Elizabeth Warren and “Rich Guys Like” Herself

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Elizabeth Warren (aka Fauxcahontas) gave the keynote speech on the first night of the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia. She spoke from behind the safety of a wall that you can see at the top of this post. The wall was hastily constructed after the minions got rowdy and rudely booed erstwhile DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz off the stage and out of the convention entirely, and after said minions also (threateningly?) chanted “lock her up” whenever Hillary Clinton’s name was mentioned.

A reminder: Hillary is supposed to be the DNC’s annointed one. Dare I say it?

The natives were restless, my friends.

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Warren has made it a habit to lambaste Donald Trump over his proposal to actually finish the wall across our southern border that We the People have been promised for decades. Even so, Warren must believe that some walls are good, so long as they keep her from having to rub elbows with a stirred-up hoi polloi.

What hypocrites these Democrats are, as James O’Keefe found out, when he asked Democrats who support gun control to put their beliefs into action by posting signs outside their own homes stating that they are “gun free zones.” They demurred, as you might expect.

Do as I say, not as I do.

O’Keefe also learned that no few of these gun-control-advocating politicians own guns themselves. Does Elizabeth Warren own a gun or walk around, protected by armed guards?

Warren spent most of her speech throwing figurative tomahawks at Donald Trump. Personal attack after personal attack. (It must be hard, at this point, to find something good to say about Hillary Clinton, so all they can do is attack Donald Trump.)

After stating, falsely of course, that Trump’s only idea is to build a

stupid wall which will never get built,

[emphasis added to quotes]

Warren, over and over again, attacked Trump’s wealth. Because he’s rich, then Trump must be evil–at least that’s what the likes of Warren want their politically naive minions to believe. Warren specifically alleged that Trump has

no plans to make anything great for anyone except rich guys like Donald Trump.

She sure does hate Donald Trump’s wealth, which, by the way, he earned after decades of hard work. How about Warren herself, though? Surely she’s not a “multi-millionaire” herself.  Au contraire!

Senator Elizabeth Warren [says she] fights for middle- and working-class Americans. But she’s part of the Top 1%.

Warren, the Harvard bankruptcy law professor elected to the Senate in 2012, is worth between $3.7 million and $10 million.

That’s not including the three-story Victorian home in Cambridge, Mass., that she owns with her husband and fellow Harvard law professor, Bruce Mann. It’s now assessed at $1.9 million, according to city property records. …

Roll Call recently ranked her the 76th wealthiest out of 541 senators and representatives, based on her minimum net worth in 2013.

Her average net worth of $8.75 million, including her home, secures her a spot [in] the Top 1% bracket in terms of wealth.

Oh, my. One of the 1% against whom she rails!

Now there’s something you’re not likely to read very often in the mainstream media, especially not because (1) Warren is one of the chosen–she’s in line to be a presidential candidate at some point in the not-too-distant future–and (2) the mainstream media, as we now know, coordinates with the DNC in order to ensure that all stories, and even polls, are spun (or spiked or invented) to the advantage of (you guessed it!) the Democrats.

During her speech, Warren also spoke about her humble background. Warren comes from a long tradition of Democrats who invent or reinvent their life stories to suit whatever “narrative” they want people suckers to believe (Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary and Bill Clinton, e.g.). This woman falsely claimed Native American ancestry to get a leg up at Harvard.

Very few people understand just how Warren claimed to be Native American, and why. The full version is summarized at ElizabethWarrenWiki.org, … The short version is that Warren never claimed Native American status until she was in her 30s, and climbing the law professor ladder.

In the 1980s, Warren listed her status as Native American when entering her biographical information in the national law professor directory that was used for hiring purposes by law schools. There was no internet then, and the paper directory was the source for information about prospective law professor hires. Entering herself as Native American landed Warren on a short list of “Minority Law Teachers” in the directory. … [Soon after Warren was hired], Harvard Law touted her Native American status.

Now, it appears, she also reinvented her father’s occupation. Last night she said,

The way I see it, I’m a janitor’s daughter who became a public school teacher, a professor, and a United States senator.

The way she sees it [that’s her out], she’s not only a Native American who deserved special treatment via affirmative action, but she’s also the daughter of a janitor.

