A Day for Videos

Today seems to be a day to present select videos rather than to bloviate.  Pat Smith, still waiting for answers from Hillary Clinton and still thankfully being a thorn in that mendacious woman’s side:

Someday, perhaps, Ms. Smith will see justice. God rest her son’s soul, as well as the souls of his colleagues. May she eventually find peace. Our hearts are with her.

We’re hearing that a small part of Melania Trump’s speech last night bore some resemblance to certain words spoken by Michelle Obama in 2008. But in her own speech, Ms. Obama spoke words from Saul Alinsky, but attributed them, not to Alinsky, but to her husband:

Barack stood up that day, and spoke words that have stayed with me ever since. He talked about “The world as it is” and “The world as it should be.”

Guess she didn’t read Alinsky’s book. Guess also that Barack didn’t tell her he didn’t write those words.

Teachers use software to root out plagiarism. If you run the speeches of both Obamas through that software, you’ll probably turn up some plagiarism. It’s a habit with that administration.

Without that plagiarism-finding software, I noticed a similarity between the ending of Ms. Obama’s 2008 speech and the ending of the second inaugural address of Abraham Lincoln.

Ms. Obama: “… let us devote ourselves to finishing their work …”

Lincoln: “… let us strive on to finish the work …”


Ms. Trump is said to have written her own speech, but with help from speechwriters. Putting aside the possibility that hired writers (stealth Democrats or GOPe plants) may have deliberately sandbagged the lady, it’s interesting to note that the media seem to have missed this other more blatant act of plagiarism by an actual candidate for office:

The media also seem to have missed this:

I like it! I like Melania Trump, too.

Let’s have some class in the White House for a change.


177 responses to “A Day for Videos

  1. dig ….T K… & does HE THINK “IT’S” … SPECIAL??? YIKES!


  2. Let the flag fly at half-staff for the REST of President Obama’s term. ^^^

    Let it remind US of the lives LOST on HIS watch.

    And of our Lost Liberties, too.

    • You’d never hear him say that about the 77% of the population who are white or the 24% who are Catholic or the 75% who are Christian. I wonder why that is?

      • If you believe in Islam then by definition you believe in doing bad things to Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc … by name, not by inference. The Quran calls for doing bad things to people who believe in these specific religions and to all people who refuse to convert to Islam. “Essential part of the fabric”? In other words, Obama simply lied about his affiliation to Islam.

        The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is on record as saying that Obama was …….. “Steeped IN …. Islam” … ?????
        not what supposed objective press like the Washington Post told us.
        The liberal press is the biggest enemy of the United States. ^^^

        • His “church” gives a special dispensation to muslims who want to belong to his “Christian church.” Barry’s one.

    • Didn’t “Guccifer” promise this months ago? In addition, iirc, he promised that the revelations would get worse and worse as time went on if she didn’t abdicate.

    • Maybe they know that Soros’s minions will be so effective with the vote fraud that they’ll have the presidency, the House, and the Senate.

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  5. After his sweep at the Florida primaries, Donald told his followers that
    his youngest son has been missing him during the campaign.

    “Barron age10 asks me, ‘When are you coming home daddy?’ because I have barely seen him,” Trump said. “I told him I will be home in a couple of weeks.”

  6. PRIMO >>>BS ER’ HILL tops them … just UNDER O’ silly B*tch!

  7. “Clinton Cash”, free movie preview today at 2 and 8 p.m.Get your ‘popcorn” ready !!!!! http://www.breitbart.com/clinton-cash-movie/

  8. ~ Maria castro •
    According to ABC Newspaper in Spain, the guy from McDonalds had Isis ties & he was a cell and they insist it was TRUE he Yelled Allauh Akbar.
    Angela, Obama, & Hollande will try to hide the truth from all these attacks. They have their globalism agenda AT Stake. According to progressive EXCUSES, all of them have been bullied,
    SO WHAT, who hasn’t been bullied one time or another thru your life?
    or they are Crazy, of course all of them are crazy, venereal diseases, interbreeding, & their brainwashing in Shariah Law has made a race of MANIACS. Would you invite a dangerous madman to your house?
    ….. DEAREST Hillary ….. will insist YOU DO!!!!!!

    • I read that he had an accomplice, or at least someone who was aware of his plans–a 16-year-old AFGHAN. They still report his name as “David S.” Leaving out the ALI altogether, although that’s his name. Read somewhere that his surname, Sonboly, is really a Turkish name, not Iranian, and that he had the Turkish flag on his FB page. The person who first reported him shouting was a muslim who said he said “allahu akbar”. Only later did they come up with this “right wing” and “anti-foreigner” stuff. Now they say videos recorded him shouting “anti-foreigner” stuff, but what do they call “anti-foreigner?” Why don’t they tell us what he said and then we can decide for ourselves? Maybe he was shouting stuff against GERMANS, because to him they’re foreigners. Or maybe Polish immigrants to Germany. Who knows? But even IF he did, it doesn’t make him “right wing”. I don’t know WHY they’re so invested in making him a “lone wolf” who’s crazy, on drugs, or a victim of bullying. AS IF that excuses murdering people but it still makes him a terrorist. They just, of course, want to eliminate the muslim/jihad angle. But why are they so invested in that?

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