, RIP.

  13. ROCK IT KELLY ….. YES!!!!!

    • Is anybody in the media asking Barry for EVIDENCE that he’s a U.S. citizen who was BORN IN THE USA to the people he claims are his biological parents? btw, this woman says somebody’s offering $5 million to a veteran’s charity if Trump would release his tax returns. NOW, did she ask Obama’s people back when people (was it Trump?) offered millions if Barry would release his BC? NO. I’m sure not. And, btw, note that she wants proof FROM THE IRS, wants the Donald to give them permission, to prove he’s under audit. NOW, did anybody ask for or get REAL PROOF from the Dept. of Health in Hawaii that Barry WAS born THERE, in HONOLULU, on the date he claims, and to the people he claims are his parents? NO. Why the double standard? Well, we know.

    • btw, know one thing I love about Kelly? HER TEETH. She’s got vampira fangs!

  14. Buffett Loses $1.4 Billion as Wells Fargo Tumbles on Scandal
    An oil worker passes the waste gas venting pipes on the Casablanca oil platform, operated by Repsol SA, in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Tarragona, Spain, on Tuesday, June 28, 2016. The exploration and production division, which pumped 714,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in the quarter, posted a 17 million-euro profit, up from a 190 million-euro loss a year earlier. Photographer: Angel Navarrete/Bloomberg
    U.S. Stocks Sink With Debt as Market Turmoil Resumes; Oil Drops
    U.S. gymnast Simone Biles competes in the qualifying round for the women’s Uneven Bars event in Rio on Aug. 7.
    Russian Hackers Leak Health Data of Biles, Williams Sisters
    Porsche Said to Expand Brand With 2017 Station Wagon

    Berkshire Hathaway owns a 10 percent stake in Wells Fargo
    The world’s 400 richest lose $93 billion in global selloff

    Warren Buffett had $1.4 billion wiped from his fortune Tuesday after Wells Fargo & Co. fell 3.3 percent as the fallout continued from revelations that bank employees had opened more than 2 million accounts without clients’ approval.

    Berkshire Hathaway Inc., the lender’s biggest shareholder, fell 2 percent, causing the 86-year-old’s fortune to drop more than anyone else’s on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The U.S. investor is the world’s fourth-richest person with a net worth of $65.8 billion.

  15. So the big question for today, trumping even Hillary’s health stuff, is WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ICON? I DON’T LIKE THIS NEW ONE.

    • Ok. I learned that they link your “avatar” to your email address. Now, I looked back in history and found that when I display to myself comments you posted years ago, they show me your current, unliked avatar. So all I can think is that they lost something from their database and had to reassign avatars to emails. If you do sign in, then there’s supposedly a way to change or reassign your avatar. Hover your cursor over the icon/avatar and see if it gives you an option to go to a menu to change your profile. Maybe someone who’s uploaded their own avatar can help?

    • Ok. I learned that they link your “avatar” to your email address. Now, I looked back in history and found that when I display to myself comments you posted years ago, they show me your current, unliked avatar. So all I can think is that they lost something from their database and had to reassign avatars to emails. If you do sign in, then there’s supposedly a way to change or reassign your avatar. Hover your cursor over the icon/avatar and see if it gives you an option to go to a menu to change your profile. Maybe someone who’s uploaded their own avatar can help?


        Dave, at that link I found a discussion that seems to indicate that (the software WordPress uses to handle the avatars) has a problem. Multiple people (who actually use a different blogging forum) say their avatars also changed at the end of last month, for no reason. They speculate it’s a software problem or change at gravatar, but they also say there seems to be no customer service currently (or when they wrote that). They have some suggestions that maybe you could try. I’m trying something myself. I logged out and am going to post this comment as if I didn’t have a profile, but will just use my email address associated with my log-in and see if it gives me a different avatar.

        Well, that didn’t work. It wouldn’t let me post a comment using Miri and my email address. Said there’s an account associated with that name/address so I had to log in, BUT when they gave me that message, oddly enough, next to my name on their message screen was an icon/avatar that’s NOT mine, as if they were ready to give me a different one. Very strange. I think it’s something changed. Maybe they lost the profiles or (worst case) got hacked. What do you think?

