U.N. Wants to Tax Meat

bbq - CopyIf you think it’s beyond the pale that Michelle Obama wants to dictate what every child eats, you’ll need duct tape to keep your head from exploding when you hear about what the globalists plan for the meat industry.

Meat should be taxed heavily at the wholesale level (all the better to be sneaky about it) to make everyone stop eating meat!

This will, the United Nations claims, prevent global warming (stop meat from “destroying the planet”), save water, improve health, make diets “sustainable,” and redistribute wealth via a global tax. Well, they don’t specifically own up to that last rationale, but it’s the real reason.

Global government. Global taxes.

Global busybodies running your life.

No freedom for you!

“I think it is extremely urgent,” said Professor Maarten Hajer of Utrecht University in the Netherlands, lead author of the report. “All of the harmful effects on the environment and on health needs to be priced into food products.

Nudge, nudge, nudge. The report itself argues for a

fundamental transformation of our food systems.

Gee, where have we heard that phrase (fundamental transformation) before? Who gets the money and where does it go? Not clear. But we can guess.

No more bacon. No more ham.

No more sausages. No more barbecue.

Care for some tofu ribs? Never! If they want our meat, they’ll have to pry it from our cold, dead hands.

Beef. “It’s what’s for dinner.” It’s the American Way.


120 responses to “U.N. Wants to Tax Meat

    • No doubt, they’re not sure of the motive and probably the muslim killer wanna be is just mentally ill and off his meds. Ya know?

      Is a machete in the face a “stabbing?”

  1. “BOBBLE – HEAD” HILL …4 sure somethin’ … AIN’T RIGHT!
    That’s no way 2 win? SHE is damaged GOODS – CHECK HER OUT


    • Re: http://www.michellesmirror.com/2016/08/the-mo-betta-mo-traps.html

      Who’s a “betta male?”

      Oh, wait. They mean this kind of “beta male”: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=beta%20male

      Or maybe this kind?

      Yikes! No use, Mooch, in trying to imitate Melania (in white). It gets worse:

      Just a little FYI: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3648672/

      “[F]emales have a 59% smaller total neck muscle volume compared to males. … This study also confirms previous studies that suggest sex differences in neck muscle size. … This result implies that the cross-sectional areas of the neck muscles (and thus their capacity to generate force) are larger in males than females, and is consistent with an ultrasound study in which the cross-sectional areas of the deep posterior neck muscles were found to be significantly larger in male subjects. …”


      “The differences in the neck and the shoulders between men and girls are very visible. Men have shorter and wider neck. The shoulders are considerably wider. Really a lot wider! Plus the men have this Trapezius muscle, which forms a bulge between the neck and the shoulder. … The tricky difference between male and female torso is in the body outline. Men have no waist. The torso is like a rectangular shape with an inverted triangle at chest level. Never give hips to men figures too. The hourglass shape will make the figure look like a female one. …”

      That last one has some interesting illustrations of the differences. Just sayin’.

      • ~sam …
        yep ….^^^^^ 4 sure it’s VERY INTERESTING as WTP always SAID
        & JOAN RIVERS ….also!!!

        oohh.. this is so helpful!! thank you so much!!!!!! 🙂

      • When I first saw this the other day, my first impression was a fancy toilet seat cover. She looks like a regal and stately walking, talking toilet. Probably came from the inaugural toilet paper dress closet.

        • 🙂 It DOES look like a toilet seat and she looks like …

          I forgot all about the toilet paper dress. So we’ve come full circle.

  2. P Ryan ..world be great 2 adjust TRUMPS entry …BUTT’ got-a GO!

  3. O’s sticky ….fingers never on IT!!! ???? O’ REALLY?

  4. They fear an October surprise from Wikileaks BUTTTTTT, if their candidate is the honest upstanding person they claim, what’s to worry? However, note the developing meme in the story: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/clinton-democrats-hacking-dnc-october-surprise-226743

    Preparing the minions to claim that the releases are “salted” with forgeries. So we must discount all those emails that Wikileaks may reveal in October because, you know, suddenly we think RUSSIA is our enemy and they want Trump in the WH and so will cheat for him. That’s not a conspiracy theory BUTTTTT it’s a conspiracy theory for Trump to fear that they’re going to rig the election. http://www.rollcall.com/news/politics/recent-breaches-raise-fears-voting-system-hacks

    So, can you imagine (I can) that they’re going to claim that the Russians who hacked the DNC computers also hacked the election machines WHEN TRUMP WINS and then they’ll try to get SCOTUS to overturn the election? I CAN envision it. Totally.

    • ” However, five states — Delaware, Georgia, South Carolina, New Jersey and Louisiana — have entirely paperless voting. A handful of other states, including election battlegrounds like Pennsylvania and Virginia, have a significant number of jurisdictions that only conduct paperless voting.

