Clinton’s New Catchphrase

U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton gestures from the stage at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver

Hillary Clinton, trying to sound clever, rolled out a new catchphrase yesterday:

Don’t let a friend vote Trump.

With this phrase, she inadvertently exposed all that’s wrong with the progressive mind.

More so than ever, progressives increasingly resemble Orwellian fascists. In a fascist society,

people are not allowed to disagree.

Hillary  Clinton’s supporters, especially those on college campuses, have taken that philosophy to heart. We saw it recently when a student of South Asian ancestry was handed a draconian punishment by the student government for daring to state on social media that, in her opinion,

all lives matter.

Seems rather obvious, but in the mindset that prevails among progressives these days, stating that all lives matter is a microaggression towards blacks, an imaginary insult, of the highest order that must be punished thoroughly, lest it be repeated.

An example must be made, after all!

So what does Hillary’s new catchphrase reveal to us? If you support her, then:

It’s your duty to police your friends’ political thoughts and activities, just like it’s on you to protect them if they try, for example, to drive drunk. You must protect them from themselves.

Not only that, you’re ordered by Hillary to “don’t let” your friends vote for Trump. How is this accomplished?

Bully your friends. Use peer pressure. Brigade them. Shame them. Whatever it takes. By any means necessary.

Subtext being that you know better, Hillary knows better, and your friends have no right to independent thought.

Hive mentality. Conformity. Orwellian!

In Hillary’s world, goodthinkers like her supporters have the job, the duty, actually, to keep their friends in line, on the progressive plantation. Again, by any means necessary.

All rules are moot now, with the rise of Trump, just as progressive  journalists (a yuge majority) are now free to be biased because they’re working for the greater good. You see?

No doubt Hillary and the speechwriters who came up with this new phrase thought it was amazingly clever. Too cute by half because it reveals their mindset–the progressive FASCISTIC mindset.

We can do better.  Vote for Trump. The future of our country and the Supreme Court depends upon it.

It’s our only choice, at this point.


156 responses to “Clinton’s New Catchphrase

    Loretta LYNN – Country & Western Singing Legend
    The famous singer of “COAL Miners Daughter” said,

    “T R U M P ….. has SOLD ME – what more can I say? …
    When you’re advertising for the BEST , forget the rest!
    I just think He’s the Only ONE who’s Going to Turn this Country Around.”

  2. CLINTON CASH: Bill & Hillary Made $238 Million After White House

    & BACK 4 MOOOOOORRRRREEEEE ….. bast*rds in the FLESH!

    • The best part, the funniest, of the release of her tax returns is that she “donated” a million plus bucks to “charity”–the charity being her own family foundation! Then THAT family foundation turned around and “donated” (laundered) most of the money to the other Clinton Foundation–the one that collects all the yuge donations from foreigners and muslims. So her charity consists of–herself and her family!

        • Consider the gall it takes to engage in such massive corruption and believe that you’ll ALWAYS get away with it. I just heard McCaskill on the radio, clip from Chris Wallace interview yesterday. Know what she said when he talked about the potential corruption revealed by emails suggesting collusion between State Dept. (Huma, especially) and the Clinton Foundation? There’s “no evidence” of any corruption or pay to play. TYPICAL CLINTONESQUE ANSWER. If you have found no evidence, then there’s no crime. They ALWAYS make sure to disappear the evidence and perhaps even the people who know about the evidence. Remember the blue dress? Before that evidence turned up, Hillary’s go-to response was that there’s “no evidence” of any affair. I still believe, given the timing and the situation, that the men in Benghazi were left to die deliberately because what they were doing was a fiasco that could not be allowed to come out at that point and, they hoped, never come out, at any point.

  3. “MISS SIMONE” .. BILES …against all odds ~ WOW ~
    SHE TRIED .. SHE GAVE ALL of herself ..SHE’S GOLD!

  4. ~ momof5, Port Orange, … Take OUT the TRASH PELOSI & HILL!
    Welcome to the real world, a place Pelosi and most of the wannabe emperors in DC are not familiar with at all. Too bad, but I’m having trouble with any sympathy.

    ~ ChristinColl, Emerald City, United States,
    Couldn’t have happened to a better person. Now the truth is coming out
    at least. Thank you Wiki leaks. You’re better than an eye at the keyhole.

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    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  5. HILL is SICKER that WTP THINK !!!! BUTT’ we knew this 4 EVER!
    is their a HONEST? …ha …NEUROLOGIST in the HOUSE?

  6. YEP ! .Dr Marc Siegel knows how SICK HILL really is ! ^^^

    • If they weren’t worried that this story has traction, then they wouldn’t astroturf this gal into lying for Hillary. A picture says a thousand words and the LOOK ON THAT WOMAN’S FACE when Hillary went spastic says so much. She was shocked, freaked out, horrified, even maybe frightened. She was NOT, as she claims, surprised that Hillary was trying to evade her questions. Nobody acts like that and it has nothing to do with her Chai.

  7. Police shooting sparks violent protest in Wisconsin… @DRUDGE
    Businesses set on fire…
    Crowd chases reporters…
    ‘Rich got all this money and ain’t tryin’ give none’…
    ‘About to steal this cracker’s car’…


    • Did you see that the perp’s sister told the rioters to go riot and burn in the suburbs, not in their own neighborhood, because … wait for it! We “need our weave.” Seriously! She’s got a dead brother and she’s decrying the fact that a beauty supply shop was burned down and now people can’t get their “weaves” (which use those much-valued hair extensions that must be the #2 most stolen item in the ghetto, after guns).” OMG. That link shows how complicit the media are with their bias in favor of the DemoncRATS (Obama and Hillary, who support BLM) and the BLM “movement” itself. They don’t report ALL the sister’s comments but spin it as if she’s “calling for peace,” when in fact she’s just schooling them to go attack whitey instead and “burn that sh** down.” Just like “Big Mike’s” father said, which also wasn’t reported in the lamestream. WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN?

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