Obama Administration Says Marijuana Among The Most Dangerous Of Drugs

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The Obama administration has decided marijuana will remain on the list of most dangerous drugs, fully rebuffing growing support across the country for broad legalization.

According to the Obama administration, officially, marijuana

has a high potential for abuse


no accepted medical use.

[T]he White House-run Office of National Drug Control Policy, repeatedly said publicly that they still considered marijuana a dangerous drug that had no place in the legal market.

Marijuana is indeed a dangerous drug:

Dangers in the immediate effects of marijuana include distortions of time and space perceptions and impaired coordination, all of which may be contributing to the increased risk of traffic accidents recently discovered. [Fatal accidents involving marijuana up 9% in Colorado after legalization.]

Particularly important for students to know about is the creation of difficulty thinking or problem solving and impairment of memory and learning. These difficulties can last for as long as four weeks after drug use.

Chronic marijuana use and higher dosages are found to correlate to greater incidence of psychosis and schizophrenia.

Heavy abusers of marijuana were found to suffer damage to social life, work or career status and cognitive ability. Schoolwork and the achievement of goals were also found to suffer.

Other dangers include damage to adolescent brain development; lower IQs; pulmonary problems, including higher risk for lung cancer; increased heart rate that may lead to heart attack; prenatal and post-natal effects, such as poor brain development and increased behavioral problems in children whose mothers used the drug during pregnancy; addiction; and hallucinations.

Male users should be especially concerned about effects such as decreased sexual appetite, lower sperm counts, and erectile dysfunction, not to mention “man boobs.”

An article in Esquire recently pointed out that the legalization of marijuana; the decriminalization of marijuana; “de facto legalization” (i.e., cops looking the other way); or the approval of medical marijuana in various jurisdictions across the country has led to a “heroin epidemic.” Drug cartels lost profits when marijuana became less clandestine, shall we say, so they switched to a more profitable and deadly product–heroin.

So why, then, does Obama, who used the dangerous drug himself (as well as cocaine), brag and even laugh about his own marijuana abuse?

Why did Obama’s daughter recently get caught on video toking?

Do as we say. Not as we do!

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Odd that so far as I know no mainstream “journalist” has dared to ask Obama what punishment he inflicted, if any, or what guidance he gave to his daughter after learning that she abused what his own administration considers to be among the most dangerous of drugs.


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