National Purple Heart Day

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Today is Purple Heart Day in the United States of America. It’s an unofficial holiday which, in my opinion, ought to be an official holiday. Take time today to honor the brave who earned the Purple Heart in service to our country.

The Purple Heart was first created on August 7, 1782 by the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, General George Washington. Then known as the Badge of Military Merit, it was awarded to 3 Revolutionary soldiers in 1783.

After the end of the American War of Independence, no medals were awarded until 1932, when the medal was revived on the bicentennial anniversary of George Washington’s birth. According to a circular dated February 22, 1932, Purple Heart Medals were to be awarded to those wounded or killed while serving in the United States Armed Forces as a result of enemy action on or after April 5, 1917.

Remember the fallen who died to keep us free. Thank those who survived their wounds for putting themselves in harm’s way to protect us all.

God bless them. Every one. Patriots all.

And may God continue to bless the United States of America.



86 responses to “National Purple Heart Day

    • facebkwallflower

      Maybe if these same “GOP Officials” would have put out the same warning with Obama all those non-Mitt Republicans would not have stayed home and we would not have had eight years of a traitor in the White House.

      Most of these were Bush advisers/officials and we all know it has been revealed and our eyes open to the fact that Bush was/is a globalist, not a nationalist and a brother of a different mother to Clinton. We now know the GOP and DEM Elite Leaders are one party, The Uniparty.

      So glad Trump came along and has exposed these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    • So what’s new? They did it for Obama and got away with it. Rules are for conservatives, not liberals. The IRS targets CONSERVATIVES, not liberals. Similarly, they target places like Catholic or evangelical Christian churches, not black churches. They’re special. They’re off limits. Black privilege, you know. To make them follow the rules, as Ferguson showed us, is RACIST.

    • This here has to be the most insane response yet to the Hillary’s health problem EVER. No surprise, in fact, that the writer claims to suffer from post-concussion syndrome herself (given her lack of consistency and logic). Seeing as how she’s SUPPOSED TO BE the liberal media’s idea of a “conservative voice” to balance their editorial pages, you’d think that when explaining her own experience with what sounds EXACTLY LIKE WHAT’S WRONG WITH HILLARY, then she’d be pointing out how likely it is that Hillary is similarly impaired. Au contraire!

      Because she herself suffers symptoms from post-concussion syndrome, she apparently believes that gives her insight into diagnosing TRUMP, yes, The Donald, with … wait for it: Alzheimer’s! Trump, you see, is elderly. (Hillary’s only two years younger!) And, she claims, his personality has changed. (It’s the same it’s ever been, imho.) Parker herself came out in support of Hillary a few weeks ago, btw. Read it and puzzle:

    • She might not have been trying to offend anyone but (1) saying you’re sorry people were offended is NOT apologizing for offending and (2) she meant SOMETHING by her disrespect, so WHAT WAS IT? Was she “only” currying favor with the BLM group so as not to get criticism from THEM if she dared to respect the flag and the anthem? I think so. You can’t have it both ways, Gabby. Choose sides. The USA or the black racist separatists. “Which side are you on?”

  1. OBAMA .. a life time ago~ just 2 COOL 4 his BODY ?

  2. ~SMGFan
    O ‘ …. she “Never Meant any DIS-Respect …? WHAT
    Nobody’s that Stupid. She’s a liar.

    Correct ….
    One has to believe that our athletes, as national representatives, received no instruction in proper protocol for honoring their flag during ceremonies

    She “meant no disrespect”- to her own beliefs
    As to the Flag & what it Represents to the other 300+ Million of us,
    I think differently ….. ME 2 … 4 SURE!

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