A Day for Videos

Today seems to be a day to present select videos rather than to bloviate.  Pat Smith, still waiting for answers from Hillary Clinton and still thankfully being a thorn in that mendacious woman’s side:

Someday, perhaps, Ms. Smith will see justice. God rest her son’s soul, as well as the souls of his colleagues. May she eventually find peace. Our hearts are with her.

We’re hearing that a small part of Melania Trump’s speech last night bore some resemblance to certain words spoken by Michelle Obama in 2008. But in her own speech, Ms. Obama spoke words from Saul Alinsky, but attributed them, not to Alinsky, but to her husband:

Barack stood up that day, and spoke words that have stayed with me ever since. He talked about “The world as it is” and “The world as it should be.”

Guess she didn’t read Alinsky’s book. Guess also that Barack didn’t tell her he didn’t write those words.

Teachers use software to root out plagiarism. If you run the speeches of both Obamas through that software, you’ll probably turn up some plagiarism. It’s a habit with that administration.

Without that plagiarism-finding software, I noticed a similarity between the ending of Ms. Obama’s 2008 speech and the ending of the second inaugural address of Abraham Lincoln.

Ms. Obama: “… let us devote ourselves to finishing their work …”

Lincoln: “… let us strive on to finish the work …”


Ms. Trump is said to have written her own speech, but with help from speechwriters. Putting aside the possibility that hired writers (stealth Democrats or GOPe plants) may have deliberately sandbagged the lady, it’s interesting to note that the media seem to have missed this other more blatant act of plagiarism by an actual candidate for office:

The media also seem to have missed this:

I like it! I like Melania Trump, too.

Let’s have some class in the White House for a change.


177 responses to “A Day for Videos

  1. Question for the day: How long before we start getting refugees from Venezuela and “unaccompanied minors” from same?

  2. Ted Cruz is even slimier than we once thought. He’ll go down as one of the slimiest lawyers to ever run for office. Not only did he backstab Ben Carson like a slimy Cuban mobster, but he sent fraudulent threatening letters to Iowan voters, and then tried to backdoor the election in Colorado against the will of the voters instead of coming in through the front door, trying to impose himself on us. He’s nothing but a power hungry pro TPP globalist with his Goldman Sachs wife. He may have tricked all of the submissive beta males with his nauseating Harvard lawyer poems, but not the rest of us.

    Wow! Did we dodge a bullet! He thought he was smarter than the voters and the voters called his bluff.

    He’s done. He can stick a fork in it now. No 2020, no Presidency ever, and he will lose his next Senatorial reelection.

    Trump called it early – “Lyin’ Ted”. …@blaze

    • He is, isn’t he? We sure did dodge a bullet. At first, he had me fooled. Way back, during Tea Party times. Does he really believe that “speech” the other night will be his way to the WH in 2020? Yikes! So out of touch.

    • Wonderful! It’s a treat to see Cashill weigh in. Thanks for the link.

      I have to share this part and make a comment:
      “As the late Christopher Hitchens once said of Michelle’s Princeton thesis, “To describe it as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be ‘read’ at all, in the strict sense of the verb. This is because it wasn’t written in any known language.””

      That was priceless, but did Hitchens NOT say in a much more obtuse fashion exactly what Milo basically said about that woman who got him banned from Twitter? That she’s basically illiterate? (btw, she’s back. Her self-determined exile from Twitter was quite short lived.) I wonder if Dorsey would ban Hitchens, if he were still among us.

  3. no-nonsense-nancy @ drkates

    I loved the title of the article by Sundance. :
    “The moment Ted Cruz doused himself with gasoline and then lit a match on stage”.
    ME -2 …..ha’



    HUGE …….