      If hackers tampered with results in those states or jurisdictions, election officials wouldn’t have any paper ballots to refer back to in an audit. …”

      And laughably, they’re already pretending/contending that HILLARY leads in Georgia. It’s a shame, the article says, that the states run the elections and the entire system is not under FEDERAL control, BUTTTTT Barry’s doing his best to have Jeh interfere in it. Already, too, the story says, VOTER REGISTRATION systems have been hacked. Gee, WE WONDERS WHO DID THAT? It wasn’t Trump. HINT: DEMONCRATS. Who else would it be? They needs to know the names so they can go vote for them all.

    ROCK STEADY ….. & READY ….24/7 …. 1st …”G O L D ” !!!!


  6. BHO, Sr.’s son endorses Donald Trump. Very interesting from the true perspective of the Kenyan and his real son.

    • That man looks exactly like his father and not at all like his “brother”. Or even his alleged half-brothers, either. He does look like his sister.

      About 2:08, the interviewer calls Malik a “newly-minted U.S. citizen.” How interesting. I’m surprised how thoughtful he is. He says, “I believe in the law.” That makes him different from his “brother”. He says he came here legally and thinks it’s pretty self-evident that “illegal” is illegal. Odd that he talks about being against terrorism in the context of people blowing up Median or Baghdad, iow, other muslims. He says, “I’m not that way.” He says it makes sense to target muslims as a group, in the same way that we would target the KKK if they’re blowing people up. Makes sense to target all muslims since muslims are the ones blowing people up. Wow. That’s an interesting attitude coming from him! And he supports Trump’s plan as “reasonable,” because the terrorists are making life hard for all muslims and they have to be stopped to save lives and also, I assume, help rehabilitate the image of muslims. He also is for the wall. He says if you want to come over “you have to be transparent.” OMG. How much more evidence do we need this guy is not the “brother”? Now I’m really puzzled about this guy, from what we KNOW versus how he seems. He says, “My brother is a Jew. My step-mother is a Jew. She brought me up.” He makes a good point that Trump can’t be racist because nobody ever saw it before now and why would it be true now, when he’s running for president? He says Barry doesn’t see his brother (Malik) or help his own family “because he’s afraid what others might say.” Now isn’t it the opposite? Isn’t there more criticism because he DOESN’T see or help his “family”? I like his hat!

      He says Barry should BE WHO HE IS. Interesting. Who is he, btw?

      • Its really crazy, isn’t it? a puzzle … a riddle … a trichotomy?

        • It really is a puzzle. I’m wavering back and forth. Is it all taqiyya? What exactly are we seeing? I’ve come to think of these people as works of fiction. I wish he’d tell the truth about what he knows. Remember. This is the guy who said that he’d like to see a DNA test because he’s not sure Barry IS his brother.

  7. This kind of stuff gets on my very last nerve. Are we now such DOUR and joyless people that we cannot take a joke or satire? https://fellowshipofminds.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/all-labs-matter.jpg?w=500&h=248

    Is this FUNNY or “racist”?

    “The dog photo “once again shows a severe lack of understanding,” said Sgt. Yulanda Williams, president of Officers for Justice, an organization within the San Francisco police force representing African American and other nonwhite officers. “It’s so inflammatory, and they still don’t get it. They still choose to inflame situations, and it’s just really insulting.””

    Okay, lady. On your own terms: I’m insulted that you can’t take a joke. I’m offended that you’re president of a group called “Officers FOR JUSTICE” but your organization is a separatist one that represents ONLY “African American and other nonwhite officers.” Is THAT not racist? Is THAT not “inflammatory?” It seems so to me. YOU STILL DON’T GET IT. There’s a JOKE here. AND YOU DON’T GET IT. Somebody was trying hard, also, to CALM THINGS DOWN AND MAKE PEOPLE NOT TAKE EVERYTHING SO SERIOUSLY. How better to do it than with dogs? Dogs provide us all with a wonderful example. Do they care about coat color? No, they do not. Nor do they care about size, shape, muzzle length, eye color, hair type or length, etc. There are no “races” in the dog world. MAYBE WE SHOULD TAKE A LESSON FROM THAT AND STOP DIVIDING AND SUBDIVIDING HUMANS INTO LITTLE GROUPS.

  8. I just can’t watch Fox News anymore. It is too boring.
    All you get are talking heads arguing about the election. The actual information content (stuff I don’t already know) is zero.
    That’s the trouble with propaganda. Once I know what you are going to tell me it is too boring to listen to you. Maybe I’ll turn the TV back on after the election.
    Anybody else feeling like this?
    Trouble is that people often size up a new person just by looking at them and in a very large number of cases, that first impression gut instinct is right. Not in all cases but you can see the problem. Hillary looks dictatorial and unhinged. Donald looks like a buffoon. For many people, it won’t get any further than that. Will you trust a dictator more than a buffoon? Well you can see the mafia as an example.
    America gets the government it deserves.
    I can’t watch.

  9. I actually read this report and taxing meat is not a good idea because people love meat. I like your article MIri very informative.

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