Warren has, like Barack Obama, written (or had ghost written) a fabulous autobiography. All the future Democrat candidates-in-waiting must do so. Apparently, in her book, Warren decided to make her beginnings a little bit more humble. I didn’t know or suspect this until I heard her speak the other night, making the claim that she’s a “janitor’s daughter.” That activated my Spidey sense and I went looking for her real history. Fortunately, I stumbled upon well-documented research by a fellow blogger, who’s done a most-excellent job in debunking Warren’s tale:

The original post for today was about the conflicting information on Elizabeth Warren’s father’s occupation. She now says he was a janitor, but on his death certificate, she, the informant, listed his occupation as flight instructor. And the instructions were clear – “Give kind of work done during most of working life.” She listed “Flight Instructor” and employer as “US Army.”

So, now, are we supposed to believe that he really was a janitor, but that wasn’t good enough so Elizabeth Warren decided to list him as a flight instructor because that would portray him in a better light? …

It seems that very little Elizabeth Warren says about her family today matches the information found about them in primary records or other documents. Sometimes even the information she provided for those primary documents doesn’t match what she says today. 

Apparently, unlike with Obama, the Democrats haven’t yet gotten around to scrubbing “primary records or other documents” concerning Warren’s background.

So, many thanks to Polly’s Granddaughter for writing the post, which contains documentary evidence, including Warren’s father’s obituary, which states that he was a flight instructor and a “self-employed business man.”  Another article found by Polly’s Granddaughter revealed that Mr. Warren was a “self-taught pilot,” as well as a “traveling salesman,” who also worked in some capacity at Montgomery Ward.

Anyway, I had to laugh out loud when Warren said

There’s lots of wealth in America, but it isn’t trickling down to hard-working families like yours.

Does anyone here have a problem with that? Well, I do too.

People get it: the system is rigged.

The crowd didn’t cheer, but they did mumble quite a bit. The crowd was probably thinking about and reacting to a quite different rigged system: The rigged-against-Bernie-Sanders system that resulted in the coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Democrat nominee.

Bottom line: Elizabeth Warren is just another rich, phony Democrat elitist who pretends to care for the little people and who will say anything to get ahead and to amass power.

What position has Hillary promised to Warren in Clinton’s hoped-for administration? Surely it’s not just donors who will be rewarded for services rendered.

Remind me: Why is Rod Blagojevich in jail?


169 responses to “Elizabeth Warren and “Rich Guys Like” Herself

  1. Lawsuit filed against government and media for staging Sandy Hook !!!!! http://yournewswire.com/lawsuit-filed-against-government-and-media-for-staging-sandy-hook/

  2. CIA agent, E. Howard Hunt airs first public rekease of deathbed confession !!!! http://yournewswire.com/cia-agents-deathbed-confession-reveals-jfks-killers/

  3. ~Renee …
    Donald represents everything that the Left Hates. He is white, heterosexual, Christian, patriotic & does not ascribe to the errors of political correctness! For this, he is being mercilessly maligned by both a handful of emasculated, mealy mouth moderates on the right & the feminist brigade but unlike Bernie Sanders he will not cower and cave into the demands of his feminist detractors! All of those black mothers who were invited to that convention to play up their victim status in painting their sons as “pillars of society” while insisting that they were unfairly targeted & killed by “racist” white police officers should be ashamed of themselves!

  4. ~ ~ ~ TRUMP – PENCE SCHEDULE ~ ~ ~

    – THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2016 –
    Donald J. Trump
    4:00 PM

    – THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2016 –
    NOVI, MI
    Governor Mike Pence
    7:00 PM

    – THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2016 –
    Donald J. Trump
    8:00 PM

    – FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016 –
    Donald J. Trump
    2:00 PM

    – FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016 –
    LIMA, OH
    Governor Mike Pence
    7:00 PM

    – FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016 –
    Donald J. Trump
    7:00 PM

    Read more at http://www.birtherreport.com/2016/07/video-michelle-obama-raises-obama-birth.html#xBqzD54oQAVJZOmR.99 …..+ comments

    EVERY >>> “BASE” <<< LIES … EPM! OUT of MANY ONE???


    • Exactly. They focus on the least bad part of the scandal and ignore the illegality, the coordination with media, AND the racism and sexism in the emails themselves:

      “Regarding the racism and bigotry, the leaked DNC emails reveal one employee calling for more “taco bowl engagement,” and another saying “I love you too. No homo. Phew.” “Imagine if the National Finance Director of the RNC used ‘no homo’ in an email?” asksTwitchy. Yet another mocked the name of a black woman, in what has been acknowledged to have been a racist comment.”

      The thing is: Remember how they accused Trump of being a racist/bigot simply for having a taco salad? They drew from his eating Mexican-American food that somehow he was mocking Mexican-Americans. Several degrees of separation, and it’s not even true; but the emails are explicit. You can’t read “taco bowl engagement” or “no homo” any other way, can you?