  5. ‘America is back’

  6. Alex Jones, invite goes, ‘awry” !!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m-42A37zxM

  7. We have a Candidate!!! 😀

  8. Glenn Beck sent TED CRUZ a note before he spoke saying …
    do what’s in your ?heart you may feel very bad after BUTT’ that
    you feel you did the right thing…or something like THAT! ha…fools


      • ~ Ron Bass Dlanor • ….^^^^^ tons of comments ^^^
        With all due respect, in my opinion conservatism is an ideology which varies according to each person. Being a Conservative does not indicate any ability to act on their conservative philosophies.
        Give me a Patriot any DAY of the week, & that is what TRUMP IS…..
        He LOVES his country & has Sacrificed for it by running for President. The key to this discussion lies in what issues Trump opened his campaign up with. It was border security and he was schooled by AL Senator Jeff Sessions. Article IV, Section 4 in the Constitution calls for the President to defend the states from invasion.
        ..The last President to take any real significant action on the border was President General Eisenhower.
        No president since has adhered to the Constitution. You Dianor say Conservatives must be a conserver of Liberty. That sounds very nice but not even our CONERVATIVE president Ronald Reagan secured our southern border but he did sign an Amnesty Bill which opened the flood gates even more. Reagan said a nation without borders is not a nation but he never did anything about it.
        Along comes patriot Donald Trump who promises to Secure the Border and STOP illegal entry.
        Ted Cruz became Irrelevant & his conservative ideologues were out voted.

        • Ethan Carter lll …^^^ & U can start at the top of his long message.

          Compared to that, voting for Trump is an Absolute Luxury.
          I rather have a “moderate” Republican than a full Left leaning nutcake like Hillary in charge of our country & the future of our Supreme Court.

          In time, if Trump wins, Cruz’s career is toast anyway. If he loses, it won’t matter because -all- of us will be toast. ….amen’

      • What a diehard.

  9. YEP … A-A ( is that ONE of OBAMA’S FAVORITE SOUNDS?)
    as 9 R dead ONCE AGAIN>>>> ONCE AGAIN ….. TRUMP!!!




    always RAIN ^^^ on OUR PARADE ….. THIS WILL S T O P SOON!!!!


    Claims 'Doom and Gloom' Doesn't Match Reality…




    CNN Poll: 75% of viewers had positive reaction to speech…

    Ivanka deems her dad 'the people's nominee'… MEDIA: A 'Dark Speech' From a 'Vengeful' 'Demagogue'…

    PRESS UP: Hysteria and accusations…

    'Apocalypse now?'

  12. ~ GreenBeret18z,
    O’s Is so Arrogant & Full of Himself he Thinks the Whole World Loves him.
    That’s why he thinks it’s O K …. to laugh & Joke around during these tragedies. I honestly think that he Truly is Happy because the liberal agenda is going exactly as planned. ….YEP!!!!! 4 SURE!!! we see IT!
    Why not? He’s so Happy at what H I S …. ISIS Friends have done ….
    he Can’t CON – Tain ….. his Excitement !!!!
    Weirdo!! ….
    A narcissistic buffoon, & people wonder why Americans don’t want another 4 years of IiberaI policies??????? Hillary cackles at dead soldiers.
    We don’t want these Sociopaths ….. anymore.!!!!!!
    He always in the END makes it about himself. People have been killed
    & won’t be going home to their Families E V E R !!!
    We N E E D …. a Leader again…. not this “Smiling jack-AZZ” …
    And….this pretty much sums up his 8 years as President / USURPER?

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3703975/Grinning-Obama-JOKES-Munich-carnage-press-conference-shifts-gears-talk-daughter-Malia-leaving-nest-college.html#ixzz4FBbBJtsN
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  13. HILLARY picks UM …. O’ RE-JECT …. ha
    Kaine was on the shortlist to be President Barack Obama’s running mate in 2008, but was sidelined for the more experienced Joe Biden. Obama made Kaine the chair of the Democratic National Committee instead. The New York Times reported that both Obama and President Bill Clinton supported him for Clinton’s ticket.

    The experience perhaps made him circumspect this time around, as he consistently told reporters that he didn’t believe he’d be picked for the job. “I have a great feeling that I’m going to be on that podium with Hillary Clinton when she’s taking the oath of office,” Kaine recently told CNN.
    “But I’m going to be sitting with the other senators.”

    • True. And from a liberal, too. But they don’t make liberals like they used to. Some used to actually be honest.

  14. oldsailor84 @citizenwells
    AND LIL BARRY ………….
    …………..is once again LYING at the joint MEETING with the Mexican PRESIDENT. Soetoro says that America has ALWAYS taken steps to STOP the flow of FIREARMS INTO MEXICO. “LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE” with respect to the joint Soetoro- Holder “FAST AND FURIOUS.”..biggest lie of all!

