Media Bias, Global Elites, and the Rise of Donald Trump

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So this morning I read the earth-shaking “news” that Donald Trump “now” says he was being “sarcastic” when he said that Obama founded ISIS. (Something he’s said many times before, going as far back as January 2016, but suddenly, when Hillary Clinton needs a distraction, Trump’s statement is a newly debuted “attack-line.”)

In an obviously coordinated, Journolist-type meme that’s everywhere, literally (in the true sense of the word) everywhere, the media claim that Trump is reversing himself, blaming others (the media) and walking back the misstep he made when he said falsely that Obama founded ISIS.

Despite that others have said virtually the same thing–even someone within ISIS said something very similar almost two years ago–everyone with at least half a brain–which of course excludes most mainstream media “journalists”, who admittedly are determined to do everything in their power to see Trump defeated–literally everyone with at least half a brain knew that Trump was being sarcastic.

We got it. They didn’t, or at least they pretended not to get it, in the same way that they pretended to believe that Trump literally called for those who believe in the Second Amendment to take a “literal shot” at Clinton (the word “shot” never having crossed his lips, of course).

We also get, and remember, that the media, the DNC, and the Clinton campaign conspired against Bernie Sanders in a similar way. With Trump, they’re just recycling the tactics they used against Sanders. For example, leaked emails reveal that the DNC wanted to “plant a story that the Sanders campaign was in chaos.” Sound familiar? Plant a story, create a meme, that Trump is a loose cannon whose campaign is in chaos, whose temperament makes him unfit to be president, and whom most Republicans want to dump as their candidate.

How telling that the DNC  people so blithely assumed that it’s possible for them to “plant a story” in the mainstream media. Business as usual, no doubt.

Imagine the front-page news if the RNC ever got caught talking about planting stories, as if it would even be possible for them to do so!

Unfortunately for the media, We the People get Trump. We know what he means when he says what he says. The fact that the progressive elite, which includes most of the people who pretend to be journalists these days, don’t get Trump perfectly explains his appeal.

He talks like a normal person. He draws comparisons, makes allusions, and uses metaphors–speaks the English language–just like a regular person does. And We the People get it, even if the media and the other progressives don’t.

If the progressive left and the media truly don’t understand Trump’s jokes, his sarcasm, his references, then maybe that’s because they live in their protected little bubble, behind their own walls, far from the hoi polloi, whom they despise.

Another version of the story cited above says that Trump always tries to

blame others for the uproar over what he says. It’s an instinct that Trump’s opponents say a president can’t possess.

Well, I have news for the media and “Trump’s opponents”:  If We the People choose someone, elect him, and install him as our president, then any instinct he has is obviously one that he can indeed possess, their opinions notwithstanding.

We the People are the deciders.

This is a government

of the People, by the People, and for the People.

The thing about progressives, including the media, is that:

They love government of the people, so long as progressive elites are the ones who govern (rule over, control) the people.

Being intelligent as well as compassionate (snark), progressives also love government for the people, just so long as progressive elites get to decide what must be done for the people, who tend to be too stupid to know what’s good for their own selves.

Progressives, however, are none too keen on government by the people. Why not? Because then progressives don’t necessarily get to run the show, especially when the hoi polloi become fractious, like now, when millions of the People have nominated and support Donald Trump for the presidency.

There were many other stories in the mainstream media today that illustrate only too well the media bias against Donald Trump and, by extension, the media’s disdain for all the people who support Trump.

Here’s a good example. In this story, a “journalist” questions whether Melania Trump came to the USA legally. Then the “journalist” goes on to gripe about how Trump asked for Obama’s college applications, transcripts and other related records, as well as Obama’s passport records and his birth certificate. Then the “journalist” seems to demand that Trump release all of his own similar records. Not only that, this reporter wants Trump’s medical records and his draft records as well. Isn’t it odd? Ironic?

Nobody’s supposed to “attack” the families of the candidates–just so long as the candidates are Democrat. Otherwise, the media are free to find some rationale for “going there,” especially if it means they’re able to smear a Republican candidate, if only by family association.

Since illegal immigration is part of the campaign, they reason, then this provides a rationale for asking if a potential future first lady is an illegal alien.

Exceedingly strange for them to ask, considering that for the past 8 years we’ve been left wondering whether the current occupant of the Oval Office is an illegal alien. No thanks to the media, we still don’t have an answer to that question because it’s a question never to be asked of Obama by anyone in the mainstream media.That would be racist. Or disrespectful of the “first black president.” Whatever.

This particular reporter decries Trump’s failure to release his own passport records, or Melania Trump’s immigration records, or his own college records, yet she still hasn’t asked Obama to release his records, nor has any other reporter, eight years after Campaign 2008! (Would be nice if they looked into how so many of Obama’s records disappeared as soon as citizens, not the media, began asking for them.)

Some gall. And they think We the People, who’ve been asking for 8 years for Obama’s records to prove his constitutional eligibility, won’t notice their bias or their hypocrisy or their gall.

Finally, Thomas Lifson writes about a column written by Peggy Noonan that I also read today. It’s an amazing article because Noonan, although of the elite class herself, puts her finger right on the problem We the People have with the progressive elite.  She talks about Angela Merkel’s white (non-Jewish) guilt that leads her to take in millions of “refugees” despite the wishes of her own German people and points out how easy it is for elite of Merkel’s ilk to be so compassionate because they’re not the ones who must pay the Piper.