    • They’re all so corrupt. First, Google got caught not showing Trump in any searches of “presidential candidates” and when caught, they pretended it was a software “glitch”. Now Twitter: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/07/twitter-caught-censoring-donald-trumps-tweets-hides-donations-tweet/

      Social Media giant caught concealing Donald Trump’s tweet asking for donations

      On Thursday night Donald Trump sent a tweet out at 10:28 asking for donations.

      Trump announced he would again write a $1 million check if his campaign reached their goal by the end of the month.

      But the tweet does not show up on Donald Trump’s Twitter timeline.
      The tweet was sent out at 10:28 PM on July 28th.

      But the tweet was deleted from his timeline. …”

      Seems to me there were similar “glitches” when he first began fundraising. It’s no coincidence or glitch. They’ve been pulling this stuff since before Barry ran for office.

  6. Hillary Clinton wicked witch pact with devil racist greedy, Alinsky Lucifer disciple, Congenital liar, Boorish rude arrogant condescending and demeaning behavior, DNC tries to put lipstick on possessed pig.
    @citizenwells YEP YEP YEP !!!!

  7. TRULY SCARY ….is it just her COVER ? …or is SHE REALLY
    REALLY DAMAGED GOODS? WTP will have 2 pay 4???


  8. I feel that Hillary Clinton sold her soul to Globalism because she wants to be president so badly…and to be the first female president, in particular. For decades, we’ve been conditioned by the Establishment that a Hillary Clinton presidency is just destiny. It was always “the future” in SciFi shows, and now the future has arrived. Last night, she appeared on stage dressed up all in white to accept the nomination. Rebecca Mansour observed today that wearing white is traditional for a royal coronation. Depending on your generation and its pop culture references, Hillary was either Queen Elizabeth/Queen Victoria, Boss Hogg (from Dukes of Hazard), or President Snow from Hunger Games in her bright white pantsuit (which completed the patriotic tricolor she started by wearing all red one night and then all blue the next night, before appearing in all white during the convention’s finale). …… OR PURE as the DRIVEN “SNOW”? GOD like??? ha
    Read more http://hillbuzz.org/ ^^^^^

    • I wondered what the white was all about. I thought she was signaling that she’s still a virgin. With Bill’s roving eye and the fact that Huma is her body woman, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Actually, at the time I thought she was copying Melania. btw, she looked awful in that pants suit and that the camera was frequently behind her (big behind) didn’t help.

    • That was funny. btw, did you happen to notice how many of the speakers looked like LIZARD PEOPLE, but in particular Bill and Biden?

  9. thanks Zenway!! 😀

  10. Lockhart TEXAS 16 died in HOT AIR BALLON BUTT’ …

    Quick democrats save us from ourselves and Ban Hot Air Balloons.

    At least enact tons of new Regulations and Fines to make them
    not fly……..

    They don’t dare ban hot air – their platform is built on it.

    Common Sense Balloon Laws – NOW!
    Some ideas:
    Crippling propane taxes
    Massive fire surcharges
    Licensing for air use privileges (flying, floating, breathing, etc.)
    – the likely favorite

    Should only be an eight man basket on that thing. These high
    capacity baskets are not for casual use. Ban all high-capacity baskets.

    It’s not that they won’t want them to fly, the regulations will put a price
    so high they will not be able to afford to fly.

    “If you like your Hot air Balloon, you can keep your Hot Air Balloon”
    president Zer0 …
    not funny BUTT” … our OBAMA world !!!

    • HA! Good point. So true. Well, of course, there was “Mommy” and there also was Eleanor, not to mention Edith Wilson, so …

  11. ~ mirwin3000 Kwan • @AT
    Maybe I am being Naive??? but I don’t think it’s primarily about money anymore. I think her major motivation is the power to punish her Enemies. Her defining feature is her Vindictiveness. Power for power’s sake. !!!!! Of course, creating a Permanent Democrat Majority VIA Amnesty is important for her reelection.
    After that, only to ensure no “enemy” administration can uncover her criminal activities…………………………. ha
    The woman has already admitted (gleefully) that she considers republicans to be enemies of the state (her, if she pulls this off).

  12. Hey … I just GOT why Hill WORE WHITE ….

    I’m BIG as the WHITE HOUSE …. give ME them KEYS!!!

  13. Media ignores Trump’s press release on Clinton Foundation !!!! http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=55272

    • I didn’t read it yet, but let me guess: When Barry gets angry, his eyes roll up in his head, his head does a 360 degree roll, and he spits up green slime. And after that, he spider-walks up the stairs. Am I right?

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