    • What he meant was that they’ve taken steps to send as many guns as possible to Mexico. Fastly and furiously.

  15. ~ Barnhardt
    Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta.

    On Why Diabolical Narcissists Like Hillary Clinton WANT To Get Caught –

    And It Isn’t For the Reason You Think

  16. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/07/22/washington-post-and-dnc-hold-joint-fundraiser-for-hillary-clinton-lawyers-said-illegal-did-it-anyway/

    These hackers do seem to have some use after all. These DNC emails are quite interesting. Just keep the hits coming through her convention. I love it.

  17. Do they coordinate with the lamestream news media? NAH. Ha, fooled ya!

    “A release of Democratic National Committee emails from WikiLeaks shows Politico reporter Ken Vogel sent a pre-publication negative copy of a story April 30 to the DNC’s deputy communications director, so he and other staffers at the DNC along with Hillary Clinton campaign could coordinate a response.

    “Vogel gave me his story ahead of time/before it goes to his editors as long as I didn’t share it. Let me know if you see anything that’s missing and I’ll push back,” wrote Mark Paustenbach in an email to his boss, Luis Miranda, who before taking over communications for the DNC worked for President Barak Obama’s White House outreach to Latinos, as well as other campaigns, including the Democratic 2000 recount operation in Florida.

    The subject line of Vogel’s email: “per agreement … any thoughts appreciated.” …”

    More: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/07/22/wikileaks-release-shows-dnc-colluding-with-cbs-news-wording-poll-data-against-bernie-sanders/

    Coordinated to destroy Bernie’s candidacy. So, ya think they’re coordinating against Trump? NAH! Ha, fooled ya!

    TO-DAY …THINGS R LOOKING UP!!!! + comments are great


  19. ~ Jon_Babtist FauxScienceSlayer •
    Aren’t you being a little rough on Hillary? Haven’t you overlooked the good she’s done for women & children? Don’t forget not only was she the general in the war on Clinton’s women, but her support for radical Islam that has taken over Libya, parts of Syria and Iraq & for a while Egypt have put 10s of millions of women & young girls into a living hell. Hundreds of thousands murdered, genital mutilation, child marriage, slavery & every manner of Islamic misogyny. Rape on an industrial scale, something we’ve never seen in our lifetime, is an example of Hillary’s legacy in the Middle East. Hillary Clinton is worse than a thousand Bill Clintons & Bill Cosbys combined. I hope you will consider all the good she’s done the next time you choose to criticize her. ….ha’

    • Wow. That’s true, too. It’s amazing to me that anyone would even consider voting for that woman. btw, the revelations about the DNC emails showing that they conspired with Hillary to beat down Bernie is not going over well with his supporters. The convention next week just MIGHT be worth watching, if only to watch the train wreck.

    • Ha, ha. They cannot tell a lie: Trump tells the truth, much to their dismay. Yep. About time they fact checked Obama.

  20. I read two newspapers today: My local paper, which is extremely liberal, and the Wall Street Journal. The local paper made it a point to say that “at least one witness” claimed the Munich shooter made derogatory statements about “foreigners” as he shot people up. The WSJ hedged and said that there’s no evidence yet whether it’s a muslim attack or a “right wing” attack. Say what? I read yesterday that witnesses said he shouted the usual “allahu akbar” (and that witness was muslim!). In addition, the guy’s got dual citizenship: Germany and IRAN. One can assume he’s an immigrant or the child of immigrants. His name? ALI “David” Sonboly. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/07/23/munich-shooter-identified-as-ali-sonboly-media-cultural-marxists-jump-into-action/

    Another of Barry’s “sons”? Anyhoo, the CTH article points out that the media are lying and going “full Trayvon” on this by deleting the ALI part of his name and putting out photos of him as he looked as a kid, not as a murderer. My guess is that he was NOT a “lone” shooter, as witnesses said there were others, and also that they’re now taught to shout “right wing” sounding stuff to deflect the media and play with everyone’s minds. Another similarity between here (the false flags) and there (which may or may not be real): their media is talking about “long guns” even though the guy used a 9mm PISTOL, not a rifle, and they’re saying they will need to infringe upon civil liberties in order to keep everyone safe. So …

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