    • OK …. dave m … your NOW … the GREEN Machine
      Miri …is the Pincer BUNNY….
      Papoose …is HEX-e Plus
      Z.E.N. …. is ROCKET MAN ….
      it’s open for …MORE names.. bring IT ON! WTP can still play today?

  16. dave (that's not my icon) m

    I was hospitalized for pnuemonia quite recently. I am OK now but from the day I collapsed to when I was released was two seeks. After that it took a month to get some strength back into my walk and a good three months before I could say I feel well.
    I certainly didn’t rest for a few hours and then bob up saying “I feel great”.

    • Glad to hear you’re okay now. It must have been bad if they put you in the hospital. It is a very draining disease. She looked like heck and I figured she was pretty sick, especially hacking away like she was. I don’t think anybody with pneumonia could possibly pop back up in just a few hours, but the drugs they treat neurological problems with are pretty quick acting, at least until they stop working. I’ll keep looking into the icon situation, but I don’t think they would put it back the way it was. They probably don’t know who had what icons to begin with. Their system assigns them. Do you sign in when you come here? I do. I don’t know if you or Zenway do.

    • Hope its not too long before you feel 100% and AOK, Dave m.
      That woman didn’t collapse, she seized up and couldn’t move her lower extremities.

      I am sad about my avatar, too. Its not right. Why?

      • I really can’t figure it out but since people on other blogging platforms are complaining, too, it has to be caused by that company that handles the “gravatar” software. If you all do NOT log-in when you come here, that may be why mine didn’t change but yours did. I read the comments from the “administrator’s page,” which just puts them one under another across the entire screen. I don’t see the avatars most of the time, anyway, so that’s why I never noticed. I never did really like mine, which was assigned way back when we first started this blog, but I never bothered to upload a personal one for myself, like Red Pill did.

        • Thanks Miri,
          How does one log in?

          • There’s a log-in link on the front page of the blog. If you never created a password, then you’ll probably have to register as a user. The only advantage there is would be that you don’t have to type your email address, etc., every time you comment. Since I have never created my own avatar, I don’t know how that works. It may or may not be easy. So many things WordPress does that should be intuitive are NOT. The newer crop of IT people are NOT concerned with user friendliness. Not as they were in the last century. And I’m completely serious about that statement. It’s AS IF they enjoy their “superior” knowledge and enjoy making people ask for help, or seeing people confused, or forcing you to PAY for assistance. Have you notice how new devices don’t even come with instructions?

      • OUT with The O L D’ this Is AMERICA ^^^ U R NOT to QUESTION

  17. much news…. so little time left?

  18. Associated Press 11:45 p.m. EDT September 14, 2016
    NFL: Houston Texans-Minicamp

    HOUSTON — Former Clemson star DeAndre Hopkins said he respects Tigers coach Dabo Swinney. The Houston Texans receiver also made it clear that he thinks Swinney’s recent comments about 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protest showed a lack of understanding.

    “You Can’t Speak on something unless You’ve been PUT in That Situation,” Hopkins told The Associated Press. “I wouldn’t speak on something about something else if I had NO Idea what was going on or how they felt because I couldn’t relate to it. So I don’t Suggest anybody else DO IT.” ?????? !

  19. فاث شلاخرث زززفاهىنس هف هس ىخف لاثهىل ٍُُآ زززز÷لإ ٌُِ//إ ÷ٍ!!!!!

    • ^^^^^^^^^ the HUFF or WHO-ever don’t like my ^^^^^ ???
      jive-in’ ….on MOOCHIE ^^^^^ so they rewrite my JOKES!!!

      • Did you post that Arab script over there? I can’t see any comments there, for some reason. What did your joke say?

        • AFTER gettin’ HIGH’ …O’ goes very LOW “DOWN” …ask Pops
          some thing else BUTT’ ..they? would not allow it! truth HURTS them

          “During his time in office, I think Barack has answered those questions with the example he’s set by going high when they go low,” MO said.

        • Nope just trying to put it here…but they have done it before here

  20. I wonder how many Muslims celebrated 9/11? Probably a lot of them did and they wonder why they get targeted all the time

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