The elite don’t live among the refugees; they’re safe in their gated communities. The children of the elite don’t go to school with the refugees; they’re safe in their preciously elite schools. The jobs of the elite aren’t taken by immigrants, legal or otherwise. The elite don’t have to deal with the crime, the sexual assaults, the fear, the cultural rape experienced by those who are unfortunate enough to have all these foreigners deliberately seeded into their neighborhoods, all in the name of a desired (by the elites) borderless global society (something Merkel actually now admits).

Lifson quotes Noonan:

From what I’ve seen of those in power throughout business and politics now, the people of your country are not your countrymen, they’re aliens whose bizarre emotions you must attempt occasionally to anticipate and manage. … [S]omething big is happening here with this division between the leaders and the led. It is very much a feature of our age. But it is odd that our elites have abandoned or are abandoning the idea that they belong to a country, that they have ties that bring responsibilities, that they should feel loyalty to their people or, at the very least, a grounded respect.

Thus we have

America First!


Make America Great Again!

We the People are not pawns for the global elite to move around the chessboard at their whim. We are autonomous individuals with God-given rights. Elites like Obama and Clinton, however, don’t accept those facts.

The progressive media still don’t get it and they probably never will. Although Noonan writes a thoughtful article, in the quote above she says something both revealing and infuriating: that leaders should feel loyalty to “their” people. I beg to differ.

We the People do not belong to our leaders like villeins or serfs belonged to their lords in feudal times. On the contrary, our leaders are, in effect, our employees. Or at least that’s what they’re supposed to be, and that’s how they’re supposed to act.

Government BY the people.

There’s the problem in a nutshell–our leaders don’t believe in Lincoln’s vision, anymore. They don’t accept it–that they are our employees, our servants, or that We the People are the true elite, not they.

Noonan writes as if she’s never heard any of the proposals cooked up by the UN and the global elite for a global government (e.g., Agenda 2030), nor of the schemes they devise to effectuate this global government of, by and for the global elite (e.g., schemes like global warming, borderless trading blocs, wealth and resource redistribution).

We the People are far wiser than they think. Thus, the rise of Trump, who at least does seem to show a “grounded respect” for the People, who promises to always put “America first,” and who wants to “make America great again.”

Why do so many support Trump? Because he, and his wife, know that they belong to this country-the greatest country on the face of the Earth.

In November, let’s show the elites who’s really in charge.



162 responses to “Media Bias, Global Elites, and the Rise of Donald Trump

  1. After POLICE BUST …. …ha BUTT’ no 1 died!!!

    smokin’ twerkin’ ..HARVARD – hot-e’ ? MAY-B not…2 COOL

    • Funny photo. She’s an adult now and so we are free to critique, especially because she benefits from OUR tax dollars and supposedly represents us to the world. Poorly, I might add.

  2. BATON ROUGE ?…. AFTER the GOLF GAMES ? can’t afford his
    HAIR DYE any longer? O’ U were OLD when you started… silly


    • Black lives matter. 🙂

      Seriously, Obama’s going to bring in as many “persons of color” and “refugees” as he possibly can over the next 4 months. It’s his last ditch effort for future voters, in case Trump wins.

  4. ~ Kantorek •
    I have said all along that the clintons are sociopaths. These fascist democrats dangerous to America. I pray that Trump is our next president. These fascist democrats soil our white house. The lowest form of human ***

    ~ Charles Byrd •
    Here’s my “deranged conspiracy theory”: A neurological condition aggravated by alcoholism …..& the rigors of the campaign trail. ??

    • Did you see where cartoonist Scott Adams, who draws Dilbert, endorsed Hillary Clinton SOLELY, he says, for his personal safety? He doesn’t outright support Trump, so far as I know, but he has been known to say favorable things about him. There’s an editorial in the WSJ where he talks about how Trump talks and why it works, but he also reveals that he believes Hillary’s getting help using NLP (as Obama did, but Adams didn’t use that acronym). Adams is apparently a student of psychology and the art of persuasion, etc., so he explains why it works when The Donald diffuses some of the media bias with his unexpected jokes and snark. Anyway, since he sometimes defends Trump, he says he gets threats and fears for his and his family’s safety and SINCE HE CLAIMED TO ENDORSE HILLARY FOR HIS OWN SAFETY, he doesn’t get threats anymore! So which camp is the violence-prone camp? Notice he’s SAFE NOW that he’s endorsed (nominally) Clinton, which means he gets NO THREATS from Trump supporters. Why is that, I wonder? It says a lot about DemoncRATS and their supporters, doesn’t it? Adams is totally serious about why he endorsed Clinton–he says people only care that he APPEARS to be “on their side,” meaning the DemoncRAT side. If you’re not on the DemoncRAT side, though, they endanger your personal safety if you speak out against their side.

  5. WATCH that WORM as he WEAVE’s IN them DREAMERS
    + comments…. ” IF ONLY ” WE “NEVER” EVER got SCREWED!!!

  6. Tick, tock, tick, tock,
    That’s the sound of America’s clock,
    The sound of doom, destruction and death,
    There’s tons of garlic on my breath,
    It’s coming out of my pores, my whole body,
    You won’t survive with guns or karate,
    No more freedoms, liberty takes a holiday,
    The politicians won’t have it any other way,
    The fix is in, they’re all part of our fate,
    Elections are meaningless, it’s just too late,
    If you’re smart, you’ll stop waitin’,
    This hour has been assigned to Satan,
    On your knees, as it grows more frightening,
    Soon we will all be struck by lightning,
    Only God can save humanity,
    As we are the authors of all this insanity.

    ~Alfredo PR

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